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Spore: General / Finding body parts, yay or nay?
« on: September 04, 2007, 09:12:17 am »
I've been reading the more recent spore articles and was a little saddened that you can only get new body parts if you find them in fossils, eat another creature with them or make friends with creatures that have that body part.  I understand it helps control how you get parts and such but still, it doesn't make sense in a game modeled after evolution.  You should be able to adapt new parts to get on top of the food chain or gain an edge against predators.  It seems like you'll just be rehashing all the parts already available in the environment.  What do you guys all think?

Spore: General / NEW! PC Gamer Article
« on: December 01, 2006, 12:35:59 pm »
I'm aware that there was a vehicle editor interview from PCG posted earlier, this however is a ittle different cuz it came in the magazine and it shows all the steps with pictures!!!!!

Here's some scans, knock yourselves out:



Other shots:

Low-res, full-pages:

EDIT: OK, I uploaded smaller, higher-res sections of each page.  Photobucket wouldn't let me have full-page shots without resizing them too much

Spore: Creation Corner / Inspirational creature design!
« on: November 07, 2006, 04:47:54 pm »
I was browsing the web( and stumbled upon a certain concept artist named Alex Ries and found his webiste, it's loaded with an awesome creature-design gallery!!  It makes me drool and now I'm itching for spore again!  I figured this might interest some of you who like designing your own creatures and could offer some inspiration.

here's his site:

and here's the sample I found @ CGsociety:

Spore: Creation Corner / The Sio (OMYL)
« on: August 08, 2006, 06:38:47 pm »
The Sio:

Evolution/ physiology:  The Sio evolved from a small flying creature called a Talcawb.  The Sio Stand at an impressive 8 feet tall, they're total extended wing span is around 20 feet long.  They stand on their two tale-like legs(long ago these feet actually were a single tale with a claw on the end used to catch prey).  Their low-set arms were also once legs in their less evolved form.  Talcawbs once had three eyes so that they could see in all direction, they were unable of turning their head as it was not seperate from their central body but they have since evolved into the Sio who now can turn their heads and the third eye has all but disappeared.  The only remnant of this organ is lighter blue spot on the back of the Sios' heads which is actually an eyespot capable of sensing some light and movement.  In a sense the Sio really DO have an eye on the backs of their heads.

Religion:  The Sio are mainly followers in Truespace, or the Nauceans.  They are known as one of the great peace-keeping races, most of their race will refuse to fight until it becomes the only option for survival.  Sios are often given the responsibilities of the equivalent of a human judge or other offices that require compromising and delivering a final decision or keeping peace.

History:  On their homeplanet they have found numerous ruins from and ancient race of what appear to be explorers but not enough to prove their existence for very long.  This leads to the belief that that ancient race visited the planet and possibly brought the Talcawb from another world.  This new world and ecosystem led to a drastic change in their physiology and evolutionary path.

The truth:  Unbeknownst to the Sio the ruins of the race they have found belong to the Syrbor.  The Syrbor logn ago found the Sio's homeplanet and it was to be Fritteraformed with their new technology.  The successfully transformed planet was given life indigenous to Frittera and became the second home of the Syrbor.  A great tragedy though led to the destruction of the Syrbor on this new world leaving only some of the plants and wildlife behind this left a niche open for a dominant sapient race, a niche filled thousands upon hundreds of thousands of years later by the Sio.

(The Talcawb are actually mentioned in my Syrbor thread as part of the wildlife of Frittera and the Syrbor are meant to be the ancient race that brought them to their new world.  Read up on it here:  Under the post headlined "Fritteran Wildlife")

Comment please!

Spore: Creation Corner / RP Forum
« on: July 19, 2006, 08:25:01 pm »
I know other people have brought up how RPing is taking over and that some people are against it.  I'm not really against it even though I've recently decided not to take much of a role in it.  I just noticed that this has gone from the "Creation Corner" to the "Roleplaying Room."  Isn't this forum about creature, vehicle, planet and civilization ideas?  I know RPs are good fun and I'm not saying you should all just stop but maybe we should get a seperate forum for RPing I mean it seems that everyone who has creature ideas and such now is mostly getting ignored because their posts keep getting bumbed down due to RP threads.  The only way to get recognized now is to start RPing in one of the alliances or make your own.  Again, I'm not against RPing I'd just like to see it done in a way that makes the non-RP threads more noticeable and therefore given more attention.  What do you guys think?

