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PC Games / STEAM Usernames
« on: May 25, 2009, 03:28:03 pm »
Sorry if this has been done before...

Anyway, so I'm a little late to the party of PC gaming, but I now have myself a sweet little i7 build to game on.

If everybody could post their Steam usernames that'd be great, help me out along with any other fledgling PC gamers out there wanting to get in touch with the community.

I'll start:


Add me if you like :p

P.S: Feel free to link me if a similar thread already exists.

Console Games / Weird message from Xbox Live
« on: August 03, 2008, 01:53:48 pm »
Hey, I got this really weird message from xbox live, and I wondered if any of you could fill me on what the hell it's about.

It all starts when I switch on the box to buy Geometry Wars 2, and I notice that my account seems to have been randomly given 500 ms points. I discounted this on the grounds that I must have been so excited for Geo Wars 2 I had purchased said points and simply forgotten. I proceeded to boot up geometry wars 2 and bask in it's euphoric neon explosivistation.

Later, however, I discovered a strange message in my xbox inbox. It was a message from xbox live, stating that 500 points had been deposited to my account free of charge, in relation to the GTAIV pre-sell promotion. And that they were sorry for any inconvenience caused, thanking me for supporting the xbox live service

Do you happen to know what this message could be referring too, I bought GTAIV on it's launch day and redeemed the 500 point card in the box without problems, so I can't see what this message must be apologising for.

Either way, it was nice of Microsoft to pay for my copy of Geometry Wars 2 :p

Movies / Calling all movie geeks, I need help with something.
« on: July 25, 2008, 04:08:18 pm »
Hey guys,

Basically there's this film I saw in the cinema years ago, and I just can't remember the name of the film. I'd like to watch it again but that's impossible without knowing the title. I'll try and recall as much information as I can about the movie, think of it as trivia, but I don't know the answer, only the question :p

I think I saw the movie around 6 years ago, so early 2000s probably 2002/2003.

It's a science fiction movie set in the 'not too distant future'.

The main character is a male, who I for some reason I imagine as being played by Ewan Mcgregor, this could be totally wrong though.

From what I remember of the plot, huge communites of humans are living in these massive domes, separate from the rest of humanity. Within this community a lottery is made, which, when won by an individual allows them to escape the dome, and start a new life in the outside world.

The protagonist for some reason escapes, and discovers that the lottery is not for freedom. The entire purpose of the dome is actually to grow replacement organs and body parts for citizens of the outside world, when one of the prisoners wins the lottery, they are killed, and their vital organs transplanted to a person from the outside world.

I can't really recall any more information, I don't think there will be many films that will fit that description though.



Spore: General / Spore live stream! Now!
« on: June 15, 2008, 12:19:06 pm »
I'm not really too bothered about this game but I know there are loads on this forum that are, there's some kind of live stream on now that I saw on Digg, check it out. Won't be on for long though.

That is all,


Everything Else / Another of my projects
« on: April 17, 2008, 07:45:27 pm »

I've been working on this short film clip for my A level media studies course.

I had to create the opening to a horror/thriller movie and I just finished it.

I was just wondering what you guys thought of it.

It isn't of course a desperate plea for complements from a shallow and insecure person, certainly not! <------- Linkage

Thanks for your time,

Joe S

Portable Games / Best PSP titles
« on: April 09, 2008, 01:54:45 am »
A new excuse has come into my life allowing me to purchase a new piece of consumer technology.

Namely, a PSP, I quite like the look of the White slim version and I'm kinda gettin' tired of all the touchscreen gimmicks on the DS (although Geometry Wars Galaxies is awesome)

So here I pose my question, what are the best titles?

I've pretty much paid no attention to PSP releases over the last few years so I have a very limited knowledge on the subject.

God Of War seems to have got some glowing reviews so I'll pick that up, and Wipeout Pulse looks like it will bring PS1 nostalgia flooding back.

What other games are there worth getting for the PSP?



Site News / Forum won't let me have a profile picture
« on: January 03, 2008, 03:14:04 pm »
The forum doesn't seem to want to let me have a profile picture, I tried pics of all resolutions, sizes, and varying levels of compression from my HDD and also through linking to photo hosting sites. All with no success.

Mods, is there something you can do to help me get this working?



Console Games / Video Capture Devices
« on: January 03, 2008, 10:10:55 am »
Hey guys, I was wondering if you guys know of any of any video capture devices that I can use to record gameplay footage off my TV.



