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Spore: General / Installation problem: license server
« on: April 04, 2011, 08:11:11 am »
Hi everyone, hopefully somebody can answer this, as I've tried everything I can think of.

I bought Spore when it came out, but I finally have a PC that can run it with all the fancy graphics, so I wanted to install it. It's been years since I last played, and I don't have the computers I had it on before. This time, I work at a boarding school and have to use their crippled internet which uses DeepNines Internet Security. I hate it. I think this may be where my problem is coming from, but I'm not sure.

I go to install the game, and I do okay until it tries to start the game for the initial license verification I guess. It says "The game cannot start. There seems to be a problem contacting the license server. Ensure your internet connection is active and try again in a few minutes."

I've tried again and again. I've installed it on my external hard drive, taken it to a friends house and ran it on their laptop just fine (had to reinstall though). When I brought it back on campus, it gave me the same error (again running off the external). I've even thought about running through a remote desktop connection, but I'm not sure how as I don't have access to my hard drive on it. Any ideas?

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