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Everything Else / Amazing CGI video of cells.
« on: December 02, 2006, 11:52:06 am »
I was astonished by this accurate video of what cells look like and do inside the human body. And hey, the music's not bad too!

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / My Planet Olympia
« on: November 25, 2006, 01:30:19 pm »
This thread is basically just like a creature thread, except for a planet. I will most likely not post creatures in this thread, unless they tie in with say, a picture of a city. Anyone can claim this planet as their creature's. (First come, first serve!) But you can still fight wars over it and make alliances. I will add cities and things whenever I want to, or geographical events. I will indirectly control anything that goes on in this planet. It currently has primitive life on it (think dinosaurs) however, it doesn't seem that any beasts show potential to become sentient. You can change that. If you land on this planet and claim it as your's, in my next map of the planet your city will show up. If you want to make a huge planet wide change, PM me first. Everything else is the same as a creature, fan art is appreciated.

The above map shows only major land masses and lakes.

Here is a wonderful political map made by Daan.

PC Games / I be saddened.
« on: November 21, 2006, 09:20:27 am »
Last week I decided I was going to take up Sims 2 again. I got it the Christmas before last and uninstalled it around Summer, however, it won't install! At about the last second of installation EVERY TIME a message pops up teling me I cannot install, I also cannot install Sims 1, help anyone?

Forum Games / Tag, you're it!
« on: November 15, 2006, 10:57:11 am »
A pretty simple game. PM a random (but active) forum member the message. "Tag, you're it!" And of course, a link to this thread. The tagged person must then write "I am tagged." on this thread before they can tag the next person. I'll begin!

Storytelling and Roleplaying / The NEW Superpower RP OOC
« on: October 16, 2006, 01:53:35 pm »
Well, you get the picture.

I am gonna have some info up on the Obano policing force made up soon.

I'm gonna be Truth, a superhero who can fly, cling to walls, shoot red and grey energy out his hands, and read peoples minds. Oh and hes really agile and fast.

P.S: Is it possible for a charecter to have an evil opposite, or turns evil for a bit or something like that?

1 character per person, if you want that you have to have another to agree to play it.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / The NEW Superpower RP
« on: October 15, 2006, 04:10:12 am »
The year, 2016. The human race is at its economic peak but everyone you ask will admit they are unhappy. The pollution is terrible and global warming effects are visible and still rising. Cars run along roads covering the ground and above, blotting out the sun. The big news this year is that scientists have created a way to create new land, and a large continent has been created over the pacific ocean between Asia and America, they call this continent, "Obano." It is thriving politically, economically and biologically, covered in rainforest's and small towns, Obano has been labeled "mankind's greatest treasure, the clean new world." And it is indeed clean, as it is beautiful in every way. Sadly it will not remain, as more and more people move there to start new, unpolluted lives. To stop this, the nations of the world combined together and opened a new force, for superheroes. There objective, to protect the new continent, so the world will have hope for generations to come. YOU are a member of this force, if you are good that is. Your job, to police i
emigrations and keep the clean world safe from evildoers who want the land all to themselves.


1. Players may drop in and out whenever they want, make it clear whether you are good, bad, or nuetral, if you are good, you should most likely be part of the international Obano policing force.

2. One super at a time, if you have two you will be removed, no exceptions.

3. You don't have to be part of the main Obano plot, you can jut be a general super villain/hero doing his/her job.

4.Try and keep your posts easy and understandable.

4. If you are gone for a long time and the plot is depending on you, I wil move it on.

5. New rules are open for suggestions.

Universal rules:

GamingSteve Forum Story-Based RP Rules.
Written by Samog, PatMan33, and Krakow Sam. Last Edited 2/25/07

The object of the game is to play a character in a fantasy world of your design. You will tell the story from your character's point of view until the story ends, you die, or something along those lines...(If you do die you could always come back as a ghost or clone or pull a "never really killed" kind of thing. Anything works, it's totally up to you) These games are very fun when you have a dedicated group of players that can write good stories. Remember! The point is not to win, the point is to write an interesting story that people want to read!

Rules You Should Follow (Unless you want Pat to come after you)
-Don't speak for anyone else and don't play as another person's character. Let the other people playing the game respond to anything your character says and does to them. In other words don't do this:

Poster Four: I said no, but "Poster Three" said yes. Then he shot at me.
**This rule is not set in stone so use your own discretion. If you are posting during a drought and want to move the story along you may speak for others, also you may allow other characters to say simple things if it's really not story related.

