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Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Re: The Communicant Invasion
« on: October 28, 2007, 08:48:46 pm »
Cardotyrannis IV

"Aha! They did prepare fireworks for my arrival!", said the Walking God in excitement. He watched as the firelds of mines lifted his armies high into the air atop columns of fire and debris. It was as if the planet itself resisted him, and had begun to fight back. The uplifted Communicants came crashing down to ground, crushing those unlucky few who landed first. Many had lost their shields in the explosion, and were either compacted by the weight of those above, or transformed into a fine mist by the mines. As the last bodies fell the great mounds of troops began to stir. Slowly the Regulars climbed out from under the mountains of their comrades, their shields weak but still funtional. The Communicant hills melted away back into their formations, and the charge continued anew.

"These are my people!', screamed the Walking God to any Torpals that would hear him, "It is by my will alone that they fall, no other!". He turned to his Holy Guard beside him, each now pulling themselves up from the explosion. "I want some Templars and Revealers to scout ahead and take care of any key targets, such as artillery or bunkers. Have them travel in parties of twenty, don't want them to be short-handed".

"Yes, my Lord!" The silent message went out to the Disjuntors intermingled with the hordes of troops. One by one they disappeared, teleporting to their forward targets.

Inside one of the mammoth Torpal tanks, a group of Templars telelported, and readied their calculations. One generated his M-0 shield around the others as they began the minute mathematical changes to the machine's workings, causing the vehicle to grind to a halt. They then began to corrode the tank's frame, causing it to collapse in on itself. Their job finished here, they Disjuncted to their next target.

Lol, couldn't resist throwing in a Batman reference in my last Invasion post  ;D.

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Re: The Communicant Invasion
« on: October 27, 2007, 11:11:01 pm »
Cardotyrannis IV

"Not today, rust bucket", said the Walking God with what could only be considered a smug. One of the massive Torpal machines had made it's way to him through a road of crushed and crippled Communicants. It now had one of it's robotic whips wrapped around the ascendant maniac, trying to squeeze the life out of him. The metal began to squeal and whine as the Walking God simply flexed his arms. With a sudden snap, He burst from the whip and grabbed it's stump with his left claw. "What, are you ignorant?" he asked the machine, "Are you stupid or something? Who the hell do you think I am?" His right arm sprouted the sigils for a powerful Disjunction.

"I'm the goddamn Walking God!"

He placed his right hand on the machine's hull, causing the entire vehicle to glow.


The mech's atoms were divided by zero, causing a cataclysmic explosion. The Walking God concentrated on the M-0 shield he placed around it, protecting everything from the universe-destroying potential of the calculation. An orb so black that no light excaped from it formed at the epicenter. Lifting his hand to the sky, he guided the orb to the attacking Torpal fighters, enveloping hundreds in the eliminating sphere. After it had consumed the Torpal fighters, it zoomed upwards to the attacking Torpal capital ships. Just before it struck any of the battleships, the orb collapsed in on itself, blinking out of existence. The Walking God couldn't stabilize the shield any longer, and snuffed out the oblivion he had created.

He fought to catch his breath after the exertion he displayed, relying on his Guard to defend him. A disjunctor rushed to his side, creating it's own shield for their exhausted god.

"Are you alright, my Savior?"

"I' fine.....just....(weeze)...over did it a little", the deity rasped out. "Give me a second to catch my breath. I am over three million years old, you know!"

"Yes, my Lord, I know. About the Capital ships; what should we do?"

"Have the carriers activate their linked-shields. It will cover up most of our forces. Hopefully we can get this over with before the shields fall." With a deep breath, the Walking God stood up straight, stretching his arms."There we go. Also, have the ground troops prepare our little surprise."

The carriers high above the battlefield fired a beam of energy out to each in the line, some of which were hundreds of miles away. The beams grew in intensity, and spread from end to end of each ship. Simultaneously they activated their M-0 shields, each one now stretching over to the other capital ships and radiating much farther outwards than usual. They covered thousands of miles of ground under their protecting umbrella, enough to surely protect the invading ground forces.

Underneath this protective caccoon, the ground troops surged ever forward, clashing with the torpal melee-fighters. Sparsely littered among them were the secret weapons. Nuclear missiles, each no larger than a Regular, but had enough power to level a city. Several of these rocketed to the sky, bursting in magnificent mushroom clouds. The Communicant troops below ducked and covered, actviating their energy shields. As the radioactive pyroclasm washed over them, their shields sprang to life, and whole swathes of Communicants glowed green in protective energy. Trampling their charred enemies, the newly empowered communicant forces pushed forward.


