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Console Games / Oh, Microsoft. W.t.f.
« on: December 27, 2005, 05:19:54 am »
Well, yesterday I decided since I had a bit of my Christmas money I thought I'd get something on the Live Marketplace.It turns out a bunch of MP's only cost 14 bucks so that was perfect.  I wasn't able to get the 12 months of Live that I wanted since I hadn't gotten the other $100 of Christmas money from my grandma (Who I would see later that day).

So, since I didn't have a credit card, I called my dad up and asked him if I could use his, and pay him in cash.  We set it up and everything and bought the points.  So after all was said and done, my dad wanted to take the credit card information out of the system.  He wanted it out just incase my system was hacked or something like that.

Well, it turns out, once you have your credit card info in, you can not take it out of your Live account.

My dad even called customer support and asked about it and the only way you could take it off was by wiping the gamertag off of your system and making a new one.

Seems a little susipcious of Microsoft if you ask me, but who knows. :-\.  My dad got me 12 months of Live at the store to make up for it, which is great.  But now I can't buy anything ove Live until I get my own credit card.

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