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Spore: General / [Super mega spoiler] Thing i noticed bout center of galaxy
« on: September 14, 2008, 02:11:14 pm »
The UFO you talk too is the same UFO from Sim city 2000

Probably old info though

Also didn't an interview say that there was a second ending besides the center of the galaxy one that only HARDCORE gamers would be able to get too.?

Spore: General / Re: Spore Isn't Fun Anymore
« on: September 10, 2008, 10:17:48 am »
The biggest issue with Spore right now is how war was designed.

A lot of people are saying its the players fault wanting to expand far to quickly but the truth is that on my game given the second or third mission which requires you to go outside your space in order to get to the star system i needed to i accidentally went through 1 unmarked star which turned out to be owned by a massive race of evil monkey nut people who then declared war on me. It was then and ONLY then i was able to see the vast size of the empire.

THAT'S the issue, the fact that you randomly encounter a evil race and they declare war on you. If instead if you got a warning and a map would be okay so at least the potential enemy would show you where NOT to go. But noooooo you just wandered into the wrong star at the wrong time and BOOM at war with the entire borg race.

SECOND major issue. Colonies require YOU to be present when anything nasty happens. To be honest if my colony has a uber salellite, each city has full turrets, a bio protector, a bio preventor. I should NEVER have to worry about that colony ever again with the exception of picking up spice. But nooooo a small band of pirates that any of my cities defenses can kill in one volley has appeared and now i gotta come all the way from where ever i was to save it or else it DIES.

Srsly this needs patching NOW because if me a hardcore gamer has a problem with it being to 'hard' *cough* annoying then the casual gamer will throw this game away.

Spore: General / Sychons Guide to Hardcore Space (Beta)
« on: September 07, 2008, 05:35:48 pm »
I just got done playing through the majority of the Space Stage on hard as a carnivore the whole way. I must say while the space stage is the better of the other 4 stages it really starts you off in a horrible jam most of the time. This guide is to teach you how to survive and destroy the opposing super empires your sometimes forced to start near.

First off let me describe the 'Tech 1' Tools that you start out with in the game and the go into how useful they are.

Misc tools

Abduction beam- Used to capture and store things in your cargo hold, to use simply hold down the left mouse button and drag over items you with to abduct, be careful though if you swing it around a bit too much you may chuck what you were trying to aquire into the atmosphere. The abduction beam can pick up creatures(not epic ones),plants, Artifacts and gold.

Scanner- Uploads any creature you scan into the sporepedia, is also used for other story events.

Radar- This tool will blink whenever something of importance is near buy. A little light effect will point you in its direction while the closer you get the faster the radar will ping. Things of importance Mission creatures, Spice crates, Gold, Artifacts and New tools.


Mini laser- This accurate tool will allow you to do fairly good damage to ships but becomes fairly hard to aim if they're moving fast or there's a ton. Fairly weak in the beginning but once upgraded to level 3 will probably be your main weapon. Is also used for accurate poaching of sick creatures or HERETICS.

Mini proton missile- A very small and fairly useless weapon used against ships. Easier to aim than the laser simply because all you have to do is click a couple times on the enemy ship but does less damage than the mini laser. Further upgrades will make this weapon possibly better than a equal ranked laser.


Colony pack(i)- Used to place colonies on planets. while they can be placed on any planet, they provide much more when fully upgraded with buildings and when the planet is at least T1. When placing a colony to mine spice the inner blue circle is the area of the colony while the outer blue circle is the area that the colony will mine. Its suggested to try to place the colony within 2-3 spice vents for maximum production. This item works on an inventory so you usually have to buy them at your own colonies or an aliens. Cost is about 150,000 at your own races colonies but can go as low as 90,000 at a friends.

Atmosphere Generator(i)- Used to increase the atmosphere of a planet (This item and the next 4 cost 150,000$ at your own colonies but less if you get them from a friend

Atmosphere Degenerator(i)- Used to lower the atmosphere of a planet

Ice storm(i)- Used to lower the temperature of a planet

Meteor Shower(i)- Used to increase the temperature of a planet

Intro to space-(sorry if i get these out of order)

Well congrats you evolved from a tiny single celled organism to a space faring race, but space isn't nearly as friendly as the other stages. Most of the time despite the difficulty your going to be stuck right next to a series of annoying aliens and mighty enemy empires even if your playing on easy mode as a plant eater. Here's the spoof, the moment you hit the space phase the game doesn't CARE about your history. Your placed exactly where you chose, so if you picked a spot next to the mightiest space empire in the galaxy then that's what you can expect in space. But good news, no matter how strong the enemy is or how numerous his fleet is, you can still WIN.

The trick is surviving long enough and upgrading your ship to be able to fight back, or at least defend yourself.

