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PC Games / Robocraft
« on: December 28, 2016, 04:52:00 am »
Robocraft is a game of battle drones fighting for domination. You play as one of these robots, and you design them beforehand.
In creation mode you build a robot in a fashion similar to the mechanics of minecraft as you use the mouse to set the mostly cubic blocks.
There is several different modes to play. You can test your bot fight against AI or engage in a team deathmatch. Besides that you also have
the brawl events, which I see with some criticism. The heartpiece mode is the battle mode. Two teams of ten fight against each other and try to
conquer towers to increase their power. If you have gained a tower your base gets shielded, hence if you gain all three towers or manage to hinder
the capture of a tower by the enemy you down their shield. Goal of the game is the destruction of the motherbase of the enemy's team.

That is that, I love this game as it is absolutely free to play. You can buy premium for some days where you gain double in battle, but all weapons and relevant
pieces can be gained in regular game. This is where it gets interesting. You get to choose if you want tank rails, wheels, hoverblades, jet engines + wings, helicopter parts,
spiderwalker and athletic walkers.
Then you choose your weapons of which you can attach any kind on one bot, though I'd advise against it unless you are very skilled and the bot is well planned.
The weapons are SMG, Rail Gun (Sniper), Distortion Blaster (Shotgun), Plasma (Grenade launcher), Homing SMG Homing Missiles, Blades, Nano Particles (Healing).
There is many auxilary parts like shields and engines and helium, as well as auxillary systems like radar detection and radar distortion, stealth, jumping, plateshield that protects an area, emp bursts... Alot.

Gameplay is very chaotic due to varying teams and classes, as you can choose to build any class you like. I find the strategic aproach to this game appealing as it forces the player to follow
certain rules and apply them to their specific bot case. If you manage to learn your own bot you will eventually see the flaws and then you can upgrade it as you have gained
the parts already or you can make some dough by cashing in parts you earned. Recently I started playing a mean armour plated shotgun hover. My model is slower and bigger than others of its type but has some special extras. From the front it looks like an old dude with a mustache. The funny thing is I always had some CPU left (CPU means MAX building parts) until I got another hoverblade to put on the front. This stabilized my bot. Still had some CPU left so I build a nose to protect the new hover blade...

You also see beautiful bots in this game. From Sailing ships to asian witches on sweeps, anything. Once I saw a tentacle monster eating a house. Fun shooting that thing!!!

Everything Else / How is everybody doing?
« on: April 02, 2014, 09:53:15 am »
Hi there, it's been a long time since the last time I signed in or posted anything. I was just wondering how everybody was doing generally. The weather in Germany is currently very sunny and warm, and life hasn't been too harsh on me this winter as well, as it wasn't particularily cold or wet this season.

Just hope all of you had a nice start in the year. Peace.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / A Tribal Adventure
« on: February 14, 2013, 06:07:30 am »
"Let me tell you the story of our people, young lad. We were not the masters of matter and energy all the time. No, we actually started as mere apes with the ability to communicate only the most basic concepts. With no time at their hands to think, as they had to struggle for survival each and every day, the tribalists were a band of nomads, foraging and hunting for food. I think you can plot down the beginnings to a group of ten. They had a remarkable leader, but I don't remember who he was, what was his name again? Don't YOU know? After all you studied history in school, haven't you? So what was his name again, and for what was he renowned for?"

A: Caruso Thunderbelly - An adept fighter
B: Vul Cane - A rationalist who was known for his intelligence
C: Zulu Zambowsey - A wise man with a great sense for justice
D: Dilana Hacknsack - A very fertile and manipulative woman of the herbs

PC Games / MUDs, the games with the best graphics in the world
« on: January 16, 2013, 01:55:25 am »
So I am a huge fans of MUDs. I especially like the ones where you can actively create and alter the environment given to you. How do you feel on the matter of MUDs? Have you played any and if you did which ones. I personally like the New Worlds: Ateraan MUD. It has custom content created by characters, in depth roleplaying and is full with friendly people.

PC Games / Political Games
« on: June 26, 2012, 03:42:13 am »
So is there any new or newish games that simulate politics of the world in a good manner. I played the geo political simulator, which failed for breaking down on me after 4 (endless) years. And man did I do good, I was saudi arabia, building all these renewable energy suppliers, helping the poor, and still I was richer and richer each and everyday!