Console Games / Colin Mcrae: DiRT
« on: June 12, 2007, 03:25:09 pm »
Has anybody checked out the demo for this game on xbox live? It's absolutely fantastic in my opinion, from the stunningly slick 3D menu system, the revolutionary sound design, immacutely detailed tracks, and crashes that rival Burnout.

It appears to have a taken the perfect combination of Arcade and Simulation handling, and its just perfect.

What do all you lot think about this game?

PC Games / Great games for a PC gaming newbie
« on: May 19, 2007, 12:24:50 pm »
I'm going to be installing Windows Vista Ultimate on a MacBook Pro when I get it in June.

In short, I have not had access to a Windows PC before, so I have very little knowledge about the best games to pick up.

What are some of the best PC games around that you can recommend for me?

I love first person shooters, so I know about Half Life 2, BF2 etc. However, I have never really been to fond of real time strategy games. Oh, and I love Oblivion, I'l be picking that up for sure.

I read a few articles and it appears that Windows Vista is not as bad a platform for gaming as it is made out to be, so compatibility shouldn't be to much of an issue.

Although the particular system has not yet been announced, I predict the specifications will be something like this.

Dual Core Intel Celleron Pro 2.4ghz (Santa Rosa chipset)
512mb graphics (Probably an ATI Radeon)
160gb 5400 HDD
2Ggb DDR2 667mhz SDRAM

I have some catching up to do!


Sorry about the OTT subject name, but this is very important news for 360 owners who have bought Shivering Isles.

The bug, in its early stages has the effect of disabling any new items from being created, and later on, if it has not been diagnosed, could even result in your character being reset and eventually your save file being corrupted.

As of yet Bethesda has not officially commented on the bug affecting the 360 version, but it has been unofficially confirmed....

Proof Here -

Here is a quote from the UESP wiki that outlines the situation

A very serious bug has been found with Shivering Isles that will render the game unplayable in many ways about 50 to 120 hours of play (better FPS means bug hits earlier) after installing the expansion. The bug will occur if you have SI installed -- regardless of whether you access SI content or not.
The bug is thoroughly confirmed on both the PC and the Xbox. The only difference is that it takes more hours of play to affect Xbox users (at the very least 75 hours; with normal gameplay over 150 hours).
While the situation appeared quite bad initially, several unofficial tools are now available for the PC, and Bethesda has released a beta patch. Although no fixes are available yet for Xbox 360, the prospects for Bethesda eventually releasing an official patch over Xbox Live appear promising.
Bethesda's original official response was:

Regarding the issue in which Form ID's are being used at a high rate in the Shivering Isles content; we are aware of the issue and we are currently looking into a solution. We appreciate your patience, especially from those of you affected by this issue, as we carefully work out a fix that will correct this problem without adding any new issu"es. --NothingCatchy, Developer

Here is some advice for 360 owners who simply cannot leave this game alone whilst awaiting a patch.

Advice (Xbox)

 There is currently no way for Xbox 360 players to fix the problem. A patch cannot be released over Xbox Live until after it has gone through preliminary testing (now being done on PCs with the beta patch) and approval by Microsoft. The release of a beta patch indicates that Bethesda is working on an official fix, but it takes more time to go through the process necessary for Xbox Live patches.

Uninstalling Shivering Isles may be possible, but is more difficult than uninstalling any of the other downloaded content. It probably requires:
Deleting the 1GB download file for Shivering Isles (see Official Mods on Xbox 360 for details).
Deleting all patches that have been installed (see Patches on Xbox 360 for details).
Reinstalling the patches by connecting to Xbox Live.

This process has not been tested, and is not recommended since it is possible to play Shivering Isles for many hours without problems.
It is also very difficult on the Xbox to determine how much playing time you have left until the bug will hit, especially because your playing time depends upon how you play the game. The more time you spend in menus that pause the game (inventory menus, reading books, talking to NPCs, picking locks, bartering, making spells, enchanting items, looking at maps, etc) the more playing time you will have available.
There is absolutely no chance of triggering the bug during the first 70 hours of playing time, if you started with a new character when you installed Shivering Isles.

If you were continuing play with a previous character (one you started playing before installing Shivering Isles) you may have 10 less hours of playing time than if you started with a new character (i.e., minimum 60 hours instead of 70 hours).

The only way to trigger the bug after only 70 hours of playing is by playing in very artificial ways (in particular, not using any menus or interacting with anything in the game) for the entire time. In other words, unless you intentionally force the bug to happen, you will have much more than 70 hours of playing time.

With normal gameplay, you should have at least 140 hours of playing time. If you follow the suggestions below, you will probably have well over 200 hours of playing time available.

