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Spore: Creation Corner / Re: Want me to draw your creature?
« on: May 10, 2006, 04:29:32 am »
Well, as you may get to it eventually, if you feel like it, can you attempt a drawing of my Loricatus? It has no defined shape yet as I have not drawn it yet, so feel free to let your creativity flow. If you need an idea, take a look at the animals that inspired it.

My ideal planet for my creatures would be mostly salt water with a lot of rainforests. When I can create a world, I'm gonna make one totally  covered in water. And the rest of the time, arid deserts.

Also, you need to be patient.  :)

... Crud... The ONE evolution I missed! They said "Hey Axel, go get us coffee, patience isn't a big evolution." Lieing pseudopods...

There's no pictures. Without pictures you have about a 2.5% chance of anyone actually reading and commenting on it. A physical description would probably help some too. Sounds cool though. And I have to give points for using the world's largest predator as inspiration.

Heh, thanks. I'm surprised anyone really knows about Liopleuradon. Thank goodness for the BBC.

I hate to double post, but I am bumping... Is there something wrong with this?

Heya everyone, I'm a new member of the forum and have decided to inform you all of what is my newest idea: Armethium IV, a world filled with the most efficient beasts I can design. As Will has already informed us there will be a point where the whole Creature-Generator will be available at all times, the first creature here will be the one I make as my original playing design. These creatures, and for now creature, were inspired by animals that do or did at one time exist on good ol' Earth. You can't help but wanna improve on nature.

Name: The Armored Sawtooth (Loricatus Morsus)
Environment: Oceans (Totally aquatic)
Diet: Carnivorous
Primary Traits: Long, sharp tooth filled jaw; Armor plated body; Guiding arm-fins; Long, frilled tail for powerful swimming.
Notable Features: Attacks with jaw, ambushing at high speeds, like a shark.
Description: The Armored Sawtooth, better known as the Loricatus Morsus, or Loricatus for short, is a powerful beast that is litterally designed to attack and destroy smaller fish by grabbing and shaking, ripping them to bits. The Loricatus is mostly a salt-water creature, that in it's most primal state is a destructive carnivore. While it may not be a king of the sea, it is capable of swallowing most smaller beings.
Inspiration: The primary inspiration for this creature was Liopleuradon Ferox, a creature that lived about 160 million years ago. Liopleuradon had a similar, crocodile-like jaw, as well as long, guiding fins that flapped it's way through the water gently, guiding it. The secondary inspirations were the common Eel, and Callinectes sapidus, a type of sea-crab with extreme armor-plating. These three creatures had admirable features, but were designed for very specific themes. The sea-crab is an armored creature that is poorly designed for anything beyond defending itself. The Eel is a powerful, fast-attacking creature that has the singular purpose of biting, and latching onto, it's target. Liopleuradon had similar power, and was well guided and had a devestating bite, but lacked the powerful tail of the Eel. When combined, you gain a creature that is quite maneuverable, very fast, and some decent armor. That is the reason for the name Loricatus Morsus.

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