Cardotyrannis IV General's Quaters

"I have answered your summons, great warlord, but I must return to my calculations shortly. What is it you wish of me?", Zerone said patiently.

Ahh ok, cool  ;D.

Edit: Little worried about these 'Avatars'  :o. If they are half as strong as they sound, should be an interesting battle, lol.

Lol, awesome! But who is that supposed to be?

Edit: And my bad about posting too early Opera. Didn't know if you wanted me to attack first or vice-versa, lol.

Spore: Creation Corner / Re: All about the Terran-Ixians
« on: October 27, 2007, 08:08:41 pm »
     Some of you might have noticed that this guy looks like he's wearing a Spiderman costume for Halloween. Well actually, he's not. He is in the process of "programming". Programming is the manipulation of a multidimensional grid of "spore-space" through the application of both chaos and supersymmetric string theory ( and in order to reconfigure the distribution of energy, thus rearranging the particles and changing their characteristics towards the desired result.

Lol, that's pretty much exactly how my guys do Disjunction (which I described as an enhancement to traditional Chao Theory  ;D ). Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. It's nice to have more math-powered races in the galaxy  :D.

I'd like to see that huge spaceship they have at the center of the galaxy. That just sounds too cool  :D.

Hey Opera, I hope you don't mind but I began the attack on Cardotyrannis. Nothing too big, just a continent-sized army invading and a few artillery destroyed  ;D.

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Re: The Communicant Invasion
« on: October 27, 2007, 07:58:51 pm »

Out from the inferno slithered Nineight, now completely conflagrated in flames. Slowly he inched his way to the crippled Kratair, dragging his arm on the ground. The fire damaged his translator, his words now only coming out as the shrill screaming of Communicant language. Reaching his hated enemy, he gave a couple of chirps that could only be the harshest of insults. He lifted his newly-broken arm as high as it could go and straightened his Ribbon Blade. Putting his entire weight into the strike, he plunged his blade deep into the Kratair's neck, twisting the end as it went further.

He expelled his breath in a long, drawn out hiss, unable to breath from the flames laping at his face. Darkness overtook him as his eyes were blinded by the heat seeping through his damaged mask. The chemicals in his body finally gave out, sapping the last strength from him. His tail gave out, bringing him crashing down on top of the Kratair. His heart finally gave out, and the Templar was dead.

The Regulars continued their attack on the remaining defenders, trampling entire platoons under their feet. In their masks, the final rites prayer was played. They knew they were to die, and fought with the ferocity of those who had nothing to lose. Their shreiking cries rang out over the battlefield like the winds of Pandemonium. The pockets of resistance had the fury of hell on their heels.



The Templar brushed himself off as best he could. His once shining armor was now caked with a layer of dirt and twigs. He had been knocked out by the explosion, but the glowing green energy sheild around him easily pointed out what happened.

"I love this galaxy!", he screamed, "Everything is nuclear!". The radioactive ground continued to charge the shield, which was growing in intensity each second. He quickly scanned the area for survivors. He saw many of the Neiderk Communicants were dead, their armor not installed with the anti-nuclear shield. Several of the attacking Sneckt were still alive, no doubt saved by the shields and their prodigous bulk. Peeping out from behind rocks and inside treestumps were tiny orbs of green light; the Omicants seemed to have survived relatively unscathed. All around him were buried regulars pulling themselves out from the ground, as if they had been called back from the land of the dead. All in all there were several hundred survivors he could see.

'Not much, but we can get more', the Templar thought, his mind racing back to the portal clearing. "Alright everyone, we're going to retreat to the clearing and request some reinforcements. Until that time, we have to protect that ground!".

The remaining soldiers under his command began the quick retreat to the clearing, leaving the scorched ground behind.


CardoTyrannis IV

The Walking God walked out from his personal portal into an entire world in combat. As his Communicant forces charged at the entrenched Torpal troops, the defenders opened up with enough artillery fire to block out the sun. The titanic shells crashed down on the rank-and-file battalions like a downpour of meteors. Massive explosions tore through the continent-wide column of troops, sending millions tumbling through the air to come crashing down on top of their comrades. The sprinting Regulars rushed forwards, unphased by the carnage unfolding around them.

