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PC Games / Re: Dwarf Fortress - A Roguelike and much, much more
« on: September 21, 2011, 08:00:25 am »
So, some questions that are a wee bit specific for the Wiki.

Firstly, one of the cage traps I placed to try and capture some of the roaming horses in the area inadvertently captured a Goblin snatcher. What can I do with him? Will he function as a pet or trained animal or 'early warning system'? Can I sell him? Can I butcher and eat him? Can the goblin menace be tamed?

Secondly, the size of the 'room' when I assign a room to a dwarf, or create a barracks; does that automatically include the objects in he area, or do I have to manually tag everything? When I'm tagging something for military use, what do the Z (sleep), T (train) and Squad vs Individual Equipment actually do?

My first ambush - in which my 15-Dwarf army (most of whom are recruits whose civilian prospects - migrants whose only skill if Novice Animal dissector - were less than great) complete with a pet lion, 2 dogs and a giant jaguar - was bloody, losing two woodcutting dwarves and four soldiers, not to mentin my lion, with only two or three goblin casulties. Still, this was without them triggering the corridor of traps necessary to breach the fortress and gave me my first experience of battle. Good job I built some coffins; if I set those as 'free' will they bury the existing dead in them?

PC Games / Re: Dwarf Fortress - A Roguelike and much, much more
« on: September 18, 2011, 01:15:28 am »
I'm trying once more to get into this game, having read Boatmurdered, and I still can't fathom why there is a different control scheme for every single aspect of the world creation process. Why not unified arrow buttons and enter?

EDIT: First restart having found nowhere to farm and being incapable of crafting, seemingly

EDIT 2: Progress is being made. I'm struggling to find any ores though, prompting me to mine incredibly extensively...everything else is ticking along.

EDIT: **** me, I'm actually enjoying Dwarf Fortress.

Yeah, most of them are me informing you about children's education. It seemed noteworthy at the time, but I think we can give it a miss!

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Re: Stonepunk
« on: September 16, 2011, 01:18:28 am »
While in town the baker gives you a sweetroll. Delighted, you take it into an alley to enjoy only to be intercepted by a gang of three other kids your age. The leader demands the sweetroll, or else he and his friends will beat you and take it.

PC Games / Re: Solium Infernum
« on: September 16, 2011, 01:14:17 am »
I'm actually quite excited about the new artwork.

Solium Infernum is evolving - go and buy it and play with me and /lurk!

It's a really common occurence, actually, and the Aquitanian inheritance is basically the most powerful realm in France - far superior to the French royal demense. In real life, most of the Western French Dukedoms (Aquitaine, Anjou, Poitou, Gascony) were inherited by the Angevin Kings of England from Henry II onwards. Luckily for the French Kings, they were constantly fighting civil wars and rebelling for the throne (John Angevin, The Young King) and going on crusade and being captured by Austrians (Richard the Lionheart) allowing powerful French monarchs like Phillip Augustus and Louis IX to capture alot of these territories (particularaly the Vexin between Rouen, capital of Normandy, and Paris - and the great castle of Richard the Lionheart, Château Gaillard) and defeat their other rivals such as the heretical Dukes of Toulouse, the Kingdom of Aragon and the Counts of Flandres, giving them the freedom to fight with England for a hundred years.

The next update should be up today but then again the Paradox sale has prompted me to buy Senguko...

EDIT: The last play session contains 163 screenshots, so it make be a veeery-long or multiple-post update.

In one of the play-tests for this game the Duchy of Aquitaine was inherited by the Principality of Polotsk..

Östergötland, Sweden, December 1066.

Our ship rolled against the rocks like a whale; its last gasp rolling out as the wave dragged a broken mast back into the freezing ocean. Already, men were gathering, watching, on the beaches as we dragged our shattered cargo and broken planks out of the flotsam and into the cold mood. The seagulls chattered, the beach-men chattered and only the wind blew impassively. We were a shipwreck, aye, but a well-armed shipwreck; the subtleties of the Jarl of Östergötland's lawcodes had not prepared the men for the legality of fighting with carrion.
So they waited, and we shivered. An hour passed, and we gathered on the beach with blankets and a rudimentary fire, before the townsfolk played their hand.

