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Spore: Creation Corner / Iinknii (New Creature)
« on: December 03, 2006, 05:00:32 pm »
After much thought and consideration i thought of a new creature and decided to draw it up. Here it is:
Iinknii (In-Knee)

(hate that stupid size thingy)

The Iinknii have a trunk which is normally about a meter long. The Iinknii use this to manipulate their surroundings, acting like an arm. On the very tip of the trunk is a small organ that emits supersonic sounds, which reflects back to their hearing organ creating a picture for the Iinknii, they not having 'eyes'. From the tip of the trunk to the beggininng of the legs are several plates of armor, providing protection from enemies. The two thick legs on the Iinknii are used for propulsion. Along with the armored plates is a thin line of hair which used to provide some warmth but are mostly useless now. When walking the Iinknii usually lifts up its trunk and curls it in to provide better balance.

(More info to come...)

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / The Galactic Senate
« on: September 09, 2006, 01:18:16 pm »
-Current Bill

The Beings Against Poverty Program
Quote from: Bill Box
-Bill Makeup

All races should have the basic Welfare Systems within their government.

-All races who agree to this bill must install a system of Welfare within all thier territories, in order to care for the masses. We ureg you to look at the verdant successes of the Confederate Healthcare, Welfare and Education systems!
-All races who agree must contribute to a fund to combat natural disasters and poverty. Races who do not sign this treaty shall automatically be refused charity from this fund.
-Confederate agents shall inspect member race's economic conditions, and will offer aid, in the form of advice or practical aid, to races with weak economies. A universally strong economy is in everyone's interest.

(Need 6 votes to pass)

With the downfall of the old Congress and Embassy, it was thought that a new Senate for diplomatic affairs was needed. Well, here it is, the Galactic Senate, located in a huge spacestation currently in the middle of deep space.
In this Senate anyone and everyone is allowed to have a voice within, military forces are allowed for the protection of diplomats and ONLY protection. Now accepting diplomats.

Galactic Senate Sporewiki



-Passed Bills

-Failed Bills

Spore: Creation Corner / Delegation of Unified Powers Constitution
« on: August 17, 2006, 10:16:56 am »
This thread is for the sole purpose of holding the Delegation of Unified Powers laws. It is not open for discussion, but it will be modified after new laws or amendments have been passed.

Here is the Delegation of Unified Powers homepage:

The Requirements for joining the DUP are:
*The trading of all technologies that benefit the populace as a whole (you do not need to share military technologies, but you are open to do so. It would help in a time of war, if one species is behind in technology than another).
*Open borders to all of the races in the DUP (if one race are living under a different races government, they must follow the laws of the foriegn government as much as they can).
*You must respest all races in the DUP, excluding no one.
This alliance is open to anyone. Power will be equal for all (as of now we are going through some reformation).

Spore: Creation Corner / Laprot OMYL Creature
« on: August 10, 2006, 06:40:32 pm »
The Laprot are a very aggressive race who worship the mysterious Torpal, or Hyperspace gods.

The Laprot are about 2 meters tall (6ft.) with three legs and two arms (i'll get pictures up later).

Home System
The Laprot evolved in a system with 8 planets and a rather old star. Their homeplanet is the third from the star, but is the 2nd smallest, with the planet farthest from the sun being the smallest. The Loprat evolved rather quickly with their knowledge of science moving along. They currently have just built a ship to travel between the planets in their home system.

The Laprot have a society based around strength with government officials usually being the strongest of the area. While they honor those who are strong, wisdom is greatly appreciated in the Loprat society too. Education was embraced at the earliest times which could explain the Laprot rapid advancement in science.

Here's a picture of the Laprot!

Should we create a different thread for this Role Playing event coming up?

Here's my 'elite' soldier.

Name: Wiff Wonto Wii
Age: 24
Position: Heavy Weapons

Wiff Wonto Wii, was part of the elite team that infiltrated the rebellious Forthi leaders 'palace' and captured/executed him. He was the leader/mastermind behind the operations and is an up and coming soldier in the Forthi military. This is why he was selected for the DUPIA Hostage Security Unit (could be a name for this group, doesn't have to be).
Name: Tazx
Position: Demolition&Brute Force

Tazx is a bit of a hyper person with very trigger happy claws. He is armed with dynamite, anti-gravity equipment, machine guns replacing half of his hands, and some small missles, and the proto-type of the "neon nano".
Name: Dreamalynn
Age: 37
Position: Tactical Warfare/ Intelligence
(Meaning the smart person in the group.)
Young prodigy, by Ryndalian standards very young but seems to be even stranger than the average Ryndalian.
Name : Karzuur

Position: Rifleman

Age: 1257

History: The leader of the Kangorian secret assasination/covert opts squad 'Metal 3'. The squad was created by General Juntaar 576 years ago, that is all that needs to be known about  'Metal 3' or Karzuur.

ooc: should this be on the Tyronian Thread, we just finishd an RP that took up like 4 pages at least, id rather keep the DUP thread on the desicion making and official buissness and the more in-depth stuff as a seperate RP thing, thats why im keeping the next Planet I find on the Kangorian thread and just announce it here.

Here are the people that make up the elite squad so far. I suggest that we begin the story!

