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Everything Else / News for Your Not So Blues
« on: December 20, 2008, 07:19:05 pm »
Inspired by the theory that the internet can be used for good just as much as it is sometimes used for...well, evil-ish purposes, I am creating this thread in the search for things (Pictures, Videos, Articles, Pieces of Literary Writing, Pretty much any medium that can be used to communicate online, etc...) that are so great they may very well inspire actual audible glee. That's correct, GLEE. It may be a bit harder to get than the alternative, but I think we're a fourm that's up to the challenge.

It was also partially inspired by coming across this: (You can't facepalm when you're too busy feeling good about it.)

So be it in a comedic vein, heartwarming or whatever else you may find amazing and sure to bring about aforementioned "glee", post it here. This is the thread for it.

The search begins now!
(And the obvious one before anyone else puts it up: )

(Edit: No Worries M. Though it'll probably flow better if I just take out the "Icky" materials entirely  ;))

Well, the updates to the computer have finally happened (thanks to my dad), and I can finally run spore. Albeit I'm going to be getting the game as a gift later this month, so as of right now I'm only using the creature creator. Though, seeing as how I've been following the game since 2005 and this is the first chance I've gotten to play any part of it...I am not complaining.

Now then, My Profile:
And specifically the link to my creatures page:
Here's what I've uploaded so far (Mind you this is only after working at it for a day):


And of course, the Tapanzee:

(Remember the Tapanzee guys? Remember? Yeah? Like hell you do.  ;) (Gah...A post from 2006. I should have been using spell check.)
(The link in that old post no longer works, but here was the general idea: )

I pretty much find it fascinating how people in the past thought people in the future would end up. Art Deco, 50s B-Movies, the Jetsons and Old science fiction stories with people taking daily rocket ship shuttles to the moon. I've always ended up in mouth gaping awe when I've seen it done well. (I actually see Art Deco in movie theaters sometimes. It's usually pretty watered down though. I'd like some more designers to just go all out.)

My Life As A Teenage Robot, for instance, was stylistically eye-candy for me.
(According to things I've read about the series... I probably would have really liked Astro Boy)

And on a more subtle level, Rollie Pollie Ollie was cool looking. (Even though I technically was already supposed to be too old for the series when it aired.) Looking back, actually, the fact that there were all robots living in this futuristic paradise with no humans in sight, It does beg some unsettling questions as to where they all went...

And of course MST3k. (Which is as much a Tribute to as it is a Parody of that entire era)

If you still have a bit of trouble getting the idea, think Epcot Center and the world of tomorrow land ride.

Even outside of TV Series and Theme Parks, (Which I'm really just using as an Example) It's just a greatly interesting area to me. It covers a period so full of unfettered imagination and optimism for technology. (Not to mention it would be a cool RP setting  ;))
So this topic is pretty much for the discussion and general appreciation of this idea/style in all its forms. (Literature, Media, Architecture, etc...)
(Yeah, I know, I'm interested in the weirdest and most obscure things. But this is the internet. If anything, it's a beacon to people with weird and obscure interests. Now watch in anticipation as I get like 2 replies to this thread.)

Everything Else / Tim Russert has died
« on: June 13, 2008, 04:01:56 pm »
It's really too bad. He was an amazing journalist.
And only 58...that's only a few years older than my dad.

For those of you who don't know, among many other parts of a long reporting career, Tim Russert moderated/hosted a very well done Sunday morning news interview show on NBC called Meet the Press.

Sunday mornings are not going to be the same.

I've already mentioned this in the off topic topic, but I figured I'd start a new thread so people can discuss their experiences with braces or orthodontic gear of any sort.

Anyway, I'm getting braces. It won't be for about 6 months, but preparations have begun.
For the past couple days I've had spacers in my mouth.
They are light blue and sort of cool to see in the mirror.
Their presence has also caused my gums to produce a level of immense pain whenever I try to chew anything thicker than a milkshake.

I imagine this will wear some point.

Still, I would like to solicit any personal experiences fourmgoers have had with Braces or Spacers or anything similar. It would interest me to find out how you guys got/are getting through it.

I brought this up in IRC the other day, but figured it was interesting enough to post about.

The gist (For those who somehow can't fit clicking the link above into their schedules): Unexplainable earthquakes have been happening off the coast of Oregon.
My favorite part of the article: "sound like low thunder and are unlike anything scientists have heard in 17 years of listening"

So, any theories?  ;)

TV / Quantum Leap
« on: April 06, 2008, 07:16:52 pm »
With Pax TV (Well technically they call it Ion now... ::) ) about to start showing reruns of quantum leap, I figured it was time to start up a topic about the series.

For those unfamilliar with the show:

Or if you want a longer explanation try a multipart documentary someone uploaded to youtube (probably better for those already familliar for the show): (Just start here and keep going)

And for those who prefer their explinations in the form of family guy gags, this fits it somewhat:

Basically, It was about a man who looked remarkably like Scott Bakula jumping through time into other people's bodies, trying to make the past better. He was aided by a great Dean Stockwell impersonator in the form of a hologram who attemped to aid him on these missions.
It was amazing. Seriously. I'm glad after what seems to be a long dry period for the show, It's finally going to be rerun somewhere.

