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Spore: Creation Corner / The Draki - Tribal Stage - OOC thread
« on: November 27, 2006, 06:55:32 am »
This thread is kinda like the old "creature's with potential thread", here can you, even if you arent on the team, post ideas, fan art, and whatever. When we have something to vote about we will do it in this thread.

Here are few interesting links by the forums own "Linkman" Slartibartfast:
Caveman crooners may have aided early human life

Walking With Cavemen


Secrets of the Cave Paintings

If they live in swamps, I would like to see some in a mangrove-like swamp.

Also, don't forget -- Types of Swamps  Look up different kinds and mix it up.  Heck, invent a new type of swamp.

on average about 2.5 meters.

Im leaving, check last post for info.

The Draki


Planet: Drake 3
Revolution around the Homestar: 297 Revolutions
Planet Revolution: 16 hours per day
Number of Moons: 1
Gravity: 1 G
Axis Tilt: 35 Degrees
Temperature: Cool (north) to warm (south).
Atmosphere: balanced  CO2 and O2
Volcanic Activity: very acctive

Nuclearchinchilla(creator of the Draki) describing the creature:

Well that was faster than expected.  This is the version I'm hoping would be the sapient version of the podling.  It has a "face" on each of the 4 sides of it's body consisting of 2 eyes and new, recently developed organs.  The long tubular organ above the eyes ends in a hole and is now the way that the podlings breath, no longer through their appendage.  It also features as their means of communication, projecting horn-like sounds, they can articulate through the constricting and retracting muscles inside that can close off the openings.  Also they have ears, on either side of the base of these organs.  They smell through receptors directly within their arm/mouth appendage.

This form of Podling has evolved to grow a reproduction pod within in itself and once the pod hardens, it drops the pod in secure place, sometimes placing sticks or leaves around it to hide it.  The pod that it drops then releases spores into the air and gets spores from other pods to fertilize itself and grow up to three new podlings within it.  Spores can spread as far as 2 kilometers and help from creatures such as the crawlers help fertilize the pods as well.


Huckbuck (Leader)
BioCat (Vice Leader)
Taylor Flame

We start at age 0

Music / Styles of Beyond
« on: November 25, 2006, 05:21:39 am »
Styles of Beyond is probably one of the best bands IMO, and I know a few people who thinks the same, its just that, no one seems to know who they are and what they do.

Some of you have probably played NFS: MW, in that case you have heard them, because the following tracks are in the NFS: MW soundtrack:

Nine Thou (superstars remix) - Styles of Beyond

Shapeshifter - Celldweller ft. Styles of Beyond

They combine heavy rock beats with hiphop and gangsta rap in a way that I think is fantastic.

They have many contacts in the Hiphop underground, Jay-Z, Mike Shinoda (rapper in Linkin Park) and such, and they can be heard on many of the tracks on Fort Minor's cd The Rising Tied, including the singles: Remember the Name and Believe Me.

Am I the only one who listen to them, or are there a lot of SoB fans lurking around here?

Forum Games / The small text game
« on: November 12, 2006, 06:13:56 am »
All text in this thread have to be at size 1. Well, theres not much more to say, except that the first poster chooses the topic, then everyone discusses that untill we think its time for a new topic, so lets go!

Spore: Creation Corner / Fermi 5 - Beta Team Workshop
« on: October 05, 2006, 07:38:16 am »
This thread is a part of the new Sagan and Drake like project, Fermi 5. There are 4 teams participating, 1 leader team and 3 other teams. This is the thread for team Beta.

Basic Thread:

Gama Workshop:

Delta Workshop:

Final Species thread:

Ok team members, we are supposed to post ideas on creatures evolved from the base creature (see further down on this post),evev though this hasnt started yet you can start posting ideas. When we have some serious ideas that we like the artist paints them and try to fit it to the description. When a picture is complete of a creature we write a short info ( template is in the Alpha thread) and when its ready the Alpha team will post it on SporeWiki. Heres a quote with more info about this:

Each group will try to produce at least 4 species per day. And maximum of 8 species per day. This mean there will be a minimum of 28 per week or maximum of 56 per week per group. Each species should make sense to its ancestor as well as biology. It should fit the ecosystem around it. This includes environmental as well as other species pressures. Each step is a small step in evolution and should not jump too far. If you have any problems figuring this out plz ask your Alpha Helper or the BS Checker

If you still have questions read through the first post in the Alpha thread or ask me.

