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Forum Games / Who is that?
« on: May 28, 2010, 07:30:55 am »
Hokay, so, here's the game.  Someone posts an image containing the picture of a famous person.  They can be one one person out of a group, it can be from when they were young, whatever.  And then, subsequent posters try to guess who it is.  First to get it right picks the next picture.  Simple.

Right then, let's start off with an easy one.

Forum Games / Back in my Day...
« on: May 27, 2010, 06:34:20 am »
So, as you may or may not be aware, one of these days, we are going to be the older generation.  We will have young whippersnappers looking up to us and not getting off our lawn.  So what will our tales comprise of?  Thinking back now already I'm amazed at all the things that have changed in my 20 years.  So, I figure we should start planning ahead and start considering the topics of our crotchety old guy rants.  So post here about the things you remember that are not as they were, regailling in the good old days.

Examples for you!

Back in my day, Pluto was a planet and water was exclusive to Earth.

Back in my day, raptors were lizards, not chickens.

Console Games / Red Dead Redemption
« on: May 19, 2010, 11:00:44 am »
So, I'm semi-surprised that there's no topic for this game yet.  I've heard it's name thrown around a bit for the last while, but for the most part I havn't paid it any heed.  Then all of a sudden I'm hearing that it's like, the best game in the history of the last little while, so I figure I'm going to pick it up later today.  How about you guys?  Anyone else look into the game yet?  Anyone get it yet?  I must say, it looks like great fun and the multiplayer is something I wouldn't mind trying with some of you.

Forum Games / Let's mess with Martyk's stuff!
« on: May 15, 2010, 08:17:34 pm »
Been wanting to do one of these for a while now.  I'll try to be as open with it as I can, within reason.

You know the drill.  What shall we do.

Movies / Zombieland
« on: October 02, 2009, 03:49:57 pm »
Just saw it.  Awesome movie.  End result of the plot is a bit predictable, but how they get there is interesting.


Everything Else / The little things...
« on: November 22, 2008, 11:44:46 am »
I've been thinking.  Looking back on my life, some of the things in my life that most define who I am were started off with increadibly simple events.  Thinking about it, it really is amazing that such small things could have such a huge effect, but they have.  So I was thinking, if this is the case for me, what about you guys?  What are some of the little things that have made you who you are today?

Some examples for me are:

If I hadn't have gone to Zellars with my mom almost 6 years ago, walked over to the tech area an peaked inside the bargain bin, spotting Star Wars Galaxies on sale, I would not have bought the game that really made me a gamer, nor would I have had all those experiences that netted me one of my best friends.

If my sister and I had not decided to put on a little show for my parents 8 years ago, and had I not opted to lipsync to a song using a guitar as a prop, I would have never had that kick start to get me interested in the instrument, and I would never have learnt to play it.

And, had a good friend of mine not opted to show me the GDC 05 video, I would not be here today and would probably be still blissfully unaware of the internet community.

Spore: Sporepedia Exchange / Classic Concept Recreation
« on: September 22, 2008, 07:32:51 am »
So I wass wandering around my picture folder when I came accross something I havn't looked at in a good long time, but I'm certain most of you will recognize.

A classic example of Spore concept art.  So I got to thinking, hey, wouldn't it be cool if we recreated these creatures now that we have Spore?  Hence this topic.  To give you an idea of what I'm thinking, here's one I made.

If you can't tell, it's the guy off to the far right, dubbed by me as Braunny.  So essentially, just pick one of these guys (you can call them if you like to avoid too many repeats) and make them in the creature creator.  Name and color them however you like, and post a picture of them on the black background up here.  See if you can get them as close to their origional pose and angle as possible because afterwards, I wanna see if I can recreate that entire picture with the creatures we've made.

So what say you, are we up to it?

Oh, and if possible please post the full sized screenshot as it's easier to work with.  Many thanks!

With the crumbling of the Alliance of Honour, the Kratairian government were put in a bit of a tough position.  They had gained the people's support for the joint venture on the grounds that it would bring added prosperity and wealth, among other benefits.  Of course, one of the most important points for the governing body was to improve the Kratair's standing within the Galactic community, an interest which was not shared with most citizens.

Over the years of their involvement in the alliance, things had not gone quite as forseen.  Instead of the large boon to Kratairian culture and economy it was planned to cause, it dragged them into the tail end of the REDSTAR conflict, and into the forefront of the Communicant War.  And so, the estranged arrangement created for the benefit of the Kratairian people resulted in the death of thousands of those same.

Hence the tricky position the senate was in.  They refused to allow the Kratair to sever their connects to the Galactic community and return to their previously nomadic ways, drifting through the cosmos, yet it would be nigh impossible to gain the support needed to join a new alliance.

