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Everything Else / Re: Parkour
« on: May 17, 2007, 12:02:39 pm »
Very informative, luckily I already know how to roll on my shoulder to avoid damage and have done it from height before.

Thats good and pain will tell you if you mess up. However when you move to concrete it WILL hurt somewhat but alot less then it would if you rolled improperly. Most traceurs agree that even if you trained for years that landing over 12 feet is too dangerous. I once fell off of a 15 foot zipline about the hit the ground headfirst. Before i knew what happened i was on my back, My girlfriend who had seen the whole thing told me i rolled even though i came down head first i rolled with my shoulder. It pretty much saved me and i had done it instinctively i don't rember doing it. Even so had it been concrete and not grass my shoulder would've been shattered.

What i'm trying to say is not only roll good make it come second nature. You don't need to roll everytime you land..likely above four feet IMO. But you shouldn't need to think in mid air whether to roll or not.

Also i forgot to mention this earlier.  If you're about to attempt something its normal to be nervous. However if you are pretty scared WAIT and calm down you do not want to decide to bail half through. If you start a move finish it this will help you avoid injury too.

Theres only been one noted death in parkour where some kid tryed to jump of his school..he was likely inexperienced. Common injury's are minor bumps and scratches expect lots of theses. Next to that its quite common to land wrong and twist or break you're ankle. Broken bones and deep gash's are uncommon but do happen. The chances of such can be reduced by body conditioning  careful practice and take things slow. Most injury's are from people who get overly excited and try hard stuff before they are ready. I mentioned earlier about flips and they are fine when used efficiently but when flipping you have alot less control and the chances of injury are large.

Heres a video of bails. Its not meant to scare anyone or push you away its to inform you.

This ones funny but an example of what happens when you have second thoughts half way through a movement.

This is one of david belle inventor of parkour crashing.

I know its myspace i'm sorry but i couldn't find it elsewhere. Its somewhat graphic mind you its a bunch of really bad wipe outs. Alot of the wipe outs could've been prevented had they not been showing off with flips. Most of this was just trying to show off.

Everything Else / Re: Parkour
« on: May 16, 2007, 04:37:48 pm »
*is glad you're back*

Too bad i'm not in all.

anyway, I'm guessing gymnasts would be better at parkour?

Hmm...I know a gymnast....a very young gymnast. But still.

Well sorta a gymnast is already used to certain movements and are normally in good  physical shape so they have a starting advantage.

If you're interested but not in shape you can still practice just don't try to land from height or you could risk damaging you're knees. Rolling climbing and running are all fundamentals before landing from height and such moves as the king kong. You can practice the fundamentals without much risk to injury and its good exercise. Make sure you stretch well though.

Actually though if you're impatient like me you can actually practice some moves under theses conditions. NOT on concrete and NOT high up. Thats the main thing here that will hurt an inexperienced traceur. 

For example this king kong would be safe to practice assuming you had a nice soft grass area beneath you. Trust me grass will be you're best friends because if you goof up the king king  on a hard surface its gonna hurt.

However king kong is an advanced movement i suggest the following under the same circumstances above.
Speed Vault
Monkey vault
Wall run.

If you want a taste of parkour without a high risk of injury do the above on grass on level ground. Also just  running and jumping over things or climbing just be careful about climbing.

Everything Else / Re: Parkour
« on: May 16, 2007, 12:30:34 pm »
I remeber, vaguley, that someone on this forum was a big fan of Parkour (or it's sister sport, free running) and I was interested in any information or tips you could supply me with.

Y'see, I pretty much on impulse decided I want to do this sport. I'd hear of it before, watched a documentary on it a while back and dismissed it as 'Dangerous yet fun'. But, with no real cataclyst that I can see, I felt the urge to take up the sport. I though about it for a while and now I'm really sure I want to start. After all, I'm pretty athletic and in good shape, and I've had to do a few backgarden runners in my time, leaping over fences and the like, and the sport seemed very me.

I've emailed the British Parkour association about beginner classes being avaliable in York, as all I've been able to find so far are advanced classes. Presumably there are beginner classes aswell.

Somebody messaged me on xbox live and said someone had posted a parkour related question here. I decided i would come back for this thread only.

a few bigs things about starting out.

1: Workout you have to be in great shape. The pros suggest not landing over 2 or 3 feet until after one straight year of working out because of long term joint damage. If you're already in good shape this wont be a factor but keep working out.

2: Comfortable clothing. Loose jeans and long sleeve t shirts work well. And for the love of god get sneakers with padding you will regret it if not.

3: Start on grass don't go on concrete for a long long time. However i don't suggest using padded mats if you do you will be unable to know if you're doing anything right. The pain tells you that you goofed up and on a padded matt you could land on you're head and nothing hurt. Grass is you're best bet

4: first and foremost learn to roll rolling is the most important move. It keeps you from busting you're bones and hurting you're feet its how you don't die. there is no parkour without rolling. Only injured people.

5: be careful about parkour related forums. They are full of elitists who try to tell people what parkour is. Free running does not exist it was a made up term from elitists who didn't like people putting their own personal style in with parkour. The meaning of parkour is moving fast and efficiently as possible and sometimes a move will have to compromise one for the other speed to be efficient or efficient to be fast. Ideally you want both but different things work for different people. Only thing i can say is standing still doing a back flip is not parkour but if flip becomes effective in some way even if it sacrifices speed then it is parkour don't let no one tell you otherwise

Ill remain around here for this thread so feel free to ask any questions.