Storytelling and Roleplaying / It's a beautiful apocalpye!
« on: March 14, 2012, 07:17:20 am »
It's a lovely day on planet earth.
Somewhat too peaceful for your taste, for you are
"DISTURBIO" master of the end.
Your job is simple, you have to end humanities existance, by preference in December of this year, but only if you want the cash prize at the HQ, but let's worry about this later.
You are 2 cm tall, a slug and a beauty at that. In front of you is a little form you need to fill in, which you start to be doing.

Name: Disturbio
Title: Master of the End
Requested tools (only pick one): Evolutionary Device, Magical Shenanigans by Prof. Alvus Dumbawhore, Political Knowledge and Mindcontrol by Douchebag McScheme, Zombie Plague v. 1.0
Why did you apply for this Job in the first place:

Oh mumbling scrotum, you don't remember why you applied for the job of destroying the Human race, and also you don't know your sex and what tool of destruction you might wanna use, luckily you will remember by a later blink of moment.

PC Games / Tropico 4
« on: September 13, 2011, 10:24:59 am »
So I haven't seen a thread on Tropico, so I decided to make one.
Well let's see,
In Tropico 4 you are again a president (dictator if you want) of a Caribbean island who has to take care of its people needs, and also has to make a great bargain in agriculture, mining, industry, or tourism (or all of the above). Your population has needs for food, religion, medical attention, entertainment and job quality. If you for instance decide to not build any churches your people will be unhappy, and also the religious faction will hate you. There is different factions, as the militants, communists, capitalists, religious, intellectuals, nationalists and loyalists. Each faction and its members (who are your people with different priorities in factionality) have different views on how to rule the country, so you must balance it out in between.

All this, and then there is rebels and invading superpowers too. Rebels form when you have an unhappy population, and superpowers can get mad at you and destroy your regime. You can counter superpowers by allying with the other, or if you're in the late game you may purchase nuclear weaponry to defend yourself.

Rebels you fight with your avatar, the president, and soldiers you hired in your military bases.

Oh yea, at the beginning of the game you create your presidente. You can choose how you came to power, and some traits like being Charismatic, Alcoholic, Flatulent, Trained by the CIA etc. Which will affect your population.

The campaign helps you to upgrade each trait, and is fairly humorous, and it has twenty missions.

All in all I had a great time so far...
Anyone else playing this?


You are Bernd Colourscheme, you have awakened. When you went to Brazil to visit Shamans, and you did your first Ayuahuesca ritual you began believing, and you began seeing. You are a mage, you have certain abilities, but it always involves haggling with spirits and rituals and complicated meditations, yet you are able to change the world to an extent. In the jungle you hold many powers, as the veil is thin, and spirits come in and out. In the city not so much. You now live in Frankfurt, Germany, and you own a smaller house, with a powernode within. It is still small and relatively weak, but you intend to strengthen it. You give people spiritual healings and hold meditation courses. You also work with colour patterns to heal and secure. You have some ritualistic tools, such as bones from deer, a big pipe to inhale herbs, a small chain with a clay figurine representing your magical self, your avatar, and you also have a small library on metaphysical, and supernatural matters, and some meditation instructions.

You do not know any other mages yet. You wake up! What is your plan for the next 12 hours? (Write at least three sentences, describing bernds actions and his wishes. The more detailed a plan the more likely it will be chosen. If anything interesting happens during this time ill come to the scene, and you get to decide on some actions once again.)

Everything Else / To Clear Things Up
« on: June 04, 2011, 05:36:32 am »
Hey, a fascinatingly friendly member of these pages has approached me directly, and to my likings our communications were of well intent and good will. He advised me to clear things up, which I will do. In the past weeks, I have been getting some bad reputation for some silly debates we engaged in. While I understand that at one point it all got out of hand, I just want you all to know, I did not mean to offend anybody personally. I just debate and would love the thought of having somebody reconsider old values just for the heck of it. However, I think I was gravely misunderstood. It was the feeling of people thinking I am stupid in combination of having to endure an entire swarm of people ganging up on me. I feel a certain strong hostility towards me, but I do not see where it arose. As I stated more than once that I just wanted to debate for the sake of debate. There were certain users that would meet me with such disgustingly ill-posted responses that my anger level quickly rose to a level in which I screamed at the screen of my laptop. This anger is mostly a motion of frustation, fruiting from the lack of ability to cleanly transmit my ideas into words. I wish that our future debates and silly talks result in a more friendly matter. Being a man of peace (yet not a hippy, which is also a common misconception of some of you guys) I must apologize deeply and hope to get positive response.

