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PC Games / Rainbow Six - Vegas(PC-DVD) and the Xbox 360 controller
« on: February 10, 2008, 12:22:51 pm »
Hi I just found out that I have to use this 360 controller on my pc in order to play Vegas. I am used to playing it on the PS3. The buttons are totally screwed up on this. I don't like the way they are programmed. I am dying left and right because of it. I have tried to change the function of the buttons, but I can't. I can only change the mouse and keyboard functions. Which is no help because I want to use the controller not a keyboard and mouse! I like pc games but this is one thing that makes me want a console. I am sick of the mouse and keyboard. CARPEL TUNNEL and too many buttons to remember. Anyway. Has anyone successfully found a way to change the button functions around? Thanks for any help.


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