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Everything Else / Happy Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for?
« on: November 24, 2005, 05:56:03 am »
Since i didn't see any other posts about the fact today is, in fact, thanksgiving, i figured i would make one.

So what are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? Or if You don't celebrate Thanksgiving, what are you thankful for this Thursday November 24th?

Movies / Anyone who likes the sims will enjoy this
« on: November 23, 2005, 08:57:12 am »
Probably the best movie made with the sims 2, i've ever seen...

The Awakening series (click on movies and start with episode one):

Funny, and intresting...

Here's how it works. I will give you sentence then you will write, That's boring this is better and give a more indepth detailed: version of the sentence.

We keep doing this till it's gone as far as you think it can go. (like if its so huge it needs a period somewhere inside or it'll explode)

then If you really feel its gone as far as it can, You say stop and give a new sentence. (as small as you can make it of course. Two or three words...)


Poster 1: Lilly Ate

Poster 2: That's boring, this is better

Lillian Ate Chips

Poster 3: That's boring, this is better

Lillian Smith Snacked on Lays.

It's a simple enough game, but it can be very difficult (and fun) as it gets bigger.

Though remember, You can't just go straght from "Lilly ate" To

"Lillian Joan Smith, While cliff diving from the mountains of Peru, speedly devoured her delectable lays sour cream and onion potato chips, which she had purchased just moments earler from a Wal Mart nearby."

You need to build up to something that elaborate.

Please put in bold any changes you make in the sentence.
also don't forget to say "That's boring this is better" I wouldn't be horrible if you forgot, but it makes it a little more fun to read the whole thread.

ok let's start!

Velma Slept

Music / Someone On Itunes must not like the beatles...
« on: November 22, 2005, 01:29:38 pm »
There are only 4 songs (and i mean done by the beatles not written by them) that are listed under "The Beatles" in the artist colum, in the entire Itunes music store... and 3 of them aren't even by the beatles, their renditions of their songs. The only other one is in an album intitled "In the beginning" and actually all execpt for one on that 12 song album is a collabrative effort between the beatles and Tony Sheridan...

So the only song recorded by just the beatles in the entire ITunes Music store is "Cry for a Shadow"

Again i say: Someone on ITunes must really not like them...

(also i checked, nothing from Wings eigther...)

Seeing as how "I'm going into the story" at least this edition of it, is soon to be reaching a close, I thought it would be time to inroduce the fourm community here to another game I created of the off topic section of the sims bbs! (my first and most popular one actually)

the rules are simple enough:
Type "9 is not a number, It's ____________ " then you fill the blank with the most funny and or random and or ploofy(sooner or later that word will catch on!) thing you can think of!
Example: 9 is not a number, it'ss an evil produce section on the run from the cops!

(ponders example... Hey that Macintosh just stole my car! lol.)

Oh, and rate the one above yours

I'll start!

9 is not a number, it's an alernate dimention, mostly made up of cupcakes...

Everything Else / What is this "Outdoors" you speak of?
« on: November 13, 2005, 01:00:30 pm »
(I'm not actually That attached to my computer, but still...)
The internet Its really really big, or at least you think so, until you reach the end:

But anyway, I've decided to create this post asking people to post links to the intresting and addictive toy/gamish things they find on the internet, that keep them on for a while.

Here are some of the ones i've come across: (make anything you can think of and make it move. fun to mess with gravity too.) (ever had a website you really didn't like? Really fun little toy. text sucker is my favorite, though it takes a while. i haven't looked at everything really, so use that final catagory of tools(which looks a little ew...) only at your own risk, or not all...I probably won't. not another end of the internet thing just so nobody mistakes it as such) (for when you want to take your internet aggressions one step further. Turn off pop-up blockers temporarly or it won't work.)

Those are a few fun ones, comment or post any others you may know of...

p.s. You know, strangly enough, when you suck all the text off google, it says google France... odd...

Mostly idea threads from it. What possible use could they have for printing an idea thread, unless...hmm...

Maxis has said its been looking at these fourms a lot... ;)

Everything Else / Proof there is common sense in the world, sometimes...
« on: October 14, 2005, 05:09:10 pm »

In responce to which Thompon E-mailed them telling them if they ever sent him a letter again he would sue them because he's a lawyer and yeah he can do that sort of thing... ::) (ok maybe not, but don't think he wasn't tempted...)


Has anyone else noticed that the small spider creature towards the left of the screenshot bears a striking resembelance to the Giant Flying Eyeball Monster from sim city 2000? (that thing still gives me the willies when it glares at me in the game) If you take away the arms and replace them with a 4th leg, you gotta admit there's a fairly large resembelance. (Coincidance? Probably not a total

Tiny afterthought: Actually that monster from sc2000 probably gave me a fear of arachnids. Seeing all the ones in that picture is creeping me out. not anywhere enough that won't get spore of course.

