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Just a few things of confusion here on what version of the multiuniverse you get.

We know for a fact that what you upload never changes based on what others do to it. So if you upload your planet with your loveingly crafted race on it, and somebody else vaproizes it, your race will unharmed in your version of the world. But what about for a 3rd person.

Let us say there are 3 players.

Player 1 creates and uploads planet "A" to the universal database.
Player 2 and 3 download the database and get planet "A" added to their universes.
Player 2 finds planet "A" with his UFO and blows it up, player 3 doesn't search that part of the universe that day.

A day passes and the database uploads/downloads itself with everybody.
Player 3 finally finds the star system that contains planet "A" When his UFO arrives, will he find planet "A" or space dust?

Next scenerio:

Player 1 creates Planet "B"
Player 2 downloads the universal database, adding Planet "B" to their world.
Player 1 later decides that planet "B" was a mistake and vaporizes their own world, then uploads the data to the server.

When player 2 visits player 1's star system, will they find planet "B" or stardust?

Last question
Player 1 creates planet "C"
Player 2 downloads the database. He finds planet "C" and vaporizes it.
Player 1 (who's planet "C" is still intact) playes his game awhile, adds some new species and civlizations to the planet, and re-uploads it to the universal server.
Player 2 downloads the universal server's data again to update his world. He visits the star system of player 1 again.

Will he find the space dust he left behind, or an un-blown-up and updated planet "C"?

I don't thinky anybody really knows these answers, but I think its a good topic of discussion. Steve, do you have any information you could share on this subject?

Spore: General / Feeding on the natives
« on: May 22, 2005, 06:27:32 pm »
If you made a creature that was so-well designed that it could win a combat with a tribal-stage race, could those tribesmen be a viable source of food for 'evolution points' just as other creatures are?

I'm also curious to know if a well armed, well organized, well-built band of tribal creatures could do any damage to a city?

(Rome did eventually fall to barbarians)

Takeing this one step further, would a race in the city-stage (but not yet in the UFO stage) have any chance against a UFO if they were attacked? (tanks, planes, missles....think Independence Day)

Spore: General / Sealabs, water domes and ocean planets
« on: May 21, 2005, 03:31:12 pm »
It has been confirmed that sea-based creatures can build cities on land in the form of domes filled with water. Can land-based creatures build underwater cities?

On underwater cities: Does being underwater offer any protection against UFOs from other races?

On water-dome land cities: Wouldn't they be really vulnerable to attack? An attacker would only have to break the outer shell to kill all the inhabitnats inside?

On ocean planets: It was said that planets are formed to different climates. Some are habitable, some are not. Among those that ARE habitable, is it possible for a planet to exist that has no dry land, and is entirely ocean?

On UFO underwater races: Is it possible for a UFO owned by an aquatic race to melt the ice caps of a planet (or somehow create lots and lots of water) in order to cover the world in oceans and drown all the land-based races? That would make any world easy to conquor and colonize. The only races they'd have to deal with were aquatic ones allready on the planet.

On UFO for land based races: Is it possible for them to dry up most of the oceans (while still making the planet livable) to kill off the ocean based races present?

Spore: General / What aquatic creature will you make?
« on: May 20, 2005, 07:11:38 am »
Since we now know that creatures can remain in the sea if you so choose and develop sentinence there, I'm just curious: What kinda sea creatures will you be making?

My sea creature will be like a manta-ray, only with two long psudopods dangleing off the back of their wings...with hooked spikes at the end of them. It would have one big eye on the upper front of it's body, a mouth on the lower front of it's body (line a normal manta ray) and a mouth on it's belly.

When it becomes sentiant I'd lose a couple of the spikes on it's apendages and have those be it's 'hands' to grip things.

Spore: General / Starter species
« on: May 15, 2005, 01:11:45 pm »
In order for spore to work, when you install it fresh out of the package, it HAS to come with some species to populate that initial world. Some civs so you can play the game without hooking up to the internet. Like the Newbies, and the Goths in The Sims, there will be content that Maxis includes in the game. My question is: What?

If I had to venture a guess as to one of the species included...I'll BET there is a Llama-like quadtraped in the game.

What does everyone else think Will and the Spore team will include with the CD?

Spore: General / Will Wright + Peter Molynoux= ?
« on: May 02, 2005, 11:43:52 am »
Assume the two had enough funding for the project.

Spore: General / Leave a Legacy Behind?
« on: April 26, 2005, 01:56:35 pm »
I know in the earlier part of the stages, tidepool, sea and land, you only control ONE creature. But it would be rather silly for just one of your creature to exist. When your creature evolves from one stage to the next, do you think they'll leave some un-evolved members of their race behind?

Just as we humans evolved from chimps, there are still chimps out there that are stuck in the 'animal stage'. I'm hoping this is the case in Spore.

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