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PC Games / Mortal Online, Now with a Free Trial!
« on: July 16, 2009, 04:47:52 pm »
If you are tired of MMO's where you target a mob and then spam 124152352414, and where you don't care if you die, this game is for you.

Mortal Online (MO) is fully first person. You see your legs, your arms, your body, everything. When you mount a horse you mount a horse, you see your body doing that, same when you get knocked back etc. The aiming is like an FPS, you do not target at all, where you aim you strike. Bows shoot in trajectories, the body of the players and mobs are divided into 10 hitboxes so you can specifically hit the head for more damage (especially if he isn't wearing a helmet) or for example hit the sword trying to disarm your opponent.

The game is full pvp and full loot. What does this mean? It means that when you strike a player or an NPC you do damage, there is no invisible shield that only goes away when you are in a certain zone. How is chaos prevented then? A person can be labeled as murderer (red) if they attack a good player or NPC (blue) or thief (gray) if they take something that is not theirs (mount standing around, stealing loot etc.). When marked as red or gray town and city guards will attack you at sight (these are like hard mobs, they do not kill instant and they do have a health bar), and any other player may attack and loot you without becoming evil. If you die as a red you will experience a slight skill decay, so attacking someone unprovoked will not be done without consideration. (Red and gray marks disappear after x amounts of hours in game without any further crimes committed though, and there have also been talks about a prison where you can serve your time).

What this game offers is freedom. There are no quests. Why? Well quests in MMOs are always basically kill 10 rats (there are FedEx missions to where you get this item there, but those totally suck), so why would someone need to tell you to do that? You can go anywhere at any time and do what ever you want, and there are no levels so you will not see such a huge disadvantage towards older chars, though player skill, in game skill and armor do matter a lot.

There is to much to mention about this game, and it is to late, but here are some more features;

When crafting a sword for example you first chose the shape of the blade (from something like 40 different) and the material of the blade (similar amount of different materials to chose from), then you make the hilt by deciding its shape from many different (something like 40 to I think), the material of the hilt and the material of the wrapping or whatever you call it that gives extra grip.  This enables over 100 000 different weapons to be crafted (some very ineffective though, such as putting a hammerhead on a small hilt that would suit a dagger for instance). Each of these choices affect the stats of the weapon (for example a jade blade is sharper than an iron blade, but the iron blade is more durable so it wouldn't break as fast), but these are hidden from the players. Depending on the stats of the player he might see a swords as just an "Iron Sword" to a "Curved Iron Cutlass, Average damage, High speed, partly damaged". This type of prospecting applies to herbs and other types of gatherings as well, a bit like Morrowind and Oblivion.

Another interesting thing is their approaches to epic encounters, as they oppose having raiding instances that you play over and over again. One developer said something along the lines of "instead of having you kill the dragon 100 times and it might kill you 1 time, we will have the dragon kill you a 100 times and then when you kill it one time it is dead". That is right. The big monsters, tied to the lore, have perma death (except necromancers of course). Having these monsters killed can affect the game world, the developers are flexible with continuing building the game after how the players affect it.

Finally I just have to mention the housing system. You can build your house pretty much anywhere in the game world (I wouldn't be surprised if caves and such are excluded), and you can place it close to other players houses. You have a key that is the only way to get in to the houses, but if you die you drop it (the key won't have a label which tells the lucky looter which house it belongs to though). If you are a trader you can rebuild your house into a shop and hire NPC vendors that sell your goods. In this way cities built out of player housing become something positive for the players, so many will probably group up their houses in such a manner. If you have a guild and have a strategically placed house you can rebuild it into a fort and even a castle (sieging will be implemented after release, probably in some sort of free expansions as all expansions will be free).

Also, there is no map, and no GPS. You have to use a compass which is an in game item and the skill map making to create maps of your surroundings.

I could go on, but I have to go to bed now, here are some vids and pictures;


(There are 5 human races, 1 half-orc race (considered human), 2 elf races, and one dwarf race)

An interesting video (video is from the build made right before closed beta started, I think it was in April);

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

All of it is in game, there is a system for creating religions and praying to them. (It probably is just something that sends the message to the devs and they can respond however they like).

