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Spore: General / Spore has finally arrived in Mexico
« on: October 27, 2008, 12:23:25 pm »
Just thought i'd share this here...

Spore has finally arrived on stores in Mexico... after more than a month's delay...  :o :o
i'm not from Mexico, but i'm living here for a student exchange... and i was asking around on stores last month for when they were expecting to have the game, and they told me they were expecting it for around Oct 9... well, that's not what happened... it only arrived this week!!!

as it seems, shipments of spore were stuck at the mexican customs all this while and only now they've been released

well, i had my downloaded copy already, but i can't help to feel bad about this... it seems ridiculous that Spore would be delayed here so much....

anyway... rant over... just wanted to tell you guys about it



Spore: General / Re: Asymmetry Mod for all editors..
« on: October 23, 2008, 08:41:36 am »
i tried this assymetry mod and for me it worked very well... granted i only made a vehicle, which doesn't really do any complex animations... but it turned out a nice little millenium falcon, and it's saved too

what felt a little amiss was that the cockpits still won't budge from the centerline of the vehicle... so no B-Wings yet...

i feel that the vehicle editor limits you so much it severely caps creative freedom... it would be much better if ALL parts could float and not attach to each other... or better yet, a way to toggle part snaps

Spore: General / Re: My impressions about Spore and a question
« on: October 19, 2008, 10:42:36 am »
thanks for the suggestions!!

i did the Spore_Game.package tweak to increase the time between attacks... it seemed to work when i first started the game, but the next day it seemed to have defaulted back to normal...

then i decided to eliminate the enemy that was sending all those attacks... taking out their colonies was easy... but i was too weak to go against their homeworld with firepower alone... so i proceeded to suck all the atmosphere out of their planet with the cloud vacuum and let them asphyxiate to death  8) hehe, that was fun

now i don't get that many attacks all the time... but the pirate raid frequency seems to have increased.... it's like there's a quota of attacks that must be filled every hour or so...

will see about this mod now


Spore: General / Re: My impressions about Spore and a question
« on: October 16, 2008, 12:45:25 pm »
Ok here's a follow up on my impressions, now that i've reached Space Stage

Tribal seemed that it was going to be a drag when i first started... probably because of the pace change it imposes right after Creature... but after a while it became a lot of fun too... same with Civ...i had a bit of trouble transitioning between stages... but after i got the hang of it, they turned out to be quite fun... (tribal and Civ didn't feel too shallow for me... mostly because i'm not a big fan of overcomplicated RTS games)

Space on the other hand has a MAJOR downer that almost ruins the entire stage completely.... enemies will attack, pirates will raid and my planet will fall out of ecological balance EVERY FIVE MINUTES!!!! i can't express how extremely annoying it is to have to babysit your planets all the time.... i can't even describe all the other features to a proper extent because i am CONSTANTLY forced to stop whatever i'm doing and go save my helpless colonies from destruction....
all the stuff you can do in Space Stage seems like so much fun, but i can't imagine spending hours terraforming a planet without being interrupted hundreds of times just to kill off a couple of enemy ships

well... that's my biggest peeve with Spore so far... everything else seems like a lot of fun


*eats cookie*  ;D

it took me a good amount of time to figure out that different species in Space have different rates for Spice and other tools... no wonder making money was so hard at first  :P

now it's a breeze... buy low, sell high... and you're set... no need to even collect your own  8)

oh and i still don't know what that little UFO bar on top of the badge bar on Space Stage means... is it possibly your progress towards the center??  ???  :-[

it took me a good amount of time to figure out that different species in Space have different rates for Spice and other tools... no wonder making money was so hard at first  :P

now it's a breeze... buy low, sell high... and you're set... no need to even collect your own  8)

Spore: General / My impressions about Spore and a question
« on: October 06, 2008, 08:38:09 am »

finally!! after nearly 3 years of waiting, i finally got my hands on Spore yesterday  ;D ;D ;D
(i'm living in Mexico, and for some reason, the game got here A MONTH late  :o )
i won't dwell too much on how unbelievable it feels to actually be playing Spore after so long a wait it seemed it would never be released...
so here's my impressions of the 3-or-so hours i've spent playing so far...