The Walking God had a hearty laugh. 'There's no way those gun-toting monkeys will survive this' he thought to himself as his four remaining carriers breached through their portals and opened a barrage of laser fire at the defensive ramparts. Out from their innards spilled millions of tiny fighters and the winged, insectile Largax Communicants. The Largax were a good addition to this battle, instead of using them only for their manufacturing abilities. Their flight would benifit the ground troops nicely; two hordes from both the ground and the air was far more deadly than one alone.

Several Disjunctors and Templars ported in near the Walking God. The Holy Guard commander bowed to his master, but was ignored. The Walking God had other things on his mind.

"Wait here for a second, I feel like having some fun", the deity said as swirling sigils around his body started glowing. Before the Guard could protest, he was gone...

He reappeared near the Artillery formations, landing on top of a Torpal engineer. "Heh, my bad", He said, not really paying attention to the crushed Torpal beneath him. He clasped his clawed hands together and began to consentrate. He had gotten the attention of many Torpal troops defending the artillery emplacements, who began opening fire onto him. The rounds collided with his armor and body, falling harmlessly to the ground. With a loud 'bang', he finished his calculations, and swung his massive arm at the barrel connections on a nearby artillery piece, shattering the machinery in one punch. The huge barrel came crashing down, right on top of the Walking God. It slammed down to the ground, crushing Oneight. As the dust settled, not a thing stirred as the Torpals looked at the massive tube that had apparently killed the invader God.

The cylinder began to shake, then was swiftly lifted upright into the air like a mighty tower, at the bottom of which was the Walking God. His body glowed brightly with Disjunction symbols. He screeched with joy as he strained his enormous muscles, bringing the artillery-club down on a group of Torpals. The bodies splattered like grapes under the weight of the barrel. With a roar, the Walking God brought his rediculously large weapon back into the air, and swung it into another artillery peice, destroying it and bending his weapon into a behemoth 'L'. A platoon of Torpal soldiers ran up to him firing their high-caliber weapons and reading explosive satchels.

"I'm going to go for a record with this one!", the Walking God yelled as he swung his club in a wide arc. It connected with the group of torpals, sending them skyward towards the horizon. As they flew through the air, their satchels went off, detonating the explosives in a bright flash of light. The Walking God took a moment to relish the excitement; "Ooooo. I didn't know they were preparing fireworks for my arrival."

The Guard finally teleported to His side, obviously strained by the mutlitude of Disjunctions necessary. One spoke up for the rest, between quick breaths. "My Lord, may we please return to the battle? You are over-exposed at this location."

"You know, I rarely ever have any fun anymore", Oneight pouted, "But I guess your right, that Demon is on this planet. Ok, back we go!". He dissappeared in an instant. The Holy Guard collectively groaned, then began to calculate their Disjunction for a third time.

Yeah, if anyone wants to jump into combat, the Torpal worlds are going to be a hellhole of bloody warfare fairly soon  ;D.

Well, it is a bit late, but I have no problem with them joining in  ;D.

Strengths: Ability to reprogram surroundings (much like disjunction), sense organs superb in sight smell hearing touching tasting and other unique senses including radiation and gravitational/magnetic anomaly detection, very intelligent, resistant to radiation, spontaneous recovery from damage, capable of phasing out, can change in size, can shoot lasers out of their three sensory organs located at the palm of their hands, Teleportation a.k.a. HyperLink(distance dependent on the amount of effort put into it), very very very very very advanced technology(on par, if not beyond Naucean tech)

That's a lot of strengths  :o. Might be game-over if the Communciants had to fight them.

[quote author=Yuu link=topic=10399.msg441449#msg441449 date=1193485102
Note: By teleportation, I am not GModding. They "teleport" by calculating the coordinates of every single particle in their body, calculating their destination, and then plotting the path every single particle will take in order to reach said destination. After that, they apply their complex knowledge of chaos theory(a theory in physics) in order to achieve "teleportation" using very little energy, on their part.

Pretty much how my Disjunctors get around. Heck, nearly everyone in the RP universe has some way to teleport, only difference is that our races can do it on a personal level. Just a question though; is every TI capable of doing it?

Spore: Creation Corner / Re: All about the Terran-Ixians
« on: October 27, 2007, 05:36:10 am »
Really cool. Love the body's design, very original  ;D.

     Much like the Communicants, they have mastered the art of Mathematics.