Other info; Uses Unreal Engine 3, Speed Tree, Grome 2, is made in Sweden by the company StarVault.

Beta starts 20th July, if you preorder you are guaranteed beta at some points (the beta is divided into blocks of 2000 players, so at first there are 2000 testers, then 2 weeks later when the next block is allowed beta access theres 4000).

I have preordered and I will play in block A, starting this Monday :)

Movies / Documentary: The Corporation (2003)
« on: July 16, 2009, 08:08:50 am »
This documentary is quite old (2003), but what it talks about is still current. It basically describes how corporations first started to appear, how they evolved and how they now function. It is something everyone who lives in the western world should watch.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

This is the free version, put up on Youtube by the producer himself, so at the end of each part there are a short interruption where he asks for donations. You'll find all the 20 parts (lengths vary from 2 mins to 17 mins) on his Youtube channel.

Music / Rate the song above you!
« on: April 27, 2009, 12:45:10 pm »
The title says it all, rate the one above and post a new song in the same post. Only youtube please.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Parental advisory for explict lyrics or whatever.


The sun rises and shine upon the the green forests and the high mountains. The sun shine upon the eagle, flying high in the sky, spying for rabbits. But the sun also shile upon the men and women working hard with building small villages for them were they hope to prosper more than they have done before, when they were nomads. These scattered villages might not be much to the eye at the moment, but each one of them has its chance to expand and prosper and tell the true tale of a civilization.

Year: 1
Month: 1


Year 1

Month 1
Month 2
Month 3
Month 4
Month 5
Month 6
Month 7
Month 8
Month 9
Month 10
Month 11
Month 12

Year 2

Month 1
Month 2
Month 3
Month 4
Month 5
Month 6
Month 7
Month 8

Ok, lets begin with the invite that I sent out to a bunch of people;

A Tale of Civilizations

In the game you controll a civilization by controlling the current leader/leaders of the civilization (in the case of a revolt one can choose to pick the revolt leader as the new leader to control). The game is turnbased with turns of one in game month and you can do any action the civilization would possibly be able to do during that time period. The control of military units and the way "royals" work is similar to how it works in Total War. The cities are viewed from above like an old Sim City game and you decide where to place buildings and such. The way the technology works is quite similar to civilization, but mostly it is not research but findings that lead to new technology. There are many more aspects of the game, I won't list them all here, but I can say that there is the possibility for a lot of micro management. It is also good if the players, if they for example start to build a wonder, paint at least a crude picture of what it looks like. This sort of designs is something the player can do for anything, if one player for example decides to start producing swords and do not paint a picture it would only be the most basic look and shape, so an involved player could also get advantages if they for example use a special design of shields that work better in a unit. In the same way the player can roleplay the leaders, if you for example RP a speech to the people that can change popularity, happiness, moral, etc. The players will be 5 selected players who I deem as people who can participate in a good way.

The turn works in the way that I announce the new turn and post anything happening in general, tell things that would be common knowledge such as the results of big battles and such. I then PM the other info of the individual civilization to player who controlls it who then post as much as they want in the thread. I do recommend you to post most things, since it is not that competitive, at least not in the beginning before any real fighting begin.

The game will start in late stoneage, but the timeperiods will progress much faster than they have done in human history, so one age won't be like 100 000 turns. I will probably start the game tomorrow or in a few days, depending on when I know who will play, so please reply to this and say if you are in or not. If your answer is no I need time to find a new player to fill your spot.

To those wondering if I will be able to stick with this and believe I will quit like I did with the feend game; I have thought about this game for a long time and constructed it so that I don't have to do nearly as much work as I had to do with the feend game in most turns. Some turns might pass by without a new pic (created by me that is), so this will probably be updated quite often. But since I now put more work on the players than it was in the feend game it really depends on you if this turns out well. If you feel that you won't contribute that much it is better to no join and let someone that would have that spot instead.

