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Spore: General / Creature cheating...
« on: June 14, 2008, 12:47:01 pm »
Okay, so look at the guy I made..

Looks normal, does it not?
Well, yes, it is normal, apart from the fact that if you remove the eyes, you'll see lots of "detail" parts *inside the eyes* which make the creature get a lvl 10 on all three options (attack, social and abilities).

Now, I'm ofcourse not really sure if creatures' prices are counted for when you play the game, and how things are exactly balanced, but it seems (to me) that allowing endless details and the bonuses they give to your creature is a tad lame, and allows for some pretty 10/10/10 creature creation, which could kind of spoil the game (instead of making a decision between attack, social or abilities, you'll max them all out)...

So, does anyone know how this will be handled in Retail Spore? I can't say I've been rather involved with spore lately, so this might have been mentioned earlier and I wouldn't have noticed, but the CC got me interested again.. ;)

PC Games / E3: Cancelled!?!?!?!
« on: July 30, 2006, 02:51:41 pm »

(Okay, so this could aswell be in console or handheld games sections, but....)

Hoax or truth?
What will this mean for us gamers?
What will the GDC be like next year?


Console Games / Nintendo Wii's newest controller revealed!
« on: May 04, 2006, 08:15:47 am »
Nintendo comes with a new controller for it's revolutionary Wii console!

Awesome controller, although I fear that you need to have a WAY higher condition.. I bet you're like totally exhausted after like 30 seconds... :P

As most of us know, Star Control 2, an olde classic game much like today's Oblivion (really!), was a great game, if not the best game ever... Heck, I'd just call it the best game ever.. What it still is, is a truly unique game, and one of the greatest freeware games, in today's The Ur-Quan Masters

What, unfortunately, some or most of us know, is that Star Control 3 was a dissapointment.

What some of us know, is that Activision has bought Toys For Bob, the company where many of the original people behind Star Control 2 are at now. They're also working on a game out for November 2006, which will be shown at E3, but they aren't allowed to say what game it is.

What I've just read, is that they required (as in: got back) the rights to Star control 2.. What rights? Probably the name, since they had all rights except for the name and some movies...

Check this link, the first news post specifically... And if you don't, I'll put up some highlights anyways below this text.. (No Flash? Go here: Horribly unformatted, yes.. :P)
(the thing about the petition doesn't work anymore, unfortunately... :( )

"So it's taken me my usual 3 paragraphs to get to the real meat of this news article. And here it comes: A Star Control Sequel. We (I) want us to do a Star Control sequel. Back in the early 90s, Paul and Fred and some other people made Star Control 2.  Personally, I thought it was pretty amazing. It was like a drug to me. Not quite as much like a drug as the drugs were but very, very close. I know there are other people that loved this game too. Sometimes you email me and ask if we'll ever do a sequel. And I always tell you that I wish we could do a sequel but it's very hard to convince large publishing companies that a new Star Control would sell very well in the current video game market. But maybe, just maybe, if enough of you people out there send me emails requesting that Toys For Bob do a legitimate sequel to Star Control 2, I'll be able to show them to Activision, along with a loaded handgun, and they will finally be convinced to roll the dice on this thing."

"If you were working at a video game development company who had 2 founders that had worked on a classic, epic space role-playing and combat game years ago for which you had recently re-acquired rights to and were hoping to convince your new parent company to let you make a sequel by asking for the public to send in requests for said sequel, I'd email you.

The following stuffs isn't recent anymore, but was in my original post, therefore I have made it smaller for whoever wants to still read the original post. That means I'm now 100% much certain they they're NOT already working on an SC2 sequel and the following stuff should be disregarded. Also, the question to Steve is therefore not really needed anymore..

So there you have it. Either they're doing a sequel which will come out in November, or we've got to massmail the guy that wrote that newspost to death to get a sequel...

Why do I think their current game might be a Sc2 sequel? Well.. It seems to me as "developerspeak" for "We're doing a sequel to SC2, but we aren't allowed to tell by Activision, so we're just going to drop a note like this and hope people dig it and know we're working on it and they'll get it november this year." But then again, I know nothing about NDAs, and nothing about developerspeak, and some other guy I talked to about this told me that even with a sly remark like this, they could be "sued to hell and back by their publisher" for a sly remark like that..

So, here's a question to Gaming Steve: Can you shed any lights to this? I mean, you obviously know more about "developerspeak" and things like that, and you'd probably know if I'm close to the truth or not, but.. I bet you can do some research and try to nudge some info off of somewhere, right? That'd be great.. Thanks for a reply..

So.. Want a worthy Star Control 2 sequel? Better send in some e-mails then!
alexness (@) toysforbob (.) com (

Thanks and *enjoy* the *sauce*!

Spore: General / Localizing Spore: Yay or Nay?
« on: March 15, 2006, 05:02:28 am »
So, in a discussion on IRC, the thing of Localization (translating a game into one's native language) got brought up..
And that's why I'm wondering: are you for or against this? Please vote in the poll above. Note that you can have up to 2 votes (so if you vote option 2 or 3, you can vote for option 4, too)..

Now, myself, I am against this, or at least I'm against being FORCED to use the Dutch language in a game. Why? Because Dutch localizations are insanely bad. It's not that the language itself is horrible, it's just that... well.. It doesn't feel right. At all... I've played Freeciv once, and playing with the Dutch languagepack it offers is quite horrible, to say the least.. If I'm forced, however, to use the Dutch version of Spore (like we Dutch people have been with The Sims, I believe), I guess I'm forced to buying the Dutch version, then "getting" myself an English version of it...

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