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Spore: Creation Corner / Churikek
« on: April 12, 2009, 02:02:08 pm »
Sorry for the somewhat large pic, thats what we get when I try to cram alot of anatomical info into one image I guess.

Edit: The two bits on the top right is a closeup of thier main claws. I was trying to show the complexity of it.

Anyways, in hindsight, these probably do look like some cambrian arthropod, the resemblance is likely due to what I know of the Burgess shale and other cambrian animals and the variety of forms that arthropods took.
Alien sheet: Churikek

(Section 1 -- Biology)
Type: Amphibious, they can stay on land forever if they so chose and as long as thier gills are kept moist.
Appearance: Aquatic arthropod.
Gravity preferences: standard, they are comfortable in low gravity or weightlessness as you're nearly weightless in water.
Temperature pref. : 80-90F, they can withstand a wider range than this though.
Atmosphere breathed: Oxygen
Body cover: Hard shelled with a chitin based skeleton underneath. This is actually complex since the hard shell is a layer of separate plates (not shown in the drawing and the pattern is different for every individual) on softer skin.
Body color: Ranges from a light tan to an olive green.
Hair: N/A, unless you count 4 antennae as hair.
Hair color:none
Eyes: Two lidless hourglass shaped compound type eyes.
Eyes color: Normally a dark blue, nearly black. Some genetic problems can change the color.
Body characteristics: Claws (crab type), gills, and a tail with a swimming fluke.
Diet: Omnivore
Sexual reproduction: Standard male female genders.
Reproduction method: Eggs and the parents take care of the offspring much like mammals do.
Limbs pair n 1 : Pair of simple claws, smaller and less evolved than the second. They are used for simple tasks or to assist in complex tasks such as holding objects, etc.
Limbs pair n 2 : Primary pair of claws. This set of claws are much more evolved and complex than the first pair and used for just about every manipulatory task.
Limbs pair n 3-10: Walking limbs with claw-like feet.
Mass: These guys are definetly in the range of 200-500 pounds I think.
Size: About 7 to 9 feet long from head to tail and about a meter (around 3-4 feet) in height. The main claw arms are probably at least 3 or 4 feet long, or longer. These guys are huge.

(Section 2 -- Culture)
  Militancy: 16
  Determination   : 12
  Racial tolerance: 10
  Progressivness: 11
  Loyalty: 20
  Social cohesion: 8
  Art: 5
  Individualism: 18
  Body: 20
  Mind: 10
  Speed: 12 for swimming, about 8 on land and 12 underwater.
  Lifespan: Average about 150
  Tech level: 7

(Section 3 -- Government and Religion)
Government type: Gaming Oligarchaic Dictatoritic Monarchy, or other.  I'll have to explain this on another page......
Religion: Various, the most common is polytheism and they are a more militaristic oriented race, so... gods of battle among others.
Devotion: high to absolute. They aren't fanatical about thier religion though.

(Section 4 -- Extra things you should know)
Special abilities:
Acute Vision
Bonus skills
Fast healing
Night Vision
Polarized sense
Regeneration (The shell and any of thier limbs)
Spectrum vision (Can see into the ultraviolet)
Toughness (Thier shell is pretty strong)
Water Breathing (Gills!)

Spore: Creation Corner / Kuadtan
« on: April 12, 2009, 08:30:14 am »

Alien sheet: Kuadtan

(Section 1 -- Biology)
Type: Fully Aquatic
Appearance: Otherworld, Anemonene-like
Gravity preferences  : Standard, but since they cannot live outside of water and the way thier respiratory system works prevents them from breathing outside of water, they can stand any gravity as long as the water pressure isn't too high. They can be in air as long as the respiratory system is submerged.
Temperature pref: 70-90F (21-32C )
Atmosphere breathed: Oxygen dissolved in water.
Body cover: soft skinned.
Body color: Varies between deep blue to a light blue green, sometimes there is mottling.
Hair: none
Eyes: 6 lidless eyes.
Eyes color: black
Body characteristics: tentacles....
Diet: Carnivore. Technically piscivore, but they will eat just about any kind of meat that they can stomach.
Sexual reproduction: Standard male/female genders
Reproduction method: Small soft eggs that they store in egg cases.
Limbs: They have four tentacles coming out of the 'base' that they use for locomotion. Coming out of the top of the head (actually the front since the mouth is situated at the top) are 14 tentacles which have tiny retractable needle-like spines which have venom in them that they use to quickly subdue prey. The walking tentacles are relatively short, about 3 feet long, the main tentacles are quite long, about 8 feet.
Mass: at least 100 pounds.
Size: Not including the tentacles, about 4 feet, including the main tentacles, about 12 feet or a bit over 3 meters.

