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Storytelling and Roleplaying / Warhammer Fantasy RP
« on: February 05, 2008, 08:11:34 am »
Ok I am giving this a try atleast. Many of you probably knows about Warhammer, if not, this thread aint much for you. I feel very tempted to start a Warhammer Fantasy RP, but I can't without interest, so if you want then sign up! We'll take things as character choosing later, we need to decide the sitting first.

Here are some ideas I have:

Year -2503

After Battle of Black Fire pass when Sigmar is leader of the Empire (around year 0)

During the Bretonnian crusade battle in Araby (around year 1449)

Year 2503- (In the "present" Warhammer world, most flexible setting.)

-A warband of Dogs of War, hired for some quest (This would allow more races to choose from for playing characters)

-A exploration/scientific journey towards the Chaos Wastes. (Limited character choosing, could turn out very interesting)

-A bandit/outlaw/witch hunter warband (Much freedom in most things except choosing races)

Settings after year 2503 would probably be easiest since that counts as the present, leaving us very free to decide what should happen. Please post your own ides of settings if you have any. :p

So, I hope we get enough people to put together a real RP, and one more thing there won't be any big wars. Even though the setting would be during a big war we won't RP in thoose daylong fights since it would get boring fast and it would be hard to keep controll of.

Everything Else / Treeman Baffles Medical Experts
« on: November 30, 2007, 07:39:36 am »

I don't know what to say. I will never look at my Wood Elves the way I did before.

PC Games / The Never Ending Debate: Oblivion vs. Morrowind
« on: November 17, 2007, 12:37:25 pm »
My first thought was to post this in the morrowind thread. It didnt feel right, so I decided to post it on the Oblivion thread. That felt even more wrong. I searched for possible threads, but nothing. Thats why this thread exists.

If you look at any forum about the Elder Scrolls game and most game forums there are threads about this. Is Morrowind infact better then Oblivion? Sure its a matter of taste, but really, could it be so that Oblivion is just a dumbed down Morrowind with some eyecandy for that type of people?

I think that, looking at when it was released, Morrowind was better. But I rather sit down and play Oblivion cause now, its a better game. Sure the compass leads you like if you were a kid and exploring things on your own isnt encouraged or needed,but yea. It got better graphics, the voiceactors are great, the skillsystem works better then in morrowind, the quests are funny (except for that stupid green/ red arrow that dumbs them down) etc. etc. But Morrowind came out MANY years before, and a lot of people think that it really is better, but is it?

Discuss people discuss.

Music / Songs you like by artists/ bands you dont like
« on: November 04, 2007, 03:35:59 am »
Well, theres a lot of artists that I dont like that have atleast one good song, sometimes very good. Heres a few from the top of my head:

Akon - Sorry, blame it on me

Britney Spears - Gimme More (my gf forced me to listen to it 5 times in a row since she likes it, and well, its ok.)

P.O.D - Boom

Papa Roach - Blood Brothers

Papa Roach - Last Resort

Uhm.. thats it for now. Do you have any?

Forum Games / Who said that!?
« on: October 04, 2007, 07:49:39 am »
Ok I thought up a forum game. Basicly you find a funny quote and post it and the others have to guess which member said it. The one who guesses right gets to post a quote, kinda like the What's That? game. You can remove things from the quote to make it harder and/or funnier, and please, only use known members so that we have a chance of guessing.

NOTE: Only use quotes from posts on this forum.

...the demo was for mating prposes only

Help Burke find home... or not

//Ok, this works kinda like the "Ive fallen down a hole" game by Luminar. (I know this is heavily inspired by him, but he said it was ok. Im a man of honour you see, I only rip people of with permission.;):P)//

Chapter 0

The land of the Trods is a strange and brutal place. Whats even stranger is the different species and creatures that inhabit it. The most intellegent of theese species (most intellegent doesnt mean it is very smart though, just the smartest of a bunch of retards) are the Trods. They are blue skinned creatures with little to no brain and the fact that they isnt extinguished by nature itself proves that nature is cruel and sadistic. They are also easily bored and cant ever finnish anything theyve started making them incompetent. One of the stupidest and most easily bored Trod is Burke. He is stupid even for Trod standards and once spent a whole day trying to figure out what thoose blue things that always followed him was. He tried to beat them with a stick, beat them with a rock, and he even tried to beat them with a rock attatched to a stick. But nothing worked. By the end of the day the sudden pain made him realise that the strange blue thing acctually were his feet. This isnt very rare for a Trod, though Burke is paranoid and hear voices inside his head (theese voices are you guys) telling him what to do. Most of the time he listens to them. Right now Burke is lost in the desert outside of Peaceville, the biggest Trod city, but since he cant read he doesnt know how to go back there. Not that he care very much about it, he never liked peaceville anyway. One last advice before I give the word to burke, remember that he isnt the most intellegent of species, so to complicated commands could be a bit confusing for him.