Spore: Creation Corner / New Race- The Zrahi (take the poll!)
« on: July 07, 2006, 06:29:43 pm »
Race Attributes:

I was looking around and realized everyone really loves making nice little races that have awesome technology and are all good little boys and girls who will fight the good fight and would give their lives to save the galaxy.  (with a few exceptions like the Necromonicon of course)  So I give you a darker race, not neccesarily big glactic baddies but just not very nice.  I guess you could call them the galaxy's mafia race... kinda.  Anyways...

The Zrahi (Holding two PF pistols, refer to this page: for info on PF pistols, look under the "Slerka's Trade Market" post)

Nano-suit Zrahi

The Zrahi are a sort of cross between reptile and amphibian in appearance but are warmblooded in nature.  The Zrahi were naturally snake-like with a quilled end on their tails.  They have six arms and two fingers and a thumb on each hand.  The Zrahi were not statisfied with their bodies though and believed that their Gods had made them but it was up to themselves to improve themselves.  They believe that they have reached the pinnacle of perfectionf for a species with the perfect balance between organic and technological parts.  They now have replaced their main forearms and hands with mechanical replacements, each containing a retractable blade installed.  Their quilled tails have been replaced with a mechanical bladed and hinged tail that is much more useful in this day and age.  The four canisters act as venom-producing organs and can release this venom onto the edges of the bladed tail in order to ensure the painful death of it's victim.  Their heads have been improved with metal plating that protects their once fragile skulls, and given an enforced lower jaw making their crushing bite even more deadly. The slits in the front are enhanced olfactory organs; the blue circles further down are eyes capable of zooming in and out up to 300 yards; behind those are red spots which are actually heat-sensors, perfect for hunting living prey; and behind those are small enhanced ears with two antennae coming off of each giving them the ability to pick up radio signals.

Microscopic:  The Zrahi started out, like all life, as a single celled organism.  Even as a microscopic lifeform the Zrahi were carnivorous with absololutely no interest in eating plant life or other matter.
Multicellular:  As time progressed the Zrahi evolved into simple snake-like creatures about a 3rd the size of an average human's arm.  Their early backbone allowed only for side-to-side movement and so they could not rise or dive within in water easily.  This led to the groth of thin appendages with fins on the ends of them so that the Zrahi could be more agile in their water environment.
Advanced Predator:  After millions of more years of evolution the Zrahi evolved to be much larger and more reptilian, their once pewny fins had become large powerful clawed fins capable of pushing Zrahi through the water incredibly fast, and their tails become just as powerful, being used as whips to knock away any prey or attackers.  Soon after the tails began being used as wips, the tails began featuring large quills that could easily puncture the side of any unwary and unwanted guest.  The Zrahi began to hover ever closer to the top of the food chain.
Onto land:  Soon the Zrahi began swimming to the surface of the ocean, not because they were swimming higher but because tectonic activity had started pushing up the sea floor and pushing water further onto land, making the areas they lived in more and more shallow.  The Zrahi were closer to the surface now but also had more room to hunt because of the ocean's expansion over land.  Plate activity much later began to reverse the process the Zrahi found themselves slithering over patches of land, leading them to evolve from lunged serpents to land-dwelling carnivores.
Intelligence:  After thousands upon tens of thousands of years later the Zrahi began hunting more in packs, and coordinating with eachother.  This also led to competition to other packs of Zrahi, the first signs of aggression between their own race.  With their prey becoming more agile and fast the Zrahi began to gradually mutate towards a larger cranium and therefore a larger brain, bringing comprehension and sentience.  This made the Zrahi the first race of their planet to reach sapience (but not the last) and they would soon begin to form tribes and enter a deadly competition of survival among the other tribes and even members in their own tribe.

The Zrahi reproduce Asexually, meaning that each Zrahi gives birth to their own young without a partner.  This is made more efficient because all Zrahi not only have their own DNA but multiple strains of random DNA, DNA that';s sole purpose was to ensure that the offspring of any Zrahi was not identical and ensure that evolution could take place.  Of course the random DNA isn't completely random, it is based off of traits of ancestors of each Zrahi and is just easily mutated to include new traits making evolution happen rapidly.  Each Zrahi has an average of 7 strands of random DNA but more recently it has become common to genetically alter or remove this random DNA to ensure that new Zrahi remain "perfect" and do not mutate into a lesser form than that of current Zrahi.  Zrahi lay eggs once in their life and it usually consists of 6 to 9 eggs.  Now since they reproduce in this manner and only have one gender ALL Zrahi have traits that are often related to males in other races(such as great strength, the ludy for conflict and a more hostile disposition.)