-If you want to enter the story you can create a new person (In the Out of Character [OoC] thread) and introduce that person; also you can take over for an NPC. If your character has partners in their story, feel free to let us know if there are any open positions that you might like to see filled.

-Any created roles not filled by people (like a bus driver, shop keeper, etc...) can be taken over at any point in the story. Until then it is fair game to write what they do and say and such.

-You are always allowed to leave the story but be careful; if you do this, it's possible you may not have your original character to go back to later on should it be "bumped off" or something. To keep them safe you can make them ride off into the sunset, if you will, and reintroduce them later. If you do not the other players are allowed to do what they want to them.

-Nicknames are allowed.

-If someone's prolonged silence is interfering with a plot line's continuance other players may treat their character as an NPC until the controlling poster returns. You can NOT kill that character though.

-Use spellcheck and proper punctuation or I will kill you. (I think you know who added this rule.)

-Try to stick with the basic rules of the world. No flying monkeys in a world with no magic.

-The RP is a game, but you must be a decent writer if you wish to participate. Posts are expected to have detail and well thought out dialog. You are not allowed to make single sentence posts. We strive to make a story, not a topic full of stage direction.

-Don't be afraid to ask for help or to coordinate plot sequences. Conferring with your fellow players is the key in making a good RP, however don't give up your whole plot or become reliant on other player's ideas. Part of the fun of the RP is trying to "out write" your rivals. It makes for a good time.

-An RP usually follows a set point of view. Generally RPs are written in third person limited omniscient. It is not unheard of to have an RP written in first-person but it is generally seen as more rigid.
**Note that whichever form you write in, be it these two or another, your writing should be heavily influenced by your character's knowledge of the situation.

-Posting rules are simple, don't post unless there is at least one other post by another person after your most recent post. Also you should post regularly!

-Finally, if you feel inclined to join an RP that is in progress make sure you are not jumping in during a scene that is pivotal to the plot or at the climax of a story-arc. This can ruin an RP.

What different fonts denote:
Normal Text: Denotes plot development and character actions. The bulk of the RP is made of this.
"Text in quotations": Denotes speech. A large part of the RP is usually made of up speech.
~"Text in quotations preceded by a tilde": Denotes a translation. If your character speaks another language and you wish to write what they say in English, put a tilde (~) before the first quotation. This kind of speech is rarely used, but it adds to the atmosphere.
Italics: Denotes thought and inner monologue. Also is used for flashbacks, dreams, books, and computer readouts.
** There is no need to use Italics for books if the entire post is an excerpt from a book. Just make mention that it is an excerpt from a book and Italicize that one line. (Ex: Excerpt from A History of Obano...)

Here's an example of how the game works: (Written in first person)
Poster One: Well, it was Monday again and yet another day of school was coming; I was waiting lazily at the bus stop. When the bus came I got on to find it empty save for the bus driver and myself.
That's weird. I thought to myself I'm like, the fourth to last stop... There are usually no seats left when I get on.

Poster Two: I got on the bus and saw 'poster one', but no one else.
"Where is everyone?" I asked.

Poster One: "I don't know" I said back to her "Maybe they're all out sick."

Poster Two: "I don't think everyone could be out sick..." I replied.

Poster Three: I silently agreed with her in my head. I had been driving this bus for 3 years, and usually only 1 or 2, if any kids were out sick. I didn't say anything at that point though because i was just there to do my job and drive the bus. Still i couldn't help but wonder where everyone else could be.

And the story would basically go on until the problem is resolved or at least the current conflict ends. Sub plots are very likely to lead into another RP where it becomes the main plot.

Your super

Be free and original with the origins and powers, I will soon start an OOC thread, when I am sure people are actually interested.

Finally, sorry for my spelling, I am using a laptop and the keyboard is weird.

All content in this thread is copyright the respective poster.

Everything Else / The Elegant Universe
« on: October 01, 2006, 04:07:14 am »
Very interesting movies which I recommend watcing to understand The String Theory and such.

The Elegant Universe Part 1: Eintein's Dream

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

The Elegant Universe Part 2: String's the Thing

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

The Elegant Universe Part 3: Welcome to the 11th Dimension

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Everything Else / G.A.U.O
« on: September 29, 2006, 11:50:02 am »
Gabblers Against Ultima Online
-Worse than Runescape-

It is here, and it is.....


It has conquered Gabbly and is moving up, slowly taking over the brains of our members and turning them into UO freaks! Become an UO rehabilatator, fixing the minds of our perverted fellow members!