Spore: Creation Corner / The Forthi
« on: July 04, 2006, 10:22:37 am »
Name: Forthi
Creator: Josasa
Locomotion: Bipedal
Environment: Mostly coastal, very watery
Diet: Plants, bugs and small animals
Size: About 4ft. tall and 100lbs (Average)
Lifespan: 60 years

(this picture was drawn by nuclearchinchila, not me)

Spore Forthi

Forthi Appearance
The Forthi are small creatures, only about 4ft. tall on average, that have either a dark blue or light brown skin color. They each have a small rounded head, with a mouth that just slightly forward. Two eyes are just below the forehead of the Forthi and a hearing organ sits atop the head while a scent receptor is on the upper back of the creature. They are bipedal creatures, looking almost exactly like humans. The Forthi have three opposable thumbs, that form a triangle when looking directly at the hand, which they use to manipulate their surroundings. Two legs end in hooves that can disconnect to form fins, the Forthi being amphibious creatures. An extra breathing organ for underwater diving is located in the lower chest of each Forthi.
Three spikes jut from the back of the Forthi. The longer they are, the older the Forthi. While the spike are able to move up and down slightly, they are useless as weapons or even as a defensive tool. The spike are just remnants of a fin that they used to carry on the back when they inhabited the water although the Forthi do sometimes use the spikes to show toughness or strength.
The female Forthi are slightly different from the males, but not in too many ways. The head of a female Forthi is slightly more elongated. A sack develops on the upper back of the female Forthi when reproduction is occurring. The egg is incubated inside the female, and when ready for the outside world, is birthed directly into the sack. Only the female can tell when the baby has been “born”. Normally three to five babies are born in a litter. Males have slightly larger hooves and an organ located under a layer of skin on the lower chest for reproducing. Other than that, the different sexes of the Forthi are similar.
All Forthi are born with an almost complete circle (basically a C rotated 90 degrees to the left) implanted on their temples. The Forthi eventually add more symbols to the birthmark for different accomplishments, symbols on the right temple birthmark are good accomplishments while symbols added to the left birthmark are bad accomplishments. The Forthi library of symbols is vast that covers almost every task, from catching a fish to conquering an entire planet.

Forthi Religion
The Forthi worship the water as their main  Spirit . It is the giver of life and the Forthi are dependent on it (much more than the humans). Almost the entire way of life is based on water. There are many ancient rituals that are performed with the water, including one in which the Forthi line up along the coast and toss in their most prized possession (they feel that the water deserves it more than they do). But some 'criminal' Forthi are known to get together and conduct a mission below water to gather up the more valuable items. This is one of the worst crimes in Forthi society.

While all the Forthi conduct the same rituals, there are mainly 3 different ways to worship the religion.
* The Aggressive Worshipers- These Worshipers normally go about and proclaim the goodness of the spirits. They are normally the ones that spread the religion, (the missionaries). They are the strict Worshipers who rarely stray from the 'Righteous Way' and are always enforcing the religious rules.
* The Regular Worshipers- These Worshipers regularly go to the religious services and will enforce orders only when certain people  go to far . Otherwise they are easy-going people who won't interfere with other people's lives.
* The Passive Worshipers- These worshipers will attend to only the highest rituals and normally don't abide by the 'Righteous Way' code system (somewhat like the Code of Laws or the Ten Commandments for the Christians and Jewish people). They are normally the criminals and other 'lowly' Forthi.
Overall, somewhat in reincarnation, but that they are put in another 'dimension' where they hash out a life in that world. They then move The 'spiritual' world is one where with a huge ocean that is abundant with sea life. But you will eventually die, as you will in the current universe they inhabit. There are seven ‘known’ realms where the Forthi will go, with 2 ahead of the current life they are living, and 4 that they will eventually pass into. Other than that, they do no know if there are more realms that are ahead of them and/or if there are more realms later in their journey.

Forthi History
The Forthi can trace their ancestry to the water, and like almost like amphibians, they have kept some of their water organs (see Forthi Appearance). Thus they never truly moved away from the water. In current times, all major cities on the home planet of Shonto are located near a body of water.
In the very beginning, when the first spark of intelligence was shown, several million tribes dotted the entire planet, but after the first 2500 years, the tribes had unified, either by force or diplomacy, into about 50 tribes or countries.
Right away the countries that became world powers recognized the power of intelligence. School systems became the top priority and a golden age that lasted several thousand years began (some argue that this can’t be a golden age, it beginning from at a very early stage and never really ending). The Forthi began using everything to its fullest extent, creating machines out of wood and rope, which humans could only make out of metal and wire. The Forthi were regular geniuses.
Over the course of the next 2000 years, many wars were fought with the countries gaining or losing land, and progressing through many different technologies. On the year of 4815, the top 15 major world powers came together to create the Delegation of Unified Powers (DUP). The DUP created an equalness between all of the countries.
On the year of 5000, the DUP officially became the ruling government system of the entire planet, with the separate country’s governments disbanded. The entire Forthi race was under one rule.

Forthi Homeworld
The Forthi homeworld is Shonto, which is covered mostly in water. Four major landmasses dot the surface, although the Forthi have seperated these into five continents.

Seeing as there are only a few alliances, and lots of people that want to join each one, i think that another alliance should be made. So here it is, the DUP. There are only a few requirements for joining:
*The trading of all technologies that benefit the populace as a whole (you do not need to share military technologies, but you are open to do so. It would help in a time of war, if one species is behind in technology than another).
*Open borders to all of the races in the DUP (if one race are living under a different races government, they must follow the laws of the foriegn government as much as they can).
*You must respest all races in the DUP, excluding no one.
This alliance is open to anyone. Power will be equal for all.

This is the Delegation of Unified Powers Constitution:

This is the Delegation of Unified Powers Constituion on SporeWiki:

This is a chat for the DUP:

Current Members:

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