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Everything Else / Re: Science News
« on: August 16, 2006, 08:23:47 pm »
hmm. this is hardly an interesting science story, it's more like a bureaucratic decision.

The most interesting science news brief this week is definetly this:


NASA Announces Dark Matter Discovery

Astronomers who used NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory will host a media teleconference at 1 p.m. EDT Monday, Aug. 21, to announce how dark and normal matter have been forced apart in an extraordinarily energetic collision.

I guess we'll find out on Monday :)

You have made my night! i had a theory on this...

About the myths, i took an intro class, but it spanned from Tiamat to Christian myth, so i didnt get a lot of Roman and Greek myths, ill have to read up on it. Thanks  ;D

Everything Else / Re: Science News
« on: August 16, 2006, 07:51:23 pm »
Wasn’t Athena the goddess of wisdom?

Saturn is the god of the harvest.
Uranus is the ancient god of the sky (before Zeus)
Neptune is the god of water and earthquakes.
Pluto is the god of the underworld.
Charon is the...kind of god who ferried you to the underworld a TV show...

Although neptune is lord of the quakes, and pluto and charon involve the underworld, saturn and uranus seem to be fine. Neptune is only sort of bad. From my experience with Greek and Roman gods none of them where that benevolent anyways.

Everything Else / Re: Science News
« on: August 16, 2006, 03:23:58 pm »
Ouch.  I can see by the end of the century there being thousands of planets under the definition that has been given.  Aieyaiyai, can you imagine trying to teach children about the "four inner planets and 10,934 outer planets"?

Lol, your right about that. I recall there being three missing planets near Ceres that they failed to add, they will probably do it three to four at a time every year now. Makes me think, spore seems to have an average of four planets per system, in thinking thats a bit to few now. We need another 50 useless planets!

Everything Else / Re: Science News
« on: August 16, 2006, 03:11:59 pm »
Well to be honest I thought they were going to eliminate Pluto as a planet altogether, it seem I was wrong, heh.

Oh well at least we've managed to screw up the teachers charts some how. :)

Can some one remind me as to why they thought it wasn't a planet?

You by no means are wrong, for a long time that was the debate, im rather surprised they settled on keeping it a planet. There is even a museum that wont put Pluto in its solar system model because they refuse to believe it’s a planet because its in the kuiper belt. As for Jupiter, the only reason the moons are not planets is because they orbit Jupiter, not the sun, its funny what you say though, because Pluto is smaller then our own moon.

And another neat fact im not sure if you all know, Pluto and Chiron have moons, theres one moon per planet now. I wonder if they orbit both planets or picked one.

Everything Else / Science News
« on: August 16, 2006, 02:28:02 pm »
As most of you know I only post when science is involved, and I bring news.

It was announced today that there are now 12 planets in our solar system. They now go in this order. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Ceres, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron, Xena. This leads me to believe that the definition of planet has finally been agreed upon, being that it must orbit the sun, be massive enough to be round and can be in the kuiper belt and still be a planet. Guess this means Pluto and Chiron are a binary system now.

Heres the full article.

Spore: General / Re: How gas giant civilizations -could- function
« on: August 16, 2006, 10:56:53 am »
You must remember, though, that we have good reason to suspect that Earth was a lot harsher than it is today when life arose.

Ah a little science thing I can pitch into.

Earth was a lot harsher, they estimate that volcanic lava was a lot hotter and flowed much faster. The atmosphere was not breathable when life arose and most of the planet was in constant volcanic and earthquake activity.

Also about life arising anywhere, I don’t doubt it one bit. If you where to go into the abyss (deep ocean) and search around, there are hydrothermal vents spewing out black sulfuric acid stuff. (Since I cant remember what actually is something with sulfur.) If you went to one of these vents, you would find 6 foot long worms, shrimp things and other aquatic life that is completely independent of O2 and sunlight. To survive the intense radiation of a gas giant is entirely possible if life can adapt to live next to something so hot and toxic to us that it would kill us if we got near it. (Its hot enough to melt iron).

And there is something that can survive space. Its called a Waterbear, a microscopic creature. As far as we know, it can survive almost anything.

Spore: General / Re: Coliding planets?
« on: July 27, 2006, 12:31:20 pm »
[sarcasm] Because tractor beam-ing entire planets is feasible. [/sarcasm]

Well we know terraforming/messing around with the surface of planets is in the game, I can even see finding a protoplanetary disk and forming planets from that, but I think planet-moving won't be in the game and really isn't a possibility in the real world for anyone except a god.

