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Spore: Creation Corner / Mokan - My Creature
« on: March 07, 2006, 12:38:13 pm »

Well I tried to draw what I was looking for but it just turned out... bad. So heres a description of my guy

The Mokan are a species who looks very monkeyish. They have four arms that are spaced around his torso with two coming out of the shoulders as normal and two more down toward his lower rib/abs area. He also has two lower legs that come out of his lower body (like Sebulba from Star Wars I) and are usually folded, they are short and light. His four arms are connected (on both sides, left and right) with a thin layer of skin which he uses to glide around. Also there are five fingers on each hand. (Just like a monkey)
The Mokans are tallest at 4 feet tall, and they have a very long thick tail at 4 feet as well. Their skin color is a navy blue leathery skin all over with a small tuff of hair at the end of the tail.
They live in the trees in round huts that are held up by the viney forest around them. They use their arms and tail to swing from tree to tree to meet neighbors and use their feet very seldom.
They attack from the air, gliding to their prey using their claws as their main weapon, but also using the tail to hold things down. If they are in danger they use all their arms and legs to run away on all 6, wrapping the tail around their body to move smoother.

Any yeah I think thats about it for now. I'll probably put more up on how they live later. I really wish I could draw the guy, maybe else will be able to get what I was going for.

(Editted some things that I think would be better for him.)

So what do you guys think? Think I should change a few things around? I'm kinda rethinking his legs, but I do like them there. I really didn't want an animal that was so Earthlike but I was having a hard time thinking of anything else at this time. eh.

Spore: General / How many have met Will Wright?
« on: February 26, 2006, 08:29:02 pm »
How many people here have actually met Will Wright?  ??? I know it will probably be low, but for those of us that have I would like to know where you met him and what he talked about.  Me, I met him 2 years ago at my College "The Art Institute of California - San Francisco" and he was talking about... procedural content, and no doubt showed us some of Spore, although at the time none of us knew what it was.
The reason I really posted this though, is because Will Wright is a genius.  I fell in love with him (cough) when I met him, I actually got to shake his hand and talk to him and what he talks about was just amazing.  You can tell hes a normal guy when he talks, just one of us yet he still has great ideas.  To tell the truth I actually remember him talking about computers connecting to each other without actually being connected, (he had great little diagrams) and that must be about spore.  Can't remember much more! (Damn young and stoner brain)
Maybe someone else can share with us where they met Will, and might actually have some information about what he showed them.  :P

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