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Fair enough. But I've been dealing with "All aquatic life dead: FACT" topics lately, and I really am sick of the pessimism. Sorry if you felt I was having a go at you specifically.

Um, yeah, you just quoted me before the rant, kinda gave me the impression I was the source of the anger. But yeah, I have noticed quite a lot of people getting worked up about something they're utterly convinced won't be included, even though they have no evidence to show it. You'd think they'd be happy just to know the game is getting made.


You know, Will Wright hasn't come out and said, "Hey guys, in Spore, males and females of every species will be the exact same. There will be absolutely no variation between individuals in a species, or between genders. Creatures can never leave their cities once you make it to the Civilisation stage. Also, we've completely taken out the capacity to add feathers or fur to your creature, or to have flying and swimming creatures. Also, insectile creatures are impossible. We've also completely removed collision detection, so you could walk through that tree, but you can't because we've taken out trees too. And buildings. And the cell stage. In fact, we've cancelled the entire project."

Perhaps this is a bit long as a counter to "males and females will be the same," but I'm sick of the pessimism around here.

Woah, cool it. I wasn't even being pessimistic, I was suggesting what you could do if there is no difference between the males and females. What I meant was that if there are no differences, they would have to either be hermaphrodites or asexual... I have no idea how you managed to read that in a negative tone. I didn't see anyone saying anything that was particularly pessimistic. Personally, I'm not that bothered if there are no differences, I think that would just make it more of a challenge and challenges are fun.

Spore: General / Re: Warm Welcome for the Newbies
« on: August 27, 2006, 05:07:25 am »
and i dont realy like beer, if im gonna drink alchohol its vodka for me, i know vodka tastes worse, but if ur gonna drink u may as well have the best (or the worst)

Well, yes, I'd have to agree. If you're going to make the effort to get a headache, you may as well use something that's worth the bother. I've never really been an alcohol person, though, I don't like the taste of most alcohol (there are, of course, exceptions) and I'm a boring drunk. I just get tired and find a warm corner to sleep in.

Spore: General / Re: Warm Welcome for the Newbies
« on: August 23, 2006, 01:22:53 pm »
nah, it's crumpets that we Brits love, and warm ale.... yum! (actually ale has the exact same taste as when you throw up, I have no idea why people drink the foul stuff!)

I had to explain to someone what crumpets are once... it was really quite difficult.

a narration when you get into a new stage by a famous actor (think Laurence fishborne here people! ;D) for example after you finish the cell stage: and so the cell ate and divided until finally a mutation occurred, the cell became multi celled. ( the camera pulls out to reveal your new creature.)

I think I'd settle for a cutscene.

Spore: General / Re: Warm Welcome for the Newbies
« on: August 19, 2006, 11:12:09 pm »
you use the word jolly too much, We English arn't a bunch of tea sucking toffs ya know

We aren't?

And there I was about to go and get some tea... damnit, now I don't want to seem too English.

I dont know if this has been said before, if it has sorry.  I would like to be able to create humans (or human looking creatures) I would assume you would be able to because the creature editor can create pretty much anything, i just hope it wouldnt be too far off looking like a normal human

Well, I think you could have one but, as mentioned, it'd either have to a hermaphrodite or asexual. I was planning on making angels as my first race.

Um, in regards to the planet-moving and posession, both are very good ideas, but especially for planet moving, I'd rather it had very limited use (say once every __ game years) so it didn't make destroying people too easy.

just a quick idea from me a creture data base will be used to poplate you wold so why not make a seeach engin of sorts for example my planet is in habited but my buddie bob has made a certure i what on my world i would like to able to control where his guy live down to planet thoughts on this please

I'm not so much bothered about being able to choose where they are, but I'd like some kind of message telling me where they are (and obviously, I'd like to be able to see where they are later in case I forget)

I wish u guys would read all the posts and links before starting arguements that have allerady been answered

Um, the page numbers are horribly intimidating, but thanks for answering that one.

Here's a list to think about.

[commence that really long list] 

Remember kids, boredom kills!

I think my brain's gone numb... I'm almost trying to work out if the page numbers are actually more intimidating than that list. But anyway, government types would be interesting... probably not quite that many, though, that'd just be confusing.

Spore: General / Re: Warm Welcome for the Newbies
« on: August 12, 2006, 09:29:56 pm »
Um... so what happens to people who are neither, but support both for (mostly) amusement's sake?  ;D

I think 100 different sounds in combination with each other would give you something like 10,000+ unique sounds... I think it's a good idea to let us CHOOSE these sound combinations, and tweak the end result, at least by changing the EQ (raise treble, lower bass...)

as far as body size coming into play, I think the system is probably smart enough to calculate the approximate weight of a creature, so if a creature weighs over a certain amount the larger animal sound would be applied. That is, if the sound is going to be calculated based on what you create.

I don't expect this to be at all scientifically accurate, just varied enough to make a LOT of original sounds.

Oh, I see... yeah, then it probably wouldn't actually be that difficult... I guess if they based it on weight and the mouth you choose, it'd actualy be pretty easy. Ah, we'll see.

I have a wishlist a mile long, but I'm going to go ahead and probably quite accurately guess that it's all been mentioned already.

I imagine procedural sounds would work something like this...

first you have to put in a bunch of actual animal sounds, and assign each of them properties.

so beaks would add +1 tweet.
whiskers add +1 meow.
scales add +1 hiss

so if you make a creature that has a beak, whiskers and scales, you get a waveform that mixes those 3 sounds into one. A squeaky hissy meow of sorts.

Like for jurassic park, they mixed a lion's roar with an eagle's piercing squak to make the sound for a Tyrannosaurus.

The size of the creature would come into play as well, so if you have a small mammal with whiskers you get a soft meow, but a large mammal with whiskers gives you more of a roar.

...or something like that. Wouldn't be easy or very accurate, but it would give you many original sounds.

Though that's a very good idea and I hadn't thought of it, what would be your definition of 'small' or 'large'. You're saying these sounds are based on body as well as mouth (should technically be based on mouth and nose), but you're kinda not seeing that because of the massively open range of things you can do to the body, you really would need a massive database of noises to take in every single tiny aspect of it. They're 3D creatures so if you take in height, you take in width, length, then every body part that would effect the sound it makes. So we're really talking the height, width and length of main body, neck, snout, facial features... and then some people might make a creature with two main body parts, so they'd have to take in that, also. I love the idea, of course, I'd love it if not every animal I gave a particular beak made the same noise, but I think on a scale of how much work they have to do and how much longer I don't want to wait for the game...

*sighs* I'm impatient, yeesh, imagine what the 7 years I waited for Dreamfall was like.

I wanna know how Procedural Noises works. Does it base it off the shape of your creatures body or just the mouth? If the latter, then it's pretty dissapointing. After all, you have many dogs with a similar shape of snout but they all sound different.

I think it's more likely that it'll just be based on the mouth... can you imagine how many different sounds they would need if it was based on the body? I'm not even sure it'd be possible... but then again, anything's possible  ;D

I just would like to be able to tell an ally to attack a place I want to colonize, and when I get there, the other UFo is already blasting them.

I don't know, I'd kind of find that takes the fun out of it... like in X-Men Legends when the guys you're not controlling kill everyone before you can get to them. It'd be nice to have the option to get an allie's help with colonising other planets, but I'd rather they arrive at the same time as me.

Fourth, trees most likely are not present within city limits, and the hut is always in one spot.

Um... I may be remembering oddly or maybe this is something entirely different, but wasn't there a tree in the city in the GDC demonstration video... they were dancing around it when Will changed one of their buildings...

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