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Sure new Screenshots and such may have come out, but they aren't really new, they're just newly released. We really have absolutly no idea how far along progress has gotten since E3. The game may be so fantasticly amazingly great looking you faint just from a still Image...or not. But we have no way of knowing. Why haven't they leaked even an Image since e3? There's "hush hush", and then there's "Game?! what game?! we never mentioned a game! Go away!" And we're getting the latter... Hm...

TV / Is Futurama Pulling a Family Guy?
« on: January 06, 2006, 12:21:18 pm »,1,18076,00.html?tnews

You may now Commence Jumping for Joy. (I know its not definite yet but odds are it'll happen.) Could it be fox is learning the error of their ways when it comes to Canciling good shows and leaving on bad ones?... nah. Probably not. They just want a cut of the Futurama cash. Still, Yay!

No I don't actually have a clip of any sort of news report. Apology in advance if that's what you got out of my title.

This is for speculation as to what the news will be saying about this game. It isn't often the news mentions games unless it has something to do with Lawsuits or Holiday Shopping Lists or Censorship. This is Mostly because it isn't very often something newsworthy happens that would be notible to anyone outside the Gaming Community.

When this game comes out it will push borders. Technologicly and Socially. People will know about it. It will arguably be one of the best selling games of all time. Seriously, you've got the hype with the game going around already, mixed with the fact its made by the same team responsible for SimCity and The Sims, and You can be pretty sure the Ad Execs at EA will come up with some big promotion for it. (assuming they don't mess it up by making it a monthly fee game when it seriously doesn't need to be, since all the content will be by the players for the players etc...)
And once the game sells big, more people are going to hear about it. It won't take long before it becomes a contrivercial issue of sorts. (No this isn't another thread focused on religous protesters, and what their reaction will be to it, though it is part of it.)
There Will be protests. For whatever reason I'm almost sure someone will find something in the game to protest. The protests will get local coverage, the local coverage will lead into national coverage, only boosting the Public intrest in the game. Wright will get interviewed. News Programs, Talk shows, Government FBI agents. (Ok, maybe not that last one.)
You may think I'm over estimating, but look at it this way. Picture the earth as a big pond. Little by little as games have been introduced to the world it's been like pebbles being dropped into a pond. Some bigger then others. all of them are creating little ripples. As a whole gaming has changed the world. Now picture A Stone being thrown into the pond. Much bigger Ripples. If spore is concidered to be so gigantic in the gaming community. It will find its way into the mass news media, At least as a fairly large thing.
What will they say?
*goes off to ponder...

Everything Else / Say goodbye to 2005!
« on: December 31, 2005, 08:57:48 pm »
I'm writing one of the last posts of 2005! Say goodbye to this year guys! Its coming (at least in the eastern time zone.) Say goodbye when your timezone comes up!

I think you get the point  ;)

Believed to be Created Years ago... When the still had an off topic BBS...

Anyone who wants can play

The object of the game we're actually playing at the moment (i'm going into the story) is: Just play along in the role you take on telling the story from your point of view until its over or you die or something along those lines..(If you do die you could always come back as like a ghost or clone or never really killed etc...totally up to you) its a really fun game! Just listen to these testimonails: [INSERT SOMETHING POSITIVE AND INTRESTING HERE]

Here's an example of how the game works:
poster one: Well, it was monday again, and yet another day of school was coming. I was at the bus stop. When the bus came, i got on only to find nobody else on execpt for the bus driver and myself. "That's weird." I thought to myself "I'm like the fourth to last stop. There ussually are no seats left when i get on."

poster 2: "I'm going into the story!"

I got on the bus and saw poster one, but no other kids. "Where is everyone?" I asked.

poster one:"I don't know" I said back to her. "Maybe they're all out sick."

poster 2: "I don't think everyone could be out sick." i said.

Poster 3: "I'm going into the story!"

I silently agreed with her in my head. I had been driving this bus for 3 years, and ussually only 1 or 2, if any kids were out sick. I didn't say anything at that point though because i was just there to do my job and drive the bus. Still i couldn't help but wonder where everyone else could be.

And the story would basicly go on till the whole thing was resolved or at least the main conflict was.(you know in case any sub-plots develop or something.)

Some rules:
-Don't speak for anyone else Who is actually a poster but yourself. in other words don't do this:

Poster 4: I said no, but poster 3 said yes. (also try not to do it with actions eigther, but if you must that's ok.)

-Don't make up fake names for other people. just refer to them by their screen name or real name (first name i mean) or some sort of approved-by-them nickname.

-You only have to say "I'm going into the story!" when you are first going into the story. Once you have entered the story, you don't have to say it anymore. But do say it to start.

-If you want to enter the story you can create a new person and introduce that person or take over for a created unfilled character (like poster 3 did in the example)

-Any created roles not filled by people (like the bus driver) can be taken over at any point in the story. until then it is fair game to say what they do and say and such.

-Have fun with it, though don't come in and ruin the whole thing by acting all "ruin the whole thingish" *Ahem*Vivec*Ahem*

Now let's start!

