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I looked around all your stuff, you have some really great things, I commented on 2 and left thumbs up on some others as well... I'm just kinda picky about how things animate, so I won't rate things up if I don't think it animates well (I won't rate it down unless it is offensive, and obviously none of yours are even close to that!)

If you want i got 2 little youtube anim of mech cyclop mkII, better than nothing . It's all I have if you're interested... however I assure you the'll animate pretty well :)

ps:  and thx for the comment, you got some cool stuff too!;)

Hi, I'm Markhas I'm new to this forum. Sometimes I post on the spore official, but here is not bad too;)
What do you think about this series? I hope you like it, is my pride, my preciouuusss

Nascorp Series

Check mine others creation too if you want and if you like them 
Thx to all who'll comment, I'll return the comment as soon as possible

PS : removed and re-posted in the right forum section :) thx to ppl who greeted and warned me on the other post:)

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