So inventors, start inventing and artists start sketching!

here are our starters:

(the one to the right)

Common Name: Starflora
Generation: 0
Size: 5 cm long
Energy Source: Sunlight
Reproduction: Asexual Splitting
Description: This species act much like Earth's starfish in the way it lives but it also absorbs sunlight like a plant. Each "arm" is like a leaf with vascular veins. On the bottom of these are small tube feet just like a starfish except these double as roots in which it can gather minerals and water from. It actually has mouth too in the center bottom in which it uses to eat soil or drink water. It lives on land as well as the water. It is amphibious in nature and will walk on the bottom of the sea if enough sunlight reaches it. It reproduces by being torn apart. This can be from the rough waves, or being blown away by the wind. Each leg will regenerate into a new Starflora.

Common Name: Hungry Fuzz
Generation: 0
Size: Grows in semi-colonial clusters, the height to the tip of the spore pod is approximately 10 mm
Energy Source: Eats any dead organism it lands on, though rarely it does manage to take hold on a living organism
Reproduction: Asexual Spore Pods
Range: [-----]
Description: Hungry Fuzz is a short lived organism. Its spore pods contain many individual spores, which are very tiny, only 1-5 μm in diameter, each one capable of producing a single "hair." Once landed on a food source, it grows a single root-like thread into its food, and a single hair until it has gained enough energy to produce a spore pod. When the spore pod gets to a sufficient size, it bursts, sending the tiny spores into the ocean currents. The hair and thread promptly die afterwards.

Homestar: Fermi
Homestar Type: Yellow
Distance from the Homestar: 200,000,000 km

Planet: Fermi 5
Revolution around the Homestar: 411
Planet Revolution: 27 Earth-hours per day
Number of Moons: 1
Mone Size: 1/5 size of planet
Gravity: 0.97 G
Axis Tilt: 20 degrees

Air Temperature: Warm
Sea Temperature: Warm

CO2: Mid
O2: Mid
N2: High
Methane: Low
Dust: Mid-High
Water Vapor: High

Volcanic Activity: Very Active

Ocean Levels: Mid-Low

This is the team:

Team Beta

Alpha Helper: Krakow Sam
Team Leader: Huckbuck(I,A)



Note: everybody can vote, but only Drake 3 artists may post their poll option.


Furry Quilster

Spore: Creation Corner / sagan like project - Drake 3 - Still recruiting..
« on: September 16, 2006, 03:27:04 am »
This thread is inspired by Hydros Sagan 4, he also helped me with organizing this thread. Put your hands together for Hydro.

see also:


Drake 3 is a dry planet in the early years of its solarsystem, Drake. But in the primordial ooze life starts to evolve in the form of a single celled organism. What will this form of life evolve to? the home to a space faring intelegent specie? or a planet of chaos? ¨

Week 1

Map week 1:

Drake 3 is a dry and relative flat, rocky planet.

The planet we start with is very much like Sagan 4 but who knows what it will evolve to?
Planet: Drake 3
Revolution around the Homestar: 297 Revolutions
Planet Revolution: 15 hours per day
Number of Moons: 1
Gravity: 1 G
Axis Tilt: 30 Degrees
Temperature: Warm
Atmosphere: Lots of CO2
Volcanic Activity: Active

Once a week their is a disaster. They will be at Fridays.

Week 2:

Map week 2:

The meteor leaved a huge crater and changed both axis tilt and the rotation speed. Not only that, Drake 3's speed in its revolution around its homestar has increased. The earthquake made the mountains higher and the valleys bigger. The northern ocean has increased in size, but it isnt as deep anymore because of the telestrial plates movement. Because of normal raining the two southern oceans has grown. They are now home to many more creatures. A small river flows between one of the southern oceans and the northern wich lets creatures move between thoose places and therefore evolve in a greater scale.

