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Spore: Creation Corner / The Taeknahdians
« on: May 08, 2006, 11:21:10 am »
Ok i wanted to make a new thread about my Creature,
due to the last thread was incomplete and it is now impossible to find,
SO! I'll start of to say the first part is history   and the second part is info and facts, Enjoy!


From birth Taeknahdians are fragile and was unable to survive the harsh nature of there former home planet,
they had to take precautions about other creatures, they are as said fragile and are easy to overtake with rough power.
But other then being fragile the Taeknahdians have developed an extremely smart and intelligent brain,
through there life circle they have been hunted, but as they grew and there knowledge to technology got wider,
they learned to defend themselves with very powerful weapons.
And that lead to the destruction of there former galaxy, they had to escape to and other galaxy that they named Zuxivic,
which means; savior in Taekloo, that is there main language.
There they found a planet fitting there needs, they overtook the planet using the very same weapon the destroyed there former galaxy,
then after its effect is gone, they stormed the planet and set up colony, and named it Ågaan after there leader.
Then it became time to explore the other planets, one of the planets was a tropical planet that they use as a galactic zoo,
they named after there queen Ørevil, the last planet they accidentally fired there canon on, so it was left for dead,
they now start thinking of building a military base on it when air starts to come back.

Taeknahdian:  made by G.E.C. 05  Beatiful work                                    colored version

Now for Info and facts

//The Zuxivic System//


Ågaan is the planet that the Taeknahdians first came to within the Zuxivic system,
they named it after there leader, because of his actions within the Great War.


Ørevil was the Taeknahdian queen, after the Great War,
she discovered that Zuxivic’s animals where depleting rapidly, and had to take action,
she decided to gather other species from other systems.
It was her Choice to name the planet after her,
and shortly after she made Ørevil in to a galactic zoo, she passed away.


Æqee is the planet that the Taeknahdians accidentally emptied for air and life,
Æqee is Taekloo for accident.

//The Taeknahdian Galactic Garden.//

The Garden currently holds species from other galaxy, to preserve the natural beauty of the Zuxivic System.

Ra's Tau Moglin.

These are the current species within the Galactic garden.

//Other systems//

The Clamiav'ia System.

The Clamiav’ia System is the former home of the Taeknahdians,
a great war spilled over this system and a powerful weapon in the hands of the Taeknahdians emptied the system for life.

Gorgro is the home of the Broemberanian race.
Broemberan are barbarian creatures 10-14 feet tall, and very hostile, and also extinct.

Minapoltus are the former home of the Taeknahdians. But is now home to outlaws and outer scum of the space.

Vorceff is the millitary base of the Clanymius race, a race that was the Taeknahdians main enemy in the Great War.

Oplupius is the home of the Clanymiusian race, it was a very hostile planet, and still is even though the Clanymius is not there anymore.

Baldorth 502:
Baldorth 502 is an artificial planet created by the Clanymiusian race duing the Great War.

//The Clanymius Race//

The Clanymius are born enemies of the Taeknahdians, they are born hunters and extremely hostile to other creatures,
They have eight legs, two arms, and a very dangerous tale with a spike the contains and very lethal dose of poison,
after the Great War they somehow escaped and are now living as outlaws in other systems.

//The Broemberanian race//

Broemberan is a large fat monster with four arms, and horns,
they dominated the Gorgro planet until the war spilled over there planet and they where destroyed.

//The Shandroth-Tuika//

The Shandroth-Tuika are the canon the emptied the Clamiav'ia system for life,
the canon works by sucking all of the air and killing off everything that lives on the targeted planet,
its effect lasts two years then air will start to come back.


Thats all for now, more will come in a near future.


Spore: Creation Corner / The Dominativus Astuta Numinis
« on: April 23, 2006, 11:41:08 am »
Dominativus Astuta Numinis


The Taeknahdians also called Dominativus Astuta Numinis, meaning Dominating Clever God which is the three words that describe them best.
They are six feet tall, two legged human like creatures, with feathers, peaceful and like to make trade route through other systems exchanging knowledge and species, for centuries they have collected different species to there Galactic Zoo.

The Zuxivic System:
The Zuxivic System is there home, having only three planets Ågaan, Ørevil and Æqee, they are all named after there three rulers.

Ågaan was a king that led the Taeknahdian armies to victory in the galactic war of Zuxivic the whole war destroyed six other planets, and an entire galaxy.
After the war the Taeknahdians fled to a planet setting colony there, then after claiming the planet, they named it after there great king.

Ørevil was the Taeknahdian queen after the Great War, she discovered that Zuxivic’s animals where depleting rapidly, and had to take action, she decided to gather other species from other systems.
It was her Choice to name the planet after her, and shortly after she made Ørevil in to a galactic zoo, she passed away.

Æqee, Nothing is known about this little planet other then it don’t have water or air, nor any creatures, and the Taeknahdians don’t want to waste this perfect opportunity to create a battle station.

(More will come)

Movies / Returner aka Ritana
« on: March 15, 2006, 12:14:16 am »
Have anyone seen it?,  i think its good,  Kinda mixture between ID4 and Matrix  :D

What you think, does of you that have seen it, that is

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