I'm going into the story

"The Lummuxor Arms Hotel" I thought to myself. "Strange a place like this would be here."
It wasn't its hight that struck me as odd. It was only 2 or 3 floors, not too out of the ordanary a Hotel to see on the side of the road. What struck me as odd was the intricate design and architecture of the place. It was made out of stone, what may have been centuries ago. It looked majestic enough to be one of those hotels you read about in Magazines, for the rich and famous. The kind only people who were in the process of buying their 8th summer home in the Hamptons could afford. Seeing a building like this on the side of a desert road, with only a gas station across the street the only building for miles, made me uncomfertable. The Digital clock in my car struck 6:00. (That's right, I'm pretending i can Drive!) The Rain started to pick up. I reached under my dashboard and pulled out my umbrella. I got out of the car and made my way to the front door of the hotel.

I walked in the door to an Interior that fit perfectly with the exterior. The Lobby was carpeted golden yellow, with two matching satin Sofas. A door with "Hotel Bar" Marked over In Gold Lettering over it stood next to an elevator. The stairs were in the back, wide and carpeted as the floors were. A man was sitting on one of the sofas reading a newspaper.

"Hello and welcome to the Lummuxor Arms Sir." Said a female Voice to my left. I turned and saw a woman in a Red Uniform standing behind a check-in desk. "May I help you with anything?" she asked.
"Um. Yes." I said. "I'm here about a room."
"Oh of course sir." She said. "Will it be just you?"
"As far as i know." I responded.
"Well rooms 3B through 1B are still available for your stay." She said.
"Oh I was told to give the person at the front desk this..." I said, remembering the invitation in my trenchcoat pocket. I wasn't sure why I had forgotten it, it was the whole reason i had come out here, though it was very vague as to why. All it said was that it would be a night to remember.

The woman behind the desk read at the Invitation.
"Oh, detective, I was told you were coming. You've been given the Saphire Suite." She said, Unlocking a case behind her, which seemed to contain 7 keys. She pulled out a key with what seemed to be a saphire attached to it, and handed it to me. "I was told to tell you to be at the hotel bar by 6:32." She said. "Your room is on the third floor, closest to the elevator."

While she left me with many questions, she didn't seem to know much about what was going on. I decided i would save the questions till i met whoever it was who invited me here. I made my way over to the elevator, noticing the man on the sofa eyeing me over his newspaper. Whatever happened, i knew then, this was going to be a night to remember, like the invitation said.

Everything Else / Uncyclopedia?
« on: December 21, 2005, 01:41:25 pm »
anyone heard of this?
Its like a parody site of wikipedia. Same format, but its more about humor then actual info.
I was typing stuff into google news and came across a site linking to it and actually to this article specificly:
Intresting site.

My Favorite from the article I mentioned:
March 13th - Several die after somebody set up them the bomb. They had no chance to survive, and as such were instructed to make their time.

Portable Games / So do Yoot or maxis get any Credit?
« on: December 19, 2005, 03:11:17 pm »

Simtower is being ported to the GBA. They're calling it "The Tower" No but mention of "Simtower", "Maxis" or "Yoot Satio" But its the same game. Look at the screens.

TV / Canceled too soon!
« on: December 16, 2005, 05:09:18 pm »
It had to have happend to you at least once. You tune into this new show you've really been getting into. You can't wait for the next episode. And suddenly you realize that you're watching an old episode of "Laverne and Shirley". No you aren't losing your mind. (At least I don't think you are...) Your show was canceled. And no amount of critic acclaim saved it.

This is post for you to list the shows you got into that became just that "Canceled too soon" And when i say too soon, I mean 2 seasons or under. (Although my favorite show i think was taken off too soon after 4 seasons, the line seems to fit at 2 seasons, there's rumors of them bringing back my favorite show though for a 5th seasons. i hope they do...)

Anyway I'll start off with 1:

Wonderfalls- Takes place and is filmed on location in niagra falls. (though a lot is flimed on the canadian side) It's an hour long comedy about a girl named Jaye Tyler(Caroline Dhavernas) "Overeducated and Unemployable" is basicly how she was labled in the highschool yearbook. She got a Philosiphy degree from Brown, and works as a clerk in a gift shop. Suddenly After a kind of semi near death experiance, Inanimate objects (with Animal Faces) start talking to her. The first of which is a wax lion(seen here: , who tells her not to give change back to a woman. The woman takes her change, while Jaye is staring in disbelief at the lion. The woman's purse gets stolen immidiatly after she leaves. Jaye faints not too soon afterwards...Very well written show. Anyway, more animals (a brass monkey statuette, and a stuffed toy bear to name a couple) start talking to her and telling her to do things, which is very hard for her to deal with. Think of it as a "Joan of Arcadia" only Joan has WASP type parents, lives in a trailer park, Is 24, And instead of god coming in diffrent forms, its a bunch of animal shaped objects, and you never find out who's really speaking though them or what its all truly leading up to. They only made 13 episodes before being canciled, and Fox only aired 4.  >:( i do have them all on DVD though. (If you want to check it out, the dvd's are still on sale in most places.) Great show, Great reviews.
Cast Shot:
Cause of death: Bad Timeslot

Site News / How about an Online Games Section?
« on: December 11, 2005, 04:22:00 pm »
Mostly online games have been posted eigther in Everything else or in PC games. Why not add an online games section specificly for them. Yes they are on the PC, but they aren't really PC games, or at least not in the general sence of the term.