The planet we start with is very much like Sagan 4 but who knows what it will evolve to?
Planet: Drake 3
Revolution around the Homestar: 286 Revolutions
Planet Revolution: 11 hours per day
Number of Moons: 1
Gravity: 1 G
Axis Tilt: 40 Degrees
Temperature: Warm
Atmosphere: Lots of CO2
Volcanic Activity: Active

Week 3

Map week 3

The temperature on drake 3 is now about 80 degrees (celsius) in the middle of the day 40 degrees in the night in the summer. In the winter, 50 degrees in the middle of the day and as low as 15 in the night.  ( all these temperatures are from the equator, for example, on the poles it can be as low as 25 degrees in the summer and 5 (!) in the winter.

Planet: Drake 3
Revolution around the Homestar: 297 Revolutions
Planet Revolution: 15 hours per day
Number of Moons: 1
Gravity: 1 G
Axis Tilt: 30 Degrees
Temperature: Very Warm
Atmosphere: Lots of CO2
Volcanic Activity: Active

Week 4

Map week 4

The volcanos on Drake 3 has gone nuts and lava flows down every hillside. Even the underwater volcanos are erupting (is that the word?) and loads of hot lava is forming new isles. Not only that, but the explosion of a nerby ice planet resulted in almost a week of hell with ice comets comets smashing down on the surface. The bigger once who didnt land in the water leaved new seas in the craters, making the dry, barren lands not as dry and not as barren. The biggest comets also changed the planets tilt axis a bit making north more cold and south even hoter. The northern ocean is now full of icebergs and the continents in north are cold and even got snow in the winter (!). In the south theres not many creatures who lives, it is far to hot to become the home of organisms, with the exception for the few heat resisting ones the south is dead land. A bit north of the ecuator the life is spreading fast and plants can be found all over the lands. closer to the seas, oceans and rivers there is life everywere. The shores are covered with a low forest with all kinds of plants and in the mini forest creatures dwells.

Planet: Drake 3
Revolution around the Homestar: 297 Revolutions
Planet Revolution: 16 hours per day
Number of Moons: 1
Gravity: 1 G
Axis Tilt: 35 Degrees
Temperature: Warm
Atmosphere: Lots of CO2
Volcanic Activity: Very Active

Week 5

Map week 5

The volcanic eruption continues and new islands is forming everywere, old islands gets conected to the mainland and so on. The plants has started to turn the CO2 of Drake into O2 which is good for the wildlife and will result in making the life easier for them. The plants fight for the sunlight and many are spreading to new areas to get it, however one plant, the Lizard Palm, has started to grow uppwards instead and a palm stand 3 meters tall. Their seedsacks grows at the top of the plant and spread with the wind.

Planet: Drake 3
Revolution around the Homestar: 297 Revolutions
Planet Revolution: 16 hours per day
Number of Moons: 1
Gravity: 1 G
Axis Tilt: 35 Degrees
Temperature: Warm
Atmosphere: plenty of CO2 and lots of O2
Volcanic Activity: Very Active

The Drake 3 team:


Huckbuck (leader)





(If you want to join  PM me (huckbuck) some of your work)

Drake 3 rules (copied from Sagan 4)

This is how the game will work. I have some of the best artists on the forum helping out in drawing the creatures of this planet. Each will be controlling their own branch of the tree based on the single cell above. We will be working together in balancing this ecosystem. I will be controlling the rate to time so we do not go too fast. However you the reader will be able to participate too. You will get to vote on what happends to the environment in the game. Each generation will will be diffrent environmental changes that will effect the evolution of the creatures on the planet.

Each artist will draw 2 creatures. One must be a plant-like photosynthetic creature and the other must be an animal creature that eats other cells. Note this can mean it eats other animals cells of other players or just planet cells of other players or your own. These 2 cells will be your branch. You will control all creatures from this branch. Each time i move up time you may draw some more creatures to fill in the ecosystem. The amount will be 2 per day.

All creatures will need a picture, 1-2 paragraph description and the number of generation it is. For instance the original cell has a 1 in the lower right corner to show it is the 1 creature. Your 1st creatures will all have 2 next to them and then the next day as you improve upon those you will add a 3 next to them and so on. This way we can use them in a cladogram in the future.

Rules changed to fit Drake 3:

You can make as many creatures as you want in each gen, but you should stil only post 1 gen / day.

If you want to you can make a creature that's evolved from one of the other artists creatures.

Once every week (fridays after the disaster) we choose a creature that has potential and everybody makes a creature evolved form that one.