Which is when the idea was raised that if they could not join a union, why not create their own.  One with their own interests and agendas taking forefront, with trade, joint research ventures and technological advancement taking precedence over trivial matters such as squabling over personal rights or ecological protection.  Hence the Galactic Trade Confederacy was born.

It would serve the purpose the Kratair people desired, bringing wealth and information to not only them, but their allies in the GTC.  The Confederacy would work together to improve the standard of life for all parties.  Of course, the mistakes of past alliances were taken into consideration.  There would be no mutual protection agreements, as they only escalated what could potentially be small conflicts.  The GTC would take no stand on the personal civics and traditions of it's members.  If a race chose to believe in slavery, by all means allow them, as long as it did not become a problem for the Confederacy as a whole.

And so, with murmurs of agreement echoing throughout the senate, bill was passed, and the ball set in motion.  Over the next 10 years, ship production was put to a halt, as the great Kratairian shipyards went about building a project of great importance.  With a diameter of 1500 kilometers, the great station that would be capital of the Confederacy took form.  Dubbed "Rolston" from the Kratairian word for prosperity, the final preparations were made for its official opening. 

As the first citizens were moved in, with many more anticipated in the comming years, lights lit up throughout the ecumenopolis for the first time as the great cogs of industry were set into motion.  As the Kratairian fleets floated lazily over the surface of Rolston, they looked down upon the technological splendor they had created.  A city only rivaled by the great Beyron.

And with that, the call was sent out.  An invitation across known space to all those who wished to take part.  The great tower that would house the senate of the Galactic Trade Confederation was in preparation for the opening ceremony...

Confederacy Members


Milika - Patent and Research Sector

Mon-Krai - Head of Colonization Ventures

Xajorkithian - Trade Administration

Orealyianaris - Security

Supara - Head of Distribution

Goonal - Legal Representation

Sombreron (Guild of Entrepreneurs) - Business Relations

Spore: General / Encountering other saves
« on: September 08, 2008, 04:36:19 pm »
Well, in case people were still wondering, you can in fact fly over to where your other saves are in the galaxy and pay them a visit.  I encountered an older save as I was drifting aimlessly looking for cool stuff.  Unfortunatly you can't destroy the homeworld, which is a bit of a let down.

Spore: General / Usefull Techniques for Space Combat
« on: September 08, 2008, 09:18:51 am »
Alrighty then.  As everyone seems to find the Space phase the most difficult, usually do to combat related miseries, I figured we'd all benifit by helping eachother out.  So, if you've got any inovative, efficiant or easy ways of dispatching your enemies, post it up here.

Anywho, I've got one that I'm pretty sure many have tried, but it's worth stating anyway.  You know how when you're attacking a t3 planet like a homeworld or something you have to go around and destroy each city, one by one?  Well, just pull out one of your atmospheric teraforming tools and spam away.  Do any one of them for long enough and the t3 will be reverted back into a t0.  Then, as you're only allowed to have one colony on a t0, all but that one will be destroyed on the planet, making your job a whole lot easier.

Of course, if you actually plan on colonizing the planet yourself, or capturing their cities, this method is inadvisable, but if you're just looking for a quick and easy way to wipe out the hardest obstacle in interplanatery war, then this it the way to go.  Quick, easy, and alot cheaper than the planet buster.

Everything Else / Martyk's Wonderful Games
« on: July 08, 2008, 02:41:52 pm »
   All these games were made by me, martyk.  Anywho, these were high school computer projects and I figured I'd share them with the denizens of the interwebs.  Included herein is a short description and instruction manual for each of my fantabulistic programs.  I can almost 100% assure you that these are not viruses, although one or two were prototypes for some things me and my classmates were considering, but decided against.  The download for these glorious examples of intermediate level programing is located at the bottom of this post.

   Anywho, onwards says I!

1. Beep

   A simple application, but potent nonetheless.  This was a grade 12 project I created after a friend taught me a method of controling the buzzer inside the computer.

   By using the keys A, S, D, F, J, K, L and the semi-colon, you can play a musical scale and as such, a near infinite number of songs.  I was considering adding sharp notes as well, but never got around to it.  Someday perhaps.

2. DotGenerator

   This was a fun little program I desgined back in grade 11, when I discovered just how fun randomization can be.  There's not much to do with the program but watch as the randomly generated dots slowly creep accross the screen.  I've always found it rather entertaining.  Sometimes it makes nifty maps, which is always fun.

