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Are you sure you're alright, Pat? That last post seemed a little off. <.<

I'll try to respond later tonight.

And thanks, LadyM. =D

Coming back from a bout of sudden explosive diarrhea, Alexis walked up to the window once more.
"Bring me Christoph and maybe I'll spare your puny castle!" she heard a giant Doctor say.

"I'm sorry, darling, but that will not be possible. I have already barked up that tree and he is a squirmy little squirrel. Ahuh-huh-huh," she screamed in a somehow still elegant way.

Either way, she could not let this bespectacled man take her Christoph before she had the chance to set him straight. So she pulled her practiced hips far back, turning them into a weapon as she slung a constant stream of puffs onto the doctor. She doubted that their normal method of insertion would be enough to defeat him, but she figured that the very uncomfortable distraction might be enough to allow someone else to finish him up.

The way it is, you would probably get stuck pretty easily without being able to move with the WASD keys.

Art / Re: 'One Story A Month' Challenge #1
« on: September 11, 2010, 05:02:22 pm »
Get writing, all of you!

Alexis threw the Prince hard onto the bed, somewhat annoyed by his wriggling, somewhat excited to finally be alone with him. Going in for the kill, she soon got up in anger at being pushed away. "Am I not to your liking, darling?" she asked coldly as puffs on his shoulders shook, seeming to murmur "Do the girl, boy. Do her." But he could not. He could not do the girl. He could only shake his head, with tiny pupils in his eyes.

At this, she unceremoniously threw him down on the ground, pushing one of her heels onto his cheek. "I might not be able to do anything to you right now, because of your father, but there will come a time when we will both be alone, and you will not see it coming. And then, I will have a nice surprise for you. Ahuh-huh-huh," she said with an evil-looking smile.

"And I know you will not tell anyone about this, darling, because then you would have to admit you could not handle a girl," she told him with another cold smile, "and who would believe you, anyway?" she asked as she opened the door. She then stormed out, ignoring the questions of the approaching woman.

Stepping onto the ledge of a nearby window, she saw the glass approaching. Wanting something to hurt, she set out to shut up whatever idiot was shouting from inside that stupid thing flying toward the castle.

Hey Pat, I have Cristophe on my back. You might want to do something about that. :P

Seeing the Prince still stand frozen in front of her, assumedly doubting how to react, she grabbed him and hoisted him onto her back. “Darling, one way or another we are getting into your room. And it looks like we do not have much time. Huh-huh,” she called to him as she stepped into the castle, taking one look over her free shoulder to note how far along the flying glass was.  

Name: I am Mercurius Valente, the best mother[Barney]ing mime in the whole mother[cracker]ing world.

Age: I am [mole]ing 26.

Bio: I'm a mime! What the [pigeon] else do you need to know!

Genre: Clowns and Mother[honk]ing Miracles.


He's a mime!

What do you [fork]ing think?! I make [mango] appear out of thin air!

Frozen by the horrible yell of the savages, Alexis could only stand by the place where the King had been just moments before, with both her hands pressed against her mouth and a worried expression, mentally encouraging the noble King to blah blah blah... Yeah right!

Annoyed by the King's lack of interest, she looked at him fly to the help of his son, hoping that both of them would be killed by the savages. Seeing that the King was actually doing a good job of keeping the Vikings in check, she took her fists off her hip and set her skirts in motion, hoping to find her own prize (that handsome son of the King's).

Soon, she found him in the courtyard, his well-armed maid already heading back to the action. Quietly landing behind some bushes, she dressed herself on her humblest clothes (a disgusting outfit that she kept just for occasions like these), and pulled her hood up. Limping, and with a curved back, she walked up to the Prince. "Please come with me, sweetie," she said with a creaky voice.

Seeing he was mentally debating between being courteous and not being allowed to talk to strangers, she whispered: "It is me, Alexis, darling. Ahuh-huh-huh."

Stopping her teeth from chattering through sheer force of lady's will, Alexis walked up to the King with an extended hand. "I am Alexis of Westminstertownsingworth, darling, and I will have you know there is never any stink or malcontent around me. Ahuh-huh-huh," she said, punctuating the statement with a grin. Seeing that the King's only response was to breathe angrily, she grabbed, with an instantly gloved hand, the end of the sword still aimed at her and shook it as if it was his hand, with a large smile still on her face. "And very ungentlemanly to call a lady a 'foul temptress'."

"But I do not think it will be too hard for you to make it up to me. Ahuh-huh-huh," she whispered as she walked to his side, with one hand on his shoulder and one on his shielded chest.