For further info on the game, read;


we currently have 4 players.

They are;

Bagder Man 22

The civilizations have been assigned. The current civilizations are;




Leader age; 41
Leaderess age; 38
Daughter age; 17

The teal civilization at the year 0. (Scale might be hard to distinguish, but it is basically a small village and the surroundings, which isn't patrolled that hard. The same goes for all starting civs.)




Leader age; 35
Leaderess age; 32
Son age; 15
Daughter age; 11

The red civilization at the year 0.




Leader age; 35
Leaderess age; 31
Son age; 16
Son 2 age; 12
Daughter age; 13

The pink civilization at the year 0.




Leader age; 38
Leaderess age; 29
Son age; 16
Son 2 age; 14

The green civilization at the year 0.


Andrew Ryan


Leader age; 41
Leaderess age; 34
Son age; 17
Daughter age; 7

The yellow civilization at the year 0.

NOTE; All family trees are shown as they were when the tribe first settled, the updates to them will not be public.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Feend Game [ON ICE]
« on: November 23, 2008, 02:13:19 am »

The Durii civilization has allways been feared as far as anyone can remember. They are infamous for their slavery and their highly advanced herbalism and alchemy knowledge. For centuries have they travelled with their boats from their home on the southern continent to the northern continents where they capture their slaves and use them to expand their empires. There are rumors about secret potions they give to the captured slaves that completely erases their memory so they barely remember how to speak, this to prevent their slaves from revolting.

We start our journey on one of these slave boats. After over a month in the ocean between the northern continents the Uri-Manii crew finally have found enough slaves to start the long journey home. On the way they encounter pirates, and in what turns into a bloody battle the crew is killed. Many pirates are killed to, and those who aren't were badly wounded, and before they had time to loot the ship a mighty storm breaks loose that tear the boats, taking the pirates loot away from them.

The slave boat finally crashed into something. That meant land! The slaves had remained under deck during the pirate invasion, and when the storm came they thought they were doomed. Now the boat seemed to have stopped. They started coming up from under deck and jumped off the horrible boat, and out of pure confusion they started to look around. They didn't know anything. They were fully grown but their minds were at the level of a newborn, with the exception for the language.

Pninnini: Wha.. what is this place? What happened? What are we going to do?

((This is the start of the Feend Game, I will now PM everyone with their feends info and pic and then you PM me back with your actions. The rules for posting actions is like this: After each turn every player post the info that is officially known, most often just their pic, as well as one line of text the feend says if the player wants it to say. (You can include more text in the later PM, but what you say in this thread you say before that, this is to make speaking go a bit faster) Then you PM me the actions you want your feend to do in the next turn, this can be nearly anything. If you include TO many actions I will however only take the first you posted because one can not accomplish to much in one turn. Happy gaming :) ))

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Feend Game (RP community game.. kinda)(OOC)
« on: November 21, 2008, 08:00:47 am »
Ok, I came up with this idea a while ago and I have been working on it since then.

Sorry, but no more room or this game will cause the apocalypse of my freetime:

I will add all the new guys right away, but I'm affraid I will have to say stop now, a lot more than I thought was interested in this! It is possible there will be a point for new members to join (or a Feend Game 2 if I feel like it), so don't worry to mouch if you wanted to be in but missed your chance.

The way it works:

Every person playing have their own feend which represent them in the game. To join the game (and get a feend), post the color you want your skin to have and the color you want your eyes to have, you should also pick a name for your Feend. Each fiend have their own skills, attributes, inventory, experiences etc. The game is offcourse turnbased every player either PM me their desired actions in the next turn (there is an unsaid limit to how much you can do in one turn, use common sense) or they could just post their actions in this thread (An alternative is that you post some of your actions in the thread and PM me some actions, to keep them secret from the other players). When I update I will post screens together with what happens from a bird perspective, similar to the way the Pokémon games on gameboy are. This is so that I can make new updates faster and easier. I will also PM each player with a sheet over their skills, their inventory etc. any kind of events that effect them, as well as a picture of their feend. That person should then (if they don't want to remain completely secret, which is possible at least for a while) post the info about themselves that they choose themselves but I think it is suitable that if you post any info at all you post the newest pic of your feend.