"Uhm.. 'ello everybuddy. I's burke and I be lost in theese desert. I starting to feel like a pig is growling in me stomach so I better find sum stuff to put in me mouth soon.. I dunno were I  gunna go to get hold of sum of that foody stuff but Ive seen some sneaky gits nearby at that cave... dunno if they be food... "


Wearing: Black coat.
Pockets: A strange shaped rock.
Hands: Nothing.
Other: Nothing.


Mood: Curious, confused.
Hunger (0-10): 6

Everything Else / How much time do you spend infront of the computer?
« on: June 02, 2007, 12:15:52 pm »
I thought it could be interesting to see the results of a poll like this, I know that many people here spend many hours on the forum everyday aswell as playing games, which should result in quite a lot of time. Myself? 3 - 4 hours.

Spore: General / The marketing strategy of Spore
« on: May 11, 2007, 08:38:35 am »
Many of us have waited for more then 2 years. During theese 2 years we been given 1 official video, 1 long video filmed with a handheld videocam and a bunch of crappy videos of the creature editor. What do we know about the game? Well almost everything we know have we learned from the GDC 05 video and the E3 06 video. We have been given about 50 official screenshots and 0 newsletters. I cant remember hearing anything new except delays since back in late summer / early fall when they showed the new veichle editor in a scanned PC magazine.

How do the marketing strategy for Spore work? Do they want to torture us to death by first capture us and then dont give a crap about feeding us? I mean, Im waiting for Warhammer Online aswell. EA Mythic (yes they are also EA, that means that it isnt EA's fault) sends out monthly newsletters with a LOT of goddies in everyone of them. They are also at most Gamesday's over the whole US and Europe letting people play their game, this leads to a lot of playerfilmed fottage that the fans love.

I wonder, why cant Maxis do it like this? Why should waiting be a hell, when it can be so fun? Is this a well thought trough marketing strategy, or just a lack of marketing stratgy?

Forum Games / The "One thing you dont know about me" Game
« on: April 07, 2007, 12:40:23 am »
Ok this game is pretty simple, everyone get to say something about themselves that the other probably wouldnt expect. I believe there is some fun things we dont know about the most regular members.. Who knows? Maybe ilikesanta really doesnt like santa? You are allowed to comment the other members "confessions" aswell.

Note: I wasnt sure about were to place this thread, but I thought that forum games was the most suitable.

Ok I start,

One thing you dont know about me is that Im taking breakdance leasons.

Music / Linkin Parks new album :D
« on: April 01, 2007, 08:30:24 am »
After many years (is 3 or 4?) Linkin Park's finaly going to release a new album (15 may) and the first single is allready out there:

They've said that they are going to try a new style that isnt Nu Metal, and you can hear that in this song. I like Nu Metal, but I think this is good aswell.

EDIT: High quality version:

Spore: General / Do you prefer the old or the new Tide Pool phase?
« on: March 10, 2007, 10:47:10 am »
We have had many people critising the new Tide Pool fottage, so I just want to know how big part of the Spore comunity that prefer the old version.



Spore: Creation Corner / Scrogon: Huck's creation: New update and new poll!
« on: February 14, 2007, 09:42:53 am »

current news: NEW UPDATE! check last post. the new info will be added to the first post in a few days.

After a month without visiting the creation corner I returned yesterday, just to find it filled with non creative creatures, I was terrified, is this what we are going to see in spore? Many creatures lately have been based on dragons, so I thought that, lets show the newcomers that a dragon based creature can be eccentric. After playing around with different shapes I came up with this, the Scrogon, the only eccentric dragon race.

