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Forum Games / mam72's minigame central
« on: February 18, 2010, 04:07:27 pm »
Here, I will post a new minigame everytime I'm online. Basically, all minigames have their own rules. There is no winner, rather, there is a champion. They are the players who hold the most points at the time of posting.

So, here's the first minigame: Find the word "sand" anywhere in all the sentences in this whole post (just not in quotation marks) -- Part 2 of the Finder's Keepers set (I bet you're wondering where part 1 is.) This minigame is worth

Target sentence: I prefer to deposit money in tens and twenties.
You need to wait for the next minigame to see the correct answer, because then you can't do this anymore.
If you find any other words that are made from parts of two adjacent words, you will get 2 extra points for each one and you will be on the High Scores List for that minigame.
You will also get bonuses for finding more than one "sand"

Words that I put in here intentionally (this DOES NOT count towards finding them) : snow, sand, sac, rap, reach, tar.

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Code-based evolution game
« on: February 06, 2010, 12:31:57 pm »
Current Status: Virus
Infect, Avoid Danger, and Remove
Code: [Select]

  If rna BioMass<=50 Then Do
 If Cells.dangerLevel>=1 Then Do
 rna.parentBody.bodyVelocity reverse
If rna.parentBody lifeForce=0 Then
remove rna.parentBody
If rna.hostBody lifeForce=0 Then
remove rna.hostBody

  If hostBody==nil Then
  remove Virus
  If parentBody.count=0 Then
  remove Virus
I should probably tell you how to make codes. It's simple really:
Function= what it's supposed to do
If a variable or condition
Then and Then Do tells what to do if a condition is met
Else is what to do if the condition is false.
True a pre-existing variable is true
False a pre-existing variable is false
Else If adds a new variable if the old one is not true
END ends the function and/or the if that has the same number of spaces before it
Connect.Source= where this code is at
Wait(#) tells it to wait a time before doing something. measured in seconds (viruses don't live long... the code for our Virus is set for a lifespan of 5 minutes, which is equal to the code-based red blood cells it targets)

Also, heres a look at the Folder that CodeType.RNA is in:
Virus - the MainFolder
hostBody - links to the Folder of the host
parentBody - the Folder that stores all the information about the physical virus
CodeType - this is a CodeValue object and its Value is what kind of code it is
RNA - is a value for Viruses
DNA - is a value for everything else, including plants

This is the end of this post but I need another post to set up the rest of the OP informational stuff.

((I think I've got it. Not entirely sure. I'll try this and see if it works, more or less a timeline.))

23 Planetary Years Before Contact:
-Raptorian economy is booming. No military action. Built first spaceship.
18 PYBC:
-Built orbital station in  Elfae's upper atmosphere. Invented FTL.
12 PYBC:
-Began production of mobile spaceport. Colonized Fousham.
-Colony on Fousham destroyed by unknown means. Somewhat more efficient FTL invented.
200 Planetary Days Before Contact:
-Mobile Spaceport 90% completed. Created capital ship Sulfer's Edge.
97 PDBC:
-Mobile Spaceport, Usomnia, 99% completed. Neighboring star system, Raptid-2, explored.
-Usomnia launched on test flight. Raptid-2 explored further, found habitable planet.
0 days after contact:
-Sulfer's Edge detected intelligent life. No response.

((Raptid-2 is just the name Raptorians have given it.))

Spore: Creation Corner / The Raptorian Empire
« on: December 31, 2009, 08:08:10 am »

Carnivore. Predator. Industrious. Economic. Scientist.

The image won't rezise right.  >:( curse you!

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / S-Evo CC (i.e. remake of sporevo)
« on: December 21, 2009, 03:19:42 pm »
First, if Hydro demands/requests to either take over or remove this, I will obey to the letter.

Second, all the following was copy-pasted from Sporevo with modifications. All changes will be put in green text.

"S-Evo CC" is an evolution game similar to Spore, Sagan 4, Sporevo and other Evolution games. Anyone who has regular Spore can play (no Stand-Alone CC). The rules are as follows...

1. Early Creatures only have 145 free DNA points to use and can only use 2 jointed legs, default feet, and cell parts.

2. Backbone spines are free. Change of color is free! However if you sell back parts they can go towards that gens DNA. Such as selling the mouth gives you 15 DNA + 145 DNA you have (this example is for the Early Creatures which use Cell Parts).

3. Evolved Creatures have 2,000 free DNA points to use and no restrictions.

4. Tribe Outfits are allowed at Intelligence +8. You have 800 points to spend.

5. Civilization Outfits are allowed at Intelligence +9. You have 900 points to spend.

6. Space Outfits are allowed at Intelligence +10. You have 1,000 points to spend.

7. It must follow the following format...

PNG Image file so we can right click and download it to use*
Name: The name of this species
Ancestor: What it evolved from
Diet: Carnivore, Omnivore or Herbivore
Added Parts: Listed Parts you added.
Subtracted Parts:List Parts you sold for DNA.
Intelligence:Compared to base of 0 (evolved creature), +8 (tribe), +9 (civ), +10 (space), -5 (early creature), -10 (cell). These are just comparision values, there are no Tribal, Civ, or Space creatures. There are cells, but you cannot make cells. Cells are just starters.

Any description you want to say.

*Right-click --> Save Picture As... --> Save it to My Spore Creations under Creatures or Cells. (depending on what it is)

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Age of War: thread list
« on: October 31, 2009, 11:25:00 am »
Age of Dragons -->

more coming soon!

waiting for players
OOC thread

Storytelling and Roleplaying / Age of War: age of dragons
« on: October 31, 2009, 10:37:20 am »
It is 268 BC. Four dragon clans are at war: Drakes, Wyverns, Sea Serpents, and True Dragons. After nearly 10,000 years of fighting, the new generation of dragonkind must find a way to end this war. Each clan has their own reasons, and this great task falls upon your shoulders. You won't be alone though, as many other youngsters will help you. You must succeed, or our world will end. Go now, someone's coming!

-no players may be adult dragons yet
-there must be a equal number of players in each clan
-you can't die. dragons are immortal
-you must keep all the abilities of your clan
-you will be warned when you lose too much health

--Clan Stats:
can't breathe fire
have poisonous tail
are 2 legged, 2 winged beasts
breathe lots of fire
are miniature dragons
insanely fast
-sea serpents
can't fly
don't breathe fire
their fast
-true dragons
breathe fire
are 4 legged, 2 winged beasts
strongest clan

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / S-Evo Game
« on: October 24, 2009, 08:08:25 am »
200 billion years ago. Unknown planet. Meteor impact zone.

The Komo, one of the 4 things that evolved after the meteor, is just a simple cell in the ocean.
-yes I KNOW its been done before-
The Komo is a omnivore at top of the food chain. It eats the smaller bacteria, the Koimoi, and the primitive plants of this time period.

Generation 1:
click for full size version
The red things are the bacteria, the green blobs are Komo, the tan blobs are Koimoi, and the green stems are the plants

Komo Stats:
Habitat: mid-level ocean
Diet: bacteria, Koimoi, plants
Population: 2/6
Intellegence: 0/6
Senses: smell(very poor)

Koimoi Stats:
Habitat: mid-level ocean
Diet: bacteria, plants

Without your votes, we can't do this. Please vote.
Edit: no more hints!

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