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Spore: General / Re: What actions lead to what traits.
« on: September 09, 2008, 03:19:40 pm »
I'm more curious to know what history leads to what trait. If you have a trait with an effect you are going for, it'd be useful to know how to get that trait for space right off the bat.

Spore: General / Re: Deleting save games destroys the planet?!
« on: September 09, 2008, 03:16:11 pm »
Yeah it does. Got in a "constant attack loop" in space on my very first game and blew it up to free up the planet name.

Spore: General / Re: What actions lead to what traits.
« on: September 09, 2008, 03:09:05 pm »
The manual tells you what effect they give you, but not how specifically to earn them (other than wanderer).

Spore: General / What actions lead to what traits.
« on: September 09, 2008, 02:46:49 pm »
Both a guide and a question. I would like to share the traits I have found, and also ask what combination of actions produces the other traits.

I have gotten the following traits:



(started new space game from main menu)

Bard (This was tough, had to change history row with each stage)

I'm curious to see if anyone else has 'naturally' gotten the other talents, and what categories you were in prior to get that trait.

I posted this on another thread but this seems to be the official one. I ran into Oviraptor's namesake big time :P

Spore: General / Re: Epic Creatures - You share the pictures!
« on: September 09, 2008, 01:42:51 pm »
I was waiting for a topic like this. Here is Oviraptor's namesake in BigMcLargeHuge size

Darn near slaughtered my nest.

I just wish there was a way to turn off uploading to the sporepedia except for stage transitions. (To lock in the final version of whatever you're working on.

Spore: General / Re: Sporecasts!
« on: September 06, 2008, 11:18:32 am »
May I suggest that we try to have just 1 gaming steve sporecast?

Or at least just one that is a catch-all for ALL content of any type made by Gaming Steve players?

I'll make a poitn to give thumbs up or down at least. If something really stands out, I'll leave a written comment.

Spore: General / Re: Omnivore Creature stage question?
« on: September 06, 2008, 05:42:16 am »
They better have the omnivore mouths! I can't rebuild my Teralyte without one.

Spore: General / Re: I met Will Wright!
« on: September 03, 2008, 04:42:32 pm »

"We apologize the planet is currently closed for business. We will reopen when the galactic economy recovers. If you would like to leave your name and a planet at which you may be reached, please do so after the tone"

Spore: General / Re: Opinions of someone how has played spore for a night.
« on: September 03, 2008, 03:46:52 pm »
I really think everyone should not read the reviews and play the game and decide for yourself. What's boring to one is exciting for another. I haven't waited 3 years for naysayers to talk me out of what I believe to be a good game. I'll decide that when I play and from the 3 hours I did play, I can't wait to play more.

Thats the spirit LadyM!

And if you find the game start to get dry, you play some challenges for it. That extended the life of The Sims 2 for me far longer than it would have without. *nods*

Spore: General / Re: Attn Maxis: Suggestions for changes to the game
« on: September 03, 2008, 03:37:28 pm »
Perhaps you have to be agressively friendly?

What I mean is that if you attack everyone, you'll get attacked by everyone.
If you leave everyone alone, you'll get attacked by agressive races looking for easy prey.

However, if you go out and actively seek friends and allies, attacking you would mean warring with your allies, so agressive races might think twice about starting up an intergalactic war. Not to mention the extra allied ships you get allowing you to fend off attackers all the better.

It was the problem my fiance had when she played civ. She wasn't fond of wars so she made sure to be nice to everyone, but she was always a little lax getting military allies and never built her military up much so some aggressive leader would always declare war on her out of the blue and try to nab a few cities.

Spore: General / Possible issue installing on some brands of DVD-RWs
« on: September 03, 2008, 03:14:23 pm »
I'm a Sims geek, and to help bide my time before I could get my paws on Spore, I picked up the latest (and possibly last) Expansion pack for The Sims 2 "Apartment Life"

The problem was, I couldn't install it. Not right away anyway.
When I inserted the DVD, the disk would not recognize wouldn't spin up, no autorun. Even clicking on my DVD-RW drive would give me a "please insert disk" message.

Yet this same DVD-RW drive would play and install other games, even DVD rom games like the PC version of Mass Effect.

The ONLY other thing it couldn't handle well was actual DVD movies. I could not play DVD movies on my computer for some reason. It never really bothered me because I own a normal DVD player.

The point of this whole thing was that I ended up having to buy a new drive. I purchased this drive:

After hooking the drive, I was able to install my game just fine.

Why am I babbling on about this on the Spore forum? Because The Sims 2: Apartment Life and Spore are coming out within several weeks of each other, by the same company. To infer that they are being encoded the same exact way would not be too long of a leap. That being said, I know I would commit several human rights violations if I found that my computer couldn't play Spore the day I got it, so I wanted to give everyone else a heads up.

If you think your drive might be like my old one, either swap it, or go for the digital download.

Spore: General / Re: Serious issue
« on: August 31, 2008, 01:08:06 pm »
It would certainly lead to a new genre to get your creatures popular; weak creatures.

Since making a weak creature will get it seeded in more galaxies than a epic death machine creature, it might be worth making a few weaklings.

I agree that having a seperate creature entry for every evolution isn't the best way to go about it. What I would do is link all of those creature uploads together as one creature, so if it were viewed on the sporepedia, a user could see the evolution of the creature from end of tidepool to begining of tribe.

Then when the game would be out hunting for some creatures to seed, it could look at a creature and look at each of its incarnations and pick the one with the proper power level for the slot its trying to fill.

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