Most Xbox players should be able to continue playing for quite a while before the bug manifests. With the following suggestions, you should be able to extend your available playing time to more than 200 hours, and also limit the possible effects of the bug.

Do not overwrite any saved games. Save to a new file each time you save your game.

Whenever you are not actively playing the game, go into a menu to pause the game (for example, hit the "B" key to open your inventory).
If you need to wait while playing the game, use the "wait" function ("BACK" key).

For example, if you go to the Market District to sell loot and arrive there at 7am, wait for an hour instead of just standing around for an hour.

Spend extra time doing activities within menus. For example:

Read some of the books in the game.

Spend more time talking to NPCs.

Try using the persuasion mini-game instead of charm spells.

Try picking locks instead of open spells.

If you are worried that you may be about to run out of time before the bug hits (i.e., you have played for much more than 100 hours since installing Shivering Isles), you can:

Check your save games, as detailed in Testing/Repair. If your save game passes the tests, you can keep playing.

Start a new, throw-away character instead of your main character. Be sure to completely restart the game first and then choose "New" from the first game menu, otherwise the new character's storage space will not be empty, and you will not get the maximum possible playing time. Time spent playing with a new character will not affect any other characters you may have. So explore some new places with a new character until an official patch is released, then go back to your original character.

To avoid quoting the entire page, here is the link to the wiki -

Despite all this advice, I am taking no risks, I am simply avoiding Oblivion completely until I hear news of a patch. In the mean time, I purchased Virtua Tennis 3 (A fantastic game in my opinion, although I do not think of my self as a tennis fan)

Lastly, if you use digg, and would like to help get this news out there, please digg this story -

Thanks, and good luck.

Console Games / Xbox Live Marketplace Downloading Question
« on: April 05, 2007, 03:24:27 pm »
Hey, just a quick question about the xbox live marketplace....

I recently purchased a ton of Microsoft points, 4200 to be exact, with the primary aim of downloading the Shivering Isles Oblivion expansion.

I was wondering that if my internet were to disconnect as the file is downloading, as is becoming increasingly common, can I download the file again once my internet connection has re-established without paying twice?

I heard somewhere that this is the case, but I would prefer to have confirmation before I start the download.



PC Games / The Funniest Game Glitches
« on: November 07, 2006, 11:49:05 am »
Here is a place for you to put all those stories about glitches that made you laugh in any way. I chose to put it into the PC games section because It seems to have the most active population, but games from all platforms can be talked about.

If you have ever played Just Cause you must have tried to steal the helicopter that delivers your vehicle after a heavy drop. If you simply tried to drag yourself onto it from underneath with the grapple gun, you will see that avalanche software have predicted your mischievous activity, and made it so you simply rebound off the bottom of the vehicle. However, if you can somehow land yourself onto the roof of this helicopter, then you can steal it. Every so often the helicopter just hangs in the air, evidently reluctant to trundle off to its base. I managed to paraglide on top of the allied vehicle merely out of inquisition, and much to my suprise the 'use vehicle' symbol appeared on the screen. In an instant I hit the appropriate button, knocking the driver out through the passenger door and onto the ground. So there I was, sitting in the vehicle that everybody thaught was unstealable, but the surprises don't end there, it turns out that the copter has a machine gun. If you have ever tried shoot down the friendly aircraft, you would have noticed, that even after 6 rocket blasts to its hull it still managed to not show a hint of damage, this is because the vehicle is completely invincible! Try as I might, even after driving full pelt into a skyscraper, a blow more than powerfull enough to destroy any other aircraft in the game, the machine came out completely unscathed. That, combined with the machine gun, makes the vehicle incredibly useful, perhaps Avalanche left it in for the inquisitive gamer to find, or more likely in my opinion, it was yet another glitch in an incredibly glitchy, but still very fun, game.

Console Games / Just Cause Demo!
« on: September 24, 2006, 01:46:45 am »
What an ace game. The graphics are outstanding, the sudo manual aiming system is great (most of the time) Its really what I loved about GTA san andreas, I spent  most of my time in 4x4s or motorbikes in the wilderness.

Although for some strange reason it wouldn't let me crouch even though it said you could in the controls. I ma sure they will fix this bug. Could anybody else not crouch on their xbox 360?

Everything Else / Thanks steve for having tons of bandwidth!
« on: September 14, 2006, 12:10:18 pm »
I have noticed that is easily the fastest site in my bookmarks. Depsite my screwed up 8mb line going at a feeble 120kbps your pages pretty much open instantly whereas others  take many times longer.

Thanks Steve!

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