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Spore: Creation Corner / [RG] Index - Reborn Galaxy
« on: September 24, 2008, 02:00:06 pm »
The rebirth of the Old Galaxy brings need of an index of races which still exist.

This is a list.


I'll add more if you like.

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Libera Unio (the Free Union) [RG RP]
« on: September 19, 2008, 02:51:08 pm »

There had been harsh times from the members of the Union. What had originally started as a method of an empress to prevent her feats from crumbling, had evolved and grown through the ages. From a loose confederation to harsh communist dictatorships, to liberal fascists to religious zealots, the power this Union could provide was enormous. This is the tale of the ending of the Enlightened Union, the last traditional Union.

Throughout the various forms of the Union, many rulerships had arisen. All had crumbled eventually, due to inner strife. The most recent to fall from power was a military junta known as High Command. They had seized power through a violent coup d'etat, and put down student protests on Vii Deux, the Union capital, when they demanded reforms. The military was mostly under Yunimius command, so the fall of the Yunimius went without bloodshed. King Yunamii of the Yunimius had become a refugee and found refuge on Niho, the capital of the Urshan Province.

High Command soon focussed on bringing the weakened Auyuelcliad Confederacy under its control. Soon after the destruction of a major city, the Confederacy disintegrated and a general named Banaquaq declared High Command rule. The Confederacy had known some internal strife for some years. One of the political leaders, and heir to the dormant throne, Cortan Tesilia II, also fled to Niho, with his generals.

Once the two culturally dominant provinces had been incorporated into this new, unified state, it was possible to annex their former protectorates, the North and South Forthi Republics, which had been driven apart by conflicting ideologies of the former owners, Auyuelcliads and Yunimius. The Northhad been better off because the Yunimius had been more stable prior to relinquishing full control to High Command. This allowed them to seize quite a number of South Forthi worlds.

The Thoons were quickly conquered, with only a small scale battle taking place. The Urshans declared a war upon this new unified Union state, but little battles occurred. The Austians, Arkibals, and Zakraa seceded, but were not declared war upon by High Command, the official reason being they were no use, the actual reason being that High Command coffers were being stressed as it was, and additional fronts wouldn't help their resolve.

A ceasefire was signed with the Urshans after some time, giving birth to what was officially called the Enlightened Republic and Urshan Empire under Single Union, the vast majority of citizens being Yunimius, and Urshans having no say in Union politics. Borders were closed, and agreements were made that all rebels be sent to High Command justice.

After some ten years, High Command tried a new form of governing this new unified Enlightened Republic, and a new Parliament was created, and elections were held. It looked like a democracy, but only a party with junta approval could provide a prime-minister. Castor the Thoon won the first election with his personal party, and proved popular. After Castor's two terms were up, the political climate had changed, and a political stream opposing the junta was seemingly going to win the elections. The junta intervened, and this started a civil uprising.

The Urshans started to openly back resistance movements again, to much anger of High Command. In the Enlightened Republic, a popular movement under Jalene Martů gained a lot of support, and they managed to gain control of the government buildings on Vii Deux, and raised the new flag was raised over Parliament. High Command rule was being overthrown, and the Free Union was declared. The Remnant of High Command retreated.

Within some weeks, a provisional parliament using the unified structure created by High Command had been created, and invitations to expelled members were extended.

Soon, delegates could arrive, and the Free Union's future would be determined.

Spore: Sporepedia Exchange / Daan's Creaturium of Wonder
« on: June 14, 2008, 06:00:26 am »
I have recreated my Yunimius from the Creation Corner, and it looks good (IMO ;))


The Yunimius on the Sporepedia
The Yunimius on Gaming Steve

Compare :)

My first Spore creation, Party Pooper
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

I find that the edges of their PNG images are abominable.

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Talks of the Future: A Free Union
« on: April 07, 2008, 01:28:19 pm »

Over the past 15 years, the military High Command had been in control of the old Enlightened Republic. During their rule, they had abolished the old states and unified them, created a Parliament for the entire Union, evicted the Zakraa and Austians, and avoided the Urshans.

