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Portable Games / Recommend a good golf game for the DS?
« on: May 31, 2007, 08:10:36 am »
Can anyone recommend a really good golf game for the DS?  I've got a friend that's in the hospital who's a big golf fan (and a very good player, IRL).  He's not a gamer so please keep that in mind (ease to play = big plus).  I'd imagine he would be interested in a game that used 'real' pro golf player’s names (as it would be easily recognizable to him).  I've heard of True Swing and of course Tiger Woods 0x. However, I have not played either. Thanks for the help.

Woke up this morning and received some birthday gift(s).  I was quite shocked to find. 

- A new PSP
- 12 piece kit with carrying case, car adapter, game holders, USB cables etc
- 3 games - GTA: VCS, the new Killzone, and some "Gangs of London" game

I haven't bothered to open anything, yet.

I've read the boards and threads ie: "The PSP is Dead." Considering the thread was last updated on December, 2006 - I pose the question, has the PSP made ANY headway since then?  Have there been some killer titles released recently that would justify me keeping this handheld?  Understand the last handheld I owned was a GBA.  I'm more of a PC/console guy but I could use a handheld on my way to work since I take the commuter rail every morning.

Can someone help we with this apparent easy question - do I keep the PSP or return it for a DS with some games?  Please include a list of the best games for either the PSP or DS.

Console Games / xbox 360 game to buy?
« on: January 11, 2007, 08:48:26 am »
I'm looking for recommendations on a excellent game for my 360.  I currently own, Dead Rising and Gears of War.  I have Oblivion for my PC already.  I'm considering Star Trek: Legacy (Trek fan) and Saints Row (GTA fan).  Would also consider Fight Night Round 3 or maybe Madden 07.  Anyone have opinions on these title or could recommend others?  Thanks for the input

Console Games / New Xbox 360 owner - Bunch of questions
« on: January 03, 2007, 01:29:19 pm »
Hi all,

Got my Xbox 360 (finally) for xmas (got it with Dead Rising and Gears of War).  I spent a little time getting it up and working with everything.  Hooked up to the Sony XBR HD TV (btw - 1080i OMG!) optical connections to stereo.  Got my old xbox wireless 802.11g box  configured to my wireless router (took a little work, a few router resets etc - but I got the firmware, dashboard updated)   I even got my Logitech Harmoney remote programmed to control the console.   I've got a few questions.

- My wife got me the "core" $399 system with the wireless controller, hard drive etc.   It says it comes with a "silver account" for Xbox live.  I connected to Xbox live and made and account but it's still prompting me for payment information for the "gold member account"  How do I get my Silver account working?  I looked thru the manual for codes and instructions but they are kinda lacking.  Really want to try out Xbox live but I think I'm just doing something wrong.

- I'm now using the Xbox 360 to watch movies.  I had a decent DVD player hook up via componets connectors before the xbox but the Xbox 360 DVD player picture looks alot better - very, very sharp!  Is this an upconvert DVD or something? (and no, I didn't buy the HD DVD add-on... yet)

Thanks for any questions you guys can answer for me.

PC Games / Oblivion problem
« on: April 19, 2006, 06:25:15 am »
Ok, all you Oblivion experts out there! I figured that if anyone can figure this out - it you guys/gals. I just got the game the other day and I was wondering if anyones run across this problem. I can play the game for a few minutes just fine - then a 2nd window pops up - it says something like Oblivion Movie or run-time (I'll have to get the correct message from home) It's almost like its trying to run a cutscene or something. From my desktop I noticed a second "Oblivion Movie" window has opened. Next, I <Alt-Tab> back into the game and my guy can't move anymore. I can TAB to open my character screen but I then can't close that either. I checked both the Oblivion and Bethesda website site for help and it's mentioned something about a possible Codex problem? I then deleted any movie/DVD applications. I also allowed the Oblivion installer to update my DirectX version. Finally, I updated my ATI drivers to the lastest version. My basic PC spec are:

Pentium D 830 (3.4Ghz)
ATI Raedon X850 P.E 256meg
2GB 533Mhz RAM
dual 160GB RAID 0 config
Sound Blaster Audigy 2

If anyone has any other ideas to check that would be great. From the 10-15 minutes I've been able to play - the game looks amazing, if only it didn't freeze up.... :)



Everything Else / Atari's in trouble... again
« on: February 23, 2006, 09:53:04 am »
Things do not look good at Atari (aka - Infograms).

The Atari office is 5 minutes from my house (not sure how many Atari headquarters are in North America, this building is pretty big). I guess maybe it's a good thing I didn't persue a job there as they will be laying off people. Hope they can find some work.


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