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PC Games / Re: Nationstates 2
« on: December 22, 2008, 04:16:55 am »
If I wanted to join the alliance, what world should I be in?

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Re: 'African Rabies' - Real Life Zombie RP
« on: September 15, 2008, 11:41:05 pm »
Its still pretty active in Sydney. I think it's because it is very spread out, and there isn't much food in the country. Still, its been getting quieter. I can see less fires.

Commonwealth my arse. I haven't seen any damn help from the Commonwealth. I really could use a ship. I could go out to an island or something.

Christ. I was on a cadet camp in the bush (I am an Australian) when large numbers of people got infected down here, and when our buses were driving back, the city was pretty much in crisis, with these zombie things everywhere. The buses pulled over, and our rank decided to take us back to the Army base. They agreed to let us in, as long as we helped out with distribution and stuff, but then it got to a point where they handed us guns. Now, I had only fired a gun about 10 times before then, and they were .22's. They gave me some great bloody Steyer, let me train on it FOR A DAY, and then me and the rest of the guys in B2 (my platoon) got thrown in this armoured convoy and we drove off to Sydney. We were rescuing survivors in these armoured buses around the outskirts, when we suddenly get a call in telling us to go into the heart of the city. Apparently they had found this huge camp of raiders or something there, and they were sending a whole bunch of men in to attack them. They said us cadets were only meant to provide communication and logistics assistance, but I knew that the brass at the base wanted us to get in there and fight. But hell, we weren't that bad in a fight, so we all decided we would do what we had to.

Well, it ended up being a massive ****ing mistake. It took us 2 hours to get in there, and the guy on the turret used up half of his masses of ammo on the way down firing at zombies that ****ing threw themselves at us. Anyway, we got to the form up point, and waited for another hour for all the other convoys to arrive. Then they sent us in. Now, in Australia we don't have many guns, so these guys were using pistols and axes and clubs and stuff, so when we attacked, they were cut down. But they had explosives. A ****-ton of explosives. There was fire and everything going up around us, and I dived out of the car and into some building. I looked up and half of us were dead. There was fire ****ing everywhere. A took a few shots, but then all these ****ing zombies came. I tried to get in the car but it was destroyed, and I was practically the last guy alive. Well, there were a few others. We all got together and pissbolted away from that place. We ended up finding the centrepoint tower. The army was keeping power on city-wide so that people could keep themselves alive easier, so the lifts worked. When we got up there, we found a few dozen civvies sitting around with almost now food, looking at the wasteland of a city around us. We decided to stay anyway. The tower is pretty much this giant bucnh of rooms on top of a skinny tube which holds a lift, a staircase (massive) and nothing else. We could defend it easy. So thats where I am now. Well, right now. I'm going looking for food tommorow. ****, I might not come back. :/

And if it weren't for the virtue of your actions, they wouldn't have been deleted.

If anything, you're even LESS likely to play as you've proven yourself to be someone who drops everything and completely ruins multiple RPs.

Well, technically, this is my creature, so wouldn't you have to... you know... get my permission first?

It kind of stopped being your creature when everything you posted about it disappeared.

As in, vanished.

Name: Thomas Neil
Age: 15
Location: Sydney, Australia

Tuskra has a small badge that picks up his radio signals and converts them into sound. I don't see why Isano wouldn't have something similar.

Name: Tuskra
Race: Geskani
Gender: Male
Role: Tactical Officer

The Geskani War continued for years, with the Alliance managing to hold off the despotic United Geskani Republic. Eventually, the Dictator of the Republic decided that if he couldn't rule the Geskani, no-one could, and launched a full-scale attack on the Alliance using WMD's. The Alliance promptly returned fire with their own arsenal, and the Geskani were all but destroyed.  However, some Geskani from both sides managed to escape the self-inflicted genocide, wandering the stars to survive. Tuskra was a marine on an Alliance vessel that managed to escape the killing. As the surviving Geskani banded together and formed a fleet, travelling the Galaxy, they encountered new species while struggling to survive. After a few decades of travelling through space, a disaster occurred. During a mining operation on a primitive world, a large number of Klameritus sprung forth from within the planet and killed huge numbers of Geskani. A simultaneous attack by the Klameritus on the orbiting ships killed almost all of the Geskani alive bar a single ship. That ship quickly jumped away, carrying the last 500 Geskani alive. The Captain of the ship killed himself the next day, and Tuskra was the highest ranking Geskani alive, making him the new Captain. His ship, dubbed End of Times by the crew, ended up becoming involved in the Sodaal War, jumping into a battlefield by mistake. After guaranteeing the freedom of 50% of his crew by forcing them to form a colony on a paradise of a world, isolated from other races by sheer distance from any other habitable planet, Tuskra joined the forces fighting the Sodaal, realizing they were a threat to his own people. Over time he became extremely good a ship-to-ship and soldier-to-soldier combat, as that was all he knew now. When he found out about the mission, he demanded entry, and his qualifications made him perfect for the job. However, a day after he left his ship, it was destroyed in a battle, and a cataclysmic series of events had destroyed the colony on the paradise world, making Tuskra the last Geskani alive.

Tuskra is extremely good at anything to do with combat. He is strong, incredibly fast, and smart. He is emotionally scared by the fact that his death means the extinction of the Geskani, and the only thing that keeps him going is his job, and the blood of foreign creatures. He has become merciless over time, but would give his life up for the people he fights with.

I get the feeling that the Nakama would object.

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Re: [NG] Galaxy Map
« on: July 05, 2008, 08:02:45 am »
Location: ie. 345 Degrees, Inner Ring
Location Name: Ges
Type: Home Planet

Location: ie. 320 Degrees, Inner Ring
Location Name: Arasni
Type: Military Command Colony

Location: ie. 330 Degrees, Outer Central Circle
Location Name: Nazagunto
Type: Scientific Outpost

I'm in. This could easily be awesome.

Bigger guns?

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Re: [NG]First Contact
« on: June 11, 2008, 03:17:16 am »
//Duly noted, and you make a good point. I lobbied to bring a ship without weaponry to this meeting, but the Great Kanikan, in all his wisdom, decreed that any ship not bearing hull mounted armaments were to be rendered incapable of leaving Geskani territory. Also, I did not know that your people also abstained from use of weaponry. I apologise.//

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Re: [NG] Galaxy Map
« on: June 11, 2008, 01:11:03 am »
[q]I think each race should have just one system (the homesystem...or maybe a new one, when the old one was blown up) and the rest of the systems are considered to be multicultural places like Beyon.[/q]

I think we should just show the home system, places of significance, and leave out territorial borders altogether. Borders in space are too hard to uphold anyway.

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