After to design your spaceship you'll be asked if you know how to fly it. Your first missions will be so fly over some holographic balls above your cities on the map.Hold right mouse to move, mouse wheel to change altitude,and mouse wheel button to rotate camera. Then you're given the scanner and asked to scan a certain creature on your planet.  After this you'll be shown how to use the abduction beam and be asked to abducted a glowing version of said creature. This is also the first time you get to use your radar to find something hard to see on the planet. After you abduct the creature you then GENTLY put him down in one of your cities. Now your given a laser and asked to kill 5 of the virus spreading things. After that's done your given your first engine upgrade which allows you to explore your own solar system. Soon quickly your asked to head to a nearby planet and scan around. You find an old abandoned space ship which gives you the next engine upgrade and some missiles after you scan it. Then your asked to go out and locate the system that was drawn on the ground. You arrive at the city ruins and after scanning your put into combat against some weak drones, simply use your laser to finish them off. 

Now the fun begins. When heading back your your system the leader will ask you to go out and find some intelligent life. Most of the time you find a peaceful race of money grubbers, sometimes a race of religious fanatics, sometimes a bunch of dirty hippies and if your unlucky you find something that wants to kill you. After first contact head back home, then your asked to found a colony somewhere inhospitable to any life. Your given your first colony pack and then asked to set it up, just go to the planet and drop it down. Next I believe your asked to trade some spice with yourself or a neighbor.

Congrats if my memory serves me correctly your now technicly free to do whatever you want.

However your home planet still offers some missions for you to do which I suggest doing them in this order but its up to you.

-Terraform a planet
-Make a trade route
-Find an artifact

-make and ally
-Destroy and enemy


After the first 3 wait until you've done the next part of the guide before moving on.

Next i'm going to discuss the spice trade and how to make the most money out of it.

Ok so we got 6 colors of spice


While you may think that the price that you sell is based on the rarity. It's in fact more based on the quantity being produced in the general area. What this means is that if you sell red spice to someone who makes red spice then you won't get as much profit if you sold to someone who produces only blue spice. Next little tip is that while you CAN sell spice in between your own colonies you more often than not can get much better prices from aliens. In the beginning its better to sell spice between your own solar system but later when you think your ready to explore you can start trading with aliens.


Your Colony Anjubi Produces 20 Blue spice and hour.
So you pick up the blue spice by flying to the planet. If you tried to sell the spice directly back to them you would only be able to sell each unit for about 300$. But if you fly to your home world which only produces red spice you may get prices of up to 10,000$ per unit. Now if we go even FARTHER and trade with some nearby aliens who produce yellow spice we could get selling prices of 20,000$. Be warned though if you keep selling only blue spice to a specific planet the selling price will go down since your filling there supply.

Next Colonizing

Go back to your home planet and take the terraforming mission. Your given one of the atmospheric facilities and all you have to do is place it on the planet in order to bring it to T1 status. Once its brought to T1 status you need to place 1 small plant, 1 medium plant, 1 large plant to stabilize the environment. Then place 2 herbivores( of 2 different species) , and finely 1 predator. The planet is now at T1 status and you can now place buildings inside your colony. This is the important part though, a colony will barely provide enough spice to be worth while until you place some factories and houses. The next BIG important thing is that the higher the T score the more buildings you can place in each colony. So at T Score 1 you can place only 5 buildings and 1 colony but at T score 2 you get 2 colonies and each one can have 10 Buildings which is enough to fill the city. Which means at T score 3 we get the full colony size for 3 colonies on a planet which is amazing.  A fully build T3 colony will produce almost 4X as much spice as your home planet does not even counting the type of spice its making.

Now when you go down the the colony you will notice that placing buildings if rather expensive. However trust me when i say it is 100% worth it to fully colonize and fill out each colony. Your first objective Right now before going anywhere else is to fully terraform the planets in your system to T3 and to fully outfit each colony. yes its expensive yes its time consuming and YES if your getting attacked right now its even more difficult. But placing the buildings gives you points to your colonist badge which is the easiest was to unlock the next weapons. ( Weapon unlocking guide comes later). But here are some tips for colonizing.

If your system was like mine you should have 4 planet in it.

1- Your home planet
2- A barren useless world that you found your first engine upgrade on
3- Your moon which produces yellow spice
4- a distant hard to see planet that makes a rare spice, mine was teal

Steps in terraforming a planet

There should be a button in the upper right of the mini map when your on a planet if you click that button it will switch from the minimap to the terraforming screen. In the beginning all you need to worry about is the circle to the right. Around it are 4 icons, these icons represent where the terraform level of the planet is.There's an empty cloud which represents no atmosphere a full cloud which represents too much, then there are thermometers on the left and right side, left being cold and right being hot. Your objective is too get the little red dot to go into the center.  In the beginning you do this by placing the meteor showers and the atmosphere generators, but later you will be able to do it with your ships energy by using heat rays and cloud occumulators. Now in the circle there are 3 other smaller circles each one representing T1-T3 the closer you move the red dot to the center the better the terraforming score is. Most of the time placing 1  Generator will bring it up or down enough to get you to the next rank but not always.

