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Link to article

scroll down to find the article...

EA this week announced some internal shuffling of the company's PR staff. Tiffany Spencer has moved to EA headquarters in Redwood City to head PR on Sims and Spore.

PR head for the game is changing, does this mean less or more info? At the moment (execpt for steve's "Oh my gosh I am going to blow your mind with this" piece of Info) we really haven't gotten anything new about the game in a while... so hopefully more. As the only way for them to give us any less info is to somehow wipe what we know from our minds.

Site News / Avatar Trouble...
« on: September 24, 2005, 12:37:19 pm »
I've been thinking for a while about putting an avitar on my account. I finally found one i liked (and you can probably guess what it has to do with if you look at the little quoteish thing where it would go.)

I found a good pic online, yet for some odd reason everytime I try to put it into my profile and i click change profile, the page reloads, I go to my profile main page and the picture isn't there...

If they could get back the cast from the airplane movies (Including Leslie Neilson(The doctor(he's 79 and still acting...)) and Lorna Patterson (She played Randy in the 1st one, the other stewerdess, the one who sang to the ill girl.)

Do you think it would end up being a good one. if they also had the writers too that is...

The reason i ask is for some reason i keep thinking about the airplane movies recently. They were just so funny! You don't see humor like that in movies very often.

"Ted I've got a message from headquarters"
"Headquarters? What is it!?"
"Its a big building where generals meet, but that's not important right now."

Site News / Do i want to know?
« on: August 23, 2005, 03:12:46 pm »
I was looking at the who's online list...

Samog      06:10:58 PM     Unknown Action

What could possibly be an unknown action on here? just curious...

His profile and stats dissapeared entirly like a couple months or so ago, i think... So i assumed that's what happened when you were banned on a fourm set up this way. Of course ussually there's some post explaining that the person was banned on other bbses i've been on. (Of course those same bbses have had the same moderators and everything because they were all for maxis games. this is probably the first bbs i've been on not run by maxis...)

Just wondering...if so, what exactly was it that got him banned? I mean i know he had a bad attitude sometimes, but he had to have crossed some line to have gotten banned...but there seems to be no evidance of this line crossing. was it all deleted? I keep searching around and I was sort of trying hard to find it somewhere on here, to avoid making a post like this as to avoid resurfacing any bad memories related this line crossing event or whatever it was...but i couldn't find anything and i was really curious as to what happened so i ended up typing this post...that you are reading...right now...ok then...yeah...I suppose i'll just stop typing for now...

p.s. is this him?;u=390
(Because if you remove the hat, monicle, facial hair, and veins...)

TV / Anyone ever seen sliders?
« on: August 20, 2005, 07:46:23 pm »
I liked the show (The concept even better) but it only laster 5 years. When it was orignally on i watched it with my dad. i didn't really get too much of it back then but i always liked the part where they jumped into the wormhole thing...When sci-fi reaired it i really got into it. Though I'm still upset that after 5 years they could only keep one orignal cast member...I also didn't like the kromags. I mean for one or two episodes they could have universes with aliens visiting earth, but after a while the whole series seemed to become totally focused on fighting them and not about the orignal concept of mutiple universes with infinite possibilities.

Also if you think about it, the only way they could truly get home would be if they could somehow backtrack their slides to their world. because even if they get to a world that seems almost exactly like their home world, there could be even the smallest diffrence in the past that would mean it wasn't their world... (let's say 10 years before they  started "sliding" bob, who lives on the other side of the country, buys a porshe with a leather interior. In another world it could have been a faux leather interior.  they would be two seprate worlds but nobody would know the diffrence and their families and friends from their orignal world would still be waiting for them, but they wouldn't know...someone should have realized that...

I'm a little upset that you haven't seen any other shows that center around the theroy of multiple universes...(a lot center around time travil but none around multiple universes.) It's a very intresting concept...

p.s. in the arturo vs. arturo. thing, who do you think they took? (i think they took the wrong one...)

Spore: General / What happens when the lying starts up?
« on: August 19, 2005, 06:26:07 pm »
Hey, My 2nd cousins, best friends older sisters, mother in law, works with a guy who's brother met will wright once, and in that meeting will told him everything about spore that will be in the game, and gave him a free demo disk which i ended up with! Ask me anything about the game and i'll tell you!  ::)

It happens for almost every hot game that's highly anticipated...someone online claims to eigther be, be related to, or know someone who's related to someone working on the game or has played it somehow.

After reading this little tidbit...