That leads me to a final thing, these feends start of looking very similar (except for the color), but nearly everything that happens to your feend and everything it does will change their appearance in a suitable way.

Here is a picture to demonstrate the typical look of a plain feend (and this is probably how I will do the pictures of each players feend):

(You start off with just a small backpack and a loincloth)

The attributes I have in mind right now (post if you think there's something I should change) are:

Muscle Power

-Mental Strength





As you see each attribute is divided into 2 sub attributes. Most of these affect how the actions you choose to do come out, but some mainly affect how your feend react to other players actions, as well as other NPC's and your surrounding in general.

For the inventory and such I think of going with the following list of slots:

Head [1][2]
Chest [1][2]
Shoulder [1][2]
Legs [1][2]
Feet [1][2]
Hands (Wearing) [1][2]
Neck [1][2]
Fingers [1][2][3][4]
Face [1][2]
Hands (Holding) [1][2]
Misc [1][2][3]....

As you see everything's got at least two slots, this make it possible to wear a shirt and a plate chest at the same time for example.

Inventories such as bags and pockets are unlocked in a suitable way, so you start with just a small backpack.

When it comes to skills I won't have a complete list to begin with, let's say that you "discover" skills as you find the use for them.

All feends start of with the same attributes, skills etc.

Other info I am thinking about including in the feend sheet:

Misc Status
NPC Relations (NPCs are controlled by me of course)
Fatigue (There will be two types of fatigue, one which is more like current fatigue that you loose from lifting heavy stuff and the like, and is regained by not doing anything exhausting, the other is how tired you are and is regained from sleeping)
Experience unlocks (These can be very varied and partly represent what your feend learn by interacting with stuff)

So that's what I had in mind! Now start asking questions, come with opinions and first and foremost sign up! At the moment there is no direct limit to how many players I allow, but I will probably say stop if it goes above 20 (which it won't, so everyone who wants can join! :)).

Note that this is supposed to be as free as possible, so you can do ANYTHING your feend would be able to do if he existed, but I prefer if doesn't get to... obscene.

Current playerlist:

Known: 12
Unknown: ?

Known players:

Yannick - Yannick      SKIN EYES
Martyk  - Marn          SKIN EYES
Met      - Met            SKIN EYES
Flisch    - Flisch         SKIN EYES
Glacies  - Glacies       SKIN EYES
Kratok   - Kratok        SKIN EYES
Inkling   - Inkling        SKIN EYES
Grangan - Grangan     SKIN EYES
KS        - Krakow       SKIN EYES
Kcronos - Kcronos      SKIN EYES
DoctorZ - Z               SKIN EYES
Yuu      - Yuu            SKIN EYES

Decissions by poll:

Level of technology: Caveman.

When you die you respawn at the start location (or a set location if you have one). The respawn time gets longer and longer every time you die.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / The NEW Post Apocalyptic RP OOC
« on: July 10, 2008, 06:46:53 am »
It's five years after the Last Nuclear War. Most of mankind has re-organized itself into settlements. The total global population is around a billion(More? Less?). Many major cities were destroyed, so most people rely on farming in small settlements for survival. Radiation plagues the land, and even farming is difficult due to the burnt landscapes. Huge amounts of infra structure have been lost and people know next to nothing about the rest of the world, everyone focus on themselves and try to survive. A big part of the population lives in an anarchy manner, and everyone is telling stories about the dangerous Preta. Preta means "hungry ghost" and that is exactly what they are. Pretas live in a nomadic kind of way, looting things from before the war, and some even raid villages.

But a shining beacon ignites hope in the hearts of some. The town is called 'Everlasting' and it has a population of 200,000. It has electricity, and running water(both of which are rare on such a large scale, although many people outside of Everlasting have invidually hooked their houses up to generators and water systems on an indivdual scale). Everlasting has an economy, a iron mine, and public transportation(in the form of solar powered buses). The city is a major supplier of goods and manufacturing, and even though many people look at its government in a "whatever" way, since few believe it will last life seems to be returning to the usuall here.

