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Spore: Sporepedia Exchange / Cthulu Challenge!
« on: September 01, 2008, 08:48:02 pm »
This might seem like an odd challenge, but I want to see what person can make the best Cthulu in the CC. I wont show you mine as it's terrible. I have the basic CC.

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / A Rage Beyond the Stars [ATTN: ALL]
« on: August 05, 2008, 11:13:35 pm »
OOC - Before reading this I'd like you to note that I do not have a definite picture for my species yet. I will get one up when I buy a new computer. Currently I am using a crappy mac that can't even run the CC. D:

IC -

The low admiral looked intently at the report that flashed across his HUD showing reports that had been incoming all day long. Everyone aboard his frigate, and everyone in Windrax space at that, was transfixed upon their Telemachines, throughout the Aiur solar system, down to Windrene, the birthplace of Windrax kind. They awaited the word of the Emperor Silshatar. As Low-Admiral Versha'von's HUD finally lit up simultaneously with everyone else in the system, his reptilian eyes leaked a tear. His Emperor, born of the family that had ruled the strongest civilization of Windrene, spoke rythmatically, his harsh reptilian voice sounded out the words that every Windrax had hoped dearly for.

"Buried within the City of the Gods, as you know was uncovered upon the second planet beyond Windrene, we have discovered something that will propel us to our goal. We have uncovered technology in this most ancient of cities the ability to travel amongst the stars themselves!"

The Emperor spoke to a crowd of trillions throughout the system, trillions who were crowded to the brink on every surface. For centuries the Windrax had worked to discover a way out of their solar system so that they could ease their population problems. They had discovered a city dated to millions of years before their civilization had coalesced and for centuries more they attempted to unlock it's secrets. A popular belief arose that this was a city made by the Gods themselves, where they lived before they abandoned the heretical Windrax.

"Our ancestors set out to follow our Gods beyond our known world, to find them and live amongst them once more. We now have that chance. Today I am pleased to announce that our first starship will begin construction."

For Low-Admiral Versha'von it couldn't have been a better day..

Four Windrax Months Later
The military had bought out thousands of factories for the manufacture of the first Windrax starship. The Emperor had set out to make it at least ten times larger than any ship already constructed. At a whopping 4 kilometres long, it was considered a massive achievement. The amount of material it took to construct it had been overwhelming, and entire sections of one city were ripped down for metal. Millions were displaced, but the Emperor promised that new homes would come soon, beyond the pull of Aiur.

And sooner than anyone had imagined, the ship was launched. Bound for glory, bound for the nearest star. Bound for a world entirely unexpected, for the Windrax did not realize that they were not alone in the universe, and that the gods had not made everything for the taking.

OOC - Anyone who wants to have a presence at this 'nearest star' is welcome. And I was hoping that one of the old '06 species could be behind the city in the solar system that the Windrax think is the work of their gods.

Spore: Sporepedia Exchange / Zuka's Creatures!
« on: June 13, 2008, 10:12:54 pm »

Behold, the ShrimpCricket!

Spore: Creation Corner / The Kreadian - My New Creature
« on: October 16, 2006, 10:29:27 pm »
The Kreadian

Kreadians hail from the planet Kread, a very odd planetary sytem consisting of Kread, a desert planet, and it's main moon, Zuka. It's other two moons consist of Aktlik and Kurtak, two captured asteroids. The main moon, Zuka, has a moon of it's own, an asteroid called Uktak.

The solar sytem exists in a double star sytem, the reason for Kread's harsh conditions. There are 10 planets within the system. Two inner rocky planets, extremely hot and with no atmosheres. The third is Kread. Beyond that is Krodt, a planet with life, believed by many Kreadian's to have intelligent life. Beyond that is four different gas giants, and the last is an icy rock planet.

The Kreadians are a warrior species. They believe in and worship a God of Death and Destruction, they are spurred on to war. They believe in nothing better than to die in battle for their random, scattered kingdoms.

Average Height: 7-12 feet tall
Average Weight: 400-650lbs.
Average Age at Death (without war): 68 years old.
Child Birth: Live
Reproduction: Sexual
Number of Children: 1-4
Physical Description: Kreadians are gigantic. Their evolution made them extremely strong, rising to the top through pure strength and numbers. Their skin is leather-like and resistant to the harsh Sun's, and like most animals on Kread, developed a resistance to the intense radiation. There are no different races of Kreadians.

So, what do you all think? I don't know what else to say for now. I'll make a solar system diagram, showing all the planets and stuff. I'll give whatever information you want and try and make whatever pictures you like. I'll slowly progress through their history from Early sentience. Thanks!

Forum Games / The Wishing Game
« on: March 05, 2006, 06:01:42 pm »
Ok, someone makes a wish and hen the next person makes away for the wish to backfire, then makes a wish of their own!
Like this:

Larry: I wish for a new pair of shoes!

Bob: You get the shoes, but they are possesed and eat your feet!
I wish for a candy bar!

And so on.

Ok, I wish for a girlfriend! :D :(

Spore: General / Has anyone noticed this?
« on: January 08, 2006, 10:25:00 am »
I've read that a lot of people want to be able to control a single member of a tribe or city. Well, during the part of the GDC video when Will is showing the tribe, there is a Willasaur following his cursor thing. There is also one in part of the city stage. Either they are following his cursor or he just happens to be putting it where it happens to go. :/

PC Games / EVE
« on: January 05, 2006, 08:47:48 pm »
Is EVE any good? Also, I'm confused, is it free or just the expansions?

PC Games / This sucks.
« on: January 04, 2006, 05:29:49 pm »
My WoW has been cancelled.

So. Evil. :(

WoW is like an addiction for me.. next few weeks are going to be like torture. :(

Spore: General / My Movie
« on: January 03, 2006, 07:33:44 pm »
Ok, heres a movie I made. Its In ArtPad, but meh.  ;D

I recommend playing in Fast motion. Don't skip to the end.

What do you guys think?

**Note that this is a commercial.

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