my fear of the game being dumbed down to the point where it's not playable or fun are gone... even the cell stage was so much fun (and that was the one i was least interested on)
the graphics don't look as cartoonish as i was expecting.... it kinda comes down to what you make and how you wanna play it... (i just hope some blood mod comes along eventually)
and the gameplay is actually deeper than what i thought it would be.... i think i had my expectations so low, i would inevitably be pleasantly surprised....

i reckon i am still in creature stage... and i'm taking my sweet time... the last thing i want is to rush through every stage just to see how they are... the real entertainment value in this game for me is in 'letting it go' and not analyzing or critisizing too much and just go where the game takes you

so the first thing i did when i opened the game was go into the options and disable every hint and tutorial i could... i found that the less the game tells you what to do, the more fun it is...

also a great deal of fun comes from playing 'realistically', as in the creature evolving gradually, not changing colors on every new breed, and when playing a wild creature, acting wild, and not reasoning too much (you know your creature isn't doing much reasoning at that point either)... i found that the more you get 'in' the game, the deeper it becomes...

a bit like playing the sims... if you're just playing to see what your sims can do, it becomes boring fast... no matter how many expansions you throw at it... but if you get 'in' the game... you come up with your own little universe, which is greatly immersing and rewarding (i have to admit i couldn't do that in The Sims... way too girly theme to actually get into... i had my fun killing them and making supermodel sorority houses  ;D )

so the main point of fun in this game for me is freedom... to make my own decisions and play t the way i want to play it... which now leads me to my question

is there a way to disable those in-game goals?? it really detracts from the whole 'freedom' aspect i'm going for...

just disabling the goal boxes on-screen would be enough... the actual rewards don't really need to be disabled... i just don't want to know what the goals are... until i achieve them

well... that's my impression of Spore so far... and i must say, it's been really positive up to this point


Spore: General / Re: Colour Issues anyone
« on: September 05, 2008, 08:51:20 am »
Press WinKey + R (Run), then type dxdiag, go to display tab, there it should show you what video card you have, and the driver version

this works in vista the same as in XP


Spore: General / Re: You can view your creatures attacks in CC.
« on: August 25, 2008, 05:36:45 pm »
No.  Point and click (double-click?) with the mouse, then hold a left or right arrow key down.  Sometimes it will keep heading in the direction you clicked while, at the same time, it spins.  I'm not sure if you have to hold the mouse button down (I don't think so).  Basically, the animation looks like you would if you started spinning while walking in a straight line, or like a car skidding out.

or you can also hold A and E, or D and Q to get the same 'spinning donuts' effect... and if you hold Q and A or vice-versa, you can spin with your butt facing the center

not much use for actual gameplay, but they do spin donuts better than a Skyline  ;D


Yes, but what I'm saying is that the one I made didn't get saved internally. It's not on there for me to take a picture off or even point out and say "hey, I did that one". :P It's not important. Nevermind.

did you register on the site? i think it won't store if you don't register... other than that i don't know... maybe try again?

It saves. The Exodus one is on there. Others are on there. There must be a way to save if somehow if it's showing up in the Gallery.

It saves internally... but as far as i know there was no way to export an image out of it... since it's flash based and all...
i think it might be generated on load, based on the images you chose and their positions... you know, procedural  ;D

The one I did didn't save correctly

it doesn't really 'save' the card you made... to get the image i had to print screen and then upload the image to photobucket...

oh and i made it based on the 250 arco 'feature' of SimCity 2000... but SimEarth could work as well  ;)
thanks for the nice comment!


Spore: General / Re: Find these creatures?
« on: July 19, 2008, 05:04:44 pm »
i downloaded and reverse-engineered these creatures... i was surprised to find that none of them actually used glitches  :o

the galleon took a bit of searching to find where everything was hidden... but they're just plain creative!!

these guys did an awesome job!!

ha! that's neat!! nice find there

here's the one i did:

Space Stage FTW


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