Everlasting is basically the hub of humanity, and is a democracy. However, all are not pleased with this. Everlasting publicly denouces the neighbouríng bigger settlements and nations for their dictatorship, their neighbours being an authortian and militaristic group of cities, known as the Skull Cities, launch a devestating attack on Everlasting, using weapons recovered from a military base. The final weapon deployed is a small tatical nuke, which obliberates huge parts of Everlasting, killing of big parts of its population. A mysterious man that people know was asociated with one of the leaders of Everlasting puts a bounty on the leaders of the Skull Cities with a almost unbelieveable reward (we have to work out what this is). The word is that the person who brings the heads of the leaders to this mysterious man known to most as Whandeego gets the reward, so everyone that is interested in the reward are bringing more than just one gun.

We are going to start just before the last tactical nuke, where the first real even is going to be when the nuke has been detected heading towards the city. Basically, the characters would try to hunt down the leader(s) of Skull Cities, and attempt to bring the main leader/ruler to justice.

Start to sign up!


Kcronos - Justin D. Sheppard
Andrew Ryan - Ron Erpegiao

Music / Hidden jewels
« on: June 18, 2008, 02:36:09 am »
Well, there's a lot of music out there that is great that almost noone knows about, so lets share what we know about so thoose great songs / artists gets known! :)

This is a very unexpected collaboration between System of a Down and Wu-Tang Clan:

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Both of the groups are well known, but this song is well forgotten, I think it is great :)

Note that this song is originally a Wu-Tang Clan song, its got the same lyrics just that Serji sings most verses instead of the others rapping them.

Post yours, I'm sure theres a lot out there :)

Huckbuck on Sporepedia

You find my creatures there :P

Now I can't waste anymore time, I have to get back into the Sporegasm.

Console Games / Xbox connection problems *SOLVED*
« on: May 15, 2008, 09:55:24 am »
I have problems connecting my Xbox to my wireless router. I recently bought a wireless adapter to my xbox and tried to install it all today, but when it tests the wireless adapter all it says is "disconnected", the light on the adapter is red as it is supposed to be when it is ready to connect to a network, yet the xbox doesn't seem to detect it... what am I doing wrong? :(

Music / Lyrics Born
« on: May 08, 2008, 12:36:58 pm »
This guy is totally unique, he combines funk with a lot of genres, and make hiphop aswell. NO! DON'T LEAVE JUST CAUSE I SAID HIPHOP!

Listen to this instead:

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Everything Else / Me, Huckbuck wins local breakdance championship!
« on: April 27, 2008, 04:29:27 am »
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Allready told some of you this, but heres the video! Questions, comments? please go ahead ;)

Spore: Creation Corner / [NG] The Lematus
« on: April 11, 2008, 07:43:52 am »

By Huckbuck for the New Galaxy

The Lematus naturally lives in high swamp forests in valleys, as well as high altitude plains. It is an avarage sized creature compared to the standard of the other creatures on its planet. They are very social and live in large groups practising brod care. They are omnivores, but mainly opertunistic carnivores. When they hunt they try to get high up in the trees so that they can smell their prey (since the gas produced in the swamp makes the air move upwards slowly), when they have a prey detected they hangglide noiseless, sometimes holding onto trees for a short while, to get into position. When they are behind and above the prey, and still undetected hopefully, they throw themselves down ontop of the creature, aiming its spikes towards the body hopefully hitting important organs. Due to their stalking hunting method they usually hunt alone, but are sometimes found hunting in packs.

In the upper right corner: Avarage heigth in meters, compared to some random human bloke.

1. Umbrella wing.
The umbrella wing is the main wing, used for hang gliding.

2. Two one jointed arms
Used for holding on to branches so that the Lematus’s hands are free even if it is climbing or hanging in a tree.