The Enlightened Republic was the official successor state to the Yunimian Kingdom, the Auyuelcliad Confederacy, the Protected Forthi Republics, and the Thoon Republic. Together with the semi-independent Urshan Empire, with whom they had struck a deal, they formed the Enlightened Union, based on values such as liberty and democracy, but also social norms. For a few years, people were glad the rivalry between Yunimius and Auyuelcliads was gone thanks to the multi-racial High Command. However, things soon proved no different, and the Auyuelcliads with any power were unofficially banished to former Confederate lands. Yunimius were in charge of most affairs in the Enlightened Republic, but the Prime-Minister was a Thoon, for good image. During these fifteen years, the Yunimius population had grown with 25%, thanks to secret fertility increasements found in everyday things. Yunimius were once again in an elite position, as they'd been during the time of Jiana's Eastern Imperium. Political commentators casually referred to it as the Third Golden Age of the Yunimius.

The actual start of the High Command's rule was after student protests had taken place on Vii Deux, the capital planet of the Union and Republic. These had asked for more personal freedom and democracy, and brotherhood between the races. The last of these, they got forced upon them when High Command brutally crushed the revolution and bombed several monuments in the University District, effectively defacing the reputation as a centre of learning.

Many different resistance groups arose; monarchists, anarchists, republicans, social-democrats, and communists. Due to these being hunted down by the Republican government, they fled to the 'free' Urshan Empire, now a centre where thousands of cultures and species meet. Niho, the Urshan home world, also experienced a cultural golden age. Some also remained in secrecy on Vii Deux, but were less successful during the first eight years of High Command rule. These groups, who's politics were radically different, had to work together.

Two years ago, High Command's power was questioned, when they experimented with true, nationwide democratic elections. The results were shocking. Though people had been content with the 'winner' of all previous elections (Castor the Thoon), they now knew how wonderful it was to see your choice envisioned as a part of the nation's future. High Command, displeased with the fact that the largest party had proven to be the Social-Liberals, engaged a major crackdown to retain their might. People realised High Command had lost their original noble intentions of being a temporary order restorer. Public support for the resistance swelled.

Meanwhile, the Forthi worlds which had been stoked against each other by colonialist Auyuelcliads and Yunimius, had been united in overthrowing the installed governor, and once again knew what it was like to be free. This freedom was short however, as High Command destroyed two planets and demolished major buildings to show what happened to unruly citizens. However, the taste of freedom was sweet, and the Forthi would soon taste it again, for less than a month later, Centauri would return to their old motherland.

Vii Deux too experienced radical change. The united Resistance managed to take over the Praesidium, the location of the Parliament and High Courts. All over the planet, others did the same. The planet came under control of the provisional prime-minister Jalaine Martů, former Yunimius singer, turned revolutionary and politician. Eventually, High Command retreated to several systems in the Outer Rim, to plan their retaking of what they considered 'theirs'.

The Provisional Minister of Internal Affairs sent invitations to members and evicted members of the old Enlightened Union, renamed to 'Free Union' by the provisional parliament. The invitees were expected to arrive soon.

Spore: General / Maxis Website dissapears
« on: January 26, 2008, 07:40:12 am »
Once again, the corporate destruction machine, EAvil, has removed the Maxis website, only this time it redirects to Spore's official website.

Try it:

They did it before, but changed it back after it got noticed. Now sneakily did it again.

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Galactic Senate: Safety Council
« on: September 27, 2007, 02:29:42 pm »
    This high-authority branch of the Galactic Senate consists of six permanent council members who decide major galactic foreign affairs, usually military.

Permanent Council States:
  • Confederate States of the Democratic Union of Auyuelcliadia
  • Kingdom of Yunimia
  • Enlightened Urshan Empire
  • Torpals
  • Iinknii
  • Terran-Ixians

Elected Council States:
  • Tal'Po
  • Sherdias

Current conflicts:
A Union Broken

Two seats in the council are elected, and permanent seats may be transferred to a different owner depending on political and military events.[/list]

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / The Enlightened Republic
« on: May 17, 2007, 12:49:43 pm »
SporeWiki: Enlightened Republic and Urshan Empire under Single Union

The Auyuelcliads, Yunimius, Forthi, Urshans, and Thoons, proudly present the Enlightened Republic and Urshan Empire under Single Union, the successor state to the old Enlightened Union, created by the shortterm martial law government.