...I decided to create this post so people can show what kind of stuff like that they come across online over the following year before spore comes out.

Ladies and gentlemen, Start your search engines! lol...but really, if you come across something like that please, post it's intresting to read...

The people on the sims 2 board didn't seem very intrested in this but i decided to see what you guys thought about it.

I went searching for a little while and dug up an intresting nugget of info.
When maxis made simcity for the Snes (Super nintendo Entertainment System) the advisor for the mayor was the green, big haired Dr.Wright named after of course the game's creator "Will wright" (i think it looks a little like Groucho Marx in a wig.)
Seen here:
This is his last apparence in a sim city game for a while.
The next few time he appears it is in Zelda games. Suprisingly.

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, in 1993 for gameboy, was his next apparence. His name was altered a little to Dr.Write.
Seen here:
Still sporting his famous big hair. When you enter his house, the music playing in the backround is a remix of the main music from the Snes SimCity.

His next apperance was back in a sim city game.
in the early 90's nintendo got the rights to develope their own console versions of the game.
they made Sim City 64 for the N64 in 2000. (the only entirly 3D sim city game. unfortunatly i believe it only came out it japan.  )
Seen here:
I could find no shots of him in there online but i found out that he is in there.
Dr.Wright again appered of course as the friendly advisor.

Next seen in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons (2001 Gameboy Color) As Dr.Left (cute nintendo humor )
Seen here:
Again sporting his Big hair. In Color this time.

His next apparence was actually as a collectable trophy in Super Smash Bros Melee. (2001. and the game where i actually first found out about him which got me searching)
seen here:
In full beautiful 3d and with his name restored to normal. If you have the game, next to it is a couple paragraphs about it and how its named after the creator of sim city. (if only he were avalible as a playble fighting

His final apparence so far is actually back in the most recent zelda game for GBA
The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (2005 GBA)
Again as Dr.Left
Seen here:
Sporting the hair and glasses in full color and better graphics.

there you have it! from Will Wright to Dr.Left!
(I wasn't exactly sure what game section to put this in. It doesn't really fit neatly in any. so i settled for here.)

Spore: General / Tamed creatures/Pets
« on: July 06, 2005, 07:30:07 pm »
If only one fully sentient race (yours) will appear on the planet, where does it leave the rest? After the Land and Water evolution stage and possibly tribal (Hunting for food) will you really need to deal with them too much?(unless they can attack your city or something) Sure their'll be a lot of fun stuff to do with genetic modification and abduction and stuff like that, but that doesn't seem like it'll really benifit your creatures in anyway.(Though it will be fun. lol.)

Why not be able to tame some of the wild creatures and keep them as pets or use them as alternate modes of transportation (like horses). If there were pets it would releve over all stress of your race of creatures probably. (if stress level is a factor in some way(Like the fun need in the sims))
If the creatures were used as transportation at the very least it would save energy and possibly money (since i'm guessing all those tanks cost something.)
It would turn them from an enemy compeating for survival to a much needed resource.

Spore: General / Which planet in the video did you like better?
« on: June 26, 2005, 06:29:53 pm »
as nice as the first one was(the one will started on) i don't know exactly why but i like the 3nd one better. It was just the way it seemed to Glisten in the sun that just mesmererised me. I was a little upset he blew it up. :( . although they should't have attacked him. I loved the planet. wasn't too fond of its inhabitents though...

(Not to be confused with the Other Fine RPGs In this section. ;))

I Created it Years ago. When the still had an off topic BBS.
I don't know why but i suddenly feel compeled to play it again. It was just so fun...
anyone can play.
Other games by me include:
-"9 is not a numer" (its really a large monkfish attacking switzerland, but that's another story...)
-"That's boring, this is better!"(yes these are really games i made and played)
-Continue the story (ok i didn't make up continue the stories but they are

The object of the game we're actually playing at the moment (i'm going into the story) is: Just play along in the role you take on telling the story from your point of view until its over or you die or something(If you do die you could always come back as like a ghost or clone or never really killed etc...) its a really fun game!

Here is an example of how the game works:
poster one: Well, it was monday again, and yet another day of school was coming. I was at the bus stop. When the bus came, i got on only to find nobody else on execpt for the bus driver and myself. "That's weird." I thought to myself "I'm like the fourth to last stop. There ussually are no seats left when i get on."

poster 2: "I'm going into the story!"

I got on the bus and saw poster one, but no other kids. "Where is everyone?" I asked.

poster one:"I don't know" I said back to her. "Maybe they're all out sick."

poster 2: "I don't think everyone could be out sick." i said.

