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I'm in civ with one of my savegames and I had 3 cities. Then the green faction started to take city after city and from that point on : it's unstoppable.

So here i am with my own city and 9 vehicles trying to wait untill i have 100.000 sporedollars to take on the neighbouring city. THey seem to laugh at me though. I can take 4 spice geysers and that's it. Whenever I manage to take the neighbouring city: the green nation will start hitting me with all their planes and vehicles and i'm repressed again. It seems to be an off balance.

I didn't have this befor the patch (in normal mode).

What i'm gonna try next is going up to 200.000 sporedollars, then bribe them untill my friendship score is 100, and then trying to take that neighbouring city in the hope that they won't atack me if I've managed to take them.

Is that a good tactic ? or am i really lost :P


Maybe this is something worth implementing.

I'm trying to create this sporecast called cute & cuddly. And therefor I'd like to add a few creatures that are .... well you know.

But lately you see even if you filter for creature all these cells with legs and you kinda have to dig extra to find the creatures that are a littlebit how they are supposed to be in the cc, as fully evolved.

It would be nice if ther's a search filter for these types of creatures as they are at the end of their creature stage, so I can 'only' have complete works to choose from ? (if you choose a tribe creatures it would mostly have tribal clothing on them)


I'm not someone to complain alot, especially when everyone involved in a product shows that they are taking a little bit of responsibility for the service/game they are representing. I've been doing support for a game myself and even responded on fora in the middle of the night for people who really had an issue that stopped them from playing their game, or pointing them out to the right people at least. Time after time after time, I've helped people out in emails by explaining the same thing... well you know how it goes.

Last week though I've not seen this dedication from EA, and for a beautiful game like SPORE, it kinda conserns me.

That a forum post on the spore forums can go nowhere I can understand, after all : users arn't really supposed to be helpful: they are users of a game and minding their own business.

But at least I'd like EA support to be a bit more forthcoming and spend one minute to my issue that i request on the spore site. I'm not easily set off if I have to defend my case, but someone actually has to do the trouble of paying attention.

Now here's the thing. I accidentially reported one of my own creatures instead of deleting it. So my question was if it was possible to have the site show a dialog to at least be able to confirm if you really want to report this creature.

What I got in return was a reply on a question I didn't even ask. It was an automated response to one of my previous questions, about a creature that doesn't even exist anymore on the sporepedia. So i ask my self did anyone even read my question ?

Since the forum post on spore forum went nowhere I want to try here :P

Spore: General / Jenna Chalmers on Audio (demoing spore)
« on: August 27, 2008, 02:26:34 am »

Some of you may know: I've went to an EA press event yesterday where Jenna Chalmers demoed SPORE. I want on behalf of Hiki's sporeblog. This is a blog that posts much spore news in dutch, but ofcoruse the deminstration is in english.

You'll find out a truckload of Space stage info from the woman who produced the stage herself.

Listen (or rightclick to download)
Source blog (in dutch)

I'm gonna post some more interesting bits later on. We've got a conversation but you couldn't really define it as a straight interview. But Jenna answers my questions about religion in spore, will wright, and terraforming.

Spore: General / the "who can preload spore on EADM" thread...
« on: August 18, 2008, 08:05:15 am »
Preload available at 6 pm UK (GMT)/ 7 PM CET main land Europe/US.

On august 28th 2008: Electronic Arts has sent a mail to customers who bought SPORE on EAStore. It informs the user that they can preload the game for 99% on EADM at 6 PM GMT, and 7 PM CET. (for belgium, holland, germany, france: that is actually 8pm)

The game will be unlocked on the following date:
- Belgium/Netherlands: 4 september 01:00 (0:00 CET)
- Rest of EUrope: September 5th: 0:00 (CET)
- September 7th, 12 am PST (correct me if i'm wrong :P)

At that point, the last remaining bit of game files will be sent to EADM. You can then unlock the game, install and play.

You might think: useless topic, but not when your expectations of receiving spore the minute it's released are skyrocketing while you have this nagging feeling that something could go wrong for some of the pre-orders @ eastore.

Some of us know how agonizing this was @ the release of the spore creature creator :P multiply that by 10 for the release of spore.

At least for those who placed their pre-order on the dutch and uk eastore while using their cc coupon, it seems to be a somewhat nice day today. and has a nice picture of spore with a red tape at the side saying "preload available" and "play as first, only on eastore.

So, I already filled in a mail to support: telling that my order isn't past "submitted" state (deja vu ftw)

I just had the feeling that this is something I  might consider dealing with rightnow. So: how's it with your preload ;)

Spore: General / 60 minutes of "Campus Party" spore demo inside!
« on: July 31, 2008, 05:04:46 pm »
woopee, a nice night cap for a hot thursday for me: THis has been recorded today so it seems :)

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

(the first three parts are strangely anough not so long and really not informative...