(Section 2 -- Culture)
  Militancy: 8
  Determination: 10
  Racial tolerance: 15 (once you get past the language barrier anyways)
  Progressivness: 9
  Loyalty: 20
  Social cohesion: 4 (Has a caste system, but its not as strict as the Hindu caste system)
  Art: 18
  Individualism: 8
  Body: 18
  Mind: 10
  Speed: Reaction time: Have you seen the reaction time of fish and other aquatic creatures? That fast, the number would be something like 30. Movement speed underwater would be about 8, but on land drops right to 1
  Lifespan: Average is 200 years
  Tech level: Maybe 6? non-colonizing though, they haven't left the homeworld yet.

(Section 3 -- Government and Religion)
Government type: Hereditary Monarchy. There have been coups/rebellions/resignations/etc, so the bloodline has changed many times in thier history for various nations and eventually the planetary monarch.
Religion: (What does your race believe in? Values Below)
Devotion          : (How devoted is your race to their religion? None, Poor, Fair, Good, or High)

(Section 4 -- Extra things you should know)
Special abilities:
No vocal chords, so they don't have any verbal language (this will be explained in a bit)
360 Vision
Cannot tolerate freshwater environments.
Poison (Retractable venomous spines on the main tentacles)
Pressure support (They are able to withstand water pressures up to certain depths)
Regeneration (They will regrow any of thier tentacles)
Skin color change: During mating season, the males develop brightly colored rings on their main tentacles, varying the whole rainbow. The colors that they develop are genetically determined.
Sound Sensitivity
Strange appearance
Stretching (they are able to stretch their tentacles somewhat and thier bodies as well)
Vibration sense (similar to fish)
Water dependency (Needs to be kept wet for optimal health)
Water Breathing (Gills!)

Everything Else / I herby proclaim that all members be made to mods!!
« on: April 01, 2009, 08:22:04 am »
Me, the Crazy Lady M onarch, herby proclaims that all members be made into mods!


May any opponents be attacked by demonic owls...with laser vision!!

((I'm not exactly sure how to start a first contact RP, however, like I said somewhere else, there are a million ways for first contact to happen, but it only happens once. Also, I mean stage as in a theatre stage, not as in a level of technology.))

Captain Firin K'len looked around the brige of the cruiser E'terise with pride. The maiden voyage was 5 years in the making and 20 years since intense research began, and now she was ready. The dedication ceremony had gone well, the berueaucrats did thier expected speeches, and now all she had to do was leave orbit of Borw Dir.

Speaking to a young lieutenant engineer through the ship com "Are the warp drives ready?"

"Yes sir, they're ready to go as soon as you give the order."


He relaxed in his captains chair as he watched the planet spin beneath them on the bridge screen.

*a few hours later*

crewmember: "Sir, we are far enough from Borw Dirs gravity well to activate the warp drive."

Captain K'len presses a button on a console next to him "Attention all crew, this is suppoused to be a historic moment, so, lets give the homeworld and her colonies a little show. Prepare for warp."

"Nav, are the coordinates set?"

Nav: "Yes sir, for Berdyn."

"Okay, engage warp drive.

Crew-woman: "Warp drive.. engaging, ETA an hour.

They watched as the external video sensors showed what they could of the changing scene as the gravity bubble enveloped the ship and began propelling them to the binary of Berdyn and Chaldxoc.

((*Star Trek theme plays* lol, couldn't help that. :) ))

((Edit: I'm leaving a bit of time for anybody to make some sort of reaction before I arrive at the binary system.

Edit2: Oh yea, anybody can join, but I want to avoid getting sucked into a war as much as possible. ))

Spore: Creation Corner / [RG] The Q'nu Coa
« on: March 25, 2009, 05:33:51 pm »
These I'm basing off of a species that I played in my spore game which I wanted to be like as if it evolved on a low gravity world. They were also a scientist archetype in the game, which is partially why I am making these guys science oriented, plus the fact that I like science.

Thanks to Kitkat for the fanart image! :)

Alien sheet: Q'nu Coa

(Section 1 -- Biology)
Type: Primarily arboreal as they evolved on a heavily vegetated planet
Appearance: Arthropods
Gravity preferences  : 0.4g-0.9g, anything higher than Earth gravity and they need support, even Earth standard can give Q'nu Coa problems. Thier bodies can withstand upwards of 4gs before breaking, but muscle strength, not exoskeletal strength is the issue here.
Temperature pref: 80F - 120F (26.6C - 48.8C) Average global temperature on thier world is 90F.
Atmosphere breathed: Nitrogen/Oxygen mix.
Biochemistry: Carbon based.
Body cover: Leathery skin with exoskeletal plates embedded. Some of the exoskeleton is in fact covered with skin.
Body color: *will fill in soon*
Hair: none
Hair color: N/A
Eyes: Four large compound (multi-faceted) eyes which have lids.
Eyes color: *will fill in soon, but most likely black*
Body characteristics: Beak-like set of mandibles which actually is split into 4 sections and opens like a flower, its just one part of a complex set of mouthparts, short tail.
Diet: Omnivore, things like fruit, insects, meat, fish (or rather thier analogues).
Sexual reproduction: Standard male/female pair.
Reproduction method: They lay clusters of between 5 and 10 eggs.