Poster 3: "I'm going into the story!"

I silently agreed with her in my head. I had been driving this bus for 3 years, and ussually only 1 or 2, if any kids were out sick. I didn't say anything at that point though because i was just there to do my job and drive the bus. Still i couldn't help but wonder where everyone else could be.

And the story would basicly go on till the whole thing was resolved or at least the main conflict was.(you know in case any sub-plots develop or something.)

Some rules:
-Don't speak for anyone else Who is actually a poster but yourself. in other words don't do this:

Poster 4: I said no, but poster 3 said yes.

-Don't make up fake names for other people. just refer to them by their screen name or real name.

-You only have to say "I'm going into the story!" when you are first going into the story. Once you have entered the story, you don't have to say it anymore.

-If you want to enter the story you can create a new person and introduce that person or take over for a created unfilled character (like poster 3 did in the example)

-Any created roles not filled by people (like the bus driver) can be taken over at any point in the story. until then it is fair game to say what they do.

Now let's start!

I'm going into the story! (technicly i'm starting it but

I was having... a day. not exactly a bad one or a good one. but it was a day nonetheless. of course it was only like 9:00 Am. what did i expect that early on a weekend. My parents got the mail and left it on the kitchen table. I saw it there when i went to get myself breakfast. I didn't really think much of it since nothing was ever addressed to me anyway. I poured my Orange Juice sat and out of a little curiosity I decided to take a quick peak at the mail. A Brightly colored envlope caught my eye. I picked it up and saw with some suprise it was addresed to me. "Hmm." i said to myself with intrest. I opened the Envlope and saw an even more brightly colored card inside. For a second i could have sworn that i heard noises coming from the card. I pulled it out. No words on eighter side. I opened the card. It was then everything went dark but right before i blacked out i heard a deep voice utter the words "Welcome to the game!"

(Ok! let's all Have fun with this one! Who knows, maybe when Its over, I'll Intoduce you guys to "9 is not a Number")

Simant, sim city, The sims, Sim copter, SimEarth, Sim Isle, Streets of sim city 2000 (the maxis version of GTA. lol. j/k), Sim Farm, Sim Tower(man that game is hard), Sim Town, SimCoaster, Sim Theme Park, (i think they may have been pushed them to make the theme park games) Sim Golf(what happens when Will works with another simulation great Sid Meier.) And now Spore.

They've created games almost about all aspects of everything. where the heck can they go from here? Maybe like a SimBuisness type thing where you manage a buisness. but ussually when maxis releases an entirly new game they try and top themselves like never before going to greater hights. unless "SimBusness" had like millions of diffrent bussiness you could run(Auto shop, retail store, Burger Joint, Dry cleaners, insurance firm, bank, tv station, Video game company, etc...) and have all of the possible huge challanges that could come up. (Autoshop=trapped person in crushed car, retail store and bank and dry cleaners=armed robbery. dry cleaners= Infestation of Burger Joint= Infestation of rodents. Insurance firm= insurance fraud. Tv station= Offencive material shown on air or news anchor goes postal or something like that. Video game company= someone copys something they did in your game and they get injured and sue, etc...)

Anyway...really, where can they go from spore? (and not something that can just be incorporated into a sequal of something.) I know they're going to suprise us again someday but with what? and how? ;D

Site News / Steve, Why is the site on central time?
« on: May 24, 2005, 01:14:01 pm »
You said that you lived in NYC so why is the site on central time?  ???

Did you mean for it to be like that or is it just an accadent?

I think We need more of the aquatic, space and tribal stages. how about you?

The game sounds huge to everyone and what makes it sound even Bigger that huge is the fact that in the game they're using tech that's able to do so much and take up so little space!

It got many people to wondering "How much space will the game take up?" And so far none of us know the answer.

To get a rough idea, I would like to ask a question. "What kind of computer what he using?" I don't actually need the exact make and model, but i would like to know whether it was some sort of sleek smart supercomputer with a flat screen and more space then space itself or an old commidore 64. (lol. wouldn't that be scary.) or somewhere in between.

Now i'm making the assumption he used a computer, since i highly doubt he has telepathic mind powers and was able to beam the game into everyones minds, then make them think he did a whole presentation. Or does he?
*cue suspenseful music

Still, i would like to know. Steve if you, Or even anyone who was there, saw his computer and gained a rough idea of about how old or powerful it looked?

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