A horseman approached bedecked in a fine red tunic with a rough cloak to protect against the wind, trimmed with fox fur and lace. He demanded we be dragged before the Jarl's justice as raiders and pirates. What could we do? Face the townsfolk and their warriors or be dragged to the hall of some muttering, scheming Jarl to be robbed and clapped in irons? The prospect of Irish slavery looked rosier by themoment, but I acquiesced, and walked the long, cold, grey walk in the sand towards the town. Of course, I left the greater body of the men to guard our stolen wealth and cavorted myself as a legitimate captain replete with lunking bodyguards in the shape of Ćthelwyn and Modi and concubine in the more pleasing shape of Eudoxia.

The hall of the Jarl of Östergötland was warm and bright, filled with song and dance - yet there was little movement among the retinue, the followers and the lead on the benches seemed stiff and fearful of any merriment. Only one creature in this hall laughed: a child sat high on the Jarl's bench. His laughter was high-pitched and shrill, and around him the rough
men, mercaneries, sell-swords and hangers-on seemed tangibly embarrassed. Gone, it seemed, was the greatness of Beowulf's lands. Before the child, a Frankish fooling group danced and juggled and laughed, themselves concious and afeart. Our horseman blew his war-horn before this child, and then his own horn in ugly speech:

"My lord of Östergötland, these are the creatures who were wrecked on the shores of our realm. The common-folk wish to sieze them, though there any many survivors. It gives me great pleasure to advise my mighty liege - that these men are pirates, vikings and bandits; common filth of all the lands of Christendom, and it would be prudent for my most Christian majesty to bring the King's justice to them."
I needed, now, to intervene, and briskly impersonated my would-be executioner, adopting his officious tone;
"My great Jarl of the Geats, master of Budvarr's demense and warrior-king of the Northmen, I am allowed to speak my case, am I not? Or should I be thrown in the sea without thought of justice, and robbed as this devil demands of you?" The child looked on, with evident glee at the attention.
"I am a captain, a legitimate captain - and I have pirated and raided and burned and pillaged and fought drty - as any true Viking should! Ours is a blood not taken to cowardice and snivelling, despite what some examples might have you believes. Ours, is conquest. Ours, is adventure. Ours, is greatness. Have you heard the Budvarrsaga of your own ancestors? Of the battles with dragons, monsters and demons?" The boy's eyes were visibly alighted at the prospect, and the whole-hall-eye had turned to Guthrum, as I launched into an old saga I had drank up in the City of the World's Desire - a saga now flown home to roost in his own hall. "Hwćt! We gardena...."

The hall grew with the pupils in the young Jarl's eyes as the saga spilled out; ćţelingas and eorlas, wildeor and hronrade. A magical moment of the power of words; the all-Father Odinn would be grinning in Asgard seeing the Lackloop's wit on this day. This flattery-dagger had pricked him. Song and saga reigned that night, whilst I usurped the advisors of the Jarl, growing closer; promising to teach him to fight as the Varangian guard, to sail like a Viking raider, to rule like a hero-king of legend. My ship was to be restored. My crew, my men, were truly mine now, as I was a vassal of the Jarl, a trusted friend, my limited wealth had been parcelled as a gift to the lad, sparing some for new arms and armour for my retinue.

For days, I was the closest friend of the young Jarl, whispering war in his ear. His other advisors, kin and kith to his father and with his best interests firmly at heart spoke of caution, of growing in his demense before any such struggle, but such mutterings would never pierce the Jarl's new opinion of himself as warrior-king. So he urged action; bit by bit, and the tension was tangible. Eudoxia urged us not to be drawn into the fantasy. Modi and Ćthelwyn just drank, ate and whored.  And the future of the realm tottered on the word of the last Lothbrók.

But my inaction was pressing. Despite my power, I was dependent on this child, and everyday I did not commit was a day I shrunk in his eyes and became less the warrior-poet and more the parasite. All I could do, was urge war, and gather the troops to save myself from exile. This ugly responsibility hung on me like a shroud, everyday, as I mustered the second-sons, sell-swords and low-born chancers who were to be our raiding party. From across Sweden came those with little else, anxious to earn a place in this world with the last Lothbrók's raiding army. I suppose there was a precedent. The King of all Sweden had given his consent, and we sailed East as the new year broke, to raid the pagan peoples of the Baltic coast.