Here's just a short bio to give you an idea about whats it all about, I will add more info later:

The Scrogon is a kind of peacefull creature who lives in groups of 10 to 30 with a couple of leader females. The reason the females are the leaders is because they are slightly bigger and have a more red tone, two things helping it greatly in hunting. ( Right now you maybe wonder how a more red tone can help, but I promise that I will explain that tomorrow.)
Although they are peacefull they are still omnivores that prefer meat before plants. They hunt different types of smaller group animals using their mighty tusks and tails to kill. They are sentinet, but have not yet reached sapiance, but have great potential for that because they have more prey then enemies.

This is my first sketches of the Scrogon, with the final creature in the left corner.

I painted the dragon in the left corner first to base my creature from, its a classical cartoony dragon without wings. I then sketched and modified, and came up with the Scrogon. (you can see the Scrogon from the side to the right, and stretched out in the top right corner).


Size: About the size of a big pig.

lifespan: 20 to 30 years

Sex: They have both females and males. Lay eggs.

Sense: The Scrogon "hear" with their long eyebrows that amplifies the sound waves and send them to the brain. They have three compound eyes, ( since thoose types of eyes dont give a very good vision they depend a lot on their big nostrills who works very good, in fact the nose is the sense used the most.

Hunting: They hunt in small groups and use low frequens hummings to comunicate, although they havent got more then a few words they use this helps them to surprise their preys. The major weapons of the Scrogon is the tail, the claws, the heatbreath and the tusks. Heres a picture of one of the most common preys, the Uon:

The hole under the tree is a Uon tunnel entrance, they dig tunnels which they sleep in because it can be very dangerous to be outside in the nights when the Huwei hunts (more info on theese guys in the next uppdate) Although the Uons live in big groups I only painted one, because well, I didnt have the patience to paint 30 to 40. Because of the common Ember Grass which grows across the lands the fur on the Scrogon's back is very usefull as camouflage, and a red skin is also helpfull, this is why the females are better hunters.

Special info on the arms: The arms of the Scrogon are a bit special, but I'll try to explain. When the creature is born they only have short stumps (like the ones on the underside of the tail on the pic), as they get older the first pairs of arms grows and gets bigger and usefull. If they ever lose an arm in a battle the other arm in that pair of arms falls of and slowly the second pair of arms grows bigger and acctually slowly moves upwards (this takes a lot of years, so it happends that the Scrogon's havent got arms except on their tail). If a creature lives for many years without losing their arms they will fall of because they are starting to get old and damaged. The older the creature gets the more fairly long arms with hands they have. Arms are also important when it comes to mating since the females want a man that havent lost any battles, so they want males with many long arms, often leading to fights between the males to make the other men have less arms with a brutal fight wich can result in death.

This is the their planet, I wont name it yet, since they are far to unintellegent to name it themself. The planet is slightly larger then earth and therefore have higher gravity wich leads to shorter more compact creatures.

This is the lands inhabited by the Scrogon. Most Scrogons live in small packs but some form larger tribes with a very basic political system. All female's born like alpha females are the leaders' and since this isnt genetic anyone can have a alpha female baby. They are recognised by their brighter colour and they also have eyebrows over the third eye making them better hunters. The Acrom Tribe is the largest at the moment with over 100 members and lead by 5 alpha females. They rule over a large area in the east close to the Gongorg mountains. They live close to many Big Forest and have a good supply of water from many streams in the forests and there's lot of creatures and eadible plants. They also have the most advanced military system were "soldiers" are patrolling the lands to keep Scrogons from other tribes away. There are two different "jobs" in the Scrogon society, one of them in commoner, someone who takes care of the young and old, gather herbs and plants for food and does what needs to be done in the tribal camps. The other is soldier, they patrol the lands and wage war when needed. They also work as guards and sometimes hunters. Most of the Scrogons doesnt use any weapon except their tail, tusk and claws, but some have very simple built axes and spears made out of stone. These weapons have been looted from other various tribes living close to the great ocean with more evolved crafting techniques.

The image shows a young Scrogon Alpha female about to eat a Uth who got interupted while it was eating from a Umbrella Palm (known as Urff to the Scrogon)

Umbrella Palm (Urff)
The Umbrella Palm is a common tree in many parts of the Scrogon inhabited lands. (The Scrogons calls their land's Huhm Kaah, Huhm meaning something like blood / red while Kaah means plains / grasslands / vegetation / undergrowth, making Huhm Kaah something like Plains of Blood or The Red Grasslands.) Though the tree is common it doesnt grow in forests since then they would kinda cover eachother and have to compete for the sunlight. The Umbrella Palm therefore have tubelike things who "shoot" the seeds away so they wont grow to close to the first Palm. It does happend that two palms come to close to eachother most often leading to one of them to die cause it doesnt get enough sunlight.