-List of the Damned-

Yokto (Ring leader!)
Mr. Wizard

-Petition to destroy UO completely using machetes and elephants, stamp on it a couple of times, tie up its tiny bunny legs and toss it into the river Nile in a sack with a dog, a rooster and a snake-

Krakow Sam
Great Distance

Sign the petition! Some may call this thread unecessary but I call it... Necessary!

Spore: Creation Corner / The Khakkaraa! Whoo!
« on: September 28, 2006, 09:47:13 am »
First, before I start on my new creature, a little piece of information.

The chance of an exteraterrestrial being humanoid or even resembling an Earth creature is roughly 1 in 1 billion, even following darwinian evolution.

So I suppose you could say this is an apology for the unoriginality of the Omic, I will still RP with them and they will still be my creatures, although this creature is original in almost every sense, (Yes, including bones, vision, communication, locomation, and I even had to think up a new way for it to mate.) If there is a problem with any of the physics of this creature, let me know and I will gladly alter the facts. Also, some of you may notice that I finally had the excellent thought of making a creature I could actually draw in paint. :)


Kazzaza is a planet in a binary orbit, both suns are relatively young however they are always at both sides of the planet, so there is no night, just evening and day time. Instead of the majority gas in the air being oxygen on this planet, it is nitrogen. All creatures on this planet (Except deep water creatures depending on the oxygen in water) breath nitrogen.


(There is a reason this picture isn't coloured, and you will find out)

Okay! Let's begin! Here we have the Khakkaraa (or Khakk, plural Khakkari) It has two leg-arm thingys on either side of its round head-body thingy. It has a retractable clawlike point on the end of its limbs. It's moves around by lowering one leg and flipping over, which is easier because the planet is larger than Earth and has higher gravity. Some races may find this comical, but they would merely point out the fact that they find your locomotion comical too. Too avoid there sight constantly turning around, their barin relizes what way they are turned and receivs the images differently, always making it right way up. Also, they do fall down, so there eyes have a thick layer of transparent skin over their eyes so it is only a small bit less tougher than the rest of their body. Although I'll admit that this hinders their vision. Those spots aren't just for decoration, but that will once again be answered later, most likely in my next update later today.

Forum Games / The Google Earth game!
« on: September 13, 2006, 07:12:12 am »
Post anything in interest from Google earth from your house, to places in your locality, to flaming letters spelling swearwords on the roadside!

BEHOLD! My house is just across from that little patch o' green.

Spore: General / Spore merchandise - Let's brainstorm!
« on: August 13, 2006, 04:45:00 am »
I was thinking - other than 3d models what else could spore market... Their are lots of things you could do with billions of creatures. One thing you could do for the true fan is to make some sort of wall calendar. (you know the ones, hang 'em on the wall or prop 'em on your desk, every day peel off a layer and you get a bit of advice and the date - only no advice, just a picture of a creature/building/plant) You could buy one in some store or get your own made and sent to you with your own content. You could even do mouse pads - imagine, everytime you turn on your computer and grab your mouse you see a picture of your beloved spore creature and think "gee, I gotta go play spore!" What else could they make with overmarketing the idea?

Books / New Artemis Fowl book out! - The lost colony.
« on: August 07, 2006, 02:12:56 am »
Okay, I was on vacation and I wondered into a bookstore in the local village. To my surprise their was mounted a rack of shiny books on which appeared a hulking red figure. The fifth artemis fowl book involving demons who are the worst kind of faires, they hate all humans but fortunatly are trapped in a realm in which they cannot escape. It also involves Artemis finding a child prodigy equal to himself who discovers the existence of faires. And strangley enough, Eoin Colfer threw some time travel into the mix. I have not read, just read the blurb of the book and did a little skim reading, I'm that cheap.

Forum Games / Random question for a random answer.
« on: June 26, 2006, 10:09:53 am »
Ok, heres how it works, someone asks a really random question and the next person has a really random answer, then a random question of their own.

Example : Poster 1 - What happened to my face?
Poster 2 - It got stolen along with the hippo.

I'll start, Why did the universe explode?

Spore: Creation Corner / The Omic (RP stopped! Now just updates!)
« on: June 13, 2006, 11:51:48 am »
The Omic

Tiny rodenty creatures who believe in balance in everything, black and white are the pure colours and poetry is the most beautiful thing to them, so there language completely rhymes! Oh and spirals are the most balanced shape to them.


Roundish furry brown body on all fours, three round ended tails curve over their backs which they use to grasp things, similiar to the willosaur but there's three with no hands.

Thank you Operaghost21 for the picture.

Nuclearchinchilla drew this

When Omics went higher they found difficulty in climbing, so their front legs grew up and forward and became hands, so that they could climb the rocky mountains.