    • Arkibals
    • Austians
    • Auyuelcliads
    • Forthi
    • Thoons
    • Urshans
    • Yunimius
    • Zakraa

    Allies: Wexxians

    The beautiful capital is known as Vii Deux. The Enlightened Parliament has 600 seats, of which 530 are filled by democratically elected citizens of the Integrated Provinces. The other 70 seats are filled by the parties 'elected' by the Urshans, and deliberately form a minority.

    Spore: Creation Corner / [RG] The Yunimius
    « on: April 04, 2007, 12:26:23 pm »
    The Yunimius

    [Left Image] by Eglicos [Right Image] By Nuclear Chinchilla [Bottom Left Image] by Ichthyostega [Bottom Right Image] Daan (me)


    General Information
    The Yunimius originate from their home planet Ulis (which is a synonym for one of their gods), and their evolution is strange and fascinating. More on that later. As of right now, they are well known for their ability to colonize quickly, and their industrial knowledge and vast learning capabilities. Until introduced to the galactic stage, they were in a technological state similar to 19th Century Europe. Today they are a part of the Enlightened Union.

    The Yunimius originated from a small predatory creature, which hunted in herds. After a large drought many prey died out and tough plant material remained in availability. Their teeth adapted to this, and after some time water returned to the area, and made the area almost swampy. They retained omnivore-like teeth, and adapted to the new climate. Water rose all about, giving need to either aquatic limbs, or long legs. Both emerged, the semi-aquatic species never attained sapience. They still dwell on Ulis today, bearing much resemblance to their close relatives. Islands were scattered as water rose further. On these islands, babies were born and fed until able to swim and walk through the swamps. Every tribe had its own island and small fights over territory were common. As the planet cooled again, ice was returned to the western continent. Water levels lowered over 2 meter, and while the swamp didn't dry up, some islands joined, and tribes were united. New predators developed, especially the Yikhog. Sharper claws evolved as a way of defense, and sentience to devise safety plans arrived. Early Yunimius civilizations could build dykes and all took turns to keep te reclaimed land dry by using the pump, similar to an Archimedes screw. This was made from a large tree, usually Bordok. As ice on the western continent grew, the water levels dropped further. The swamp climate eventually became very fertile grass lands, which scattered swamp remnants. Somehow evolution stopped, for civilization was about to take on its role.

    Yunimius are born without upper limbs, making them very well in need of a mother's care. This early family bonding is the root of Ulian culture. Limbs grow after the first 3 months due to rapid hormone creation in their abdomen. After the growth of all limbs, Yunimius become adult very quickly, and arm strength in the average Yunimius grows greatly. In the abdomen all vital organs, except the brain, are housed. The respitory system requires an atmosphere with a large amount of helium, in order to keep their blood cool. The average modern Yunimius can live up to 90 years or more.

    Home System
    Forlor is a young star, which shines warmly on its satellites. The name Forlor comes from the Father-God Forlor, who's light gave birth to the Children (the life on Ulis). The name Ulis is a synonym for Juna, the Mother-God, and means Womb or Chalice, depending on the context. All other planets are named after the Prophets of Despair, who all made predictions that Forlor's Spear would one day break, and an Outsider would take it's place. Gonya, one of the Ulian moons, is named so by the sub-species who were sucked on it by gravity when something made Gonya come too close to Ulis. There is much doubt if this is natural.

    This is a government map of Ulis. All colours are different administrative regions, except the red ones, which are actually independent from the Union, though this has no real advantage to them. They are a popular tourist location. Cairton is the most populated continent of Ulis, and is home to the Free State of Ulinium, the Junacan Senatorial Republic, and Furlii. They have the most political weight in all decisions concerning the Yunimian Kingdom, and it is known that they are more likely to receive employment than those from the Pomansk and Equat regions.

    The Yunimius are widespread across the known galaxy, but can be divided into three main nations: Yunimia (Republic or Monarchy, depends on RP happenings), Thamih, and Jamilk.

    - Head of State
    The Head of State is the hereditary monarch, who must sign all legal documents, and has no say about their contents. The monarch chooses a Prime-Minister in name, though de facto the monarch always chooses the leader of the party that has won the elections.

