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Spore: General / Re: The Crash Diagnostic Topic
« on: December 12, 2008, 11:38:47 am »
Someone made a poll about who're experiencing problems patching:

That'd be me. You're preaching to the converted.

Or some other metaphor-thing.

That wasn't even the official list.  But, what's the big deal?  They are all extremes except for the one I chose.  You either hate, or worship it, despite all the choices.

I guess I am more of a KNIGHT, save for the worshipping 2005 and hating Chris Hecker.

That was the official list, just with ecologist added in, and the names changed.

Spore: General / Patches: fix or fail
« on: November 19, 2008, 08:06:06 am »
So people, there have been lots of anti-patch topics after every patch, so to try and clear up the confusion caused by patch-haters posting more to voice their hatred than patch-lovers, so here's a poll to let those that want to find out whether it is worth getting them, find out.

If that makes sense.

Just answer the poll, let everyody know if TEH PATCH BROKENED YOUR GAME!!1!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!...

...or not, as the case may be.

Spore: General / Re: The Crash Diagnostic Topic
« on: November 19, 2008, 07:48:47 am »
Thanks, but i'm going to wait until there is a


or something a little less shouty than that, if i have to.

Seriously, how many people have a problem with the patches?

Spore: General / The Crash Diagnostic Topic
« on: November 14, 2008, 08:26:54 am »


Please post crash problems that are bothering you but you can't think of an explanation for. If you have managed to fix a crash problem, please post it here too.


I'll start.

I have a windows Vista computer (can't remember which version at the moment, or what the specs are). I also have vanilla Spore (no patches or expasions).

Info about about my play habits:

I play it for an hour or two, then go do something else (eat, sleep, take a dump). I don't have many problems, unless I play it after my dad has been, although sometimes I do get a few problems. I play it on all Medium graphics.

I sometimes play differently however:

Play for a hour or two. Eat. Play for an hour...or three...(start lag here)...or four...(forget to save,serious lag,crash)

I personally think that it just gets too much for the computer to handle and it just gives up. Cant say I blame it, poor thing. So I shut down and leave it for a while.

Is it just burnout, or do other people experience random crashes without huge amounts of play time?

Sholudn't that be :


The spore cultist considers spore a religion and nothing less. Separate from the spore fanatic in that rather that considering spore the greatest videogame ever the spore cultist considerers it the greatest thong ever.  To them, Spore is like Jesus JFK and spam rolled into one and anyone who says anything even close to a negative about spore deserves militant execution arch enemy of the gritty Sporeist and the realistic guy. Can be found… everywhere actually

The spore fanatic considerers spore a totally awesome videogame. Unlike the spore cultist they don’t worship spore but they consider it superior to every other videogame. Less so in debt than enthralled. The fanatic will consider spore better than any game one earth and will also come to defend it. They fantasize the game play as perfect and buy every spore update and get every patch the second they are announced. Out there favorites bar is filled with spore sites and they have “spore buck” added to their Microsoft word dictionary.  They are allies with the cultist but enemies with the gritty sporeist and the realistic guy. Can be found on the Ign forums
The gritty sporeist considers spore dumbed down. They will crucify CHRIS HECKLER on any mention and will virtually worship the 2005 version. The gritty sporeist will ultimate want blood guts and lost and lots of fan service.   Gritties impose on spore and want to see the bones of their enemies crunch beneath his feet he frequently sends hates mail to public interest groups. Can be found in heavy amounts on the Gaming Steve Forum


The ultimate in new breed, believes new=good. Will throw spore out in the trash soon as spore 2 comes out and is always on the up and up. The opposite of the gritty sporeist the progressive says 08 betas 05 simply because the number is larger. Will always be looking to the up and up he will constantly be searching for the next hot thing. Can be found on spores illustrated gamefaqs and ign


The ultimate in intricacies sees spore as an art tool rather than the game, Will spend weeks designing goo d looking creatures with no semblance to game play (some don’t even play the game!) they see spore as an artist’s dream and will only use it to make their new works of art. The inverse of the extreme gamer, they will always sacrifice function to form.


The career player. The guy who sees games as machines to be conquered. This is the dude who will attach some random parts to a creature to boost its stats and will most likely be flying around in a white blob. The ultimate and achievement they have no use for creativity and will just pull the highest stat vehicle from the pedia and then boost it to heck. With no care for aesthetic values the extreme gamer will always fight for victory (or spucks) and nothing else.