A13gt - thanks for this.

Height at most (raised body)

7 centimeters or 3 inches! (Told ya they were small!)


15 centimeters or 5 inches.


The Omicropolis (lets call them omics for short) are working on space travel presently. And to them trees and thing are always that big, wait until they see other creatures! Creatures on their planets are mainly insects. And I'm aware that lack of pics will cause little replies.

Image is not to scale

The Hidric System


A red gaint on the verge of going supernova, estimated to happen in 122 earth years.


A half melted lava planet not too far from the red giant.


A gas planet covered in clouds, has a small solid center.

Overic belt

A ring of asteroids similiar too our own asteroid belt, mythology says somewhere that there is an asteroid made of pure diamond there!


A barren desert planet with absolutely no exciting facts.
A stony moon similiar to our own with more craters.


An earthy planet smothered in valuable minerals, recommended for mining, contains mainly Iron.


A greenish gas planet with two rings on top of each other, no solid center.


Yet another unexciting planet, 80% made of hard rock and stone. 20% core and white hot iron and magma.
A hard planet with a thin light blue atmosphere. Possible life! Not yet known.

Omix, hurray!

An Earth like planet, home of the Omics. Has one ring and three moons. Their years are 587 1/4 Earth days long. Contains three volcanos.
Desert moon. No atmosphere.

A very small moon, which is officialy just an asteroid caught in orbit.

A stoney moon, may contain some minerals.

The biggest planet, a gasey, icey planet, a thin atmosphere, definetly incapable of life, too cold.


When the Omics first crawled out of the water, they found a land full of giant creatures and trees, naturally they were scared and hid in trees, they actually began to live in hollow trees similiar to squirrels. There were many vicous creatures who saw the Omic as only a snack. The most vicous of these creatures was the Nomic as they had two jaws, very sharp teeth, a large belly and a very fast digestive system, it was just made for eating! The Nomic found it hard to get to the Omic in their tree dwellings, and to make it worse, the Omics usually lived in the Barbor tree, which was very tall and hard to get at, and grew a nutrisous fruit that the Omic loved, but was poisounous to Nomic (Useless info - They're called Nomic as pun for No-Omic) The Nomics resorted to eating other large creatures, over about 300 years most became extinct, so the Nomic turned back to their favourite food, they started to use branches to climb trees in order to get their food. Eventually the Nomic evolved to have a third joint in their legs, this allowed them to curve their claws to climb trees and eat the Omic. Once a prehistoric Omic was jumping from tree to tree, escaping a Nomic below, when the Nomic stepped on branch at one end that flew up in the air and just abou hit the Omic. The Nomic learned that if it stepped on the end of a stick leaning against a stone, it went up. The first proper tool. (More info - this taught the Omic that no balance = bad) The Omic saw this too ,sadly, for the Nomic. And learned a different lesson than the Nomic which was probably the turning point from which Omic would become sentient instead of Nomic! The Omic learned that sticks hurt if they hit you and are moving fast, so, the Omic being in trees, grabbed sticks and threw them at the Nomic, as the Nomic had no time to find a stick leaning on a stone, it eventually got impaled by a sharp stick and died.
Now the Omic had the tool, so we know what happens next, make fire, cook food, make spearhead, blablablablahblah.
On to the first war, in the year 4 BBW (Before Balanace Wins) it was like our medieval ages, armour and weapons and stuff. Right now there were three beliefs, The Scientific one, (the big bang) The Religous one (That the universe exists in a test tube in a great laboratory of gods) and the Balance one (The Universe began by perfection, all the black holes in the pre-universe lined up and joined together, making one catastrophic space storm, and due to the complete balance of light and dark twisting around the Black hole, the universe started). Naturally there had to be a war sooner or later, when it did, it was catastrophic, wiping out all creatures that the Nomic didn't kill (see above). Eventually the balance side invented frisbee bombs and the frisbee launcher, and wiped out other forces very fast. Now all that was left on the planet were sea creatures, the Omic, the Nomic, and the Omics and Nomics never ending war (which won't last longer as the Omics have lowered the Nomic population very highly!)
The Omic history, as man, the biggest invention was the tool, but not as man, were in a race to become sentient with their predators, and it all came down to a different lesson learnt from a stick.
Version : 2.0, now includes a third pic of Omic.

Spore: General / Hi! Hello... "The I'm new here thread"
« on: May 21, 2006, 01:21:35 pm »
Hi everyone! I am a new member so don't be mean if theres a place for me to post this! I am a spore FANATIC so you can imagine how glad i was to find this forum! WOOHOO! ;D ;D ;D

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