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Spore: Creation Corner / The Kratair
« on: April 24, 2007, 06:19:52 pm »
Behold!  The mighty Kratair!

This is my critter.  I've been working with this one in particular since about a month after discovering spore, so about 10 months.  The Kratair is a rather large species at 9 feet tall.  Despite their appearance, their race is mostly peaceful intellectuals.  There are of course those who are not, but as they don't form the majority, I won't go too much into that.

Hey look!  A long needed fanart section.  Look at them all!

By ... actually, I don't remember.  Flabe?  (From PlanetSpore)

By a14gt, back when we did the School's Out RP.

Flisch made this!  I later discovered it was an improptu modification of a dragon tutorial.

Drive-by fanarts by Gunner.  Adorable.

Part of a series made by Pep of PlanetSpore for an old RP we did.

Modification of Kratair made by Savage, a short lived forum member with only 9 posts to his name.

Oh Gec, you certainly are awesome aren't you?  Yes you are.

Drawn by Squish of Planet Spore, colored by me.  One of the first.

Made by Gauph as part of that big picture of everyone's avatars he did a while back.  Awesome picture, too big to post all of it here.

Part of a great picture made by Grazony.  However it is too big and crowded and awesome to post the whole thing here.

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