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Spore: General / Re: City Building Grouping?
« on: April 03, 2009, 01:25:29 am »
YES! In the tags, add set:(whatever the set name is) and the game will group them together if all the buildings in the set have the same set tag.

The biggest annoyance is that this tag (which is invaluable, imo) is like a freaking secret. Nowhere ingame does it tell you about it -- I found it myself by accident. I believe it works with vehicles as well as buildings, too.

Spore: General / Re: My Thoughts on the Creepy and Cute Parts Pack
« on: November 18, 2008, 09:34:57 pm »
SO you can't d/l any of these creatures without the pack? Meh... as if not being able to make them wasn't enough.

Spore: General / Re: Maxis reacts on "science vs. cute" debate
« on: November 09, 2008, 02:25:46 pm »
They need to put some actual roleplaying tools in the game then, just sayin'.

A game that expects you to pretend you can do things in it in order to be fun just missed the point of it's own existence.

Spore: General / Re: Spore on Fortune Magazine Top 9 Technological Flops.
« on: November 09, 2008, 12:23:05 am »
I'm quite glad that it didn't become a big hit, because that would have legitimized the decisions they made to appeal to the mass market, which certainly didn't work.

Hopefully any new iterations of the game will be more like we expected.

Unfortunately, what actually happens when a game fails is that it doesn't get any new iterations.

Spore: General / Re: Maxis reacts on "science vs. cute" debate
« on: November 09, 2008, 12:16:51 am »

Sometimes it seems that this forum is just kids.

*looks at all the above responses*
Wow, You know what? You're absolutely right.

:-\ Some of you guys need to grow up.

Sometimes I'm seriously tempted to submit certain threads here to FandomWank. =P

I want more content in the phases. Creature and Space. More things to do. Stuff packs don't interest me as much as content packs. Right now the game sorely lacks in any content. Some more Sim-like things in all the phases would help a lot.

But yeah, I haven't picked it up in a while. And with WoW's expansion only two weeks away, I'll be tied up with that for the next six months or so instead of paying attention to Spore.

And that kind of makes me sad.

Spore: Creation Corner / Re: Found some old sketches...
« on: October 14, 2008, 03:06:06 pm »
Those are great designs, they translated to 3D really well!

Spore: General / Re: First Expansion: Cute and Creepy Parts Pack
« on: October 14, 2008, 03:04:26 pm »
I was not interested in the parts pack until I saw those screenshots... now I HAVE TO HAVE IT. =O

Spore: General / Re: StoryBook Planet!
« on: October 05, 2008, 01:43:59 am »
I found one that was supposedly marshmallow themed, but I didn't really get a 'marshmallow vibe' from it. I didn't take pics tho.

Spore: General / Re: What expansion would you like to see first
« on: October 04, 2008, 03:18:07 am »
  • The ability to make a Dyson sphere. It costs a lot of money, even more than the planet killers, but it creates a hollow sphere around the selected solar system, which will make all planets with blue orbits green. It will also make the solar system invisible to others and also provides protection.
Or a Ringworld! =D

Spore: General / Re: First Expansion: Cute and Creepy Parts Pack
« on: October 04, 2008, 12:58:26 am »
Well, don't forget that the entire point of the sims was either to play the game, buying material goods to make your sims happy, or else to design goods/houses for other people to buy. Almost totally revolved around 'stuff' and getting more of it.

Spore, sure it's about the creators, but I think just making new 'stuff' endlessly is not as much of a viable option as much as using that stuff ingame. Which means, people want more ways to use their stuff ingame, especially at this point.

Denrin has some VERY cool stuff:

Spore: General / Re: First Expansion: Cute and Creepy Parts Pack
« on: October 04, 2008, 12:30:02 am »
I think they sorely underestimated how creative people were going to be with the 'basic' parts they shipped with the game. Most folks really haven't exhausted their ability to make unique stuff out of what we already have, but I think EA was expecting people to feel more limited and want this more than it turned out is the case.

I want a Creature Phase/Space Phase expansion. Gameplay options > more parts.

Spore: General / Re: Majorly P***ed off
« on: October 04, 2008, 12:23:34 am »
The need to fix the bug where your own creatures don't show up in 'My Creations'. There's no way I'm opening and editing the almost 200 creatures I made before the full game, just so I can have them in the right folder (and be allowed to create a planet theme using them).

The game recreating creature's I've deleted and also making copies for ever single save is also ridiculous. There's way too many redundant copies of creations floating around. With almost 30,000 d/ls now, it's impossible for me to weed out all this stuff, and everytime I log in and see another new 50 evolutionary steps of the same creature/vehicle recolors I just want to give up and play offline for the rest of my life. =/

Auto uploading creations needs to be removed. Let people be able to control what they share, how many of my buddies make/edit something they don't want to share, but it gets uploaded to me before they can delete it from their profiles?

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