PC Games / MTV made an online game, and it suprisingly rocks.
« on: December 11, 2005, 04:16:00 pm »

It's like video games through the ages, you play through diffrent eras, doing diffrent mini games from the era to move on. There's a frogger one, an astroids one, a DOOM one, etc... really cool.

(little tip, when you get to the doom one, some glitch keeps you from reloading more then twice. Without doing so, at least the second and 3rd time around, you'll definitely lose. A trick to get it to reload: click the help button and then immidiatly click out...)

Spore: General / Cladogram and Common Descent
« on: December 11, 2005, 02:04:07 pm »
seeing as how this idea was my first post ever, in response to another post which is very deeply buried in the spore section...I figured i may as well repost the idea. I thought it would be really intresting to see in the game.


What I think would be cool is sort of a Darwin chart type thing. Everyone knows the picture of the guy going from the amoeba to that thing to that other thing (i believe you can fill in the blanks here) and moving up till finally reaching modern man. I think it would be fun to click on a button and see something a little like that for your creature. Showing how far you came. It could be updated every time you evolve your creature. Maybe even in a procedurally sketched style to match the Darwin chart more...or not. It's an idea.

This way you can just open it up and see how far your creature has come.

Portable Games / PSP death of VHS?
« on: December 10, 2005, 07:29:40 am »
If you haven't already noticed, ever since the indroduction of the PSP more and more commercials are ending like this "Coming to DVD and PSP this fall."
Before that it was ussually DVD and VHS. Of course more people were starting to buy DVDs, and the VHS was falling out of popularity, but is the PSP the final Killing blow to the VHS? When was the last time since the PSP release you saw an add say VHS?

Could the phomina that started making sure americans never missed an episode of anything for over 20 years be In its final days?  :o A little scary...

Console Games / The Console Wars: Wearing the badge of Fanboy Proud!
« on: December 08, 2005, 05:55:27 pm »
*Disclaimer: To be read mostly as a parody.

"Darn, I dropped by Gamecube and it won't work anymore."
"Too bad for you! That's why i went with XBOX, the superior system."
"XBOX? That console is for hyped up techno geeks who like can't ever get dates on Saturday nights. PS2 Is DA BOMB!"
"PS2 Is a glitchy piece of trash. Anyone who buys one has gotta be like the biggist idiot ever."
"Nobody here seems to have much sympathy for me and my broken Gamecube."
"That's because gamecube is for 3 year old Pansy sissy boys."

And so the Argument would continue through the ages (only as time increased, with much more swearing, insults about sexual orientation, Horrifying Grammer, and sometimes bathroom humor.)

The console wars have been around since there was ever more then one console to choose from. From the Early days of home gaming with Atari and Intellivision, To the Classic PS1 Vs. N64 to today's XBOX vs. GCN Vs. PS2 (and sometimes the occasional Dreamcast Devotee will join in.) and now on the verge of the next generation of console wars sides have already been taken. This argument has only been made more expansive and prominenet as time went on, with the addition of the internet In homes all around the nation. Now fanboys from across the world could argue for hours on end over the net about how their system obviously rocks and all others deserve to be shot with a bazooka.

But even with defenses on all sides putting up Lucid, Meaningful and Powerful arguments Such as "DAT CoNSLE SUX BAD!" or "YR ALL STuPID" The question still remains, Which is the superior console?

All sides in perfect unison: MINE DUH!

Of course there will always be some debate, but Tonight I will just leave you with these important questions.

Are Gamecube owners really Pansy Commie Environmentalist babies?
Are XBOX owners Truly Idiotic Brainwashed Obnoxious Bureaucrats?
Are PS2 owners Honestly Aristocratic Stupid Bedwetting Nerds?

Or did you really just say all those things in the heat of the moment?

Because when it comes right down to it, shouldn't gaming really just be about playing good games?

This is Sgore reporting for GSBN (GamingSteveBroadcastNews)
Goodnight all you out there in internet land.  ;)

Everything Else / Ladies and Gentlemen: The Llama song
« on: December 05, 2005, 01:24:42 pm »
This inevetably had to grace the fourm someday:

Spore: General / Spore someday on Revolution?
« on: November 27, 2005, 08:41:52 am »
Yes i know it's a fairly big conclution to jump to after reading this article:

But I was actually fairly surprised when we found out from steve, spore was coming to the pc and 360 with no mention nintendo's next gen console, since as far as i know wright has more of a relationship with nintendo...
See here:

and also i'm pretty sure i read they gave nintendo exclusive rights to produce console simcity games...It seemed like the most logical choice to me. (but then again microsoft has the money and money trumps logic by EA's book.)

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