Hydrogen Fly (Uth)

The Hydrogen Fly is unlike anything seen on the earth. The air on the Scrogons planet contains very much watersteam, the Hydrogen Fly uses this for a very special technique. They breath in the air and inside their lunglike organs the oxygen is seperated from the hydrogen, the oxygen is then used in the blood as animals on eart do, while the hydrogen is sent through special veins to the bubbles under the Uth's legs and to the big bubble on the back. This makes the Uth hover, and they can controll their density by releasing hydrogen in the outbreath, this combined with their winged tail used as a fishfin makes em a skilled flyer. The hydrogen can however have negative effects, in some cases when it is really hot the hydrogen can ignite making the Fly burn like a torch. This is however uncommon since the bubbles are is isolating and reflects most of the heat. The Uth uses the Umbrella Palm's "seed canons" in a interesting way aswell. They struggle for a while to get almost the exact density of air, making them hover in the same place, they then stick down they trunklike mouth in one of the tubes with the mouth open, and after a fem minutes they are rewarded with a seed shoot up in their mouth. This isnt the only way they eat, but since its a bit special i choosed to explain it a bit more.

The language of the Scrogons part. 1.0

The Scrogon use strange humming noises thats usually dark, low tunes, but sometimes do the same noises that can be heard from a boy in the age 12 to 15. This makes their comunication sound kinda funny, though they still havent a very evolved language.

part 1.1 common words during the time of the Acrom tribe (around year 50)

1; Guuhm Food / Meat (for more uses, see picture)
This word is one of the most common, often used together with the words like Huhr (12) and Scruuhm (3).

2; Oar Fire / Danger
Word used mostly by the soldiers, they shout it as a warning (in most cases when another tribes attack)

3; Scruuhm Cave / Hove
Used when talking about the caves at the foot mountain were the Acrom tribe lives.

4; Urff Tree / bush (the word Urff is most often used for the Umbrella Palm)
Used by hunters and commoners, they know that close to the Urff's can the Uth's be found.

5; Ouff Forest / trees
Used mostly by commoners when comand someone to go gather herbs in combination with Gaah (10)

6; Uth Fly / Hydrogen Fly
Quite obviously its used when talking about hunting Hydrogen Flies.

7; Kaah Grasslands / Plains / Undergrowth
Word used for the ground, the lands the Scrogon lives in and stuff like grass. This word covers alot and is therefore used alot.

8; Scrogon Scrogon / Leader
Word similar to words like "we", "family" and "us" but is also used for the alpha female leaders.

9; Gyyh God / Sun
The Scrogons have a very primitive religion were the Sun is the gods huge eye watching his creation and the twinmoons is the eyes of his rival who chase away the sun during the night. They arent smart enough to evolve it much further at the moment. This word is sometimes used for the alpha females since they are believed to be favoured by the gods.

10; Gaah Herbs / Food
Word used for all food that isnt meat, making it very common.

11; Scraah Kid / Harmless
A version of the word Scragon to describe someone who is small and/or young. This has also turned into a word used for describing things that doesnt threat the Scrogons.

12; Huhr Kill / Fight
Common word used by most Scrogons regulary. It can also be used for someone who is asleep, but in that case the u is longer making the pronouncement (is that the word) Huuhr.

Console Games / Dance Pad for 360?
« on: January 06, 2007, 09:27:55 am »
Well the title says it all, will we have a dance pad and dance game for the 360, and when?

Spore: General / Sporemass gift?
« on: December 19, 2006, 06:58:46 am »
Last year Gaming Steve posted some exclusive concept art pics of spore as a christmas gift, so my question is simple, will there be any spore stuff this year?

Everything Else / How do I put a banner in my sig?
« on: December 10, 2006, 09:54:50 am »
I tried to figure it out, but I couldnt find a way to do it so, How do I put a banner in my sig that links to a page?

PS: I searched the forum and didnt find the answere, so dont flame me.

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