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I guess I'll share mine too,

Nothing special, but I try.


Spore: General / Re: Game Developers conférence 2008
« on: February 21, 2008, 01:57:45 pm »
A couple minor interviews, one about procedural music from GameSpy and the other about Soren Johnson's cheating AI's from Next Gen.


Spore: General / Re: Wright & Bradshaw Discuss Spore
« on: February 18, 2008, 09:44:04 pm »
What I found particularly interesting is that they plan to make updates and downloads available for free after the game launch. One thing they plan to do is add an editor for planets and flora. They also mention they'd like to do some expansion packs to add the things they didn't have time for, like stellar nurseries so you can make stars, and MAYBE an aquatic stage.

I figured this was the most fitting place for this, another brief interview mentioning that if Spore does well then they could create expansions to add the things that couldn't be fit in the game currently.


Spore: General / Re: Game Developers conférence 2008
« on: February 18, 2008, 05:42:08 pm »
Numerous publishers are also renting hotel space around the GDC's Moscone Center digs to demo big titles coming in the spring and summer for the press. Games that will be shown off include Disney's "Prince Caspian" adaptation and driving game "Pure," Warner Bros.' "Lego Batman" and "Speed Racer," Nintendo's "Wii Fit," EA's "Spore," Microsoft's "Fable 2" and Vivendi's "Prototype."

If correct (big if), we could hope for more info sooner...


Spore: General / Re: Thomas Vu Interview & More
« on: February 15, 2008, 08:14:54 am »
bit-tech: Having just played the game one thing that I wasn’t sure of was that, when players start off, is the world always the same?

Thomas Vu: It’s the same every time – the exact same world. It was one of the major challenges in designing the game and it made developing Spore very difficult because we’re not instancing at all. It’s the same world right from when you’re the cell-level creature all the way up – you just see more of it.
It sounds to me like Mr. Vu misheard or misunderstood the BT guys question.  Seems like BT guy wanted to know if all players Always start on the same planet (i.e. green, earth like planet, I guess), but Mr. Vu thought he was asking if you stayed on the same planet as you transition between stages.  At least I hope so, because if we have to start on the same planet every time that would stink!  For 2 reasons especially: 1.  because IIRC, the way to get into a new game is to click on a planet in the beginning screen (one big galaxy), and it would make sense that that would allow you to evolve on any planet at all, and 2.  Because who wants to grow up on the same dang planet over and over and over?  I think the green earth-like planets are great and all, but I want to evolve on some creepy purple and black worlds, or worlds with lots of canyons and mountains!
Whoo, sorry for the rant there.  Its late here and I should sleep....

I hope there is some customization option for the planet, but everything I've seen for the starting planet shows green planets with blue oceans... however, the continents are different at least.

They did mention scrapping the planet and solar system editor too:

"We had hundreds of prototypes which involved you actually controlling the birth of a star. And the formation of the planets on the planetary disc. And other areas of the game that I think we’ll probably eventually develop and we ended up cutting because they didn’t seem like a good return on investment."


Spore: General / Thomas Vu Interview & More
« on: February 14, 2008, 08:58:48 pm »
A couple new articles...

Thomas Vu's Interview By Bit Tech
"One of the things we only just added is, when you’re in Tribe Stage and you dance in front of other towns to socialise with them, they can score you and hold up scorecards. It’s always fantastic to see people sit back and be like “A four? A four sucks!”"

Business Week Hands On
"Quirky cinematic sequences track the development of a player's creature. In one sample video, as a creature begins to form a civilization, the short parodies Stanley Kubrick's famous simian sequence from 2001: A Space Odyssey."

IGN: Spore Mobile Preview
New pics included.

Cnet Spore Preview/Gallery
Nothing new really.


Spore: General / Gamespot Article
« on: February 13, 2008, 09:13:35 am »
New Spore article on Gamespot from hands on demo in London.;title;1

Not very long article, but some interesting parts:

"Spore has a very dry sense of humour, and it calls on you to collect creatures for your own nefarious ends. However, there's a downside to your scientific experimentation, and in our demo we managed to introduce a rogue infection to our city by collecting bug-ridden creatures. The result: You have to eradicate the surrounding colonies with your onboard laser, using the left mouse button to fire. Before you can start exploring and colonising other worlds, your final task on your home planet is to colour it purple, although we couldn't quite understand why."

Also a little more detail on populating planets.

"The first planet that we visited was completely barren and needed development before life could inhabit it. We equipped our ship with a variety of plants and used the tractor beam to drop them on the ground. With vegetation available, the next step was to introduce herbivores, with the setup complete once carnivores were dropped on the planet."



Spore: General / Re: Well, IGN still has faith in Spore.
« on: January 24, 2007, 01:02:54 pm »
While over at IGN i did a little looking around and found a blogger who claims to have played a demo version.  In the comments at the end, he mentions the demo was given to game reviewers and will eventually be released on FileFront... but thats about the only thing to note..

I have a hard time believing his claim, especially considering he's not with IGN or anything like that... The only post he has in IGN's message board is him asking if the game needs internet connection and then later mentioning he works as a reviewer at a local magazine.

... interpret it however you like, just throwing it out there...


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