Moriadne was then able to convince all the other TI's to join their cause in liberating other enslaved races.

Uh oh  :o. Looks like my guys have one more race out for their destruction, one that's got the same strengths (and more)  ;D.

Keep up the good work, can't wait to hear more  :).

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Re: The Communicant Invasion
« on: October 27, 2007, 05:20:16 am »

His mechanical legs destroyed in combat, the Templar crawled with his one working arm away from the chaotic battle. Millions of Communicants scrambled this way and that, trying their best to stay alive and capture the Kratair troops under the deadly hail of laser fire and bombing runs. All across the battlefield personal shields began to fail from the sheer multitude of weapons fire. Even the boosting quality of the radioactivity wasn't enough to prevent an attack of this strength. Thousands of Communicants fell by the second, but millions more charged from behind to fill the ranks.

The Templar reached a relatively calm hiding place; a crater made by one of the many bombs dropped. He began a communication Disjunction, his arm glowing with blue sigils, opening a minute portal.

"This is Holy Templar Nineight, requesting reinforcements to aid in the convert-capture strike on Sherdia. We need anti-air support and Disjunction-capable troop deployment. Current force numbers approximately", he glanced at a casualty list on his HUD, "23 million, and dropping."

"Thank you for your timely battle report HT Nineight," said an unnaturally soft voice from the portal. "We regret to inform you that all available forces are being redirected to our Lord's planned target, and no further aid may be given with the exception of emergency Convert sitiautions."

"This is an emergency!", screamed Nineight into the portal. "We have several thousand captured, ready for conversion! They will be lost along with the rest of us unless we recieve reinforcements!"

"Understood", the voice calmly stated, "As per newly-sanctioned regulations approved by the Walking God after the Battle of Miali, we require a basic scan of the invaded planet's structural status before additional troops may be deployed."

"You've got to be kidding!!!", the Templar exclaimed. Several bombs landed nearby, blasting a cadre of Communicants into chunks that splattered on Nineight and through the tiny portal. 'Heh, hope that got you right in the face', he thought as he brought up the interface for his scanner. He began to list the results; "Atmosphere - Locally radioactive, within survival boundaries. Vegatation - Normal. Liquid Resources - Normal. Gravity - Nor..", he noticed the mark for planetary gravity was above natural levels, and rising. He couldn't believe it. He stayed quiet for some time, hoping that it would be overlooked.

"Repeat gravitational status, Templar."

'Damn'........."Abnormal. Above stable limits and rising....."

"We apologize but further assistance is denied. Our Lord appriciates your sacrifice for His glorious cause."

The portal closed, deftly avoiding all the rapid-fire insults and curses Nineight could think of. He wondered to himself if other Communicant commanders had to deal with this crap. Abandoning his tail-compartment, he crawled out of the crater. The hiss of steam and crackling of flesh accompanied him as he slithered across the radioactively-charged ground. He was too pumped full of chemicals to feel the pain, let alone care about it. A Kratair laid on the ground near him, incapacitated by the multiple administrations of tranqualizers. He slided over to the fallen warrior, and with one quick strike drove his Ribbon Blade through it's head. His fanatic fervor had faded into a blood-driven madness.

"Attention all Communicant troops!" he transmitted to all remaining regulars, "Pickup for the captured has been cancelled. Proceed with the Battlefield Atonement. By our Walking God's command; Kill!"

The throngs of warriors began to slay the captured Kratair, and the attacking troops no longer carefully placed their strikes to disable their enemies. They now struck directly for the head, slicing them off at the neck with wild sweeping motions of their wavy blades. Many lunged at the defenders, activating their Neural Nullifiers and cutting large swathes of troops down in a single detonation.

"If we are to die, I will prove my worth by killing every last one of you heathens!". Nineight lept at a nearby Kratair. His tail enveloped in flames, his eyes burning with hatred, he must have looked like a devil. A few second of battle proved that he fit the description.



Outside the Tal'po fortification, the Templar kneeled over a heavily wounded Tal'po soldier, with two more dead nearby. He had struck it down along with the others using a Disjucntion to enhance his Ribbon Blade's speed and dexterity, and now looked at the legless trooper, dissatisfied. With the battle behind him going smoothly, he decided to indulge in some performance refinements.

"Excuse me, my parapalegic friend, I have a question."

The Tal'po simply screamed in pain, clutching at his legs. The Templar continued, ignoring it's cries.