The by the books guy this sporon will play by the rules of the game and the game only. These are the dudes who demand we change “credits” to  ‘spore bucks’ and will demand we all talk about spice. These rpers will randomly insert in game words like “T1” “phase” and mini laser” and will insert game creatures like pigfleas and long necked gurus to the rp. May be the result of rigid spore cultism or just OCD this dude will go no needs to make a spore game a spore game.


The ultimate in ea hate. Thinks the Evil alliance’s corporate greed seriously hashed what could have been a totally radical mellow. Thinks spore trippyness was eaten by the corporate suits at EA and that the sheeple of the masses totally couldn’t handle it when bombarded with ad slavery. The racialist, he thinks will Wright is an innocent man who the harsh reality of corporate America has tainted. Dude.


Will do anything to protect the game, whatever it takes. Thinks those that try to destroy it should themselves be destroyed.


The renaissance man of the biz he looks at its strengths and weaknesses sees spore as a good game but only a game. Has no problem turning of spore to play bball for a while and doesn’t have it permanently inserted into his computer (like me) .the fabled one. This dude leads a happy life and is the preferred mod.  Can be found… nowhere seriously guys he doesn’t exist.

BTW. I added ecologist in. AND I AM A WANDERER/REALISTIC GUY!!!


We just only live in zoos. :P

Spore: General / Re: What Determines an Early Creature?
« on: November 05, 2008, 08:17:36 am »
I have been going back and creating simple versions of my creatures with the early/simple creature editor... I cannot test drive them so I save them, reopen them and test drive them in the creature creator. I then tweak/reposition them to make their walk and animations look better... Then I re-save them. Does resaving them in the normal creature editor cancel out their 'early creature' nature? I want them to appear early in the game for people. What determines 'what' an early creature is? Is it the complexity level? The parts? Everything being '1' in the part stats? Just curious. I do notice there is a height restriction in the early editor. Any help would be much appreciated.

Not to be nasty to any one that hasn't read it, and I do understand that the title says NOTHING about early creatures, but I did post a thread about it.



<removed section> <why? because it was not useful to this post and it had negative things about me in it.> <hehe. propaganda...or something.>

I'm curious about how all these archetypes are used.  A little more explanation would be nice.

I'm assuming "CRG" is for creature game and "TRG" is for tribe.

<removed section>

You assume right. If you go on the US version of the site, and then the "Creatures and stories" section, there are five pictures at the bottom. If you try to save them (right-click, save picture as..) the creature picture is called "vignette-crg" and the tribal one is called "vignette-trg".

CReature Game and TRibal Game respectively. But hey, don't take my word for it, see for yourself, after all,

No offense.. but.. this is the interent, dont say anything without [edit] giving proof [/edit]

and btw, Prathik...

What does "interent" mean?

just kidding. Internet. I'm used to odd spellings when typing quickly. I do it all the time.

Quote from: me
I think - emphasis on "think" - that they are considering having the ability to call attack fleets from your homeworld in the space expansion.

Do you have the space expansion yet?

Does anyone?

Am I being really stupid?

And as for the allied ship slots, can you just fill them up with your own ships. I've been playing as a warmonger the whole time and would like to keep it that way...

Yes, you are.

But anyway, that's my bad deed for the day over. :D

And now for the good one:
In space, the enemies always have fleets of ships, with 3 or 4 big ships and loads of little ones.

Is there anyway of getting this yourself?

I think - emphasis on "think" - that they are considering having the ability to call attack fleets from your homeworld in the space expansion.  ;D Finally!
Also, if you are a Warrior/Warmonger/RedInAllOfTheStages/use the setConsequenceTrait space_warrior cheat, you can call pirates to attack a planet and cause a distraction.

Sorry in advance if this dissapoints you, but you can't play it as an epic. Ever. Or at least until someone makes a mod/hacks the game to make it possible.

Now, on the spore site (USA version, which I prefer, even though I "should" use the UK one) the October 14th Sporeday update is a "how to make a sporecast ('cast)" video. As well as that, there is a graph/chart thing that shows you the neded stats for different NPC creatures, handy if you want to make a broad-spectrum 'cast.

This link takes you to the page with the data:

Sorry I can't get it into the post. I haven't worked out how to add tables yet.

Spore: General / Re: The Spore Achievements Thread
« on: October 15, 2008, 09:05:32 am »
It's not a bump if it's only been a day

It was near the bottom. That's my justification.