Early Tribes:  The earliest tribes consisted completely of family members, they were merely the next step from hunting packs.  Each tribe would would burrow holes out of the ground and use the soil they had pulled out along with sticks, leaves and rocks to build a short wall and a roof over the pit, making it easy to hide their dwellings from unsuspecting prey.  Each member of the tribe, once reaching adulthood, would lay anywhere from 6 to 9 eggs and the entire tribe would look after the eggs until they hatched.  Once hatched the Zrahi who parented those eggs would split off with it's children and form a new tribe, and the adult would become that tribe's elder or leader.  This would have rapidly increased the growth of the Zrahi population if it weren't for the infighting among their race and the extreme conditions and other predators of their homeworld.
Joined Tribes:  Eventually the Zrahi began to stay with there old tribe even after their eggs had hatched, making some tribes very large and very powerful, easily capable of destroying other smaller tribes.  Although these larger joined tribes were very powerful it gave way to more problems.  If the Zrahi did not split off to form their own tribe than who was the elder of the tribe?  This would usually be determined by a large fight, usually to the death, of all those Zrahi who believed they should be elder.  It becam a sacred right that all Zrahi, once in adulthood, would battle with the other Zrahi until a winner was obvious and that winner would be the new elder.  The losing Zrahi would either be dead or badly wounded, which would either cripple them for the rest of their lives or dishonor them among their tribe.
Greater Tribes:  It soon became clear to some tribes that in order to survive they must combine with other tribes that they weren't even related to.  It was common though that if tribes successfully combined that the multiple leaders would fight among eachother to try and create one leader like there were in the joined tribes and small tribes, this however proved to be a problem with such a large tribe.  Tribe members would pick sides and if their elder lost they would fight with the winning tribe and often kill them, leaving the Greater tribe leaderless.  The Zrahi began to think logically after thousands of years of endless small fights.  They began to make a "Table of Elders" which was a group of all the leaders of the Joined Tribes that made up the Greater Tribe.  Now that the Greater Tribes could exist with relatively little fighting within them, the Zrahi would begin to construct their first great cities, bringing them one step closer to unifying to explore the galaxy.

Cities and Nations
City-States:  With the Greater tribes growing ever more powerful and wiping out the few remaining smaller tribes City States began to be very common among the Greater tribes.  These City-states were ruled over by one supreme Zrahi called the Zah-Ter.  (The Zah in Zah-Ter means "Zrahi Elder" and the definition of Ter is one who holds the highest power, so in effect Zah-Ter comes from when the Zrahi were still tribal but now they must chose one elder among very many, the Zah-Ter)  The Zrahi did not fight eachother as much as they once did within their tribes.  A few elders (4-16, depending on size of tribe and city) were placed on the Zah-Ter's council, they were each put in charge of different city districts or different needs such as construction, taxation or military.  The City-States often fought between eachother and soon the planet would be ruled by a handful of Nations.
Nations:  The Zrahi had progressed through their age of City-States with numerous small wars and even large-scale conflicts that spanned far and wide always ending with one supreme victor who would recieve all the land and property of the losers.  This soon led to the creation of greater nations.  These nations, like the City-States were ruled over by a Zah-Ter his council(now made up of 12-25 members with each member having more responsiblity and power).  the Zrahi soon began fighting over land, with no other reason for conflict, all the nations wanted to have the most land.  This part in time is one of the longest in old Zrahi history it was during this great age of a race for control that the Zrahi began making technological achievements from everything from the first functional gun-like weapons to eventually aircraft and space technology.  At the end of this era 7 major Zrahi nations were left, with some small land that was inhabited by still by primitive tribes, they would be taken soon enough.  Each of these seven nations would enter into a war with eachother with two sides, these sides had no names they were merely enemies of eachother and would refer to the other as "the enemy" or as the appropriate nation(s) that they were speaking of.
Super Powers:  This world war would encompass only 27 Zrahi years, which is very little when you take into account how long conflicts usually last among Zrahi.  One side was made up of 5 nations, they were the 5 smallest and knew that only together could they easily wipe out the two largest nations of Zrah.  After 27 years of this fighting the two nations feel and the land they had occupied was divied up among the victorious Zrahi according to the effort each felt they had put into the war and the current size of their nation(of course the leaders fought over it in combat cuz their Zrahi and thats what they do, some changes in ownership occurred due to these honorable combats).  Over the course of this war new technologies had been developed such as biotechnology, leading to the form of current Zrahi, but from this point the present is very very very distant future.  Research into space travel would soon begin, resulting in a war over Zrah's moons and eventually the other planets in the solar system which would end not with one victor but with the discovery of something so profound it would change the path of the Zrahi forever.