The battles were short and empty, shattering unprepared warriors with the most over-fed and over-armed men-at-arms in Sweden, taking plunder and slaves and burning and killing across the coast. The boy was sickly, the boy was scared, and his spirits dragged behind the ships; intimidated by the drunken older men, increasingly he clug to me, and increasingly his leal and loyal men grew to hate me, and thickly they surrounded him at all times.

We were more thorough in Ösel, where the native people were more prepared for raids, and went to the effort of capturing many villages and demanding hostages during our stay, hiring some of the more pragmatic Saaremaa as brothers in our reaving the mighty tribes of Kurs and Lettigallia, taking grain and gold and bear and wives and establishing ourselves. Our overall commander, a brother of the King, had decided to capture Ösel fully and wholly with a Ţegn to collect taxes and manage the ports as both a trading centre for Eastern goods and a position from which to raid the Baltic more easily. But who? It was Eudoxia who explained the mess to me, as day upon day Ösel buzzed with ships returning fat and lean ships setting sail for Lettigallia to delve further into inland beyond the captured coastal villages, battling with the Lettigallian barbarians and the hall buzzed with posturing and politicking. The brother wished to pass Ösel into the royal demense, to bolster his family in the endless struggle of Swedish politics - the other great Jarls, and their representatives and greater vassals, opposed the opposibility of allowing the throne too much power. Sweden's monarchy was elective, and the great Jarls chose those they thought would be too weak to interfere with their plans; those who would be strong enought to protect them from greater Jarls; those who would not be strong enough to hold the throne which would drag their dynasty down with it - anything but a King who could rule them. Thus, electioneering dominated the Hall, as Ösel would be conferred by a witan of great Jarls.

My name has been thrown around. Some, honestly; to see one of the organisers of the raids rewarded, and the last scion of a a great dynasty riased from the dirt and from dependence. Most, to prevent any powerful rival holding Ösel and whatever was left of Lettigallia to rule. It was a sure thing, of course, once the buzz has picked it up, I was an ideal candidate. With much aplomb the weight of Ösel was tied around my neck and I was thrown into the sea, a thousand miles across Europe from my true possessions.

I am now the supreme overlord of a frozen island of pagan barbarians and the burnt coastal villages of the Lettigallians, mightiest of the Baltic tribes, whose villages I have spent months raiding. My friendship of a mighty Jarl has amounted to this.

I am invested by a letter I can't read, and must form some modicum of a government. Of course, these Swedes are a nest of vipers and traitors, so I name my old comrades and true born Vćringjar to the high seats of my council; taking Eudoxia, a Byzantine concubine, as my the Steward of my household as cover for her espionage and Modi, a dimwitted bull, as the Marshal of my Armies. I have sent word to the Papacy asserting my investiture of Ćthelwyn, known heretic and notorious sinner, as Bishop of the new Christian diocese of Ösel-Lettigallia.

As overseer and tax-collector, a local pragmatist and merchant, Numesis, was named as Steward of the Realm, and the office of Chancellor was given to the old Chief, Vesteke, to aid interactions with the natives of Saaremaa. Vesteke, assured of a continuation of power and no undue conflicts with his traditional culture, was quick to pursue reconciliation as a contrast to the endless struggle he had waged against Viking raider and the power of the other Baltic tribes, particularaly his old enemies in Lettigallia.

With this motley government of heretics, pagan barbarians, whores and half-wits, I am given the task of completing the conquest of the Lettigallians, protecting my fledgling realms from the barbarian tribes, the Princes of the Rus, the machinations of the Swedish Jarls, the Papacy's disapproval and establishing my dynasty to reclaim my true lands. Numesis is quick to report that Lettigallia will contribrute nothing to the treasury for some time; those areas we control being pillaged, the rest openly defiant. Though the King's brother had achieved a Treaty with the Chief of Lettigalli cedeing the province and investing me with it, the majority of Lettigallians were in open revolt. Ösel had been brought to heel easily; many of the raiders who had settled had settled there, and the island was small enough to oversee. From here, our armies and taxes would have to be raised for now.

