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Forum Games / It's An Alien Invasion.
« on: September 23, 2010, 05:20:18 pm »
It's exactly two years in the future and aliens have landed on Earth. What do you do? Comfort your freinds and family? Reexamine your spirituality? Wrong! You post about it on an internet gaming forum! Welcome to "It's An Alien Invasion!" The Alt-Reality game in which we post exactly as we would if aliens invaded during a normal day at gaming steve. Its in real time and all details are made up on the fly! Have fun!

Oh my god guys! Turn on the Tv! Now! ALIENS I'm so exicted!

Storytelling and Roleplaying / The Community Setting Project: 2099
« on: September 13, 2010, 11:21:35 am »
What is your vision of the Future?

Welcome Friends to the Community Setting Project: 2099. For those of you who haven’t done a CSP before the premise is simple. Each day a different person adds an article to the list, adding  another layer to the setting, the key to this is improve as whatever is said before MUST be flowed, forcing you to play off the ideas and  designs of the others. Each setting has a specific theme and each one uses a certain core guide of rules and regulations. Our first CSP? 2099

2099, an age of peace and age of hope, and age of horror. In the cusp of the 21st century life have evolved anew. Wars eliminated. Disuses over, and shortages of necessities are almost nil. However these have dark sides, A World Government of 72 Federal Districts all in direct competition with each other and the privet businesses, a wide spread chain of GeneBooths where any bodymod can be given fast and fun, for a price, and a globe trotting empire of Corporations whose privet police and civil services make them as powerful, and as delay as any state, this is the World of 2099 and this is your future.

Spore: General / Spore Transfer
« on: September 05, 2010, 09:28:28 pm »
So I'm in a bit of a pickle. I have SPORE on one computer, but I've long since lost the disc and now I want to put it on another. Is their anyway to transfer the data from one console to another?

Forum Games / It's An Alien Invasion!
« on: August 13, 2010, 02:01:45 pm »
It's exactly two years in the future and aliens have landed on Earth. What do you do? Comfort your freinds and family? Reexamine your spirituality? Wrong! You post about it on an internet gaming forum! Welcome to "It's An Alien Invasion!" The Alt-Reality game in which we post exactly as we would if aliens invaded during a normal day at gaming steve. Its in real time and all details are made up on the fly! Have fun!

Oh my god guys! Turn on the Tv! Now! ALIENS I'm so exicted!

I decided to be preemptive with the OOC thread. So any questions comments critiques or just general idle chitchat from the peanut gallery goes here.

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / The Virgin Emergence.
« on: June 25, 2010, 03:59:20 am »
Twenty Years Ago…

“This is OIAU LVMNN live from the Gallitheria Launch Base Nine, located in the Seribrus Heartland.” As the camerawoman spoke, the scene panned out across the wet marshland. The area had only been recently cleared out, its proximity to The Thinning more than making up for its virulent habitat.  “As we come to the historic first launch of the newly founded Space Union we can finally see the test of this new international agreement.” The vid-screen then panned to a clip reel showing several pertinent scenes. “After the Universal Incursion, security issues by various terrorist organizations have caused heightened security issues the new Su-001 Battle Ogres, the first Mobile Armor produced exclusively with Space Union resources will be providing security.” Once again, the panel fed into scenes of the mountainous battle machines, lumbering there four legs and gleaming at all passer-by with the monotonous red eyes. “The primary catalyst for this launch is the Occidental Scientist NaLA’ Thoushou  whose work in developing the nomenclaturally pending Thoushoulm Ore has led to the creation of this fine ship, the first of its kind though to withstand the intense electrical storms found in the vicinity of The Anomaly.” Finally the cameraman squad up onto the  metallic beast, a large  robust spear of a ship  160 metres high and 50 in girth, and pointed like a noose, the ship looked akin to an oversized ICBM (and in a  way, it was) on its brazen hull were the words Space Union One in large Occidental and various other scripts. I’m being told now that it’s time to launch I’ll be back in the viewing tower in two point zero E minuets and now a word from our spammers---