Everything Else / Re: "Bye, I'm leaving forever" thread
« on: April 12, 2007, 10:38:06 pm »
Well i have to made up my mind and this time i am actualy leaving. I'm tired of people judgeing my intelligence because i am a creationist and i am tired of all the rude comments toward my beilef, it just shows you who the real ignorant ones are. I am tired of nothing being said about them and me being unable to reply. I am tired of bias moderation and i am tired of the way people treat newbies. I am tired of those who don't like me following me everywhere. I am tired of fanboys and know it alls and i am just plain tired of this forum. It used to be great when i first joined in 05. But not anymore its not a fun place to be any longer. I can find another spore forum if needed so nothings holding me here. I am tired of people who play innocent in front of the mods but not innocent to you in PMs. CoughKrakowCough. I am tired of suck ups. I am tired of it all. And besides whats the point of staying somewhere your not liked very much?.

This forum is home to many kinds of people and beliefs. But only a few are respected and treated fairly not just regarding religion (and dammit if atheism ain't a religion you guys are sure as hell trying hard to be one). World views, Goverment, Sports, And thats just the cream of the crop.

I know annouceing your leaving means nothing no matter who you are nobody cares. But i figured i would go out with a bang ang bring something to surface. I seem to be the only one that does

Later guys and gals. Enjoy spore if it ever comes out i will be :D

Console Games / Re: Earth Defense Force 2017
« on: April 11, 2007, 01:08:08 am »
Gah i was afraid of that. I tend to ramble on when i REALLY like a game.

My only complaint is  no downloadable content and i normally don't care about online most of the time. Because i am sooooooo happy it has splitscreen. But online co-op too wouldve been cool when my fiance aint around.

Actually my biggest problem is that of alot of games. The community that follows it

On some forums for EDF people insist that the vehicles suck and are useless...cept i use them all the time and own with them. Anything with a slight learning curve = suck anymore..

In there sleep hows that satisfying? Having them slaughted in a mad panic as the fruitlessly try to escape the spinning blades of doom.

I think you missed the joke..not the spiders the weeds man. Weed waker >_>

Don't use too many for your own room 1 should be more than plenty. After that mow your lawn so the weeds aren't so high.

Yeah the room i use is pretty small. And yeah working on the weeds. Our mower would have a heart attack and die though. I might have to use the sickle... but that rusty piece a junk..i may need to buy one lol

You might want to cover your electronics and put the blankets away but it shouldnot harm anything. Keep food and eating things out of the room too. It sprays for about 20 mins and then settles and kills bugs. It's worth a try and not that expensive.

Alright that sounds good ill give it a shot

Just go down to the store and buy a box of home inscect foggers. Set them off in your room when your going to be gone for the day. Open a window to air it out and they should be gone. I don't think bleach is going to do anything. Just keep the dog away from your room for awhile.

Hey thats a great idea!. Would i need to move anything out of the room? like the 360 Television or blankets?

Get some Frontline or something, they sell it in most pet stores and it works like a charm.

Will do.

Make sure to get the dogs sprayed down with something too, they could be carrying things in.

I woulden't be surprised. Because i beileve i found a large source of the hunter spiders. about 10ft away from the house we have a small pasture feed with weeds that come up to your knees. I went to go back there and step on a bit of weeds. About 10 or 15 of the hunters took off just from that little bunch of weeds. And right now they are likely attracted to my room because its the warmest room in the house at least i got rid of the flies..

Wonder if flea powder would keep spiders off the dogs..

Everything Else / Re: Zombie fighting tactics
« on: April 10, 2007, 04:31:50 pm »
Swords not knives and my post was actually relevant to the discussion.

By all means anyone who thinks i made some mistakes (who has not) Don't keep quiet and make me wonder PM me. Because honestly..i cant find too guys don't know me so i wanna see how you guys percive me. And KS don't bother i know how you percive me  :-*

Everything Else / Re: Things you love, things you hate
« on: April 10, 2007, 03:57:49 pm »
I hate wireless controllers.

lol. Gaming from the bathroom.

Actually i seen an articule once where someone was so scared to play RE they played from thier bathroom..

Its mostly the batteries that annoy me

Oh yeah. I hate the price of batteries that last longer then 5 minutes!

lol. Creationism.

I thought about commenting on this and thought better of it. But that PM you sent me awhile back KS. Kinda ironic ain't it?

Oh yeah..i hate those who act innocent in front of everybody else but you

Everything Else / Re: Zombie fighting tactics
« on: April 10, 2007, 03:55:43 pm »
But you arent currently in possesion of a machine that manufactures solid gold chainsaw's either so we'll call it an even break.

Well no but i do possess a variety of guns and blades and a very atheletic body structure. But i think blades all together would be a bad idea against zombies. Unless you knew what the cause of infection was. Because it could be possible to get infected from the zombies blood. And i doubt your coming out clean with blades or chainsaws. Even gold ones

Everything Else / Re: Zombie fighting tactics
« on: April 10, 2007, 03:49:06 pm »
I'm just saying you can't make a reasonable judgement on whether or not a choice was a good one when you have no knowledge of the other potential outcomes. In a tight spot you're very unlikely to excersize a great amount of forethought, or consider the eventual outcome of an action. Adrenaline really forces you to think on your feet, and therefore robs you of the ability to pick what may end up to be a good course of action.
A guy in a zombie infestation on an adrenaline rush might waste precious bullets shooting a zombie that can't even reach him.

Yes thats a good point actually. I don't 100% *know* they were good choices but i do assume since i come out of them unharmed for example

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