3. Javanoid

   Grade 10 project.  Despite the name it was made in Visual Basic just like all my other programs.  It is essentially the classic game of BreakOut.  By going to the option bar at the top you can toggle between control via mouse or arrowkeys.  "P" will pause the game.

4. Mega Super Ball Defender

   Grade 11 final project.  Inspired by the classic Space Invaders and pushed by my desire to make a game with physics, I came up with this.  Using the blue ball, which is controlled via the arrow keys, you need to bounce up and hit the aliens as they come down, stopping them before they reach the ground.  Keep in mind that you can bounce in mid air.  Keep an eye out for the alien UFOs.  They move fast and as such cna be really dangerous on later levels.  Every so often you will come upon a boss.  He is slow mocing, but you have to hit him a number of times before he is destroyed.

             Fun fact, this game was my first to keep track of high scores.

5. Monster Escape

    My Grade 10 final project and first real game.  The object of the game is to avoid the monsters for as long as possible while gathering up the delicious candy.  Move your character (the smiley face) with the arrow buttons.  If a monster touches you, it's game over!  Fire your laser at the monsters by clicking on them!  Be careful!  Every time you pick up a candy, another monster will appear!  Monsters will also spawn every 5 seconds, so use your laser to keep them under control!

6. Online Chess 2008

   My final project and most refined.  One thing I'm particularily proud of is, as the name indicates, this is anonline game.  Playing as either the host or the client, two players connect with the use of the host's IP address.  The game includes a chat and fully opperation chess super-action... except for castling.  This was the result of a good 2 and a half months of work, a large portion of that being mind-numbling, endless bug fixing, but in the end, I got them.  One problem that remains however is now and then, on some computers, when closing the connection or exiting the program, it will crash and you'll get an error message.  It doesn't really matter or have any affect on anything, as it only occurs when you're closing the program anyway, but I just want to to know that it's nothing to worry about if it occurs.

7. Over 9000

   Me and my class actually considered using this program maliciously at one point.  Making it impossible to close, having it start upon logging in, the like.  Instead, we limited ourselves to randomly starting it up on other's computers via admin tools we had attained.  Fun times.  This is the only program where I got direct assitance from others on it.  Mad props go to my compadre, who shall remain unnamed, for figuring out how to imbedd the audio in the exe.

6. Vector

   Fun with vectors!  You can draw using a variety of different images, each randomly generated fractally.  By left or right clicking on the buttons off on the side, you can bind them to the left and right mouse buttons, respectivley.  Right or left clicking on the scene button will create two different scenes depending on the clicker pressed.  The slider bar at the bottom will scale the fractals while paint mod makes them be drawn whenever the mouse is moved instead of when it's clicked.  Eraser works best on this mode.  Beware though, with some of the more complex fractals, it can really slow down on paint mode.

Here be Download!;10979979;/fileinfo.html

So go ahead, download, try them out, tell me what you think.  Not saying you have to, but hey.  And if anyone wants to give the chess game a try, just post as such.  I'll throw up my IP and start up the hosting.  I havn't gotten the chance to it over the internet, but in theory it should work.

Spore: Sporepedia Exchange / 2nd Gen GS Spore Fan-Fic Creatures
« on: June 26, 2008, 05:43:53 pm »
Since it's no fun being left out and Hydro decided to be all disclusionary up in our grills, I felt it'd be fitting if we had a similar thread to his Classic Fan-Fic Creatures thread for those belonging to the 2nd Generation of creatures.  So come one come all from the greatest period in the Galaxy's history!  I can't pinpoint an exact range of dates, but if you arn't a member of the classics, and were around before the end of the Communicant war, then I'd say that's good enough.

I doubt I know of all the alliances that went on during this time, so if you know of any I don't have (and since REDSTAR and the AoH are the only ones that I can think of, I'm sure there'll be a few), don't hesitate to speak up and get it put on there.  For now I'm not going to bother with listing every race in all the alliances, so just give me a shout out if you want to be put up there.

== AoH ==

Kratair - by Martyk


== Unaffiliated ==

Elbeast - by The Time Traveller

Hokay, I think this is where it should be put.  Anyway, what I'm thinking is 11 of us get together and each make one letter from Gaming Steve (18 if we include the .com and the www).  Since letters and numbers made out of Spore creatures is always fun, I figured it'd be an interesting thing to do.  Anytakers?  Claim a letter if you're interested.

A- Wydraz
M- Treechu
I- Martyk
N- Kregaaron
G- ilikesanta
S- Netherflare
T- Kregaaron
E- Aligon
V- Dark Angel
E -Gauphastus
. - Martham112
C- Lualmoba
O- OpDDay2001
M- DarkDragon

And the end result!