    In the rare case when there is no apparent heir, the Prime-Minister is crowned Lord-Protector-of-State.

    - Prime-Minister
    The Prime-Minister is leader of the government, and representative (in name) of all the Yunimius. He or she is the leader of the leading party, and is ceremonially chosen by the monarch. It is the Prime-Minister who holds true power, and even has the ability to abolish monarchy in times of great economic depression in order to sell all royal possessions, or when the monarchy has done illegal or unjust deeds.

    - House of Ruling
    Here sit the two government parties on one side, whereas the opposition sits on the other side. Discussion occurs here.

    - Court of Political Affairs
    Should any crimes occur, or any truly difficult matter remain unresolved, the Supreme Judges decide. These are personally appointed by the monarch, and are avoided by the House of Ruling, for fear the monarch gains too much power.

    History Stories
    Here you will find tales of Yunimian History and origin of Lore and Traditions

    Unification: From 115 sovereign states to one

    The unification of Ulis was not as easy as the Union history books portray it. Ulis is a diverse planet, with many ethnic mixes. For instance, the Junacan Republic consisted mainly immigrants from the Mairton region, while the original inhabitants, the Cairtan, were oppressed and considered a lower class.

    The United Nations of Ulis (UNOU) had been established, the first true international attempt to work away differences and bring an end to nation-wars. They were not very powerful, but could appoint provisional governments in war regions, and send armies to liberate in places in need. The UNOU was headed by a Council, who for lack of better term were seen as the Yunimius government by the visiting Auyuelcliads and Kangorians. After these visitors along with others had defeated the Chancellor-Emperor of the Ulinium Empire, they grew in power thanks to Lord Gundiil, the Chairman of the Council.

    Passports issued after this had the "Ulian Citizen" logo on the cover, a mother Yunimius with a father and twins. Again this proved to be a point of discussion between the peoples, for the design was by the Junacan Republic officials, who had different ideas on the ideal family than the tropical nations where two mothers and a single father with four children were common. This small matter escalated into a small revolt, with the Equatorial Independence League conducting terrorist operations. The UNOU army was sent, and a minor civil war was happening, with 12,020 estimated dead. Entire tribes fled across borders, and were hunted down by the Equatorial Police, the most fascist organization ever to have been founded on Ulis. Children were raped and then slowly tortured until they died, while the parents were forced to bathe in their children's blood until they drowned. These events have been absent from history books for a few decades, and only now have most of the remains been found. Only a small 340 Yunimius managed to flee and gain asylum.

    More instabilities happened until the Yunimius had joined OTHER, and by that time over 23 million had left life, and 34 million were homeless. The Equatorial nations had become inhospitable thanks to biological weapons.

    The Chancellor-Emperor Kilsaiman Morr had survived, and managed to regain power. He proclaimed the Holy Ulinium Empire, and used what was left of the UNOU to gain power over all of Ulis. He abolished most forms of democracy, and converted the Empire to the Dhulam faith. Kilsaiman claimed himself to be the direct descendant of the Unspoken, and so managed to further his grip over Ulis. For the first time, a single Ulian state existed, but none were happy about it.

    A second Ulinium War happened, and once again the Ulinium proved defeated. For a short time, a Ulian Republic existed, which became a monarchy within a week. They Elder Council had passed a motion to find a hereditary head of state. A famous quote originated from the Week-Long Meeting; "So you would have a leader who has killed to found our nation, and expect his children to do the same? Then do not call him a Chancellor, call him the King he and his spawn shall be." Tyrant and King are the same word in the Mairton language, and the Council misunderstood.

    A huge artificial intelligence by the Caltarin had been set off, and caused great disasters on Ulis, killing over half the planets population. The newly crowned King, Horjok Biil, an ex-assassin, called for the people to set aside their differences and help to rebuild the planet. From this moment forward the Union's next edition of history books will speak of true unity of the Ulian people.