3. Vocal chords / anus
The eight pairs of holes on the body are where the Lematus dispose of waste products in the form of gas, it has another anus underneeth the body, close to the spikes. The vocal chords of the Lematus also sit inside of 4 these holes, the ones farthest down on the tail-like part of the body.

4. Four two jointed arms (connected with wings)
These arms are the main arms of the Lematus and are used as human hands, although they only have one broad scoop-like finger, and one thumb each. The arms are connected with wings so they can be used as wings, both to hang glide, and to steer.

5. Breathing / olfactory sensible holes
The holes that sit around the mouthpart of the Lematus are used for breathing, as well as sensing smell. The olfactory sense of the Lematus is very elaborate due to the thick smell in the swamp forest. They must be able to distinguish the odor of prey through the rotting smell of the swamp, although they don’t feel the smell of the swamp since they are used to it.

6. Jointed spikes
Theese spikes are maneuverable so that they can be aimed at the victim.

7. Sound sensible” tongue”
This “tongue” has some tongue like abilities, like moving the food back into the mouth to where the teeth are located, but it is mainly held outside the mouth for sensing sound waves. It is covered in very small hairs that must be kept wet, so the Lematus soaks the tongue in a saliva-like liquid.

8. Mouth
Used for eating, and is where the tongue is placed.

9. Feet
The feet are webbed so that they can be used for steering while gliding and they are, surprisingly, used for walking as well.

Another picture showing how the Lematus adjust its body to hanggliding / flying.

The Lematus have two genders, which can be indentified by the smell, so humans wouldn't be able to tell the females from the males.

1. The male Lematus have gotten a special organ that sits close to the mouth in which a sort of gellylike goo is created. This gelly is full of energy and minerals. When the Lematus male is mature it will about once every year (earth year, about once every three years on the planet of the Lematus) throw up this goo. This goo contain a number of nucleus with DNA-like matter and eggs. When the male is going to "throw up" he finds a secure place where he then throws up and then leaves it there.

2. The goo has got a very special odor that the Lematus females are especially sensitive to.

3. The goo attracts a female who eats the goo, but the smell activates a mechanism that instead of open the "tube" to the digestion system opens a tube to a organ that works kind of like a uterus. Here DNA like material from the female Lematus is sent into the goo through a Hypodermic needle like organ. When an egg is fertiliated it starts to grow into a first stage Lematus fetus. The energy and minerals of the goo is "consumed" by the fetuses.

4. The female then search for a male to have as its partner which it attract through special odors. During the pregnancy the male partner throw up the goo it produces for the female to eat, this goo works as energy for the fetuses, and when the DNA in the goo is absorbed by the fetus it makes the fetus have a complete set of DNA, making a a second stage Lematus fetus.

5. At this stage the fetuses grow fast, there aren't many fetuses of the once that were fertilised at first that gets to the seccond stage, so its most common with a litter of about 1-4. It is still feeded through the goo that the male throw up, though the DNA in the goo is no longer used.

6. When a fetus is big enough a mechanism starts that makes the female thrown up everything in the uterus like organ. This do mean that some fetuses may not be ready, so they die soon after they are thrown up.

7. The fetuses are now kept in nests (or in huts in the case of the tribal phased Lematus).

8. The male parent keeps throwing up on the fetuses and smear them in the goo, the energy of this is absorbed through the membran that protects the fetus and provides them with everything they need to grow.

9. After 1.5 Lematus year from the point it was thrown up as goo (1.) the young lematus comes out of the membran fully functional hopefully.

That's all for now, I'll add a lot more in the future. Remember that this is still only biological info, I will add stuff about culture and technology.

Music / Music you HATE!!!
« on: March 18, 2008, 08:30:37 am »
Me? Soulja Boy. *shrugs* What he does isn't even music. I listen to rappers who spend a lot of time on their songs and have skill, and seeing a little KID who sucks in every way possible make a worthless song that is so repetetive it hurts my brain that top on #1 on Billboard is sick. It makes me wanna throw up. Throw up on soulja boy.

Go ahead, rant.

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