Its up to you thoose of your creatures who dies or stop evolving.However, you cant let all of your creatures live some must die.

The RP have more depth if we adapt our creatures to the others. So if someone makes a creature that eats your creature you could choose to evolve some kind of protection, or let it die a painful death.

So artists, post your first creatures and lets begin!

Spore: Creation Corner / My Creature- The Huckbuck AWAKEN FROM THE DEAD!
« on: September 01, 2006, 07:22:12 am »
Here it is.. for the first time ever.. The Huckbuck!


Lifespan: 230 – 240 human years (about 115 Huckbunese years).

Lifestyle: Unsocial herbivores.

Language: Huckbunish

Population: 1.2 billion Huckbucks.

An Huckbuck

Size: About 4 feet.

Sex: The Huckbuck is a Hermaphrodite. They mate at springtime and then carry the eggs for about 3 months. They usually lay about 10 to 15 eggs. The eggs hatch after about three weeks. 

Intelligence: On the human scale, about 180 IQ.

A Huckbunese house

Cities:  Gharuij (capitol), Huyuij, Tarterauij and Gertareuij. On the planet KoGhati they have the colonies Juij and Huyuijdobl (witch means Huyuij 2). On the moon Gnai they have the colony Gnaiuij, on the moon Hurrvas they have the colony Hurruij and on the moon Thark they have the colonies Tharkuij and Tharkuijdobl.

The planet Thoglock

The Huckbunese solar system.

Location in the Galaxy: The Huckbuck lives on the planet Thoglok. They have colonies on three of Thoglok’s five moons. They also have a mining colony on the neighbor planet, KoGhati, which is more or less a hundred thousand ton satellite of solid crystal. Their solar system consists of 9 planets and 1 white dwarf and they all orbit around the star Ytmachi known to the Huckbunese as the Sun. The planets (from the sun and out) Ytmachi (star), KoGhati (5000 Megameters (1000 km) from the sun), Thoglok (7650 Mm), Retshui (11950 Mm), Gyth (12000 Mm), Hygyth (white dwarf, 22000 Mm), Retyth (25000 Mm), Gruai (32 000 Mm), Hutergaath (45 750 Mm), Juytigyth, (50 200 Mm), and Ghargarog (56 500 Mm). The Huckbucks believe that Ghargarog is a monolith created by their god that looks like himself. That’s why they call this planet the same name that they call their god.

The god of the Huckbucks, Ghargarog.
Religion: The Huckbunese priests has got a holy book called “The Holy Book” that’s said to be written by their god Ghargarog.

“In the beginning there was only fire. Eternal, black flames. Then awoken from the flames, came Ghargarog with The Holy Fire-Extinguisher and put out the flames. He created the planets, the stars and the sun from the dust left from The Black Flames. After that he created one god for each planet that was responsible for its evolving. The daemon Hygyth was responsible for Thoglok. Hygyth was a small, white, sadist-daemon that tortured the living creatures on Thoglok, including the relatives of the Huckbuck. When Ghargarog saw what Hygyth had done, even though it was one of the lesser planets, he went furious, because he loves everything that lives and grows. Nevertheless he did not want to kill Hygyth, so he bound him in a gigantic orb, orbiting around the sun. – Thou shall in eternity rest in your prison and think about your sins. Ghargarog said when he left him there. Hygyth was furious and swore to get out someday and destroy the whole world. Now Thoglok didn’t have a supervisor-god, and all the other gods were occupied so Ghargarog decided that he would control Thoglok and guide its people to domination. “

The Creation, Chapter 1 from “The Holy Book”.

Huckbunese priest
Its hard to become a Huckbunese priest because you must have the Mark of Ghargarog, witch is said to be given by Ghargarog to a favored Huckbuck. But the mark, a big abscess on the top of the head, is actually a deadly tumor, so most priest’s doesn’t live that long.

Social: The Huckbuck is very arrogant and self-confident; in fact they are not nice at all. A compliment or encouraging is very (and I mean very) rare. Not even a parent can admit that its child is good at anything. This results in that many Huckbucks kills themselves before the age of 10. The rest learns to have fun with themselves, mostly by reading boring books, or looking at themselves in the mirror and admire their own appearance. This does not mean that they can’t feel love; they don’t love as much as humans but they do feel love. As babies they love their parent before they realize that the parent is a bitch. As teenagers they do, as humans fall in love, before they realize that their partner is a bitch to. Most babies are born by teenage parents that still feel love to each other. As grown-ups they have realized that everyone is a bitch except themselves.