"Now, when I sliced through your friends here, more specifically that headless one and the one cut down the middle- lets call them....Topsie and Doubles- did you feel any kind of instability or degradation of my Blade's accuracy or sharpness? Was it quick and painless or more slow and agonizing?"

The Tal'po, regaining some of his composure, didn't answer, but instead lifted his rifle up and began firing into the Templar. It's shots reflected off of the Communicant's shining armor, obviously one of the finer models. Almost as an after-thought, the Templar brought his mechanical foot crashing down on the Tal'po's weapon, crushing it's hand in the process. Unphased, the Templar's musing continued.

"Well I suppose there's no way for you to know how sharp my blade is normally, as I have only sliced you with it once...well, twice technically, considering your two legs. How about a fresh persepective?"

He brought the blade down deep in the soldier's arm. The Tal'po screamed in anger and anguish, his eyes full of rage.

"Now, how did that one feel, as apposed to the previous applications?" He could feel the blade slice into the bone and snap tendons. He shrieked in pleasure at the torment he was creating, oblivious to the screams from his own troops behind him. Only the reddish glow of the sky got his attention. He looked up, seeing the sanguine destruction rushing towards him.

"Hmm.......that's not good-"


Staging Planet Feriof II

The Walking God looked over his armies from his hovering platform. Laid before him was his creation, the culmination of three million years of rule. A force too large to fit on a single planet, or even a dozen planets. Scores of worlds stood ready, with continents of troops waiting for his command. He had looked over each specifically, and with this final army, he knew he'd be prepared. As he stared at the sea of soldiers that stretched to the horizon, he couldn't help but be reminded of the failed attack on REDSTAR. If it hadn't been for that forsaken assualt, this day might not have come. Whether or not that was a fortuitous occurance was beyond the deity. If it hadn't happened, Zerone would still be in hiding, waiting for his time to strike, and there would have been no fight to regain The Offering. But there was little time to condsider that which could have been.

'This battle will be the end of this', He thought, 'one way or another'.

Silent for the entire time nearby was Fouronesix. Despite his age, he understood what this army's purpose was, and the consequences of their failure. He hung his head low, considering what would become of his Father, all of the followers that he loved to play with, the worlds themselves, once this battle is over. He half-heartedly wanted to plead for his Father to call off the attack, to leave the Demon to it's evils. He knew that there was no going back now, no matter what he said.

The sigils on his body still glowed brightly after the Omic attack near the temple grounds, with no sign of dimming. He wondered what they were, and why Father had burned them onto his skin. A slight tremor shook his body as he remembered the rituals that were used. The pain was intense at the time, but now it seemed like a distant memory, as if the pain had been blocked somehow.

Before he could delve deeper into his own thoughts, Fouronesix felt a massive claw touch his shoulder. He looked up to see his Father stooping before him; the deity's eyes welled up with water. The symbols on his body began to glow even brighter as symbols on the Walking God's arm began to form. A low hum permeated the air, and he could feel his body getting lighter.

"Fouronesix, I want you to be safe. You will be fine where I'm sending you..."

"Father, I can't-"

"Listen!", the Walking God's voice was full of fear, but not for himself. "If we are successful, I will come for you. Find somewhere to hide until then. If I'm not back for you within a week, then you'll know what happened."

Fouronesix couldn't speak. He had witnessed the massacre of whole species, and the destruction of entire planets, but the thought of his father dying was too terrible to bear. He looked into Oneight's eyes, barely holding back the flood of tears that threatened to burst forth at any moment. He had to stay strong, if only to assure his father.

"I will come back for you. Do not doubt that", the Walking God said, himself holding back his emotions. After millions of years of practice, he was still not used to this pain, the only pain he can still feel.

Fouronesix simply nodded, his words stuck in his throat, unable to break free and tell his father how he felt. With no more than a twitch of his enormous forearm, the Walking God finished his Disjunction, and Fouronesix vanished, teleported away to a location only the Walking God knew.

The Communicant God turned back towards the fellow Disjunctors on the platform, each of which had their back to him. They knew what would happen should they look their Lord in the eyes at a time like this. He passed them and looked over the edge down to the ground, where the first portals began to open. The shimmering panes balloned to become many kilometers wide, each leading to one of the Torpals worlds, with the many below him leading to Cardotyranis IV itself. He looked up to see his gargantuan carriers behind portals of their own, ready to go and rearmed to fight the Torpals. The scene was the same on each of the staging planets, awaiting the order from their God.