With a letter, came another change. The Prince of Epieros had sent word; he desired Eudoxia's hand in marriage, as she had recently inherited some northern lands in his demense, and that marriage would cement them to the ownership of the Prince The Prince, bizarrely, genuinely did propose this marriage, prompting the in-game marriage. The screeshot died in a roll-back - hence some of the messy dates in these updates, some of the shots are actually ret-conned.. I refused, and took Eudoxia as my own bride, confident in the long simmering of our relationship, and this was proof of her nobility. From the Prince, I demanded only a payment of gold to cede our Greek lands to him. This money would fund the early growth of Ösel-Lettigallia, and encouraging more of our raiders to remain as my subjects, as bit by bit they slunk home with their wealth.

Our presumptuous union displeased the All-Father greatly, it seemed:

But soon beautiful Eudoxia bloomed in pregnancy again. Her state did not prevent her energy in other matters; gathering informers among the new maids raised from the Saaremaa mud and their flirtations with our warrior guests; giving us an impression of the world at large. Sweden was already in a state of civil-war, and we refused the King's demand we send our paltry forces to die suppressing the Jarl of Uppsala's revolt. In our state of dependency, I was content to be a leech if I could not be a Lothbrók.  Northumbria, in England, has revolted for a Saxon claimant and been defeated, being added to the royal demense of the Bastard, with Westmorland being lost to the King of Scotland. My old realm slips further into the mist with every merchant that arrives in Ösel with tight pockets and a loose tongue.

As one friendship grew deeper, another crumbled. Dissatisfied with his lot, Modi demanded gold to fund his own raids. Anxious not to antagonise the hostile Baltic tribes any further, I refused. Modi raged that I was no Viking and no brother of his. Within a few days, he had left looking for more affluent realms in which he could sell his muscles and rage. A traitorous, scheming Lettigallin turncoat, exiled by the Chief for his attempts at usurption, had come to offer his skills and eagerness for vengeance.  A bitter wreck and murderer without foibles, he was a man after my own heart and I rose him to Marshal immediately, eager to see how he'd perform against his own rival. He and Ćthelwyn were tasked with discussing a fyrd along Anglisc lines, preparing an army for our defence.

Of course, Lettigallia remained a problem. One cannot question the Pagan's grasp of logic at this moment....

Edit: Bug-squashing done, and 'Vćringjar' culture has been added (combining Latin, Greek, Saxon and Norse cultures), as has a creatable Kingdom of the Öster-Vćringjar. Intrigue should be just around the corner for our hero, should he be able to contend with the more powerful Lettigallian menace!

Just a heads-up that I am not abandoning this, just squashing a few bugs and ironing things out before uploading the next few updates.

PC Games / Re: Solium Infernum
« on: August 20, 2011, 11:43:01 am »
Yes, very. Buy it!

Books / Re: Anyone else read House of Leaves?
« on: August 19, 2011, 12:08:33 pm »
Absoloutely fantastic book, I have to say. Very funny. I'd reccomend it to anyone.

PC Games / Re: Solium Infernum
« on: August 19, 2011, 11:49:14 am »
There's still time! They'll get here!

Plus this has been valuable time to learn the basics as best I can.

PC Games / Solium Infernum
« on: August 19, 2011, 01:45:12 am »
I couldn't find a thread by searching, but this is a game that came out a year or so ago.  Essentially, you play a magnate of Hell attempting to sieze the infernal throne in a turn-based strategy form, like no other. I figured I might buy it I have bought if and I was wondering if anyone would fancy playing a GamingSteve PBEM with me? The mentality is more 'Dwarf Fortress' than, uh, 'Diablo'.

is an AAR from a PBEM game giving an indication of how the game plays, and just how sneaky you have to be!

This is the website.

This is a game with perks like 'Kingmaker', where your intended strategy is to make a certain other player win without being discovered; where via a system of diplomatic wrangling you must be the most prestigious demon around to claim the throne - or risk everything and try to grab Pandemonium by force. Every insult or demand can lead to a vendetta, or challenge, so its in-your-face-tense-no-wriggle-room play

Everything Else / Re: Gripe Thread
« on: August 17, 2011, 11:26:38 pm »
Ohhey, Mr. C is back.

Hi Mr. C!


My bag is also back, hurrah.

Everything Else / Re: 2012 Elections
« on: August 16, 2011, 02:46:58 pm »
Lending money for the purpose of investment is simply buying a certain percentage of value extracted from whatever the endeavour is in the future.

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