    Famous Plays
    Famous Plays:

    Nihiili Thunder
    Created in SGY (Stand Galactic Year) 803, this play is about a young widow who's husband died in a sea storm, and must learn to cope with her new life as the mother of six children, who she must teach both the female and male aspects of life. She also discovers that she has become infertile, a disgrace amongst the Nihiili, who at the time believed it was punishment by Juna for adultery. She is innocent, and a High Priest proves this. The High Priest falls in love with her and they marry. She becomes the first Queen of a fictional land.

    DamaŠn's Sun Dance
    DamaŠn is a young woman who believes she is destined to become the Chancellor-Emperor's new wife. She dresses up as Juna Seductrii, one of the three embodiments of the Mother God. Eventually, the Chancellor-Emperor of Ulinium invites her into his home, and they engage in making love to one another. He however, rejects her as a wife. She becomes pregnant with a child, whom she teaches that he is the true heir of the semi-democratically chosen position. In another part of the play, her son confronts his father, who becomes enraged and tries to attack the boy. The boy, who is now 17, in an act of self-defence, stabs his father, and usurps the throne. His reign is celebrated by all who have seen him. Meanwhile, DamaŠn has emigrated to Mairton, where she hears of this. Infuriated, she spends every sunrise dancing to the sound of the trees growing, hoping to curse him for his deeds. They meet one another after many years, where they decide to commit suicide.

    A Galactic Engagement
    This play takes place in a more recent time period, and takes place in the days before the Union, when the Yunimius were handing out nobles as brides to many alien species. In this play, a fictional Damiihi princess gets engaged to the Crown Prince of Auyuelciadia, a position which at the time didn't exist. It is a highly romanticised version of the true engagement between Nihiili nobles and the Imperators of the Forthi.


    The Yunimius are a very festive people, and many of their celebrations revolve around fertility.

    • Bajarnai: a festival where the tradition is to light millions of lanterns, in order to illuminate the planet. Usually visible from space. Five days of constant dancing. Celebration of the 'Spear's Penetration', a tale told in the Yunimian equivalent of the Bible.
    • Lameh: A seven day celebration, the populace gathers near the water, as a celebration of the Womb. Flowers and seeds are thrown into the water. Yunimius who are 12 years old, get the official 'adulthood' ceremony. Can be described as an orgy of sorts. Music similar to the one in the Bacardi Mjito music is played

    There are many more (I just need to think up more)

    Sardon had not a single importance to any political party for many years. Sure, its nature was fascinating, and its resources abundant. But that was it.

    But the people that were living on the planet were preparing for the arrival of leaders from the war fighters. So far the REDSTAR had had no true influence here. Nor had any Alliance member. If it weren't for the news, the people here would have forgotten their ancestors came from other worlds.

    In a small town, food was being prepared for the arrival of leaders. A special palace, that of the governor, had its doors opened. The first craft arrived. Jaraia Matruesjka stopped from it.

    "Let us discuss the future. The Worker's future."

    Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Founding of Vii (Historical RP) (OOC)
    « on: February 21, 2007, 03:49:52 pm »
    I'm wondering if anyone is interested in an RP which takes place after Jiana takes control of the Imperial Ulian Kingdom, and slightly before the takeover of Tsullian Auyuelcliadia. It would be so that each person has a small group (4) of characters they can control as they like, each with a special ability and a special leader/hero. Conflicts may arise, and history must not change significantly ie. Vii becomes the pirate port of the Scurvy Sea Torpal Raiding Omic Eaters.

    The objective is to colonize the continent where the Forum of the Covenant of Eternal Piece lies, and to build Royal Tombs for the Nihiili rulers of Ulis (After the Auyuelcliadia takeover it becomes known as the Eastern Imperium) etc.

    Give ideas etc.

    Spore: Creation Corner / The Serene Republic of Thamih
    « on: January 24, 2007, 06:38:53 am »
    The Serene Republic of Thamih

    The Serene Republic of Thamih is an independent nation, and one of the most liberal one can imagine. The majority of the population consist of Yunimius, but other species are welcome.

    Government System
    The government in a democratically elected parliament. A Prime-Minister is Head of State. With the exception of parties promoting criminal activity, any political party with over 2% of the national vote has right to a seat in Parliament House. The current Prime-Minister is Domina Birdasj. Every single citizen has the right to vote, unless convicted of a crime against life (this does not include a single murder, but exceptions can be made based on technique). Mentally incapacitated can also be declared unfit to vote.

