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lol sorry I misunderstood your post :P

No wonder this forum died... it happens when mods and/or admins go power hungry. Anyway hey guys I am from the sagan 4 forum as well (Don't kill me please) and really would like to start from square one. As awesome as Sagan 4 is it has gotten to a point where their is so much set in stone in the phylums and so many additional rules that its not as free as it used to be. I would like to start again on a different world and if this forum doesn't want to do it I would really appreciate if someone pointed me to a forum that is more active and might want to. I am sorry if I sound snobbish here as I do not intend to ;)

Thanks kenobro!  :D

(Hi this is my first post here  :))

I voted gain intelligence and defenses

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