Up till now I haven't really had a reason to watch PAX since they took off early edition...

Everything Else / Your Fanboy Streak
« on: March 23, 2008, 06:56:53 pm »
Oh come now, Don't act all innocent. We all have at the very least that one thing... The thing we could talk about for hours on end, until it becomes a little scary for those listening...
The thing that may or may not have pulled us into the occasional defensive posting war... ;)

There's no shame in it, having a bit of a fanboy side for something. Maybe a Video Game, or a Sports Team, or a Band, or a scientific concept. And as long as you aren't rabid about it, It's a bit fun to enjoy every once in a while.

For me, I must admit, it's Digimon, Science Fiction (And its subgenres) and Nintendo.
I have my reasons of course...

But as of right now I'm more curious about you guys.

Where does your fanboy streak lie?

Spore: General / Start to Finish or Skipping around? or both?
« on: February 21, 2008, 09:25:21 pm »
With Campaign mode being optional obviously not everyone is going to play the game linearly, even with whatever benifits it's going to offer. (Probably among other things the ability to accumulate more points to use in different editors)

I'm probably going to start out in campaign mode and get a creature going there, but also start something in the space phase a little ways in (Most likely with a different creature.) to get a feel for what it's like just to pick up somewhere other than the beginning, and to look around the space phase a tad.
Odds are I'm going to be much more attached to the creatures I make in campaign mode, but I'll probably still have some fun playing around in space early on.

Any play order ideas from you guys?

Podcasts / Gaming Steve Episode 70 - 02.21.2008
« on: February 21, 2008, 08:41:34 pm »
Never got to do this before. It's such a rush!  ;)

Gaming Steve Episode 70 Program

-Game Developers Conference Days 1 & 2 Recap

  • Xbox 360 finally allows anyone to develop for their system.
  • Ninja Gaiden II gets dated.
    • Peter Molyneux does his snake-oil dance for Fable 2 ... and we eat it up.
    • Gears of War 2 is announced and dated, guess the rumors were true.
      • Jack Emmert goes off on MMO developers.
      • Interview with Caryl Shaw, Producer for Spore from Maxis.
      I'm listening to it right now. Steve apparently wants to live to see the end of this century. I say why not go all out and live to see the end of this millenium. I bet Matt Groening's view of the future is the most accurate.

      Edit: Also, "don't quote me on that" seems to be the phrase of the day.

Everything Else / What was Junior year like for you guys?
« on: February 12, 2008, 02:16:27 pm »
So by now many of you may have noticed my recentish semi-absence from the fourms...
Well, some of you at least...
Come on, anyone?

Okay well anyway, the reason I haven't been posting as much generally comes down to a lack of free time since starting Junior year. Mostly due to Homework. Really actually all do to homework pretty much. So much homework. Not that Junior year hasn't been interesting so far, the homework level just seems to have increased exponentially. The same thing generally happened to me in middle school transitioning from 6th to 7th grade. 5th to 6th didn't feel like that big of a jump, but the year after was a conciderable push upwards.

Everyone tells me Junior year is supposed to be the hardest year of high school anyway, so that makes me feel a bit better.
Out of curiosity, what was Junior year like for you guys?
Any interesting stories/experiances?

Everything Else / I play around inside of video game glitches.
« on: January 12, 2008, 08:49:59 pm »
I don't know why, but I seem to have more fun when video games aren't working correctly than when they are. (Not always the case of course, but a lot of the time.) It harkens back to when we would plug mario into the old family NES and something would occasionally come out differently then it should of...Shape and color wise and all. Obviously in need of some cartrage blowing, If I could actually still use the controler I'd play it out to see how far I could get. It was hard to recognise what was and what wasn't in this Bizzaro Mario world so I didn't get too far without being killed off, but It was also fun being able to play a game I knew I wouldn't be able to get in stores.

I recently had the chance to play around in a game glitch of Facade, which for those who don't know plays less like a normal video game and more like a couples therapy session between two yuppieish new yorkites, At a get together in their apartment, with you their longtime friend and current mediator. It's got pretty interesting AI, usually pretty accurate, but it does sometimes miss what you're trying to say.
Anyway, the glitch was during this climax, final sumnation thing of the whole evening, I interupted the male character (Trip) and he didn't start talking again. Nor did the female (Grace). In fact, they wouldn't react to anything I did from that point on. Execpt my movements. They didn't move, but whenever I did they would continue staring at me. Extremely blank expressions. I just had fun typing in stuff, trying to get some kind of reaction. I wasn't succesful, but it was still a lot of fun.

A few exerpts if you're curious:

(SAM sits on the couch.)

You guys can start talking.

I know there's a writer's strike,


This is a little overboard.