TV / "Law and Order" Vs. CSI
« on: October 09, 2005, 08:18:05 pm »
Both have multiple incarnations, and have created a name for themselves, but which would you choose.

Personally I'm a Law and Order Fan. Very well written and balanced show (all of them, or at least of the ones i've seen. I haven't gotten a chance to check out CI yet) taking place in the same city allows many cross over episodes, and no matter what the bittersweet ending of almost every episode always seems to leave you unsettled in such a way that you have to watch another one.

[Edit: This issue has been solved by a magical wonderful person named Dwagonfwy. Scroll down to his post for the answer!]

Have you ever seen a company do something really frustrating with a game for no apparent reason or use?

If you've heard of Theatrix, you've most likely heard of Hollywood and Hollywood high. If you haven't, they're basicly games (well if you can call it a game) where you can write things out in script format for the characters on the screen to preform. its 2-d and cartoonsh, but it is fun. Anyway, both games haven diffrent sets and characters and sound effects and such.(execpt in hollywood you can't have more then one scene in anything you make, which is very annoying, while in hollywood high, which came out later, you can have as many as you need.) If you have them both, the good thing is that you can put them together, meaning characters and sets and such from both games can be used together. The bad thing is that for some odd reason, Theatrix set it up so that it requires you to type in a code in responce to one the computer displays when you click the "Unlock Hollywood" Option. I'm not really sure what purpose setting it up like this serves though.
The good news was that if you needed the code, you could call up the hotline for free, tell them your code and they would tell you what code you needed to type in. The Bad news is that was the only way to do it, and for all of those who aren't aware, theatrix went out of buisness years ago. This was ok because at the time the game was still unlocked on the computer. Unfortunatly, a few years ago, that computer died. We moved our computers around and such. (it's like this strange system. One from upstairs comes down one floor and the one there comes down to the basement.)
the Hollywood games were installed on that computer. Bad news, the code isn't copy specific. It changes every time you re-install it.

The really bad news, as i said, theatrix was out of buisness by then. No way of finding out the code to type in, in response to the new code.
It still puzzles me why they would do that. What possible purpose could doing something like that serve?
(by the way, this is my older brother's game, but he let's me use it. Its probably the only computer game he plays or even has any intrest in.)
Anyway, I was sort of hoping, if someone on here could help. Its probably a long shot, but hey, this is the internet. You never know what info you may come across!

At the very most, It would be nice if someone could come along that somehow ended up with a handbook or something containing the code system, or could crack the code.

At the very least, if you own the game and at any point Unlocked Hollywood and remember the codes that you used or have them written down somewhere (yeah i know, long shot.) maybe you could post it. and sooner or later someone may notice a pattern.

Anyway, if it helps at all. The code the first time around the computer had was 8DVM. The code we were told to type in response to it was 3Q4. (my brother has a very selective memory. He can bassicly recite all of the orignal "Charlie and the chocolate factory" by heart.) This time the code is FBBF.

Also just If you've ever been extreamly frustrated by a company for doing something that seems completely unneccisary and downright dumb because it just makes things worse, please, feel free to post it in here.  ;)

Link to article

scroll down to find the article...

EA this week announced some internal shuffling of the company's PR staff. Tiffany Spencer has moved to EA headquarters in Redwood City to head PR on Sims and Spore.

PR head for the game is changing, does this mean less or more info? At the moment (execpt for steve's "Oh my gosh I am going to blow your mind with this" piece of Info) we really haven't gotten anything new about the game in a while... so hopefully more. As the only way for them to give us any less info is to somehow wipe what we know from our minds.

Site News / Avatar Trouble...
« on: September 24, 2005, 12:37:19 pm »
I've been thinking for a while about putting an avitar on my account. I finally found one i liked (and you can probably guess what it has to do with if you look at the little quoteish thing where it would go.)

I found a good pic online, yet for some odd reason everytime I try to put it into my profile and i click change profile, the page reloads, I go to my profile main page and the picture isn't there...

If they could get back the cast from the airplane movies (Including Leslie Neilson(The doctor(he's 79 and still acting...)) and Lorna Patterson (She played Randy in the 1st one, the other stewerdess, the one who sang to the ill girl.)

Do you think it would end up being a good one. if they also had the writers too that is...

The reason i ask is for some reason i keep thinking about the airplane movies recently. They were just so funny! You don't see humor like that in movies very often.

"Ted I've got a message from headquarters"
"Headquarters? What is it!?"
"Its a big building where generals meet, but that's not important right now."

Site News / Do i want to know?
« on: August 23, 2005, 03:12:46 pm »
I was looking at the who's online list...

Samog      06:10:58 PM     Unknown Action

What could possibly be an unknown action on here? just curious...

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