As the large beast of a machine leered out of orbit it fired at a rapid speed towards NLSS, sling shotting around it gravity; it hurled itself at a exponentially increasing velocity heading towards the edge of the IOUY system and the Anomaly at the edge of the Outer Cloud, as it shot itself through the great distance it (relatively) slowly boosted itself piece by piece losing fractions of itself along the way, until it was but a tenth of its original size, and going a hundred times as fast. As the great object pierced through the heavens above, hurling towards the virgin aperture those below went through there duties. Waiting; prying; dancing; studying; coyly oblivious to what would befall them.
As the great probe finally gave its final climax, spilling its contents into the ecstatic orifice in the much wanted hole of the universe all went silent and those watching sincere at home…waited. And suddenly EXPLOSION an enormous burst of colors and hues beyond mortal comprehension scattered across the void of space the orgasmic display covering the probes sullen entrance into the great beyond…

GPA Astrographical/Anthropological Site- Designate: Arcadia (Five Casualty-Hours later)

As the probe found itself through the other side of The Anomaly its database pregnant  with the contents of exploration and new knowledge gleamed from inside the Anomaly's interior, it took itself upon a most miraculous site, a World, not decked in the rough red of the lifeless savannah as seen on spheres familiar, but of a lush green paradise with a river longer than most FLRXX continents winding throughout them and bridging five large lakes (or Oceans, a debate that would rage long after this event.) Giving into its programmed instincts the probe turned to the rear and launched it digital seed back into the hole, awaiting further dominance.

Space Union Orbital Logistics -Biological Intelligence Response Division.  

Young RaLOooK natal was a green cadet, prone to extra-long bouts of bonding and indulgence in strong soil. He had got this job on the whim of a politician (whose offspring he had no small part in corrupting) who was close with one of the House-Lords. natal was no fool however and as he crunched the numbers and manually checked the signal being given he was shocked to find an answer. “By Sejiin! Dr. ThHolotos come quickly!” As the House-Bred leader of the division came to this Mucum-faced Yuppie he was discouraged, he had already had to take several hours of steady density training just get adjusted to life on the Sejiin-forsaken station but what he would see would enlighten them all. ‘Dear Sejiin, man! These calculations cannot be right Casualty is completely violated! The time figures are nonsense!” the young man’s repose was in turn: “And yet the chronometers on the station and in the probe are set to the same quantum decay ratio the only possible answer was if…” in unison they both spoke “Faster than light travel.”

1 FLRX Day Later- Space Union Planetary Headquarters, Equinox City

The representatives of the various members of the Space Union arrived, long before the proposed “Zoning Simplification” plan (As introduced by Represenator T’haaloophf Gön-Org) the process was long and arduous. Chancellor Tonlintine (coincidentally the head of the House Oloeis) finally spoke. “Now, it is apparent that this new world is strange and intuitive place and that there is much profit and knowledge to be gained here which is why as current Executive  Director of the Space Union,  that I am  proposing a fully fledged  multi-phased Colonization Program. The assembled delegates recoiled in shock, the Union had been formed to negotiate the use of extraplanetary resources for the common good and profit yes, but such an undertaking would seem ludicrous. “The first phase alone shall cost 2.0E11 Units in the projected range and the probe fleet shall be an additional 2.0E8 units.

Stunned to silence but submitted before Tonlintine’s Dual Authority the others resigned to the duties and the project would begin…

Years later…

Rlou Jzhon could barely keep his density in check, as he sat in the massive launch station of the Space Union Six, the new launching craft made especially for this mission. He looked back into the massive docking station of the enormous Space Station. The Colonization project alone was the most expensive endeavor in FLRXX history but the fruits of the planet had more than made up for it. Rlou flashed back to the early days, of the rugged pioneers who did in years what was though to be done in decades. Of the scientists who blossomed in AAIA- RCD’s strange ecosystem. Or of the great Nexus City patterned on the great Sprawl-Bubble Cities of the Gallitherian Union all of this was his goal. He had worked up hard through the ranks but as he shipped out the empty vessel, yearning for the filling touch of the alien resources which would be divvied among the Space Union member nations (who at the time had expend to the point of becoming synonymous with FLRX itself) whose new headquarters would be placed in the soon-to-be-named station very quickly. As he launched off at speeds known only to light itself before now, he headed out toward the anomaly and towards his goal…

