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Spore: Creation Corner / God's Creature: Redomdog
« on: July 29, 2006, 12:51:18 am »
Behold! The Redomdog! (Reds for short)

The Redomdog are the greatest species in the Galaxy. Period. Don't contradict me. You will probably/eventually regret it.
Each Red lives for 1000 years, and they are the best fighters in the galaxy. Each has their own staff and LightScimitar, and their incredible psionic abilities make them truly incredible foes. Their favorite sport is hunting. Specifically, hunting and destroying transcended beings. Their culture is very warlike, but they will make peace if you surrender all of your otherworldly colonies to them and retreat back to your home planet, never venturing into space again.

Politics: None. (Dictatorship)

Military Doctrine: Overwhelming Numbers.

Current Total Population: 6x1022

Military Population: 6x1022

Evolution: There is no data. They do not research that which cannot kill.

Physical Appearance: 2 meters of pure Coolness.

Space Craft:

Terguket Fighter Cruiser Transport (FCT)

Length: 300km
Armament: 20 high powered lasers on turrets
Crew: 500
Full Persons Capacity:10,000
Propulsion: Inertialess Drive (Moves ship without visible propulsion)
Carries: 200 Omicron Merciless Galactic Warrior Territorial Fighters.
Shown: FCT Riafnu

Zyxyv Super Carrier (SC)

Length: 6900km
Crew: 4,000
Full Persons Capacity: 5,000,000
Armament: 100 Tracked Lasers, Black Hole Missile Launcher, Planet Destroyer, two mass driver guns mounted on a turret, and the FanFiction Galaxy Smasher Bomb.
Propulsion:See Picture.
Carries 250 Terguket FCT's
Shown: SC Retaehc and SC Selur Nekorb

Podcasts / Episode 50 Posted
« on: May 03, 2006, 06:30:09 pm »
Gaming Steve Episode 50 - 05.03.2006
Oh boy, it's that time of year again! Not only do you get a standard show but you also get an extended E3 preview special where I go through all of next week's madness. I even tell you how to get into E3 and how you should prepare if are lucky enough to attend.

And don't forget to come back next week as I bring you my daily coverage E3 from the show floor with my partner Xfire. Enjoy the show!

Gaming Steve Episode 50 Program
  • 00:03:51 Game News:
    • Revolution renamed Wii.
    • Xbox still in the red.
    • Yet another ex-Gizmondo exec arrested.
    • Audition for Guitar Hero II.
    • Factions goes live.
    • Texas lawmaker proposing game tax.
    • Kingdom Hearts II sells 1 million in North America.
    • Twilight Princess on May 15?
    • Analysts predict bleak future for UMDs.
    • DS Lite to be priced and dated May 4?
  • 00:26:22 E3 Preview: I break down all the systems, games, rumors and what to expect at next week's E3. I also give you the dirt on how to get in if you don't have a ticket and how to survive E3.
  • 00:54:34 “Name That Game!” contest winner from last week, a new clip, and the always cool prize!
  • 00:57:03 Show Mail: I answer your audio and email questions.
  • 01:33:41 Final Thoughts: Look for my E3 coverage next week and see if pass out on the air!

Download the show (97 minutes): Gaming Steve Episode 50 (MP3).

Subscribe to the Podcast directly in iTunes (MP3).
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Vote for Gaming Steve on Podcast Alley.

To enter the "Name that Game!" contest write me an email with the name of the game and the platform at: game AT

These are the words of Steve. ;)

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