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Spore: Sporepedia Exchange / Rai's eco systems
« on: June 18, 2008, 04:02:38 am »
just hold fire while i get soem done and then eventually when my intenet has worked up enough speed to upload them it'll be full steam ahead.  :)

Ok for a while this thread will only be about T'Il'Kor Because i'm going to try to do most of this in chronological order admitadly there will be the odd non cronological piece but eh here goes.


The T'Il is a realtivly small creature and stands at about three ft on average but can grow as tall as 4 ft. and is decended from a shrew like creature after becoming bipedial it lost the remnants of its two pronged tail and soon became sentient as being bipedial pushed it into developing tools to make its own life easyer. It was at this point the Age Of Brith started and continued for around three thousand years.


This is how the planet looks from pretty much the start of the Age Of Birth up to the begining of the Age Of Light.

T'Il'Kor stone burrow:

Stone burrows have been a feature of T'Il'Kor nests since before they evolved however during the Age Of Birth this was refined and the stones were able to be cut into shapes by use of tools. Thus the T'Il were able to keep their burrows relativly water tight and warm.

Cave painting "Into the 1st age:"

While the main land T'Il were still living in relativly prehistoric conditions Those on the separate large island (known to themselves as the N'il) had been seafareing for many years and had in the course of their travels come upon "sun stones" (n'ko) which produced, unbeknownst to them, electrical charges and able to conduct those electrical charges through more "sun stone" (n'ko.)
This painting depicts the moment the N'ko (with their distinctive hats and habit of painting themselves face on) traveled over the sea to give the sunstones (triangular lined object) to the T'il (whome are always painted side on in their early paintings.) Unfortunately this piece was defaced by later generations who wrote on it the writing reads "Who needs the Water" in refernce to civil strife at the time of defacing. Ammusingly the way its writen on the cave is still with the same pigment from the local plant known as "Pudge stem"

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