So, you guys have superpowers?

If you do, don't say anything.


Alright great.

Grace, I'm guessing your is flight?

Trip, can you turn invisible?

Or maybe it's just not talking.

But I don't think that's a power.

Not a superpower anyways.

How long are you just gonna stand

there? Think I can move in?

I mean, if your just going to be

standing there, not talking it'll be

like I have the apartment to

myself. Execpt for the stairing.


As you can see I just tried to have fun with it. (The entirety of these quotes would be found on my blog if I had one.)

Is there anyone out there like me, or am I some sort of oddity in the gaming world?


Off the bat, I would suggest we do some sort of fundraising type thing to get a Gaming Steve comic made, but I'm generally not allowed to give money to things over the internet and I wouldn't ask you guys to do something I wouldn't do myself. Alas, seeing our beloved bearded podcaster immortalized in webcomic fourm is not to be.
Still, this is like, very cool to me.

The first guy, John Campbell, makes the webcomic pictures for sad children (Which I happen to find funny, and from what I can see of the examples, his comics are a lot like that (Which is in my opinion good).
Example of PFSC: (For those XKCD fans out there, It also has Alt text.)
Example of one of the custom comics he's made:

I honestly don't know that much about Ryan Estrada, but he's got a lot of talent from what I can tell. He generally seems to do a bunch of different stand alone comics, with occasional continuing series.
Example of a stand alone he's done:
Example of a custom comic he's made:

What I think they should do is have occasional guest artist weeks. (Probably have a limited number of requests also, but still, getting custom comics from Stan Lee would be awesome...)

To be honest, I can understand why it would be so expensive. Still, it's too much of a luxury to actually be in my price range (It ranges from $20 for one of Campbell's webcomics to about $640 for a full color 24 page comic from Estrada.). I could see spending that kind of money on something necessary like food, but you'd need to be like, Steve Jobs rich to get a full comic like that. (I feel Bill Gates is getting overused as the go to rich guy, so I'm going to be trying out other people for a while. Remember, only you can fight Clichés.)

Though thanks to them I also know about this site now:
I could write a book and have them make me a full copy of it for like 7 bucks.
Now I just need to write a book.
(Honestly I'm probably the only one who finds this part cool, but I'm seriously thinking about being a Writer/Comedian when I grow up and this just seems awesome to me.)

If someone is insanely rich and happens to have a spare $640 to spend on comics, here's some ideas for comics:
-A Gaming Steve comic of course. (Or LadyM. I'd like a LadyM comic even more...)
-Everything being made of apples.
-Not knowing anything about Bolivia, and how it will actually effect your every day life. (I'd more enjoy this one from Campbell.)
-A group of time traveling panda bears that earn money through freestyle rapping and live with Florance Henderson, against her will.
-I'm still thinking

Do you guys have any ideas?
Mind you I'm not asking this seriously. More in a what would you do if you won the lottery kind of way...

Everything Else / Oh the fun you can have when you're sleep deprived.
« on: December 21, 2007, 03:14:56 pm »
So, I got 3 hours of sleep last night (Got into bed past 3:00 Am due to a very large assignment), and somehow got through an entire day of school alert with just that. (Including reading the day's announcements over the School's TVs and taking a Chemestry quiz.)
Not that I'm not exhausted, mind you.
Thankfully break starts today.

It actually has me curious:
What are some interesting things you've done while lacking in sleep?
And exactly how much sleep were you lacking?

Everything Else / Prairie Home Companion
« on: November 20, 2007, 09:24:52 pm »
Coming to you live from the Fitzgerald theater in St. Paul Minnesota, It's a Prairie Home Companion!

Correct folks, it's not just a Lindsey Lohan movie (I really hope everyone here already knew that), It's also one of the smartest, funniest weekly radio shows (Possibly the funniest) left on the air. (Thanks to it being on public radio, every episode is online in its entirety for free. At least, as far as I know.)

It's hard to summarize the show but mainly It's kind of a mix of sketches, interview segments, and musical performances. Also, Garrison Keillor has an amazingly comfortable radio voice to listen to at the end of the day. And if the TV writer's strike goes on a few weeks longer it'll probably be the funniest thing still broadcasting. (Well the intentionally funniest thing still broadcasting. Tucker Carlson hosting a game show should be funny, but not in a "Ha Ha" kind of way...)
A few highlights may help (Just click the listen button under the date):

Guy Noir: (10:18) (Probably one of the better known recurring segments on the show.)
Fake Radio Ad: (1:41) (They tend to do a lot of these, but not as recurring segments.)
GK singing: (2:56) (You're likely to hear GK singing something in each episode. Possibly even more than the musical guest. He's actually very good with folk music.)

As for guest performers, they're likely to have at least one or two each show. The site doesn't provide any isolated clips of any guest music (Probably for copyright reasons) but it takes a very small amount of clicking to find something good.

(Just out of curiosity, I know the show is broadcast nationally across the US, but is anyone outside of this country familiar with it?)

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