**More to come soon!  But for now tell me what you think and what you'd like to  see!**

Spore: Creation Corner / New Race: The Syrbor (take the poll!)
« on: June 29, 2006, 09:41:41 am »
Race Attributes:

I give you the Syrbor(Sire-Bor):

The Syrbor are a race of extremely intelligent beings.  Their home planet, Frittera, is actually a moon orbiting an enormous gas giant.  They enjoyed thousands of years of very little war and great achievements in science and technology.  They prospered for a long time until they began devoloping technology that could contradict the beliefs of the larger religions of the planet.  With new theories for space exploration the Syrbor would soon enter into a great Dark Age at what should have been the beginning of great age.

They have had advanced technology capable of exploring the galaxy for centuries but have been unable to use it.  For 3 centuries the Syrbor were locked in the Great TriCrusade.  A war involving three factions, all of which had differing views on what the world-wide religion should be.

Before the TriCrusade however the Syrbor enjoyed 5 millenia of mostly free thought.  In the beginning of these first 5000 years is when the Syrbor first began to organize into cities.  Before then they had only been small tribes of mostly hunter-gatherers.  When cities began to spring up tribes would start to unify and take up residence together.  Each tribe would be given certain tasks in the new cities according to how they had lived before and the skills of their tribe.  For example, a tribe that was known for building strong and durable huts would be put in charge of construction of new city structures while a tribe that had been very spiritual would become that city's religious leaders.  This of course is how it usually worked, not all cities were a compilation of different tribes.

Throughout the 5 millenia (known as the Eon of Progress) they Syrbor engaged in mainly only small conflicts among city-states usually over the rights over land or buildings.  There were a few larger wars but miraculously the Syrbor existed for suh a long time with very little strife.  (It should also be noted that the Syrbor were of the first evolution on their planet, there had never been a mass extinction, this fact was due to very little volcanic and tectonic activity as well as the gas giant's great gravitational pull that seemed to draw any impending meteors or comets away from the planet and sling-shot them out into space.)

It was during this time that the word of the Three Divine was spread.  Many pilgrimages were made all across the world by Holy men and women to visit mysterious holy areas that were mentioned in the ancient tablets and to gather all the tablets into one place.  The ancient tablets are a set of 18 12-foot tall stones, they were divided into sets of three, 6 stones for each of the divine.  Each tells stories of each of the divine and the responsibilities that each divine holds.  These tablets were said to have appeared mysteriously in the ground beneath 3 different cities.  Each set was unearthed during the excavation for the cities' new Grand Tower(a sort of cross between a castle and a town-hall).  The cities were all spread across different sides of the world.  It is a great mystery to this day how these tablets were placed in such places, how they were discovered simultaneously, and above all who made them.

The pilgrimages made during this time though not only uncovered all the tablets and the places mentioned within them but also spread the word of the Three Divine.  The word seemed so powerful and there was so much detail in just a few of the tablets that it would convert anyone who heard it from the spiritual beliefs they once held.  Belief in the world spirits has long been a dead religion, it had no texts or true events to back it up, just hunches and supersition.  This made it weak enough to be broken and replaced by the word of the Three Divine.

The 3 Factions:
The Divines' Unity:  This was the most aggressive, and originially the largest faction of the three.  It's beliefs were rooted in the oldest religion of Frittera, the belief in the three Divines.  Each Divine(or God) ruled over the world with equal power, every century those three Divine would pass into the Endless Realm and three more Divine would be chosen from the souls of those who had perished within the last century.  They Divines' Unity was greatly angered by the uprising of the Neodiluculo and even more angered when even more Syrbor orgnaized into the Alliance of Stars.  Some new and actually accepted the fact that there was life on other planets and there was the ability to reach it but they did not want the ancient beliefs to die, they therefore began a program to place a giant network of satelites above the planet that would prevent the passage of any vessel to space and also block any transmissions.