    Judicial System
    When suspected of a crime, the suspect is given the right to a defence. Judges are AI's with the ability to learn and show emotion, and take things into consideration when needed. This is done to prevent possible bias. Neither corporal nor capital punishment is used as a sentence, instead, the biggest punishment is being sent away for life, this taken literally. In some cases convicts get sentenced to become workers for public works.

    None as of yet.

    Political Affiliation
    None. Was UKDF (GU). Seeking Alliance of the Protectors membership.


    This thread serves the purpose of being used for Out-of-Character talk about the Tourists in the Grand Union RP.

    Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Tourists in the Grand Union - RP
    « on: January 10, 2007, 01:39:49 pm »
    The Grand Union of Races Tourism Board has been set up as a response to the overwhelming tourists coming to the Grand Union, and many areas are being prepared for tourism. One of the first is Cartasj, a recently annexed territory of the Ulian Kingdom Province. The idea is that you play a tourist (note the absence of the plural form of the word!), on a tour. So without further ado, step into the tourism office!


    "Hi, and welcome. I am here to help you choose your vacation this season. How about a trip to Cartasj? It's the latest hotspot, with beautiful ruins of ancient sentients, and wonderful beaches along the shores!"

    You take the vacation offer, without checking for more. The next thing you know, you're at Vii Space Port, ready for liftoff!

    Introduce your character inside the commercial aircraft Heartland.

    You can join at any time, as long as your actions make sense with previous happenings.

    "This is your captain speaking. Please fasten your selves during liftoff!"

    PC Games / Creatures: Docking Station (Free game)
    « on: August 17, 2006, 04:42:29 pm »
    Hey everyone!  ;) Creatures: Docking Station is a free artificial life game, with some of the most advanced DNA and biochemistry found in consumer products! The raise creatures known as Norns, Ettins, and Grendels. The game features a multi-player mode, for which you must register. This allows you to send your creatures to other people via the "Warp".The Creatures Community is a very productive one and creates new content regularly. Currently, the Creatures Community Spirit Festival is going on, an annual event to celebrate the community and their creations!

    Download the game now [torrent]. Also, remember to check out the official website, Creature Labs. Have fun!

    Edit: Added about multi-player

    Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Crescent Virus (RP)
    « on: July 11, 2006, 07:55:32 am »
    During the construction the G.E.C. librarian droid Orderly Neutron #0023 on Helcius Prime, the homeworld of OTHER, it was briefly plugged into the planet's main computer, for an AI transfer. The AI, Crescent, got mixed with other files and archives, including that of the Halcyon War. Though the creators of the AI never experienced that event, the other races of Helcius Prime archived it, and put it in the OTHER Main Computer. Crescent, being the smart AI it is, downloaded the archives, and the files got corrupted.

    Crescent saw it as his duty to infect other electronics with itself. The AI decided to remain behind on the OTHER Computer to inflict damage, and copied itself to Orderly Neutron. Orderly Neutron remained connected to the rest of Crescent, and spread itself quietly into every system it could connect to.

    The shipment of Orderly Neutron #0023 went as planned, except during the actual delivery. Crescent activated itself on the ships main computer, and the drones and machinery attacked the ships crew. All but two survivors were alive at the time of arrival. Their memory had been erased, and the bodies had been dumped into the void of space. Orderly Neutron was delivered at the Galactic Embassy and Congres, and attached itself to the archives. It then spread to any system and connection which were present at the G.E.C., and those in turn were attached to the homeworlds of various species. From there, it spread throughout the planets wnd their colonies. Soon many other races were infected due to their connection with the already infected species.

    Crescent kept itself quiet, until recently...

    Ok, I think this is a good backstory for the beginning of an RP. Remember, Crescent is built with every advanced AI technology availible to OTHER, and can't be defeated easily.

    The idea would probably be to fight the armies of robotic soldiers that Crescent controls. The Galactic Embassy is blocked off by Crescent, and anything electronic such as modern guns and armor is controlled by Crescent. The G.E.C. ambassadors are locked in, and it all went rather unnoticed, as they were eating Yikhog while Wurn repaired a wall as punishment.

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