The Walking God linked up his vocalizer to the Com-Matrix he still carried with him, to connect with all the staging planets. He composed himself as best he could; these my be the last orders he gives to many of these faithful followers, no time to be weak.

"Today, our people enter a new age. An age in which we need not fear the destruction of all we have accomplished, an age in which our justice will not be challenged, an age in which we will reign supreme, and all will be welcomed to our loving embrace. The pety species fight amoungst themselves, and have even begun to oppose us! Today we will bring down their symbol of perverted strength, and replace it with our divine purity. We will bring them down, so that they can be brought up, into my awaiting arms. And with these arms, I will defeat the Eternal Fiend, and save our people from his slaughtering ways!"

"So go, my faithful, and protect the sanctity of our people! Let nothing waiver you, stand strong against the face of damnation! Bring our people to a new age of strength and prosperity!"

The Walking God turned on his sound-protector, avoiding the deafening roar of shrieks and cheers. The ground shook and seemed as if it would crack under the stampede of mechanical feet. The troops formations on all the planets rushed forward into the portals, sending multiple armies to each of the Torpal worlds. The Carriers fired up their shields, then slowly drifted through their portals to Cardotyrannis. Communicants, Omics, Miali, Neiderks, Sneckt, Largax, and millions of other captured and converted races stormed through, ready to fight to the death for their Walking God.

The Walking God stood tall on his tail, knwoing that they would be triumphant. A Disjunctor beside him raised his voice; "My Lord, is there any special command you'd like to give our warriors before you go?"

"Yes", he said quietly, "Kill".

Also, Commander Ixx would like to have a little "chat" with a Communicant, so I thought I would take one with me.  Hope everyone's ok with that.

I've got no problem with it. Heck, these guys have been abducting everyone, about time for one of them to get abducted, lol  :D.

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Re: The Communicant Invasion
« on: October 25, 2007, 09:01:31 pm »

The hellish firestorm coated the Communicants' shields with the burning substance, it's firey form sloughing off of the rounded energy bubbles. Unphased, the Regulars charged at the engulfed Kratair troops, slamming into them at a full sprint. Arms and legs, both Communicant and Kratiar, were flung into the air by the monomolecular Ribbon Blades. The Communicants began administering tranqualizers and coagulants to fallen Kratair, readying them for Conversion.


Torpal Capital

I greatly appriciate your assistance, and advise that you ready your military. Oneight will surely strike soon, and if I know him, he will not be subtle.


The Core Fortress

"Is he still there?", inquired the Walking God.

"It appears so, my lord. The portal on Cardotyrannis IV is the last one we have detected, though knowing the Demon, it may just be a diversion." Fourtitoo brought up the map of Cardotyrannis IV, with militarily strong sectors higlighted in red. The entire planet glowed a deep crimson.

"Hmm, or a trap. I'm betting he thinks that I'll send my army there alone, to be slaughtered by the Torpals, leaving me defenseless for a counter-attack".

"So then shall I call off the invasion of Torpal space my Lord?"

"No", said the Walking God, his mandibles twitching in excitement, "I beleive I'm going to give Zerone a surprise. I will lead them myself."

"Lord?! But then you will be exposed. Who knows what that Demon and his infernal allies could have devised to harm you?"

"I'm sure that Zerone would believe me too cowardly to strike at him myself", the Walking God slumped down slightly, remembering his failure with Fouronefive. "But now is no time for cowardice. This ends now!", he slammed his fist into the smooth metal walls. "Are they ready?"

Fourtitoo sighed heavily, "Yes my lord. Everyone. We can not stand at ready for much longer; there are no followers running the provision planets or directing the manufacturing temples. We are all ready for combat." He paused for some time, bringing up the courage to contradict his lord. "Are you sure this is wise, my Lord? Should we fail....there will be....."

"No one left", the Walking God said, "I know. But should that Fiend get away again, it will only delay that possibility. Only by striking now, and with enough power to ensure our victory, can we rid us of this menace. It is worth our entire race to capture him, for he is the destruction of us all. Get the calculations done. I want to be on Cardotyrannis IV before that bastard can slip through our grasp."


Lol, cool  ;D


Where the hell were you anyway?

Lots of stuff in RL, mostly to do with the computer I was using, plus other things.

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