Neodiluculo Federation:  This was the smallest of the factions, it believed in a new religion with little basis.  This religion stated that the Universe was made up of infinite Gods, each with their own planet to rule over.  Each one of these Gods had seperate Demigods to rule over each nation or continent on each world.  And these Demigods had seperate lower deities that guided a select few members of a race to be their leaders.  The Neodiluculo Federation believed that new dawn was coming and that their Demigod had been chosen by the God of the planet to lead the entire Galaxy into battle against the forces of evil and the only way to prove themselves worthy of such a task was to assimilate or destroy the rest of their race.  Although they would resort to killing they much preferred to assimilate new members and when it became obvious that a Syrbor did not wish to change sides they would attempt endlessly to brainwash him.

The Alliance of Stars:  This group started out as the second largest at the beginning of the war but by the end Had become twice as large as the Nediluculo Federation and the Divine's Unity combined.  They had actually existed for a very long time but had never organized.  They were the scientists of their world, the believers that there was a logical explanation for all, those who did not just take to heart the words of the ancient tablets but who searched for the existence of higher being if there was one.  They were the ones who long ago devoloped the technology for space travel.  This group's accepting and level-headed nature gained them many supporters who deserted the other two factions.  They named themselves the Alliance of stars for it was their quest to reach the stars, against the will of the Divines' Unity.

Now after the three centuries of chaos The Alliance of Stars has emerged triumphant and taken control of all of the Divines' Unity's land and has sentenced those guilty who have done great evils against others of their kind.  Slowly but surely all Syrbor are drifting towards the beliefs of the Alliance of Stars, which is now the governing body of the planet and still keeps the name "Alliance of Stars."  The Satellites above the planet have been deactivated and removed and the Syrbor have finally began the exploration they have long sought. 

Their long time spent on their planet has actually given them much time to perfect the process of space travel without actually threatening lives.  The Syrbor ring ships have a large Quantum Ring around them that bends and manipulates space to the point where their ships can travel hundreds of thousands of lightyears within mere seconds.

The Alliance of Stars also have additional Technology in the use of nanotechnology and biomechanics, they are currently deeply experimenting with living yet pilotless fighter ships.

With the Tricrusade now over Frittera is going through a Rennaisance.  With new technologies being researched and the construction of the new government, the Syrbor may finally breathe and think freely.

Government:  The Syrbor have established a new Government under a new Flag and with a new name, The Fritteran Republic(originally the Alliance of Stars).  This Government is yet to be completely solidified.  As of now the planet is ruled by the Fritteran High Council, located in Rengala, the planetary capital.  This council is composed of representatives from different sections of the world, there are a total of 8 sections that are clos to equal in size and population.  Each section's representative is also the ruler of that section, with their own council to help them with affairs within their section.  The High Council has a total number of 9 members.  The 9th member is the Prime Fritteran(currently Telgar).  The Prime Fritteran's purpose is to watch over the interactions between the 8 other members, settle disputes, keep things civil in meetings, to break a tied vote and to also propose solutions.

Quantum Ring:  This is the most notable of all Syrbor achievements.  It has been in development since before the Tricrusade and has been tested in Alliance research centers ever since the first design was created.  With the Network of the Unity's satelites it was impossible to test it in space, which actually turned out for the better.  Being forced to try and try again on the planet in large vacuum chambers caused the Syrbor to make rapid advancements in their technology without spending so many resources on a full-scale deep-space program.  The Quantum ring works by taking the shape of space for millions of lightyears in front of it and combressing until the end that the ship wants to emerge from is almost touching where the ship is already sitting.  The space that was inbetween the ship is pushed outward and compressed, making the trip much shorter.  However this limits the ships to traveling in "Quantum Bursts" if it needs to navigate around a large object such as a planet or star.

Nanotechnology:  Unlike many other races who use nantechnology to create structures or use it for war the Syrbor use it for medical reasons.  Syrbor "nanocells" were developed halfway through the last century of the Tricrusade by the Alliance of Stars.  Nanocells are nanbots who act as regenerative cells, they can repair a simple wound or even help rebuild a dying organ.  More advanced but far more costly and experimental forms of the cells can be used to even regenerate limbs, although this form of nanocell is extremely rare and is still in test phases.