To clear some things up, when I say "And that's the reason why I don't do crack" I mean it ironic and not seriously at all. I use this phrase as a catchphrase in real life to express my weird feeling toward a subject or a person, but I just use it on my friends which I consider many of you in a weird internetsy way. It is by no means a true insult, or at least it is not meant as one, as I just portray some bits of my alienation towards the responder of said message, due to something he or she said. I hope we can continue our good coexistance, as I would not like leaving this place, since I spent almost 5 years on here, since I have joined
With best regards,
-Detoxicated X

Hey guys, have you heard? Germany has passed laws, which state that there will be no nuclear energy used after the year 2022 in good ole Germany. This was possible due to the Green party, which rooted in the eighties and which has since then been a political activator for the green cause. What are your thoughts on this? What are your thoughts on nuclear energy? What are you thoughts on renewable ressources?

-Detoxicated III

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Beginning of Something New
« on: May 26, 2011, 06:09:17 pm »
You're in absolute stasis and only see one colour.
The Colour you see is what?

Movies / Good Documentaries
« on: May 23, 2011, 09:05:21 pm »
This thread exists on the purpose to gather an archive of documentaries that you consider interesting enough to post about.

Please post imdb, or comparable, links so we can create a list of our favorite documentaries.

With best regards,
-Detoxicated VII

C.S.A. Confederate States of America
The Future is Wild The Future is wild
Alien Planet

I simply love the scene, in which the gepard chases the antilope.

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Warbands and Trading
« on: April 16, 2011, 10:08:32 am »
Calradia, home of the ever-warring factions. What a place. They say the land has been cursed by the gods. Some say it was the old king who, by not making any rules about the passing of the title, caused this chaos. As we all know, Calradia is torn between five factions. Each faction fighting for the throne. The war has destroyed the economy and the goodwill of the once peaceful peoples of Calradia. You came here to find glory and fame, as your homelands are quite dull.

What are you male or female?
What did your father do: A noble, merchant, warrior, hunter, nomad, thief
WHat did you do as a kid: a noble page, craftmanship apprentice, street urchin, steppe childe, shop assistant
As an adult you became a: Noble squire, troubadour, student, goods peddler, smith, game poacher
You left your home because: revenge, loss of a loved one, wanderlust, you were forced to leave, need for rich and fames.

what is our skincolour?

Everything Else / Democratic Middle East
« on: March 18, 2011, 09:52:23 am »
Hey just wanted to show you something, its graphically violent at times so viewers who are likely to faint, don't watch

Storytelling and Roleplaying / My take at RPG by Question
« on: January 09, 2011, 08:03:16 am »
Hey lowlevelowl, i hope you feel honoured...
I am trying to create an RPG by answering questions of the players on the roll of dice. Silly questions will be dealt with, and they will even have a chance of succeeding, only with lower probability than more rational questions ;)

So start...
I suggest you should ask about the environment of the inhabitted dimension, but go as you wish...
Just ask a question about our character, and the world the char inhabbits. I roll a dice if your question is answered with yes or no. Thus we can create a world of complete randomness.

Sex: Female
Physical Condition: Wellm Big Booby Physique
Race: Human
Wealth: No special wealth
Ability to do Extraordinary: Biological Immortality, Tactician
Bio: She speaks Japanese. She is destined to kill a close person (like mother, father, friend, etc.)

The World:

There is 10 Planes of Existance. Time is a dimension like in our universe, and this universe is not a giant stripclub. There is no underwater sapients (common law of underwater stupidity norm). There is no life after death. The Universe is fantastic of some sort (how fantastic should be determined by questions) There is Raptor Cavalry, and Bird Cavalry, flying as well as walking. Theres automobiles.

Dwarves / 6 Planes
Ents / 7 Planes
Flowers / 8 Planes

HomePlane : Has Lavaland and Ice World, Snow

Theres Snow on 9 Planes
There is Lavaland on different Planes

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