Here be where the many creations of Marty will lay their heads (or in the event of a lack of head, other parts will substitute).

Well then, let's kick this off shall we?

Furious Bandersnatch
Jarkle Queen

Down here is where creautres made on my account by other people go.  Exciting!


Spore: Creation Corner / [NG] The Empheri
« on: April 11, 2008, 07:23:43 pm »
((I'll see if I can get some pictures up here soon.  These buggers are a wee bit hard to draw.))


The Emphari are large, hexapodal crustacans.  They consist of a small body, about a meter in diameter, with six triple jointed legs extending from the top, suspending the body between them.  these legs cna also act as arms, with the feet tactile enough to be used as hands.  Emphari can grow to stand about 15 feet tall.


The Empheri are native to the planet Denara.  Millions of years ago, the planet was rocky and fairly barren, with large, widespanning icecaps.  One day, a large methane comet plummeted into the small ocean on the planet.  The methane gas released resulted in a very strong greenhouse effect on the planet, melting most of the icecaps and flooding the surface, gradually turning it into a wet, swampy land with a very hot and muggy atmosphere.  Plants flourished in this environment and as such the ground of the planet, all of which sits under at least 10 feet of water, is covered in a tangled mess of vines, mosses and tree roots.  In order to survive, much life became aboreal, or able to survive in the water.

The Empheri evolved their long, dextrous legs for two reasons.  When not in the water, the resided in the trees, and the legs allowed them to be able to move easily among the branches, as they could also act as hands.  Secondly, it allowed the oxygen breathing Empheri to keep their heads above the water while hunting for fish and other aquatic creatures.

The planet has a fairly low gravity, allowing for easy movement on it, but unfortunatley, it causes the Emphari to be somewhat cumbersome on other planets.  Also due to the high oxygen content of the air they are used to, the Emphari tend to be somewhat dreary and sluggish in other conditions, and as such will often use resperators.


The Emphari have a very strange and simplistic physiology.  Their radial body has a mouth at the bottom and an opening for breathing at the top, connected straight to their one large lung.  Above their mouth (which contains their entire, very efficiant digestive system) is their heart (which acts very differently from that of most creatures, but I'll get into that in a minute).  In the middle, protected on all sides is the brain.

The lung's sole purpose is to supply the brain and heart with oxygen, as no ther system needs it.  Instead of a traditional muscel system, the Emphari move using a system of hydraulics, controled by the heart, which pressureizes their entire body and controls what goes where with a system of valves.  This system is a bit of a weakness of the emphari, because if punctured, they will leak rather quickly.  Luckily, their bodies automatically close valves in injured areas, stopping fluid loss but stopping all movement.  As such, if an Emphari is injured near the root of a limb, they will lose complete control in the rest of it until it is healed.  Fortunatley this doesn't take very long for them.

The lungs also work off of this system as does their mouth.  The brain is alone in not needing it and is able to survive dormantly for as long as a day in some cases, absorbing ambient air, in the case when the lungs shut down.  this often gives them the chance to heal from injuries fatal to many others.  However, without the high oxygen levels of their homeworld, this often doesn't work, but even so, there are stories of Emphari rising from the dead the day after being struck down.  this partially contributes to their long lifespan.

Their digestive system consists wholey of their mouth, which intakes the foot and seals while it is quickly broken down by powerfull enzymes.  Any nutrients needed for things such as replenisihing fluid or repairing the exoskeleton are taken into the system while the rest in ejected imediatley from the mouth.


There is only one gender of Emphari.  When reproducing, they eject spores the air, which, on their homeworld tend to fall into the water, where they will rest dormant for as long as a decade until they encounter a spore from another Emphari, at which point they will grow together into a softshelled egg, which will then hatch into a larval form.  In this form, the Emphari resemble waterstriders and are about a foot across.  After about a year, they will have fully developed into a mature Emphari and will be ready to live out their 700 year lifespan.


The Emphari belive in 4 elements; Water, Fire, Air and Life.  Each has a god assigned to them; Indir of Fire, Udaen of Water, Aedeon of air and Vitern of Life. They belive that they are siblings who create their world and act much like many siblings.  They feud at times, but in truth, love and are dependant upon one another, as seen in nature through the relations of the elements.

A common practice to pray to them is a small shrine with some sort of plant in the middle, surounded by fire on one side, water on another, and an open gap on the last.  It is belived by bringing together all four gods, you can request the council and colective wisdom of them all.


The Emphari have an interesting governement that would probably result in horible ruin for most other races.  They have no formal system, and instead rely fully on the fact that all Emphari have great empathy for others of their race, and see themselves as one.  They act to better their race first, and their personal lives second.  As such, their police, military and official galactic posts consist entirely of vigilantees and volunteers with the approoval of the general public.