You don't have to say bump. Just make a post. ;)

I know.....

But big, glowy, inyaface text is just so much fun!! I couldn't resist...  :P

Spore: General / Re: The Spore Achievements Thread
« on: October 14, 2008, 08:44:25 am »
I hate to do this, but, as it is such a good thread.....




Candid Camera - take (and post) a video of the following three things :
  • Cheiftain of tribe toasting/burning marshmallow over the fire;
  • Cheiftain of tribe acting as if he has stepped in something "unmentionable" (poo, for those who like to be vulgar)
  • Tribal child runing around in circles and collapsing

Needless to say, there is no need for it to be one long video.

The next one requires a small amount of knowledge of British TV, because the achievment title is the first line of the theme of a show called Dad's Army. (Dad's Army was the unofficial name given to the Home Guard, the defence of britain comprised of "those full of vigour and experience, but too old to join the regular army". They defended England by mining bridges, acting as Air Raid Wardens and making signposts point the wong way.)

Who do you think you are kidding, Mr. Hitler? - become a city with the superpowers gadget bomb and ICBM strike. Try to get all cities but your main one and another owned by another empire to belong to a third empire. Your city will be either England or America. Ally with the other single-city empire. then use the unlockSuperWeapons cheat to get ICBM strike. Post a video showing you then using it.

Apolgies to any Germans on this forum.

Spore: General / Re: The Spore Achievements Thread
« on: October 13, 2008, 12:43:36 pm »
Earl Grey - Have your creature "teabag" another.

Spore: General / Re: MAJOR error in Space Stage
« on: October 09, 2008, 03:07:30 am »
Three times (not counting the numerous restarts to try again) now I have been blocked from exiting my solar system by one incredibly annoying bug;

1. I enter Space Stage, fly through the orbs, scan, collect, deposit, and kill the selected creature... OK, fine.

2. I buy the interplanetary drive... Ok still.

3. My homeworld gives me the mission to find the crashed ship. But hold on a second, something is wrong. Instead of an ordinary planet name, it spits out something like <ufo_crash_planet_unknown>

4. I shrug off this oddity and go to the planet where the crash is supposed to be (the spiceless T3 planet with only plant life). The moment I leave my homeworld, I get thousands of little info chirps, telling me that my homeworld has a new assignment for me. Another problem.

5. I ignore this and go to the crash planet anyway, but get no cutscene or radar pings. More trouble! One time I even located the crash and scanned it, but it did nothing....

6. Frustrated, I head home. The "Contact Aliens", "Expand", "Find Rares", "Terraform" missions are all open to me. However, if I try to take them, I get "We're sorry, but that option isn't open" or something simmilar.

7. So now I sit, stuck....

Note: I have tried this as a Warrior, an Ecologist, and as a Shaman. I have reached Space sucessfully as an Ecologist before, though.

Has anyone found a cause or a fix to this bug?

Nope, sorry man, can't help you.  However, I can commiserate, I guess, because I have a similar (though it seems less serious!) problem in one of my recent save games.  I'm at the very beginning of space stage, and I've saved right after they've told me to go scan the planet for te ship.  Once I get to the planet, it does the whole 'something is coming up on the radar' message, or whatever they say, and then instead of the usual dark green scanner screen, it turns a plain bright green without any image, while the music plays.  It does this for longer than it should, and then the message comes up that there is a ship to scan on this planet.  However, once that cutscene clears and I'm back in game, there is no ship to scan at all!  None whatsoever!  So I'm stuck in my solar system in that save game (which stinks, cause I was really looking forward to playing Space with that species....).  This is my only savegame that does this, all the others are fine, and I've only had Spore crash 1 time before, without any problems.....I don't understand why its doing this!!!!

I'm back peoples. Yes, me, the lurker. I have for long Lurked on these forums, but not bothered posting. Now I am, for I am helpful.

To fix these bugs (both of them, I think!), start a new game, in space with that species, then delete the original game. Voila! FIXED!!!!


that wouldn't work, cause then you'd be a Wanderer, i.e. no bonus abilities granted by the first four stages.  Also, you would have to change planets, and that's no fun!

Right, sorry for the nested quotes, etc., but my solution does work, at least for me. If you use a race you made before, the game remembers what path you took, and keeps that, even if you start with that race in space.  ;D

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