Too busy staring, with a carefully-arranged genial expression, at the handsomest man in the group of gallivanting boys, Alexis did not see the giant shadow heading to the castle. She elegantly made her way to the group, eyes fixed directly on the back of the boy's head (she recalled his name was Adolph, or Rudolph, or some such name). Putting one arm across his shoulders, she said: "Greetings, my old darling. Remember me? Perfect to catch you like this. I love a man who can handle his sword and rubber. Ahuh-huh-huh!"

Feeling her crotch tremble, she stepped back for a moment, finally giving the boy enough space to turn around. Though he recognized her instantly, she stopped him with a "One second, darling" before he could speak. She then turned around and took out a mirror, acting as if she was preening herself, even though everyone could see her hairdo instantly changing into one that covered her ears. The puff that had climbed up her body slipped unnoticed into the mass of hair, and after a short shiver from the puff, Alexis responded with: "Mmh, really... How interesting, ahuh-huh-huh," as she looked up to the sky, with all the boys following her gaze, to see a giant magnifying glass.

"Is that part of your little game, darling?" she asked with a smile as she looked back down, pointing to the thing flying through the sky.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Re: Elemental Madness
« on: September 05, 2010, 06:36:54 pm »
Earth, Wind, & Fire. :U

Flying over sepia-colored Westminstertownsingworth, Alexis couldn't help but notice the fabulous little shop of Little Luttio's. She pirouetted twice to stop the engines and pulled outward on her skirt to softly float to the ground, right onto the shoulders of a passing gentleman. She climbed down very deliberately, making sure to grab as much as she could. "Pardon me, darling. Ahuh-huh-huh," she said as she made the short jump onto the ground.

Winking at the man she had just left behind, she stepped into the shop, immediately being confronted with a multitude of colorful fabrics and dresses with dazzling designs and textures. She walked deeper into the store, instantly and constantly trying out entire outfits: necklace, earring, frill, she tried every combination to every last detail, all the while winking and flirting with every man and woman she saw. By the end, she had so much trouble deciding which was the loveliest get-up that she just carried them all up to the marvelous Luttio himself. With a wink and a huh-huh-huh, she asked how much it would be, but before he could answer, everyone in the shop had offered to pay it for her. "I guess that does it. Thank you my lovelies! Ahuh-huh-huh," she said stepping out of the store, everything somehow already stored away. Looking up to the sky to estimate how much time she had to enjoy herself, she saw a cloud that looked like a clown riding an elephant while juggling oranges. She smiled, remembering the lovely boy she had once met at Castle Cobb and her adventures with him. It would be nice to pay him a more thorough visit on this radiant day. The Vikings would have to wait for another day.

Soon, she was pirouetting her way down onto the grassy yard of the castle, her lips instantly turning a deep red and her frilly yellow dress turning into an even frillier, more revealing light-blue one, all accompanied by a matching set of heels and silver earrings.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Re: The Rebooted Superpower RP
« on: September 04, 2010, 08:23:30 pm »
Calming down after knocking out the armed men, Dyno was soon confronted by what seemed to be giant robotic spiders. Realizing that his usefulness had been outlived, he quickly took cover behind a convenient giant box sitting on what seemed to have once been one of the armed men. He hoped to hide until he saw some way to help, but, seeing no opportunity, he swiftly slipped away while the great Art Faber distracted the metallic beasts.

Having put some distance between himself and Felix, with the shield and rod stowed away into his back once more to avoid stirring up the already frantic crowds outside the airport, he heard missiles and turned around to see the building start to collapse. Seconds later, he heard a roar, and looked up to the sky to at first see a conglomeration of media copters, flying like vultures around the airport, and then a jet racing towards the city.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Re: The Rebooted Superpower RP
« on: September 01, 2010, 05:11:45 pm »
"B-be my guest," Dyno responded quietly, even though the metallic man was already pressing his hand against his oozing chest. Stopping to wonder at the man that had transformed in front of him, he was surprised to feel something against his neck. Turning around, he saw the wide-eyed pale face of one of the armed men. Immediately, he swung the rod to the man's head, leaving him unconscious, reeling back a second later at seeing the reason for the man's frightened face. When the man had tried to hit Dyno with his gun, he had accidentally sunk his hand into Dyno's back, which had immediately started digesting the fleshy member.

Seeing the skeletal hand and gushing blood, Dyno was now reminded of a similar situation he had left far in his past. Ripping a large bone disk out of his lower back and holding it in front of him as a shield, he charged forward, with a wild face covered in sweat and tears, towards a nearby group of armed men who now turned with panicked faces toward him to try and stop him with bullets, afraid of the beast that was now swinging a yellow-white rod savagely.

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