It seems every time I post someone has to be sarcastic or insulting, so I will take the time for once to prove you wrong.

Actually, it is quite feasible. Assuming we have the technology to surpass the speed of light, fly next to a black hole and not get drawn in and even pass through one as some kind of a worm hole, I have to assume creating a gravity well in front of a planet so that it is pulled from its orbit and follows that well is quite possible. If you want to know what makes that well, here are some choices. Any kind of solid matter, Dark matter, Dark energy, or Pure energy

See the thing is, gravity is the weakest of the forces in the universe, as an example, I can jump despite the entire planet pulling down on me. Breaking gravity is easy. If one where to make a gravity well say, where our moon is, and make it powerful enough, earth would get pulled towards it. Now you control that gravity well, so you move it alone, the planet follows, get some speed and then turn the well off… How is that unfeasible if you can fly through a black hole and not get torn apart, crushed or vaporized? You don’t needs to be a god to do anything; all you need is the science behind it, and technology to back that science up. After all, not long ago going to the moon was a fools dream, and science fiction.

Perhaps it is best that you think about the science before becoming so sarcastic.

Spore: General / Re: Coliding planets?
« on: July 27, 2006, 07:57:29 am »
Colliding two planets would take a little work if it’s the late stage of the game and you intend to wipe someone out. Early in our solar systems history there where tons of leftovers flying about that contributed to what it looks like now. Once a solar system settles there’s (comparatively) very little left flying around the solar system. Two planets also could not be on the same orbits. If that where to happen then one (the larger one) planet would upset the others orbit and they would either come together in an explosion within one of their years, meaning no life or hard crust for that matter would form, or one of the planets would be tossed out of orbit entirely (if a gas giant moved in) and the little planet would likely end up in the sun.

Based on all the solar systems we have observed beyond ours that actually seems to be common. There are gas giants as close to the sun as mercury at times, and often their orbits are ovals instead of a more circular orbit. This means that as the gas giants move into the inner solar system their massive gravity tosses the smaller rocky ones into the sun.

The only feasible way would be to tractor beam and entire planet and tow it into another, or use another planets gravity to slingshot it.

I intend to head into space, study, catalog and in general mess around with other races. Ill try to stay hidden by cloaking, make crop circles, abduct inhabitance and mutate then, then watch the result when I return them. Ill create bionic version of every creature, steal their flora and fauna for a zoo planet and mess with a planets climate and things like that. If im ever found out, well… it depends. If it’s a tribal race ill allow them to worship me, anything to civilized ill leave and not return, and anything advanced enough to challenge me will have to be destroyed to ensure my ongoing mission.

Spore: General / Re: New Screenshot of the Creature Editor
« on: May 09, 2006, 12:16:37 pm »
Forgive me if this has been posted, I haven’t been able to read all the pages here. I just took some time to look at the shots, looks like the stats on the right are Strength, speed, Stealth, Herbivore and Carnivore stats.

Thought I would point out however, that in the screenshot from the new video, that creature has seven stats, this one only five, wonder what the other two are, the shots to blurry I cant see it. (Cant remember where i got the screenshot from the video)

Also, stealth..thats awesome, I love stealth

Spore: General / Re: [Official] Spore Info Update Thread
« on: May 09, 2006, 10:33:43 am »
Oh no, I see a binary thread again  :P

How about Octal then?

No = 116157

Or Hex

No = 4E6F00

Err, there's no x or y in the equation; ergo, the results are irrelevant to the point being made.

I was assuming the two points where represented by X and Y.

Spore: General / Re: Wish list for the UFO.
« on: May 09, 2006, 07:46:48 am »
Well there’s enough do annihilate a planet, I mean you could terraform someone’s home world so that its not habitable to them, only you, so ill vote of three devices.

A cloaking device – For sneaking about
A crop circle tool – To mess with you
A sonic cannon – To watch the physics toss you about wildly.

Have you forgot the Sporative Identity Property of Multiplication?

Let Spore = x
Let oxygen = y



x > y

and thus Spore rules all.

Hey… that’s just two arrows pointing away from each other! <-----.   . ----->
So what your really saying is that point x is actually the right side, heading to the positive side to infinity, thereby being greater then O2 which is rapidly descending into obscurity because of spore.

Diablo 3 I’m sure will, if Bliz would announce it. WoW is pretty popular and eats of money and time. To me its not a competition against spore, its more a competition for your time.

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