Their long lives have lead them to take their time with matters, despite their fast movement.  They think deeply about matters and are often seeked by other speicies as advisors for their ability to look at the big picture and take into account many variables.  They have a calm and friendly demeanor and are generaly liked by the galaxy, despite their outwardly strange appearance.  They are a very proud race and will often defend their honour if insulted.

They have a great love of the art and consider it a great way of combining duty to the speices and oneself.  A common form of art of theirs are intricate woodcut paintings, prepared in deep bogmud, keeping them free from rot.  Due to the methodical nature of the Emphari, some peices can take a century or more to complete.


With their deep respect for nature and the elements, Denara has remained mostly unchanged over the centuries.  Apart from the occasional mine created to access the abundant supply of fossil fuels under the surface, most buildings are in the trees.  Without any solid ground from which to get stone or any easy access to metal, most of their buildings are made from wood.  High in the trees, there are huge networks of cities made entirely of wood.  In more reacent times, plastics have become more prevelent, but wood remains dominant.

When it comes to spacetravel, the Emphari have fairly simple ships that do the job of transporting whatever is needed.  They have a very minimal naval fleet as they don't have much need for one.  Their round plastic ships have a very sleek and futuristic outward look, but on the interior is a rustic wood desgin, nostalgic of sailing ships of old.

One thing they are very advanced in is medicine.  with long lifetimes to learn in and a planet abundant in healing herbs and other plants, they are renowned for their uncanny ability to heal and their tendancy towards helping those in need.

Alien sheet:  Emphari

(Section 1 -- Biology)
Type                 : Arborial
Appearance           : Insectoid
Gravity preferences  : 0.5g - 0.8g
Temperature pref.    : 30C-70C
Atmosphere breathed  : High oxygen content
Body cover           : Light exoskeleton
Body color           : Murky brown
Hair                 : None
Hair color           : N/A
Eyes                 : 6
Eyes color           : Black
Body characteristics : Shell, large mandibles, long legs.
Diet                 : Omnivore
Sexual reproduction  : One gender
Reproduction method  : Spores released into the water that begin growth into larval stage upon meeting another from a different Emphari.  Larval stage lasts about a year.
Limbs pair n 1-6 : Leg/arms ending in strong 3 fingered grabbers.
Mass :  90kg
Size :  500 cm

(Section 2 -- Culture)
  Militancy       : 6
  Determination   : 14
  Racial tolerance: 16
  Progressivness  : 10
  Loyalty         : 18
  Social cohesion : 19
  Art             : 16
  Individualism   : 3
  Body            : 18 on Denara, 10 off
  Mind            : 25 with oxygen, 11 without
  Speed           : 25 on Denara, 7 off
  Lifespan        : 700
  Tech level      : 8

(Section 3 -- Government and Religion)
Government type   : Anarchy.  All act for the good of their race first.
Religion          : Elementism, with gods for Fire, water, Air and Life.
Devotion          : Good

(Section 4 -- Extra things you should know)
Special abilities:

360 Vision
Acute Vision
Cold blooded biology
Cold Sensitivity
Disease Tolerance
Eidetic memory (Perfect or almost perfect memory)
Fast healing (Race recovers from damage quickly)
Heat Tolerance
Independent eyes (Think chameleons)
Leap (Has extraordinary jumping ability.)
Light sleeper (Needs sleep 15% or less of the time.)
Lightning calculator (Race has a knack for mathematics)
Manual Dexterity
Microscopic Sense (Has extremely acute sense that can detect tiny details)
Night Vision
No Sense of smell/taste
Odious racial habit (Race has habit(s) that are considered wierd by other races. Examples include sadism, slavery, caniblism.)
Perfect balance (Race can easily keep it's footing even on narrow walkways)
Pressure support (Can withstand heavy atmospheres or the vacuum of space.)
Quick maturity (Quickly reaches adulthood)
Regeneration (Able to regrow lost body parts.)
Slow motion (Race lives at a very slow rate. A few seconds for them are like years for most.)
Spatial orientation (Race can naturally orient itself relative to certain landmarks or planets)
Strange appearance (... Whatever that thing is, it's frea-kay!)
Swarm (Race fuctions as a group)
Toughness (It... Won't... DIE!)
Universal Digestion (I eats anything!)
Wall climbing (Who am I? I'm Spiderman!)
Water dependency (Needs to be kept wet for optimal health)

((Still a work in progress.  Tell me what you think.  My god, I've already written more about these guys in one night than my Kratair in 2 years.  But they remain my favourite! =|))

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