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Art / Re: The Merry Doodles and Sketches Thread!
« on: August 10, 2010, 12:50:22 pm »
My first drawing on my new tablet

 Wow 2 weeks of no posting after saying I'd come back, that a fail on my part.

 This image is incomplete but what awesome about it is one, its on my brand new tablet(contains excitement) and two, its colored by a friend of mine making it the first drawing I've made along side someone else. hopefully the next pictures will come by sooner now that I can draw directly on the computer. Until next time.

 I'm coming to this thread and plan to continue it. I hope necrobumping this ain't a major deal but hopefully you'll all enjoy the art as much as I enjoy drawing it.

   This is the Ba-po, massive, deadly resident of Lachesis. 15 tons of muscle catching 35 mph and tipped with razor spikes making it the ultimate battering ram. An aggressive carnivore the Ba-po finds its prey and explodes into a thundering charge. Those stunned by the beast's powerful gallop are trampled under its extraordinary weight or worse impaled on its spikes and those who run better hope they run fast lest they suffer an equal fate. After subduing its prey the Ba-po uses an enormous and impressively powerful tongue to bring in food to its mouth. Even those impaled can be enjoyed by the Ba-po like a delicious shish kabob.

   As for the Gessel update, well that may be a while...I kinda forgot how to draw them. Before I suddenly left I had plot planned for the Gessels and I still plan on carrying it though unless something once again makes it impossible. If anyone has any questions or suggestions for future updates fell free. I try harder when I draw for someone in mind so you can always expect my best.

Spore: Creation Corner / Re: The Torpal-My New Creature, etc, etc
« on: July 21, 2010, 05:07:56 pm »
Nice art Hydro, it's nice to see the Torpals again.
I felt kinda bad for missing Opera's images of the Torpals in a cataclysm when it first came out but since this thread got a little bump I got to see them so thanks!
Seeing them again inspired me to actually get around and doing a drawing featuring the awesome Torpal. Enjoy!

Uploaded with

Spore: Creation Corner / Re: The Wexxian Empire
« on: June 25, 2010, 04:08:04 pm »
Wow, yea, I'm happy, the Wexxians are back! I wanna see some Wexxian models like a unique chassis or augmentations.

This makes me want to draw robots.

Console Games / Re: The Hedgehog Topic
« on: February 06, 2010, 02:34:12 pm »
In my opinion nothing really kills the sonic franchise like story. Sonic can come up with good gameplay ideas when it makes a 3d game (of course a number of them were pretty crummy) so i'm not entirely sure what the big deal in making a 2d game outside the odd idea that the game will be less likely to fail. Also as far as characters go I don't really detest them but and I would have liked to atleast have tails and knucles playable in Sonic IV like it was in sonic 3. Like I said story is what kills sonic, I think the game should have the minimal amount of story elements again like in sonic 3 where we were given a simple goal and left to move towards it with no major story interruptions till the very end and I'm including dialogue so they don' say anything stupid. Aside from the lack of originality I'm still happy about going back to sonic 3 or sonic 1 since only sonic is playable. As long as they don' add anything  out there and try to make some sense with whatever plot they are going for I'm happy.

Everything Else / Re: "Hi! I'm staying forever!" thread
« on: October 23, 2009, 05:48:17 pm »
Yea, I may not post much (none at all now) but I'm always watching, lurking, and I plan to be around for a long long time.

Try endorphin leaning edition it free and decent simulation practice.

You need to sign up an account and get a product key(it's free)
 download and run.They have online tuts if you need em'.

 Yea, a pity.

 The standard model for a Gessel aircraft, the Gessel Shuttle. It utilizes the Gessel's latest technology which by other alien standards is pretty low.

 The craft is basically a small pod holding 2 Gessel pilots. The entire propulsion system is powered by Mag. The system is half way inspired by what was in Star Ocean 3 (where I get a lot of my ideas from) and some Star Wars.

 Around the ship at three points are large Mag repulsion disks held in place by Mag stabilizers. The three repulsors send negative magnetic energy to a small Mag amplifier which controls and points the energy to a specific target. the target is a ball of negative magnetic energy at the front of the ship. When the two negative energies meet they repel each other, the Mag disks are held in place but the Mag ball would shoot of at amazing speed if another Mag system located at the front was not holding it down by using positive energy to keep it bound to the ship so as the ball is repelled it pulls the ship with it.

 By changing how much energy comes out of the amplifiers you can either speed up or slow down by changing the output energy of all three amplifiers or change direction by changing the output from one amplifier.

