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Everything Else / Re: Casino Stories (Not a joke thread...I think.)
« on: August 24, 2011, 01:04:27 am »
I hate casinos. So much noise. And they are full of crowds. My family went to the World Series of Poker. I didn't play any slot machines. I love the old slot machines where you used real coins and had to pull the arm. You felt like you had some kind of control, like you might get a different result if you pulled it fast or slow. And people used to walk around Las Vegas carrying buckets of coins.
I'm not much on gambling. If I did play it would be on the video poker machines. I can't play real poker because my face turns red when I get a good hand.
My biggest excitement was when I was about 10 we went somewhere and I won $10 playing bingo. I don't think we had to pay anything to enter so it wasn't really gambling.
One time we put two quarters in a machine that took up to three quarters and we hit the big jackpot but we didn't get very much because we hadn't put the third quarter in.

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