Living Ships:  Living ships are currently not even created yet.  They are still being researched.  Small models and tests with such technology have been made but nothing has been made yet that can actually be completely functional.  Much more time is needed until even a working prototype will be made of a living ship.

Spore: Creation Corner / The Creature Exchange
« on: June 27, 2006, 06:53:41 pm »
Here's an idea for a kind of game I've been thinking about posting.  It's not so much a game (cuz no one wins) as it is just a fun exercise for those of us with good drawing skills.  The idea is to post an idea for a creature that you would like to see drawn but without drawing it yourself, and without posting a creature idea that you've already made.  The next person to post must draw the creature idea you have posted and post their own idea for the next person to draw and that person as well must draw the previous persons creature.  Since I have the first post and theres no one in front of me someone can put two creature ideas in their post and I'll draw one of them.  Now since the artistic process can take a while just post your idea with the promise of drawing the creature assigned to you, then just edit your post later with the picture you've made.

ok first creature idea:
Body features:  3 eyes, two legs, one arm and a tail with weapon on the end.
Eating habbits:  omnivorous, pack-hunter
Appearance:  I'll leave this up to whoever is drawing it, but for future refernce I'd put something like "amphibious, green, speckled, small" or something to that effect.

Hopefully this will get off the ground and really catch on.  So 'cmon I've seen lots of good talent around here, just use it!  And Criticsm or suggestions for the Creature Exchange is welcome.

Spore: Creation Corner / New Creatures - The Syards and the Rorhean
« on: June 24, 2006, 05:04:01 pm »
Here's an omnivore I created and made a cross-section of.  This way you can take a look at its insides as well as it's outsides.  I know you won't be able to do that in spore but I really wanted to show how this guy is different from all other creatures. This is a Syard and it's radially symmetrical.  This guy has 6 lines of symmetry(meaning everything repears 6 times).  He only has a stomach-like organ for digestion, no intestines.  Syards use almost every ounce of matter that they get from what they eat, the little that is left over goes out the same way it came in(yah I know it sounds kinda sick, but what other creatures does that?).  Syards stand about 20 feet tall, letting them hover over much othe foliage and creatures of their homeworld.  Their very tough and flexible esophagus along with very strong digestive acids allow them to swallow larger things than you'd expect.  They also have a very large brain and are on the brink of sentience. 

This next one is race of creatures that have already reached sentience and are far into their "Age of Knowledge."  They are acquiruing many new technologies and for the first time going beyond their spiritual beliefs to look at things scientifically.  This race is call the Rorhean:

**Please note that the third stage of evolution, the 6-finned creature, does not swim with it's body beant as shown in the picture, it is meant to be turning around in the picture.  It swims more like a shark.**

(sorry about the no color, I was coloring the last stage of Rorhean in Paint Shop Pro but got bored and made him wood-grained and then Paint Shop Pro wouldn't let me go back and I mistakenly saved him in wood-grain, I don't know if I'll color him again on the comp)
**for a better image go here **

I may add more to the Rorhean civilization later but for now tell me what you think of what I have right now along with any questions, they might help devolop a story for the Rorhean.

Spore: Creation Corner / Vehicle Designs
« on: June 24, 2006, 04:46:35 pm »
Hey, I didn't see any thread pretaining to this topic around here so I figured I'd start one.  I have a few vehicle designs and was wondering if anybody else had come up with some, if you have any or want to make some post them in here.  I think this forum could do with some creations that aren't creatures.


Basic UFO design

Plane design

Crawler Tank

Spore: Creation Corner / Nuke's Creations
« on: June 22, 2006, 07:13:49 pm »
Hey guys!  I'm new to this forum but not so much to Spore.  I'm mainly a part of but this forum seemed alot larger and I have alot of creature designs and figured this would be the place to get the most feedback.  So here they are:







Jaw-Tailed Boogle


Now these ones I can't take complete credit for, they were drawn for certain creature-games at


Garkan(before evolving)


Jugger Ray

Spore dice game creature (roll a dice for 6 different body parts and each number you roll is the number of body parts you have to put on the creature)

Thanks for taking time to check out this thread and if you guys like em I may come back and update with more.  I also have some vehicle designs but they aren't as finalized as these. Compliments and Critques are all welcome! ;D

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