 The system is not yet fully developed and at the moment can only take you though a system but it is everlasting, reusable and leaves no trace. The Shuttle is also completely unarmed and is made to survive at most planetary re-entry. The Gessel have not yet encountered another alien species and drift though random patches of nearby space in order to find another paradise like Lachesis. Will they find one? We'll see.

 That's all for now.

PC Games / Re: Zoo Tycoon 2
« on: May 30, 2009, 09:02:32 pm »
I never had Zoo Tycoon 2 but I had the first one with the expansion packs and that game was awesome. I had tons of fun making zoos with "Danger Zones",exhibits which had small and weak barricades and held dangerous animals. About the second one though, I always wanted that little camera gadget, it looked like fun.

Spore: Creation Corner / Re: The Graidient
« on: May 30, 2009, 08:48:15 pm »
I like the division within a species, are there anymore sub races?

@Yuu, having a day cycle with a short or extended period of night isn't very complicated, as stated it happens here on Earth due to the tilt in our axis. Normally the difference Isn't very noticeable but if you go to extreme poles you'll find night can last days or weeks during winter time as the pole will always be facing away from to sun. If you're unsure get a ball and pretend its Earth, find another object and make it the sun, tilt the ball and you'll seen that if you spin the ball on a tilted axis some parts will less exposed to"sunlight", some parts may not even face the "sun".  So it seems the Graid's planet has a tilted axis which may be more extreme then ours. Hope this helps.

Dude...what the hell, why did you rez this. What did these guys contribute exept a few laughs. Is there something here I'm missing?

Spore: Creation Corner / Re: The Bino
« on: May 29, 2009, 02:38:26 pm »
i like the all in one design, it reminds me of the Millennium Falcon but i like modular parts idea. Also what's that symbol in the Background, is it erased or behind the page. Whatever it is it looks cool.

 That's about right Yuu but it isn't instantaneous or anywhere near it so maybe I should change it to Short Range Mag Drive instead of warp.

 On the issue of Anubians, as much as it pains me I'm announcing them dead if they haven't been already. I had a good run but that's all good and over. However i am considering the Gessel having some relation with the dead Anubian race.

Now for the update

The Gessel are a largely social race and come together at various ceremonies. At these cultural centers, Gessels display different designs and get involved in big dance offs and ceremonial parties. The whole thing is traditional and is a big thank you gift to each other for good times and prosperity. Music is a big part of the Gessel lifestyle and has a influence on some of the events that go on for example, a powerful musician can hold enough influence over the common and  can hold political power or whether the music is good decides if a ceremony is successful.

 As you may have noticed, Gessel have symbols printed onto their antenna. These markings are another part of the Gessel Culture, at key points in a Gessel's life, a special marking is imprinted onto the antenna to celebrate. The symbols acts as good luck charms, rank indications,  marks of linage, memorabilia or any other use a Gessel feels is right. There are special markings that are only given to those who've accomplished extraordinary feats and at their sight Gessel pay respects.

 I'll explain the Gessel's Mag Drive and their space ships in the next update.

 Welcome to my new thread where I will try to tell the story of my creature the Gessel along with any other random things I find my self drawing.

 So here is the star of the show, the Gessel. The Gessel is a peaceful diplomat still new to the space scene on Planet Lachesis. Recently they have discovered Short Range Mag Warp. Now they wander to nearby planets to discover new horizons and seek out paradise!

here is small run down of the peaceful Gessel

Size: Average 4 feet
Weight: About 100 Ib
lifespan: Around 90 years
Difference Between Male and Female: Style of clothing, special markings, and facial features, a thick patch of fur covers their chest and the obvious tipoff.
Tech level: Space Newcomer
Favorite food: homeland Fruit, grasses, and flowers
Favorite pastime: town meetings and ceremonies
Leading Bodies: The Lachesis Council, The Congress

 The Gessel find that the best way to handle an issue is through diplomatic means, they abhor fighting and would really prefer any method over violence. They are also fans of mother nature and usually stay away from polluting sources of energy. Where do they get energy from? On Lachesis is a highly magnetic mineral and so called Mag. Using Mag to run machines the Gessel live in a pure environment of flowing magnetism.

 Bio: The Gessel comes with basic mammalian characteristics. In regard to anatomy, you could liken them to a centaur. They have four legs with three stubby toes. Two hands with three fingers and prehensile tail. On four legs they can gallop to a nice brisk pace but are sometime prone to falling over themselves. They also don't have any upper body worth mentioning but have decent kicking power, front or back. On their head is a small appendage they can wave around like an antenna but serves no major purpose but to be decorated with ornaments and markings.

I'll go deeper into their culture but I'll leave it there for now

Here are some other natives to Lachesis, I have not named them though so i'll just leave them here for you to admire.

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