Limbs pair n 1: Arms and graspers. They do appear as if they are the second pair, but they are really the first.
Limbs pair n 2: Legs and feet
Limbs pair n 3: Legs and feet
Limbs pair n 4: Legs and feet

Mass: Tentative mass: About 30-40 pounds on homeworld and 60-80 pounds in Earth standard gravity. (I'm not sure about this one, maybe someone can give me a rough estimate when they see the pic?)
Size: Males can be 8 feet tall at the highest point of thier legs, females are about a foot smaller.

(Section 2 -- Culture)
  Militancy: 8
  Determination: 19
  Racial tolerance: 18 (partially out of stubborness and from a strong connection to thier own culture)
  Progressivness: 19
  Loyalty: 20
  Social cohesion : 12
  Art: 18
  Individualism: 15
  Body: 7
  Mind: 1,000! j/k... 20
  Speed: 18
  Lifespan: Average is 130 for both genders.
  Tech level: 7

(Section 3 -- Government and Religion)
Government type: Technocratic Republic. When they do achieve contact, they will select a leader to represent thier race as a whole, while the various regions equivalent to our countries have some autonomy. Primarily the day to day stuff and issues that are regional.

The most common would be a mixture of nature worshippers and local traditions. They have as much religious variety as humans do, although the number of monotheistic worshippers is small and more than 75% is Polytheism. Despite thier focus on science, the number of aetheists is actually pretty low. Unlike (some) humans, religion doesn't blind them to logical reasoning.

Devotion: High

(Section 4 -- Extra things you should know)
Special abilities:
Acute Hearing
Acute Vision
Bonus skills
Cold blooded biology
Cold Sensitivity
Cybernetics (usage of cybernetic implants)
Extra heart (Race has more than one heart) (haven't decided on internal anatomy yet)
Heat Tolerance (due to thier homeworld bieng hot)
Leap (they are arboreal...)
Lightning calculator (Race has a knack for mathematics)
Manual Dexterity (I assume this means capable of fine manipulation)
Nictating membrane (Helps protect the eyes when moving through thick vegetation, also helps keep vision clear in the rain.)
Night Vision (better than humans, thats for sure)
Perfect balance (legacy of thier arboreal ancestry)
Pressure support (They evolved in a dense atmosphere. I'm not sure about in a vacuum, but the vacuum of space would still kill them in other ways, such as lack of oxygen for one.)
Spatial orientation (Race can naturally orient itself relative to certain landmarks or planets)
Ultrasonic communication
Ultrasonic hearing

Everything Else / Hamster Power Finally Harnessed! (not a joke!)
« on: March 09, 2009, 09:31:50 am »
When I saw the title of the article on the discovery channel site, I lol'd at it.

It's still a serious article, but at the same time goes with the whole hamster power joke, which is everywhere.

Okay, first of all, let me ask you this, can you tell which picture is the one with the holoscout in epic form and the holoscout is in normal mode, and do you see anything else in common?

The one on the top is the holoscout in epic form and the one on the bottom is the holoscout in normal mode, and what else is the same? The creature is the same dang scale with either holoscout mode!! And that's not suppoused to happen, right?

This thing has been annoying me for a while and it's actually mildly gamebreaking because it makes the creatures almost require a magnifying glass or microscope from the ships lowest altitude when I make the holoscout in normal mode.

I HIGHLY doubt that this was intended and I would like to be able to use the holoscout in normal mode without the creatures ending up knee high to my creature.

Here is the previous thread I made about this thing....

I think creature size might be bugged in my game, either that or my sentient is pretty huge himself. Shouldn't the epics be the size of a building? See pics for what I'm talking about. Also, the creatures in my game are all too often the size of dots or close to it from my spacecraft. It may be realistic considering the height and the size, but kind of annoying.

My Kevae taking a bite out of and throwing the holoscout. My holoscout is pratically half the height of the thing.

YannicS's Giganoth and some normal sized ones for comparison.

Well apparently I don't have all the parts available when I use the creature tweaker or creature creator in space stage. So, I'm wondering how do I get the rest of them available. You'd think that a spacefaring empire would have enough knowledge of genetics or something to unlock all the parts.

Is there a cheat or some other way of getting those parts available?

Spore: General / Patch notes are now out.
« on: November 17, 2008, 11:47:47 am »
Heres the link:

Patch Fixes

    * Fix for esc key not bringing up Options in Galaxy Game Entry
    * Fix for creator backgrounds appearing on small sporepedia cards
    * Update to help keep achievements on the server in sync with achievements in the game

plus those freebie limbs.