Consuming: The Huckbuck doesn’t have to eat a lot. In fact they only eat once a week. They are herbivores and eat the fruits from the Ghark Palm and the Huih Tree. They drink a fluid called Ghien similar to water, but it consists of hydrogen, chlorine and the substance ghiecarbonate. The seas and rivers on Thoglok all consists of Ghien.

Huckbunese Infanterist
Military: The Huckbucks prefer biological missile weapons over bullets and tanks. Their military force is 78.7% engineers and such who works with robots, 12% infantry (in most cases equipped with beamguns) and 9.3% airplanes and tanks.

Primary weapons:

Beamgun: A gun that fires a beam of pure, 2 192 degrees hot (Fahrenheit), light that burns, and blinds the enemy. Anyone that wants to use this gun must wear a suit of a special heat resisting material.

Ag.42: A missile constructed by the famous scientologist Ghutij Ag that when used spread a toxic gas that immediately kills the enemy, unless he wears heavy protection.

Ag.13: A projectile fired by the tank Gart.12. It works in the same way as an Ag.42, but in a smaller scale.

Beamsword: A close combat weapon that consist of a blade of compressed light.

Employment: 56% of the Huckbunese population works in mines and gather minerals, 12% works in industrial companies, 9% works with food gathering and farming, 8% works in the military, 2% works with politics and the rest works in stores, hospitals etc.

Policy: The Huckbucks is not often merciful or polite; they prefer to start a war instead of sharing. The Huckbucks are ruled by a king and 10 mouthpiece chosen by the people.
Every 10 years there is an election for new mouthpieces and everyone (even kids) can vote. The king and the mouthpieces live in the capitol city Gharuij but in each big city a mayor lives who decides about regional questions and problems. The election of a new major is at the same time as the election of the mouthpieces.


Thats it for now! This was only an overview, im going to do more on each part that will be posted in this topic later, right now im planing on doing a flora and fauna with loads of pics.

If you've read this, please say what you think about it, any feedback is apriciated both negative and positive. Thank you.

Site News / WE HAVE NEW MODS! :D:D:D
« on: August 20, 2006, 12:39:18 am »
I apologize if this is allready public knowledge.

In a resent PM by Steve (as well as in the PM with porn thread) he said that they were adding new moderators, and i wondered who's it gonna be? Will he just pick a couple of active members?

Spore: General / Do you belive in the spore release date conspiracy?
« on: August 13, 2006, 11:39:13 am »
Theres been alot off talk about it lately, alot off people acctually seems to belive it, but a couple off guys dont so i made a thread to see how popular this theory really is. I voted ''Yes, but Im affraid off getting dissapointed...''.


Spore: General / Questions to Will Wright
« on: August 09, 2006, 11:58:24 am »
To start with, I know theres been almost similar threads before but the idea isn't exactly the same, and i didn't want to bump those old threads, so here we go...

I got the idea when I  read the IGN interview, the press are asking crappy questions about stuff we allready know (mostly), so lets come up with ideas for good questions that someone with Wills email can post, but remember DON'T POST WILL WRIGHTS EMAIL HERE.

my questions:

1. Will there be sizelimits for your city's / towns?

2a. Will NPC creatures evolve?

2b. If 2a if yes then, in witch way will they evolve?

3. Can your city's have other shapes than a circle?

4. Can houses be built separate, outside city's / towns?

5. When flying / swimming, how does movement work?

Thats all for now, feel free to add your questions to Will here.

Spore: General / How will you get your copy of Spore?
« on: August 01, 2006, 01:37:08 pm »
Myself I'm going to order it on the internet at least a week before the release date so I'm guaranteed to get it on the releasedate.

Spore: General / Will you get a spore figurine?
« on: July 30, 2006, 01:08:32 am »
Theres been a lot of talk about the spore 3D printouts, both negative and positIve, so ive made this poll to see how many off you are actually going to buy a figurine. I'm probably going to buy one if they are cheap.

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