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firstly thanks for the time and advice -

Hmm, not sure what you mean there. --- You could essentially hand-rear clusters of planets if you have the attention for it, but if you're thinking more along the lines of crazy-putty shaped planets, I think we already had confirmation we'll be using the standard sphere only.
>>> yes im sure you could go to an barren system, and mod it willingly. however what i meant was going to say an empty patchof space - wether u can call space by patches... but yeah. go to a patch of space, and hit the button called like god tool or something, and literally create a sun [or 2 :P ]. determine its energy range - light/heat. then you enter planets in starting with the closest. defining the course of the planet, and the time it takes to orbit - then its landscape style, but all the planets entered are barren rocks, or gas giants etc. and you cant enter as many as you want -with in reason. so by setting the suns heat/lgith, those on long and wide orbiting arcs may be covered with ice at the furthest point, and be barren rocky for the close part. [which raises another question, are there going to be planetary seasons??]
that is what i meant, becuase it would be fun with in the game, but also leave the fun emphasis of philosophy open to new players - so if will W made my intial system planet, then this system im making, will a new player get this one!? what you think ?

so I guess as long as there is enough land/shallow area to set up a civilisation, it could be fun to play the marshes or maybe just a planet of archipelagos.

yea that would be equally as cool, but i had this waterworld in mind similar to that of underwater which then grows vertically out into the air. BUT what would be interesting is similar events such as global warming with lower altitude cities being flooded etc and then creating mobile floating settlements. which is then a completely new direction. i think spore when complete will be a tremendous achievement although realistically anything can be possible in a game. yet no game can truly cover all these possibles. unless editors of the game engine themselves are provided enabling player to make their own expansion packs if you like. however i was really looking forward to a world with an sky continent, to build on - like in FF12. dream on eh.

[/personal content junkie]
HA. but also i see your point, for the prefix to this silly tag of yours. unless... it wasnt directly underground and that the landscape was dug deep into to create a settlement, similar to that of the lil housing luke skywalker lives in, the one in the first star wars film, with his foster rents. [this isnt a opening for a technicallity star wars rant thank you all audiences, merely a creative insight] [/end sub rant]

After all, the creature stage would be rather boring if all you did is sit and wait for whole generations...
WOULD IT REALLY i dont know, they might have psychic communciation and actually developing the highest of all cultural stability. if they cant move then they cant fight about it.... but to answer sensibley um i sorta meant as environmental hazzards *half-life cough*

nd if anyone comes off cranky, its mostly because we've already discussed practically every conceivable topic to death and back. :3

well seeing as i havent been hit with a wave of insults, and your extensive reply, i havent done too badly lol.thanks again


other replies and shiz:

to: Xoatl_169
hunting and tactic system is a must see espacially the buildings and such that you can create at the time and unlike civ stage im guessing in the tribal stage you can control your people better becuase its only a group. The types of weapons and clothes will also be very intreasting. But what really I want to amaze me is the interactivty with other tribes.
firstly i wasnt aware of tribal tactic types as a direct feature, i was under this impression it was sort just rpg point and click on that ugly creature and eat it.
also the interaction would be cool, but i am also interested largly in design elements, especially architecture. im truly hoping the tool for architecture are complex as in diverse, but still well used.


black holes and orbitin planets-- dont get me wrong here. but i thought planets rarely orbit a black hole and mainly just dissapear randomly inside them. although theres a though - ride the spiral to the end..... :p  tool and spore. pwnd.

to: i am THE cheese. brie or cheddar?

Say you have a system where there is a smaller star and a planet both orbiting a larger star.

The smaller star has a highly eccentric orbit, and approches the planet closely every 15 years.

Life on this planet would become dependent on this 15 year cycle.

Perhaps a warming of the atmosphere would trigger a quick reproductive cycle followed by a death cycle as the creatures burn to death. The eggs and seeds would all have a tough heat-resistant shell that would open as the temperature cooled. The plants and animals would then hatch and begin their next 15 year cycle.

Such a planet would probably not have many large plants such as trees, as wood takes a long time to create. It would also probably not have any mammals or other live-birth animals.

This sort of system would work in Spore provided we could make our creature's eggs heat-resistant while making the creatures themselves vulnerable to heat, and by making the newborns not reliant on adults for food, as well as giving them a 15 year lifespan, having them reach maturity at 14 1/2 years and having the eggs require 6 months to hatch.

glad you raised this, i did think about the lack of vegetation and such, and that life spans would degrade. however you make good points of heat protective eggs, which raises a point of can in the upgrade editor have a function that makes eggs more protective to predators? or alternatively is there a way of defence mechanism or pwning the bad guy after hes just eaten you stuff. like poisoning?

also what is the time scale in spore?! what speed does ingame time travel at or relative to? beacuse as you said different sized worlds would be be effected differnetly. so some races, if time isnt managed properly, could end up being ahead of others. if thats possible seeing time is infinite, please say that made sense... ha it did in my head.

thank you.

and that is a definate shame. is there anything in particular you are interested in seeing.
my interesing is mainly on the planet details and watching everything evolve. but i also like the idea of creating my own solar system.


a long post but some interesting thoughts? in sections for easier discussion.  *encourage critique etc*

space/system question --------------------

i was thinking. what if the solar system, that your creature is given life in, has more than one sun.. like in say pitch black.
straight from the movie in terms of the planetary alignment and that -not vin diesel, although it would be funny if some made a riddick creature -

a solar system with multiple suns, would hold planets which are more likely to be barren and arid - depending on their dist from these suns.
i raised this point, becuase evolution of creaures especially our own has been effected greatly by this simple [or complex] point. seeing as your creature will be effected by its home planet, which is then effect by its solar system, the evolution of a creature would chnage dramatically. we live on 24 hour day night cycles, but what if with 2 suns there was a full light and half light cycle [ sun A might be closer than sun B] but also a point of total blackness.

all the shots of spores solar systems are based on our own, not that this is a problem, i have no criticisms for this game at all, was just thinking outside the box for more possibilites.

also ufo can terraform, but maybe then create our own designed 'perfect' solar systems??? surely this will bring full cycle to the game and just bring some ironic light on creationism or whatever the term catholicism uses.

planet question  ---------------

as for planets. thinking like stuff from star wars games.

what about planets completely water based? [complete underwater cities, that finally rise above sea level]

 or gaseous, with smaller floating rock masses inside... this would have creatures that fly continously... and rest, and establish cities on these floating landmasses.

arid planets with multiple suns might need underground area of establishments... like pitch black say...

also planets with odd gavity? environmental effects etc

creatures ------------------

can the ecosystems have just herbivores?

i know theres a part in spore fro balancing out these ecosystems, however could evolved creatures all be herbivores and still be sentient, and have developed minds, and therefore the ability to create cities and culture.

can there be molluscs [spellcheck me on that] - as in barnicales etc or similar creatures that attack based on perimetre.

cities/settlements ------------------

thinking final fantasy now...

but air cities? which would be very cool, especially if the planet is say all water.

- so yeah long post, but these are just a few thoughts, hopefully mr Wright will read this and creature even more vastness...
*advanced critique encouraged*

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