I guess there weren't alot of fixes, so they had time to make the freebie.

Spore: General / Lost my CD code, any ideas for solutions, just in case?
« on: November 12, 2008, 02:36:46 pm »
Ok well, I lost my manual somewhere and that wouldn't be a problem if the CD code wasn't on it. However, I don't have a need to do a reinstall, but given it's history with my computer, it may happen again when I need an uninstall.

As far as the manual, there are plenty of resources around to use. I used it primarily for information on the green, red, blue cards, the consequence traits and the space phillosophy powers, and I know how to find information for this.

Regarding the CD code, I have no idea what to do if I have to do a reinstall. I think there are programs out there that let you bypass this, not sure.

I don't have a need to reinstall right now, so this isn't an 'EMERGENCY, HELP!' type thread.

Since there is a badge for getting more than 3 trade routes, you would think you can get more, however, you are stuck at 3 trade routes. I have no idea whether I'm missing something that lets me use more than 3 trade routes without using cheats.

I tried using a mod to change this one, but I think it broke my game (patch incompatibility issue I believe). I'm aware of another mod that does change the number of trade routes, but it increases the amount of spice any planet will have up to 100 from the start, even your homeworld. Which is a bit annoying when I tried that mod.

Okay first of all, I know that people would ask for screenshots, but it doesn't show up in the screenshots in the galaxy screen and when I attempted to take a picture of one ingame, it just shows a black screen.

Because I had made so many cell saves yesterday to get a spot on the outer fringes of the galaxy, the game decided to crash on me at startup today. So, I figured that it had to be a bad savegame. So, I went and tried the suggestion to rename the game0 folder to something else and rename the games0.old to games0. Still crashing, so I removed both folders.

While that stopped the problem, a new wierd problem appeared. Now some of the savegame planet previews were all wiereded up. Some looked like a geometric soccer ball, some looked like the same geometric pattern but with mirrors. One savegame preview had it look like a black ball with white streaks on the bottom. I tried a few of these wierded up preview saves and the planet looked fine, although when I tested one in space, the moon and another planet had wierd graphics, but when I went to the surface and back out, it went to normal.

Thinking the planet images were wierded up, I went and removed the planets.package from the app/spore folder. That didn't seem to do anything.

After doing a few of the wierded up savegames, I found that they crashed in space sometimes, so I decided to remove those savegames by going into it as a cell, saving, then going back and deleting it. I figured that those were bad locations for some reason.

Then I went into a new game for a while, and everything went fine and then when I was in the space loading screen, it crashed. Later, I started over from back in tribal and found another strange glitch. I don't know how I didn't run into it earlier, maybe I just didn't scroll over that spot. On one particular spot, the game would suddendly freeze (no crash), go blank, sort of go back, then go blank, rinse and repeat. SOMETHING sent my graphics card for a loiop and I have to manually close the game (that is alt+entering out and pressing the x in the window). What I saw was that the shadow would suddendly go strange and have a square in the middle of it. When I tried it again a bit later in an attempt to grab a screenshot, it showed as a mess of triangles. Even after I close the game, my vid card still goes for a loop and it does the same when I try to start the game again and so I have to restart the comp. After a restart it works fine, but that graphics loop thing is still triggerable in that game.

Again, I KNOW screenshots would help best here, but what I'm talking about doesn't show up for the spore screenshots. I'll try using the printscreen function to grab the planet preview ones, but I don't think I'd be able to catch the other one I mentioned.

Edit: got it. I wish I had taken a picture of the one with the mirrored look.

This is a wierd bug. While the last couple games have been okay up until the space stage, there is something strange going on with space stage.

When I get to space and find an alien empire, the empire suddendly takes the identity of my homeworld or rather, my species takes thier identity (not sure exactly which one is happening) with the races homeworld bieng MY homeworld and with colonies branching out from that. When I go back to my own homeworld (the one that is suppoused to be my homeworld), the comm button even takes the identity of the alien race and it seems even my avatar takes thier identity as well because they call me by the same name of the dopplegangering race. It even takes thier empire color I think.

I do have a mod in my game, that trade routes only thing Techleo mentioned about in another thread. I'll try taking that out and see if it fixes itself.

It's a very strange bug and I've had to abort and kill my last few savegames because of this because it basically leaves me homeless.

Spore: General / Shortcut icon not showing as normal FIXED
« on: October 10, 2008, 03:56:28 pm »
I'm wondering how did that happen, was the not installing EADM the result? Although I did get the patch from an alternate link which may have made it not quite work right.

As soon as it stops trying to connect, I'll disable buddy content only, clear the roaming cache and try a reinstall.

Edit: geh, its stuck on trying to connect, I think I'll use task manager to stop it if it doesn't end in a couple minutes.

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