1. Bring systems T level to 1, by using atmosphere generators or meteor showers.

2- Go to your home planet abduct all the creatures and planets you need (1 of each will do)

3- Place them in order on planet

4- Buy colony mini pack and place it

5- Upgrade colonies buildings not turrets because you need the money

6- Go back to step 1 but upgrade to T2

Do this will all the planets in your home system.Once done you can start upgrading your own ship with new weapons and such which leads too the next section.

COMBAT-(the thing most people care about)

Well after colonizing some planets you got a couple of badges under your belt its time to buy some weapons. But the question is which weapons are good? Here is a short list of upgrades you should buy if you seek to destroy the enemy empires.

First get yourself some health and energy upgrades level 3-4 should suffice.

Now lets look at the weapons your ship can posses.

Laser- This weapon is most likely the most powerful with the exception of some of the bought weapons. Its great for ship on ship combat but very hard to aim. Level 3 can take down the biggest ships in 2 seconds

Missiles- At level  these things are fairly useless but at level 3 they can do something that your laser can't which is not miss and kill your own citizens. Very good since if you use your level 3 laser around your cities it will probably do more damage than the enemy ships.

Shield- Get this, gives you about 30 seconds of invincibility which is more than enough time to kill super raiders/ or bomb another planet

Bombs- It takes about 10 level 1 bombs to level a city, 3-6 level 2 bombs to level a city, and 1-2 level 3 bombs to destroy a city Switch to the mini pulse laser if your bombs are doing to much damage and you wish to capture the city.

Spore: General / Interesting thingy for those of you with the full version
« on: September 05, 2008, 02:32:43 am »
Go to the My Spore Creations in documents, and then to the animated avatar folder.  You should find a gif for every single time you went into the editor. Depicting all the changes you made.

Should be interesting to see some of the more advanced stuff being built.

(also post your own gifs if you got em.)

Spore: General / Feature that I feel spore could use. (Galaxy Creator)
« on: September 02, 2008, 08:15:10 pm »
Well as we all know you get to choose form about 7 different planets. Most of them ranging from hellish lava worlds to goofy bug eyed purple tree planets. But besides that you really don't get to choose much outside of that. In my opinion when starting up spore for the second time (and or after you "Beat" the game) you should have the ability to create a galaxy similar to how you can create a world in Civ 4.  The discussion that i'm trying to start is what kind of options would you like to be able to choose in your own galaxy.

Some general ideas that I had

-Number of Alien civs near me
-General Tech rate of galaxy (allows you to be possibly the first race with space UFO's)
-Number of Hostile planets %
-Rarity of Alien Artifacts
-General aggressiveness of galaxy (from what we've heard this is a big one)
-Currency ratio (make things harder or easier to buy)
-Number of galactic anomalies
-Distance needed to travel to reach galaxy center

Now truth be told we can't really edit this list until we have spore for a while, but its a fun idea to toy around with.


Most definitely this. I'll most likely make advertisements with the terraforming tools on other developing planets.   

Also source is PBF comics.

PC Games / Re: .kkreiger is amazing!
« on: August 28, 2006, 03:06:52 pm »
It also takes alot of stuff from Direct X FYI

Spore: General / Re: Planet editor before starting a game?
« on: August 25, 2006, 09:22:21 am »
Anyone ever think that the way you evolve and play your creature determines what your planet looks like. I mean you do start out with a very limited perspective.

PC Games / Re: Company Of Heroes!!!
« on: August 10, 2006, 04:25:43 pm »
Im a expert at starcraft/AoE2/DoW:WA/WC3 and I must say this is like ... awsome.

I'm actually looking forward to Supream commander.

PC Games / Re: Bring Back Chexquest
« on: July 29, 2006, 07:13:47 pm »
Im actualy happy that I found this thread, chex quest was one of the funnest games i ever played on a computer back then.

PC Games / Re: If you had the portal gun.
« on: July 25, 2006, 08:29:53 am »
I wonder what would happen if you managed to put a Large object inbetween 2 portals that were very close together

     (          )             <- Ball
       Other portal

Im just wondering cause the space time stuff would be interesting to find out

PC Games / Re: Morrowind Speed-Run
« on: July 25, 2006, 08:23:55 am »
No there is only one ending but that guy cheated to get a lame version of it. Instead of the whole epic backstory and stuff he just kinda jumped to it.

Its what happens when you sell your company to Nvidia and all they want to do is make money.

PC Games / Re: You know sims have LAN parties?
« on: July 20, 2006, 01:39:44 pm »
I liked BW1 no i LOVED BW1 so much that I finished the single player game.  It was more about Saqndbox play than actualy doing anything. It was a awsome and fun game that i loved even with all its flaws.

BW2 is almost the opposite , they took away most of the sandbox mode part out almost. The creature is now like a robot with no skill involved in its growth. Although BW2 is more balanced and more bug free it just doesn;t have any of the charm that the origional had.

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