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Spore: Sporepedia Exchange / Fobok's Creatures
« on: June 14, 2008, 02:54:08 pm »

Humpback Lizard (my first creation)


Redspotted Carndeer

Suited Fintail


I'm quite shocked to see this... though, I guess, after Mass Effect I shouldn't be. Direct2Drive is now accepting preorders for both, and if you preorder both together in a bundle you get $5 off of Spore.

I'll probably actually buy Spore through this site. I've had good luck with them before, and unlike the EA downloader you only need to unlock once. (And, you can redownload however many times you want.)

*Edit to add link:

That'll give you the limited time bundle. You can go to each of the individual items from there.

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