A 63min long spore demo from the same event


I'm not the kind of person to go to the beach because it's a period of hot weather here but I better did. Right here in Belgium: in a beach place called Knokke-Heist (thats like 300 km west from me) They did a stunt with spore creatures "washing out from the sea" yesterday morning to announce spore. And tourist could take them home! That's actually cool so those people who have no idea abut what spore is: have a figurine already :) or an inflatable for their children :)

That's the knokke casino, to the right.

Anyway they also mentione to keep a close look on I don't know if it's only counting for europe or not: but they plan to throw around with creatures elsewhere.

Spore: General / spore and mashon comic book creator work together
« on: July 19, 2008, 02:46:34 am »
When I saw the new article on spore.Com i went to the comic con agenda and saw a refference of "mashon" and spore working together to create your comics:

the examples already look promising and I hope that they demo a seamless integration into spore, and possible a way of posing your crreature the way you want it to express itself.

Spore: General / the spore pre-E3 2008 site previews topic
« on: July 01, 2008, 02:32:32 pm »
I guess it'd be cool to gather them all up in one topic. These are reports of EA3, an event in Los Angeles that several sites attended to, to preview spore befor the actual E3 2008 event itself.

I might be a bit late with this and if there's a topic about this already, please point to it. But i've been seeing a different editor in the spore overview video. You have the creature creator, vehicle editor, ufo editor, you have terraforming tools, but you also seem to have a materials editor for clothing your creatures. That one seems very cool. Are these editors a league on their own ? I mean: you have a tribe clothing editor, and a city clothing editor that seems to have the futuristic parts that you can see in the overview video ?

Most interesting to see how you can shape these parts and maybe turn your creature into a cyborg or something :)

Spore: General / Spore demo in san fransisco apple store 22/06/2008
« on: June 21, 2008, 01:54:53 am »
I wonder if there's a topic about this already, namely about the newsflash on the spore homepage saying that ww will be demoing spore tonight in an apple store.

Wonder if there will be a video from that event. Might it be the first time that Spore is going to be demoed in it's near complete phase ?

I'm anticipating to see this video (if it will be recorded anyway :O)

Spore: General / the bundled creature creator issues topic
« on: June 17, 2008, 08:58:53 am »
NOTE: I hadn't seen this thread befor, where Steve already bundeled many errors:

So I'm locking this topic.
    So I'd like to collect all issues that have been reported on the forum be able to have an overview in one topic:

    note to users: some crashes might be explained because you use outdated graphics drivers or windows installations, or even computer specs that are under the requirements to play spore:

    also with some crashes regarding eadm go here:

So, a few more issues left:

  • some accounts can't be validated because no validation mail is sent to the user, others can login just fine in spore but not on the spore pedia for said reason
  • most people experience the dissapearence of their creatures in the local game sporepedia but this can be corrected by forcing the game to reindex by registry key:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Electronic Arts\SPORE Creature Creator

    Set the key "ReIndexYesOrNo" from 0 to 1

PS: some personal little recomendations of mine that could use improvement:
  • Allow us to use the escape key to toggle the settings/catalogus/exit bar when in the main menu, it feels more natural to exit the game this way
  • WHen your login/password don't match , the game will always say "wrong login", even if your login is correctly but the password wrong, this might seem misleading

It seems like i've got a problem validating my spore account. I tried to even create a new one , with an email box that i fully control myself serverside: I get no email with a validation link from EA whatsoever,

anyone else with this problem ?


This problem has been identified and worked around with a little hints and help from users in this forum:

The issue was that you wouldn't be able to send a revalidation email from the spore website itself if you created your EA account there. You need to validate it using EA's login system (not the spore site)

I finaly found a way to get my activation email:

1) Go to

2) log in with your spore account

3) then it shall remind you that you have not yet activated your account, click on the link te resend your activation email

4) I finaly got my activation email

5) tip: if you don't see a function for resending your mail, make sure you go on the EA site of your location:

I hope this works for all who have this problem:)

If anyone is still having problems with this: take these steps to get an activation mail for real.

Spore: Sporepedia Exchange / CosmicD's abominations.
« on: June 14, 2008, 01:05:19 am »






My first atempts :)

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Dear CosmicD,

Thanks for ordering with Electronic arts BV. The releasedate of the product you pre-orderd is modified. The new release date of the producte mentioned in this mail is june 16th 2008

ordernr: XXXXXXXXXX Product-id: 96890600 Productname: SPORE™ Creature Creator.

I hope this is world wide, (or else i'll be lynched i guess)

Code: [Select]
Original dutch mail:
Beste xxx,

Bedankt voor je bestelling bij Electronic Arts BV. De releasedatum van het product dat je vooraf hebt besteld, is gewijzigd. De nieuwe releasedatum van het hieronder vermelde product is 16 juni 2008

Bestelnummer: XXXXXXXXXXXX Product-id: 96890600 Productnaam: SPORE™ Creature Creator

Als je nog vragen hebt over je bestelling, klik dan op deze koppeling:
(private url deleted)

Opmerking: je kunt niet antwoorden op dit e-mailbericht. Het adres kan geen binnenkomende berichten verwerken. Je kunt niet op dit bericht antwoorden.

Met vriendelijke groet,
EA Store Customer Se

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