Five Casualty-Hours Later: AAIA-RCD Orbit, 2.6E4 M above Nexus City

As the vast ship hovered above the shining eco-acropolis Rlou awaited the swarm of planetside shuttles that would take the lifeblood of the modern planet to his most worthy of hands, but destiny and Sejiin would seem to have other pans on his deliverance…

Spore: Creation Corner / GSF Summer Arc List
« on: June 03, 2010, 07:46:59 am »
Ok. So this is the list. Rolling Updates, so if you are making an RP post me the deets and I'll edit them in. All the names are the ones I could confirm. So unless I get permission from the involved races it’s a no-go. Here is the list so far, with the primary players in parenthesis. TBD marks unplanned and ambiguously dated RPs. Stars mark unauthorized Rps, that are awaiting approval.

GEN IV-ARC 1: Absolute Justice

*Core Combine First Contact War (SimplyNecro) Status: Completed
*The Makal Coup (UFO King, Groxglitch) Status: Completed
*The Galactic Conflict (Yuu, UFO King, Groxglitch) Status: In-Progress
*Galactic Conflict: Aftermath (TBD)

GEN IV-ARC 2: Contact and Infection

*Infection(Groxglitch, Yuu)
*By Order of the Emperor (Jack Zetter, Simply Necro, TBD)
*First Contact of the  Nymeidians (Lush City, Yuu)
*Rise of the Space Union(Lush City, Various)
*Operation Ascension (Lush City, Various)
 **Operation Ascension: Kuuruk (Dr. Octogonapus)
 **Operation Ascension: Galieen*(Galactic-Warrior )
 **Operation Ascension: Ein* (Clarke)
 **Operation Ascension: Makal* (GroxGlitch)
*Planet DPP(Lush City, SimplyNecro)
*SABER Century(Lush City, Yuu)

GEN IV-ARC 3: Harvester of Light Trilogy

* Harvester of Light: Extermination War (TBD)
* Harvester of Light: Eternal Night(TBD)
* Harvester of Light: End Salvation(TBD)

Spore: Creation Corner / The Nymeidians. We grow from fungus~
« on: April 25, 2010, 07:50:26 pm »

Name: Nymeidians(Nī-moid-d ē- ě/ans)
Homeworld: FLRX (Romanized “Fluurixx”)
Type: Communal mobile fungoid
Gravity Preferences: Unlimited, cellular structure allows survival in high pressure and gravity conditions
Chemical Makeup:  Mostly Carbon-based
Temperature Preferences: 40°F-110°F
Lifestyle: Communal Autotroph
Preferred Method of Communication: Photo-Chemical imagery, but vocalization is possible
Preferred Habitat: Cave systems in geologically diverse regions
Average Height: 4'8''
Average Weight: 100-300 pounds
Diet: Soil and cave based materials, sunlight.
Hunt/Forage Success Rate: N/A
Natural Armour: None
Defences: Amour, hones, low number of vital organs
Vision: Radio to Gamma, although visibility in certain spectra varies.
Graspers: None, Pseudopods serve their needs
Method of Eating: Direct covering of the soil and absorption into body cell by cell, in modern times this is considered a private process and is usually done for one full day at the end of the week
Methods of Locomotion: Pseduopodic motion
Lifespan: 7.0E1 Nymeidian years.
Reproductive Rate: No limits on when reproduction can occur, although social stigmas pace it at 2.0E1 N-Years.
Gestation: 7.5E-1 N-years of development within the host mother.
Number of Offspring: Extremely random, but the average is at about four.
Offspring Survival Rate (before maturity): 90%
Gender Differences: No genders to speak of, though clades fulfil a similar role.
Colours: Varying shades of green, Lime being considered the most uniform.
Civilization: Platinum Age
General Political Ideology: Mathematical Theism

All further information is to be given by requests and by voting in the poll.

Forum Games / We Are Our Avatars
« on: April 16, 2010, 04:47:58 pm »
Shamelessly ripped from TV Tropes...

Roger walked around through the empty room, unknowing of how he got there.

"Hello!" he cried. "Is anyone here?"

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